Rocket League

The story

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Zippy and Venom finish their doubles match and exit the field through the opening that appears behind their goal. They roam a long and sad path. They had lost. And not just that. They were winning by three goals with only one minute left to play. It was a painful defeat.

"Don't worry Zip, it was my fault. The last goal is on me."

"You played well, V. It was just bad luck."

The cars continue to travel through the corridor that leads them to their garages, where the mechanics are waiting for the pair. Suddenly, Zippy stops.

"Hey, V?" His teammate brakes and turns around.

"What is it?" asks Venom. There's a very well camouflaged gate half-open in the corridor of the Mannfield, one of the biggest stadiums in the world. Both cars doubt before doing anything, but their curiosity offers them an irresistible invitation.

The gate opens completely. Venom looks at Zippy and moves his wheels in signal of approval. They enter the chamber… The room is as huge as it is dark. Zippy wonders how a place this big could be so well hidden. "This is so weird. Are we not supposed to be here?" Zippy thinks.

"Zip, look at this!" He approaches and both cars contemplate four big containers. "Road Hog, Octane, Takumi, Backfire..." That's what the labels say.

"Could they be?"

"Cars. And I think they are new models!" ends Zippy

"No... It's something else… It can't be... The government denied their existence all this time." Venom shows to be afraid and seems to obviate some details Zippy doesn't know about. "It wouldn't be something new for them to lie after all. They are jerks."

"Should we?" A tempting button is placed underneath the containers, which cover whatever is inside of them. "Come on, Zip, we have to find out what is inside those things."

"I don't know, V. It could be dangerous..." Zippy hesitates for some seconds but yields to the pressure. "Fine, but just to see what's inside. Then we leave and talk to Delo."


Venom approaches to the button on the floor, just next to the "Octane" container. "Ready?" he asks. Zippy nods and the button sinks. Instantly, the four containers open. The duo is blinded by an intense light that emanates from the boxes.

"Impossible..." Zippy can't hide his excitement and surprise once the light fades. Four cars that had never been seen before on Psyonix appear to be in a cryogenic-like state, entangled in wires and submerged in a light blue liquid. Venom stands motionless and completely in awe for their discovery.

The first one, the Road Hog, is the biggest of the four. It looks somewhat like a pickup truck and it's far bigger than Venom and Zippy. The second one is a perfect mix between the two cars, but with a spoiler included. The next one is the Takumi. With an elegant and sporty look, it appears to be the most agile car of the four. The last one is a not so big car with a vintage design. With a very tall grill, the Backfire is definitely the most different car of the bunch.

"Umm, Venom?" He knew that if Zippy was calling him by his full name, what he was about to see couldn't be good.

"No, no, no!" The light blue liquid starts to drain from the containers.

"What do we do!?" As soon as Zippy ends his question, the Road Hog destroys the glass of his container and lands in front of them.

"Stand still..." Venom says quietly to his partner. Then says, "Hi, my name is Venom. This is Zippy. We won't hurt you." The pickup truck stands still and appears to test his wheels, lights, and audio system. "Where are we?" finally says.

"Welcome to Psyonix, bud." responds Zippy. Seeing as Road Hog doesn't answer, Venom continues:

"Psyonix is the name of our planet. It's written in all of our engines, and it was decided to be like this many years ago. It isn't a very old nor big planet. And it can't be compared to the place where we came from."

"I'm sorry. I can't remember anything. How did you call me?"

"We didn't call you anything, but judging by this label, you are a Road Hog. We can call you Hog if you like it better." Zippy tries to calm the situation.

Suddenly, the other cars start to get out of their respective containers. Not by breaking them, but just waiting for the glasses to go down allowing them to escape. As soon as he is free, the Backfire charges full speed towards Zippy. "Hey, hey! Watch it!" Venom screams, shielding his friend by crashing into the aggressor, but not strongly enough to hurt him. "Calm yourself! See those containers over there? You were inside them some moments ago. And who knows for how long... My partner Zip and I just freed you, so don't try to pull anything on us."

"TK?" The Octane asks the Takumi, who doesn't understand and stays confused. "Hog?" ("I knew it. I knew they called him Hog," thinks Zippy). "Fireback!" The Octane starts jumping for joy.

"Wait a second... Octane?" The Road Hog starts to remember.

"Agh, you again boys..." Fireback looks like he starts to remember something. "I'm sorry... Zip? That's how you are called? It looks like I've just awoken from a long slumber..."

"No problem... Fireback."

In the background, some sirens start to sound and Venom becomes uneasy very fast. "Oh, no, no, no. We have to leave now! We shouldn't be here. Long story. Follow me!" The four cars react slowly but finally begin to follow their liberators. They go out into the corridor and the gate shuts down violently. In the rearview, Zippy sees a herd of Batmobiles.

"Zip, take care of them. Take them to Gizmo and Dev. They'll know what to do." Venom brakes slowly and confronts the police:

"Agents, good morning. I was quickly taking my teammate to the garage. He has some damage on his headlight. Sorry for the speed." Two Batmobiles stop and inspect the area in which the gate was situated, but can't seem to find anything.

"It's fine... But be careful, okay? You wouldn't want to run into something that's not good for you. That's not good for anyone. There could be… lethal consequences," adds threateningly one of the cops.

"Yes sir" Venom slowly returns to where he was originally heading as he feels the cold stares from the cops in his back.

Zippy arrives with the recently awaken cars and nervously announces, "Gizmo, Dev, prepare the Beckwith. We have guests. And what guests!" Gizmo shows up, apparently in a bad mood, but abruptly brakes when he sees them. "It can't be... It's you..." Zippy confusedly looks at him: "What are you talking about?"

"Ah, you are too young," enters the X-Devil, or Dev. "We all learned from this legends. I knew you hadn't died."

"Can somebody tell me what's going on?" Zippy asks impatiently.

"I think that your friend loves us, boy," says the old Fireback.

"So you still have the same humor, don't you?" says Dev happily

"What's all this commotion for?" A grumpy Delo enters the room. When he sees the cars, he slowly approaches specifically towards one of them.



Both cars look at each other for a long while and everyone in the room feels the tension. A not so nice story was hidden behind those stares.

"Okay, okay, I see you've already made acquaintances. Hate to break the moment, but there's a ton of cops in the hallway. So if it doesn't bother you all, we need to leave... Now!" yells Venom as he enters the garage.

"Come on, he's right," adds Gizmo, "We'll have time to catch up later. Especially with TK, that looks even more lost than a rookie in its first match."