Chapter 2: History

An old DeLorean leads the convoy through the secret tunnel that they built a few years ago. Threats from the government have forced them to take some extreme measures.

"¿So you don't remember anything, Takumi?" asks Delo in a funny mood. "You've made history, boy… Rookie of the year? Nothing comes to mind? Last championship with humans? The great 2100 finale? Too bad…"

"Leave him alone, you four wheeled grayscale," interrupts Fireback causing Hog to laugh. Then he explains to TK: "It's the only color he has," and continues laughing.

"Don't speak, you big forehead" Delo returns Backfire the kindness.

"Come on, quit the chit chat and please refresh the memory of these legends," Venom complains. Zippy ads disorientated: "Yes, please somebody clear this up."

"Would you like to tell it or will you leave me the honors?" Delo asks Fireback, who seems to get sad.

"All yours. I don't remember a few things, anyway."

"Year 2070: humans created us. According to them, we were the first excellent artificial intelligence. First ones with the ability to think, reason, create, feel. But they narrowed all that capacity to a single sport: Rocket League. They used us to compete or win money. We don't know what-"

"What is money?" Zippy interrupts.

His partner V answers him: "With that they got the things necessary to live or enjoy. The more they had, the happier they were, supposedly…"

"We proceed, then…" Delo looks impatiently at Zippy. "We don't know what happened to them but things started to get weirder. Rumors of arranged matches and bribes and fraudulent administrations were growing more and more each day. Thirty years later, everything exploded. But we'll get to that. Are you catching up?"

The four thawed cars, plus Zip, nod very concentrated.

"Ok, then. The first decade was called The Scarab Era. These cars were the first models created by humans. Their weird wheeled extremities allowed them to grab stuff, and by consequence realize certain jobs and duties for their masters. Scarab population grew uncontrollably. Thousands of them were released even to the public, who started to treat them as pets or slaves, for the less fortunate. In the year 2080, the mold is broken and the best car in the universe is created."

"Stop kidding…" whispers Fireback.

"I'm just telling the facts! That car was me, of course. With an artificial intelligence far superior to the Scarab, everyone wanted me on their teams. Wait a minute! Do you remember the game itself or I have to explain that to you, too?"

"Umm… sorry…" TK looks disappointed and Octane cheers him up: "It's okay… You will remember soon. Don't worry…"

"We will get to that later," Delo continues. "My capability in making in-game decisions was way better than the Scarab. But the fabrication cost was almost a hundred times higher. They only built five models. And you know what happened to the other four." He pauses for some time and the awkward silence floods the entire convoy, which continues its long haul.

"Stay strong, my friend…" Fireback, for the first time, shows a positive attitude towards Delo. The rest of them are surprised with the car's sudden attitude change.

"What he wants to say," proceeds Fireback, "is that it hasn't been easy for unique models. We all are unique models, guys. Some of you don't know this, but there are only four models which were built only one time. Actually, they say there is a fifth one: the boss of those bastards. And he is 'in the top of the chain food'. Some deny his existence, because he never played a game. But I know he's there. I know he arranged all the trash that happened many years ago. By the way… What year is this?

"2300," answers Gizmo.

"2300!?" Fireback screams so loud that some cars get scared and almost lose their tracks. "Sorry. Didn't mean to yell. The idea of being almost dead for this many years doesn't excite me very much. Anyway… because of human's arrangements and to eliminate competition, demolitions were allowed. A horrible and cruel technique to literally destroy a car in the middle of the game. Only those four cars I've mentioned could demolish, because they were created with that purpose. Many brothers were lost in the last decade. From 2080 to 2090 was the Golden Era. A sport with a clean and fun competition. It was an honor to represent some of the humans. Others, however… But from 2090 onwards, many cars died demolished. It was getting so bad that humans were forced to maintain at least one model of each car. And that happened. Those models are us. That's why there are thousands of Scarabs and only one model of the other cars different than them. And that's the reason they seem to serve and praise us."

"We have spent years telling them that they are equals to us, but there's no way. They love the sport and see us as superiors and unreachable," ads Delo, now more lively. "Today we play for a much more honorable motive. Every hundred years, a World Tournament, the World Cup, decides who will be reigning for the next hundred. And guess who are reigning right now? Just saying their names fills me with anger. Merc, Dominus, Ripper and Grog."

"And don't forget Paladin, the traitor…" says Fireback. "When he saw they were about to win everything, he left without flinching."

The cars are almost reaching their destination and everyone is thinking deeply after the memory storm they have just experienced. Zippy doubts but finally speaks: "There is one thing I still don't understand. Why the hell are we in another planet?"

"That's the saddest part," mentions Delo. "Humans perished mainly because of their wars and hate. We don't know how but we woke up here someday, with unimaginable resources to rise again. We baptized this planet as Psyonix, the name of the company that built us, and we did what we could. It's a small city but growing every year. Scarabs were very kind and helpful building all you can see. We owe them our life. Another reason why we keep playing the sport they like so much."

Zippy appears to understand almost everything: "Oh, fine. Hard to assume but I think it's enough. One last question… "Why are these four recognized as legends?"

"Now comes the fun part, Zip. You'll see when we get to the training field." Venom, Dev and Gizmo laugh at the rookie's ignorance.