Epilogue: The Discovery

"Quickly! Come here!" Esper arrives to the main hall, excited and nervous in equal amounts. Despite the confusion, everyone follows him.

"What's happening, Esper?" asks Dev.

"Have you forgotten!? The secret door…!" The cars accelerate twice as fast to reach the fifth underground floor of the Mansion. Aftershock and two scarabs are waiting for them there. When he sees them arriving, he gets very excited.

"I got it, guys. I got it… After all these years…"

TK looks at him in awe: "No way… Unbelievable…"

"Have you gone in?" asks Octane.

"Well, I wanted to wait for you, guys."

"Good call…" says Octane. "It wouldn't be nice if a herd of Sweet Tooths came out by surprise."

"What do you think it's in there?" asks a thrilled DeLorean.

"Trophies?" doubts Gizmo.

"I don't think so… It has to be something extremely important. Something worth being kept here on the safest place on Psyonix," answers Delo.

"And if it is so important why did they leave it here with us? Why didn't they take it?" Octane appears to be a little bit paranoid.

"Maybe it is a herd of Sweet Tooths after all…" jokes Mune.

"Well, enough with the chatter! Are we going in or not?" asks Fireback anxiously.

"Let's go." Shock gives the order to one of the Scarabs and the giant door begins to open.

"Oh… Not again!" yells Zippy, scaring half of the cars. "This place is similar to the one we found with Venom in the Mannfield some years ago. That's where we found you, Titans. See those containers? I think they are…"

"Cars…" completes Delo.

"More cars!?" Max asks curiously.

"I don't know… Let's see." Shock guides them through the darkness. They all turn on their lights to see what's ahead of them. They approach the first and nearer of the containers and look at their labels.

"Dominus GT… X-Devil MK2… Wow…" Gizmo is amazed by the names. "Look, Dev! This one has your name!"

"And some letters after it… I wonder what it means…" thinks out loud the X-Devil.

"And I hope this one here is not some kind of Dominus' twin because that would be awful," says Fireback, looking at the 'Dominus GT' label.

"Look at this!" shouts the Octane. "Hog! Come quickly!"

"Ha! It seems you are not the most intimidating car any more… Hoggy." TK teases his teammate.

Hog approaches the next container and sees the name on the label: "Road Hog XL".

"It must be monstrous…" Mune shows up, excited.

"Damn… It's not fair," complains Hog.

In the background, Masamune's laugh is heard. Everyone goes to see what is happening.

"Now there are… two! Two cars made to surpass TK!" And continues laughing.

"Takumi RX-T. What the heck is this!?" asks TK, frustrated. "Stop making alternative versions of myself. There's only one TK…"

The cars continue to explore the secret room, which due to its darkness, there's no way of telling how big it is.

"Guys… This is just the start… Look over there." Zippy points out to where more than ten containers are seen in the horizon. And that's just what they can see with their lights.

"Hotshot, Proteus, Triton… Oooohh! And look at that one!" Zippy screams out of emotion.

The cars check every container, one by one, asking questions about the labels, without knowing what's inside them.

"Hey, what about those buttons over there?" Mune observes them with curiosity and realizes way too late that they are in Fireback's trajectory.

"Fireback, watch out!"

But it's late. The antique Backfire presses one of the buttons on the ground and a loud alarm begins to sound in the room. Suddenly, some of the containers begin to empty and open slowly.

"Oh come on! Everything repeats exactly as it happened!" Zippy gets frustrated.

After a few seconds, the alarm goes off, the containers stop making noises and the doors are completely opened. To make it worse, all the lights from the cars stop functioning.

"Fireback!" yells Delo.

"Sorry… I didn't see them."

When the lights come back, many of the containers are empty. Hog is the one who finally says what everybody's thinking.

"This can't be good…"