Chapter 4: The Training

The ball is shot straight into a corner of the field. It lifts, turns upwards into the curvy corner and remains floating meters above the goal. In a classy way, Fireback grazes the ball, passing it to Hog, who comes in like a train to score it on the top corner of the net.

"Wow…" Zippy can't hide his admiration. "So that's how we're supposed to play in order to win the championship?"

The Titans are characterized by their "magical" and beautiful game style. Fond of playing on the air, they confused their rivals until the perfect moment to score. Unlike their nemesis, who have a preference on using a more physical, dirty, and ground inclined way of playing. Nevertheless, they had improved a lot on their aerial game lately.

"My chassis!" The old Fireback complains, letting everyone know how rusty he is.

"What happened, old timer? Are you ready for retirement yet?" Octane teases him.

"What did you say?! Come here!" He chases him all around the field.

While Hog, Fireback and Octane display their first plays in decades, TK and Delo talk on a side of the field.

"Let's see, boy. Do you remember anything from this sport?"

"Not much, really. I have some loose ideas, but I can't quite remember how to play very well… Maybe someone else should replace me," says a sad Takumi.

"Don't even think about it! Haven't you heard what Hog said? You're a hero, kid. Your goal gave you the victory. Sorry, gave us the victory (he corrects himself) in that Final. And you were a mere beginner. No one can deny the raw talent that resides inside you.

"Three versus three, c'mon. Three versus three" Octane gathers Dev, Zippy and Gizmo to challenge them to a match. Venom isn't bothered about being left out. He even feels relieved. They don't know what they have coming. "Mercy!" Venom screams in a fit of laughter. Delo keeps on instructing TK.

"It's simple. See that ball? You just have to shoot it into the opposing goal. That's all. If the rival tries to do that on your goal, you block them at all costs. Ok? The field has transparent walls and ceiling, that way the ball can't get out of it. And one more thing: in the floor there are boost charges. You can pick them up and use your boost, then you will gain a lot of speed and even aim upwards and fly. Are you following me?" TK spews a shy "yes…"

Hog and Gizmo speed towards the ball on the first kick-off. The truck gets there first and the ball is shot to the side. Octane quickly gets to the ball and hits it once more. The ball is now on the wall at a considerable height. Fireback lashes through the wall, touches the ball and propels it towards the net. In the ball's path, he leans in the air while using his boost, and barely changes the trajectory of the ball, confusing the goalkeeper, Dev. Amazing goal. "Umm..." Dev is left speechless. "Did you see that?" says Gizmo. "From these beasts we've learned"

"Old-timer you said?" Fireback whispers to Octane on his way back to his side. Hog, as always, laughs.

Second kick-off. This time it's turn for Zip and Octane to go for it. Surprisingly, Zip wins the possession. The ball elevates a bit and Gizmo hurries up to hit it. He performs a solid shot with his hood and the ball is directed towards the left top corner of the goal. Hog barely touches it, saving it in a very incredible way, but the ball hits the post and stays bouncing in the scoring line. Dev simply pushes it while Fireback unsuccessfully tries to block it. Octane is left astounded. "Amazing! Very good, very good. You are in great shape, Fireworks!"

"TK, wanna play?" asks Fireback. "You'll do fine, come on."

TK accelerates and jumps into the game. After the third kick-off, he tries to hit the ball and blatantly misses. Frustrated, he turns around and chases it, but the ball is not there anymore. He gets confused, but he locates the ball again. Gizmo and Hog are fighting for the possession in the side. TK goes that way at full speed. "TK, don't go!" Octane advices him. "Wait until one gets the ball!" TK hears him and accepts the advice. The ball is pinch-shooted upwards. "Now!" Octane yells, and the Takumi furiously accelerates. But nothing goes as planned: X-Devil also goes towards the ball, and after hitting it, he crashes directly into TK's front, who is sent flying, hits the wall, and falls perfectly in Gizmo's trajectory, who also crashes into him. In the goal, Fireback welcomes the flying Takumi with yet another accidental hit. The match is halted, and everyone approaches concerned.

"What a crash…" Delo quickly arrives. Hog softly bumps into the lying and unconscious car, but he doesn't respond. "He's okay, it's just the hit. Give him some time" V patiently explains the situation to Zippy.

TK slowly starts to wake up. "What happened?" "Just a hit, buddy. A very peculiar play," Octane calms him.

"I see upside down! I see upside down!" yells a desperate Takumi.

"Umm… You are actually upside down, partner" Delo says while the others laugh.

"Oh… Sorry…" he jumps and flips in the air to recover his balance. "Why are you looking at me like that? And who is him?!" He looks at Zippy very confused.

"Tell me, TK… Who holds the record for the most saves ever in Rocket League?" asks the Road Hog.

"Well, you of course"

"There he is agaaaaaain!" Octane rejoices and everyone celebrates the return of TK's memory.

"What happened? You couldn't do it without me? The scrap metal of Fireback couldn't fill in my shoes?" jokes a different TK that shows the hyperactive side of a rookie player.

"Shut up, kid. I liked him better when he didn't remember a thing"

"Show them what you got, TK" encourages an impatient Venom.

The elegant sports car elevates the ball and dominates it through the air spinning repeatedly. He flies through almost the entire Beckwith and crosses the goal line with the ball still in control.

"That's right. It's hard to admit, but his model is far more agile than mine" says Octane jealously but proud about his teammate's abilities.

"And exaggeratedly more than mine," says Hog.

"But no one can surpass the potato of Merc in terms of gracelessness" Everyone bursts off laughing. Fireback is glad that his joke succeeded.

In the other side of the field, TK is befriending the ball once again.