North and I walked up to Lady Aphra's house just as she was walking out.

" Oh! Hello Wayland. Sydelle," she said, nodding her head down.

" Hullo Aphra. I was wondering if me and Sydelle could stay here for a while to rest before continuing with our journey," said North with a grin on his face.

" Of course! Help me get the room ready, would you. Sydelle, would you mind putting this basket outside near the garden?" said Aphra, holding out a wooden basket.

" Of course!" I took the basket from her and walked out towards the garden. I placed the basket in front of it and looked at what she had. Wow I thought. The garden had flourished since I had last been at the house. The plants were strong and thriving. Nothing was looking wilted or dead. Lady Aphra must have really looked after the garden. I took one last glance at the garden and made my way inside. North and Lady Aphra were talking in the room me and North had used many times before.

" Hi," I said as I walked in. " Your garden looks amazing Aphra!"

" Thank you. The warm weather has really made them perk up," she replied. " I'll let you two get settled. Dinner should be here soon." She walked out of the room, leaving us to get settled. I placed my bag on the floor near my bed and lay down. I looked over at North, who was looking for something in his bag. After rummaging through my back for a while, I pulled out Proper Instruction for Young Wizards. I took a look at what I had been writing on the back cover. Rummaging through my bag some more, I pulled out a writing quill and was about to start writing when a thought struck me. What if I could remove the curse from North and place it somewhere else? I looked up at North.

" North? Do you have a book with advanced spells and elixirs? I have wanted to learn more than what is in the Proper Instruction for Young Wizards," I asked.

" Actually I do!" North replied. He pulled a small, leather-bound book out of his bag.

" Before I give this to you, you have to promise not to try any of the spells. If done wrong they could lead to serious injury or death. Do you promise?" he said. He looked at me with sheer seriousness.

" I promise," I told him as a grabbed the book from his hands. It was titled Advanced Magic. North went back to looking for whatever it was he was looking for in his bag and I sat down. I flipped through the faded pages until I found the page I was looking for.

To transfer a curse from wizard you must have another magical being to take the curse. This process requires large amounts of magic and could prove to be fatal if used too much. The book explained the process of how one would transfer the curse and the precautions and preparations. The instructions said that the wizard that is having the curse must be asleep, or else it gets very painful and unpleasant. I read the pages over and over again until I had memorized them and had a plan.

" Aphra, please!" I had explained my plan to her and yet she still hadn't said a word.

" All I need is a room as far away from North as possible! You must not tell him where I am or what I did!" I whispered frantically. North was still sleeping and was just about to wake up.

" Fine," she whispered " I have a room at the back of the house that he doesn't know about. It should be safe there. But you must promise me one thing. You cannot get either one of you harmed or killed. Understand?" I nodded and said thank you. She showed me where the room was and I quickly transferred my stuff to there. Now was the time to put my plan in action. I slipped back into our room. I walked over to North and gently awoke him.

"Hmm? Oh, good morning Syd. What's going on?" he asked looking around the room and sitting up.

" I found an elixir that will rid you of your curse. Please let me try it. It is pain free. It will not harm either one of us," I tried to look as calm as I sounded, but was terrified in the inside. Dozens of "what ifs?" Flew around in my head. What if I mess up and kill or harm him? What if it doesn't work? What if he realizes what I am doing? I looked at him and realized he was looking at me.

" Syd, I trust you. I am willing to give it a shot." I pulled out a sleeping draft and opened the bottle.

" This is it," I whispered. I put the flask up to his lips and watched him drink it. The few moments before he fell asleep, he realized what I had done. I saw the look of dismay across his face as he slowly fell asleep.

" I'm sorry" I murmured , a split second before the elixir had taken full effect. Now for part two. I took of the bracelet North had given me, thus getting rid of any bounds to my magic. I gathered up a little bit of magic and whispered and ancient spell, releasing the magic into North.

After I had finished saying the words of the spell, a black, glowing orb formed outside of his body. The curse I thought. Now for the last part. I moved to the other room, taking one last look at North who was sleeping comfortably before leaving, and put the curse inside myself. The curse had to be placed in another magical being and I was the only one around. I immediately felt the difference. My magic was dimmed and my body started hurting beyond belief. I was barely able to keep myself from screaming. I managed to slip my bracelet back on and lay down in the bed. I pulled over my bag in a hurry and opened up a flask of pain elixir to drink. I next drank a bottle of sleeping draft. I fell asleep crying and thinking I'm so sorry North. I am so sorry…