I was weaving on my loom when North came back. He must have seen my troubled expression because he immediately came over to me.

" Are you alright?" he asked, looking me over.

" Honestly, I don't know anymore. So many things have happened and changed in the last few days," I told him, not taking my eyes of my loom. I explained everything that had happened since I had last seen him. His eye filled with fury once I got to the part of Dorwan.

" That vile rot!" North yelled.

" North, I am alright. Don't worry. We will find him and he will pay." I reached my hand out and rested it on his shoulder.

" I know. I just hate that I wasn't there to help you. What happened next?" he asked, still fuming.

" Well, after I met you I was walking to Mrs. Pemberly's, but got lost. I was turning around to leave the road, but a loud boom and bright light came, dropping 5 kids out of the sky. The girl who seems to almost be the leader, Sophie Foster, said that it was just a trick that their magister had taught them, but I don't think that it is true. I mean, when does twisting make loud noises and bright lights!" I exclaimed.

" You are right. Twisting never…" A knock at the door cut North off. I walked over and opened it.

" Oh! Hello Mrs. Pemberly. Is there something I could do for you?" I asked.

" No no. A girl came in looking for you and the other girl you brought with you. The one with brown eyes she said. She is on the 5th floor. She said you could bring North. Said that she knows you both," Mrs. Pemberly finished.

" Oh, thank you." Mrs. Pemberly left and I sat down on my bed. North sat down next to me.

" You know I am going with you," North said.

" I know," I whispered.

" Syd?" North said softly,

" What is going on? Why me? Why now of all times?" I could barely keep back my tears.

" Syd, it's going to be ok. I won't let anything happen to you." He wrapped an arm around me pulling me towards him. I buried my head into his shoulder.

" Well, we might as well find out who our mystery guest is," I said. We both stood up and walked up to the 5th floor, where we were met by Sophie and the boy who I was pretty sure was Fitz.

"Hi," said Sophie.

" Hi," I replied. We just stood there until a crash from one of the other rooms sounded. We rushed towards it and opened the door to find a girl with dirty blonde hair and a star necklace fighting a boy with yellow eyes and silver hair. Different colored lights were coming out of their hands and behind them. The girl had a dagger and was swishing it around at the boy. The boy had a bow and was shooting arrows at her. One of the arrows struck the girl and they stopped. The girl appeared to be unharmed and the arrow disappeared.

" Better than last time, but you are still a little slow on the release. Remember, fully drawn back and released in two seconds or less," The girl told the boy, who just grunted and looked our way.

" Oh, um hello!" said the girl, smiling awkwardly.

" Hello," said Sophie. Fitz gave a little wave and North just stared at them, crossing his arms. If looks could kill, both of them would have fallen to North's glare.

" Hi. Could you please explain... this?" Sophie asked, waving her arms around the room.

" Absolutely! But first, introductions! My name is Stella! I already know who you all are though. Sophie the telepath, inflictor, teleporter, and polygot. Then there is Sydelle, the jinx." I felt unease swell inside of me. " This is Oliver by the way. Then you guys are Fitz and North!"

" Ok then, now that we know each other's names, how about you tell us why we are here," growled North. He was now grasping his cloak and I was praying he would not twist us out before Stella explained what we were doing.

" Yes! Sydelle and Sophie are here because they are needed to, um, help? Well, there is a great evil, and you guys are part of the sisterhood that could stop it!" exclaimed Stella. Oliver was just standing behind her, bow and arrow ready, staring right back at a still glaring North.

" I know this is a lot to take in, so I will give you a day or two before I go into detail. Good night! See you in two days!" We left without another word and went to our separate rooms. I said my prayers and climbed into bed without saying anything to North. All of the events that had happened in the previous days have really taken a toll on me. Now this? Some sort of random sisterhood? I felt North lay down next to me on my bed. I tensed up for a moment, but quickly relaxed. North was the only person who I really trusted at this point. I snuggled closer to him and closed my eyes. I don't know how or when, but I eventually fell asleep to the rising and falling of North's breaths.