Randal and Jasey are siblings who always fight. Though, they are really close twins.

Jasey has a sleepover with her friends this day and they're getting ready

Randal:What?! I have to sleep in a different room?

Jasey: I'm sorry but you have to, my friends and I are gonna sleep there

Randal: But where am I gonna sleep?

Jasey: There's the closet

Randal: No.

Jasey: Um...The living room

Randal:No, too hot

Jasey: Then the balcony

Randal:Fine, its not gonna rain anyway

~~~Later Night~~~~Balcony~~~

Randal:(sigh) Why do I have to sleep here? And more importantly, why do I have to listen to Jasey?

Juliet:Did your sister tell you to sleep here?

Randal:Oh , she said..

Juliet:( sigh) I remember it like yesterday...

Randal: Remember what?

Juliet: When me and your Dad met, it was here

Randal: and what happened?

Juliet:He was down there and he was hiding, it was creepy, but cute


Juliet:I knew that our parents wouldn't accept our marriage and love but we did everything we can


Juliet: don't get too excited, anyway, we went abroad and we waited until they died

Randal: Wait weren't you crying,you know, because they died

Juliet: correction: they killed themselves

Randal: Why?

Juliet: We had some servants with us and we told them to send a letter saying that we"died"

Randall: Woah. Who's idea was that? That's cool

Juliet: Your dad's. Hey, don't do that, except if your love is really true

Romeo:What are you guys doing here?..

Juliet: Talking about you...and me

Romeo:Well, its getting late, you better sleep young man

Randal:Okay Dad.

Juliet: Good night, son

Randal: Night mom