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Beta:Re-write as of 03/04/2018

"Not fully, so busy with that bitch mother you never saw me leave to heal. You fucking cunt it has taken me ten long years," my god he was back, my first thought was to run, run to my children.

Chloe stood there her mouth open "Run now Chloe, get back to my place," I say now moving to cover her "Run little bitch, this is between her and I. My new pack is heading this way; a new war is coming one you won't survive."

"Enough, go, Chloe," I say now a little firmer this time, she vanished from sight "Now I get to kill you slower this time," I smile, my breathing labored.

"You can still be mine, I still want you," he moved closer "Sorry you're still holding a torch for me, but I still don't feel the same old man," this was very cat and mouse, everything a long game with him.

"Well now, that is sad to hear." He smirked when a new smell came; it was coming from the stairs where a girl stood she was a few inches shorter than I, with lifeless brown hair, her eyes hallow she looked like she rather be dead than be standing here.

"My wife," he gave another smirk "I am not sure to say congratulations to you or give my sincere condolence to her. What have you done to her, I take it you turned her, she smells as if she has mated with you. But no child? Did you know because we did bond I am the only woman who can bare your children, and you the only man to give me a child; which I have." The rage overtook his cool features, as he came at me, with a swift, practiced move he collided with the massive hutch.

"If I can't bare that monster heir, please kill me." was heard but right now that girl had to wait, she walked down the stairs. "Kill me Connor, kill me, let me finally die," she pleaded, it was hard to hear.

Within a second of hearing her I was tossed into the thick wooden banister, my back nearly breaking "I hate women," he growled.

"Feeling is mutual asshole," I jumped my claws coming out slashing across his chest, drawing pools of blood.

"My clan is coming; I hope yours has grown strong." His voice was alluring but so evil, but the draw was not there. "You have no idea, Connor. You have no clue what you have come home to," I move back the girl running from the front door, I was also high tailing it from his land. She stood there like a ghost when Ares, Mark, Cayden, and Mason came from the woods all snarling, she looked terrified.

Connor stood his ground as the men around him snarled "Oh cute," his laugh boomed out, when he cocked his head, I let lose a fearsome snarl as their scent came to me. Soon enough Jax and Harlow dropped from the tall tree's each snarling, small cubs trying to play the big bad wolfs.

"I swear you two will be in for it when we get home," as they rushed to my sides "My heir, my son," Connor nearly purred gazing at my sweet little wolf Jax.

"Seriously, Jax. Glad he lays no claim to me," his sister laughed as Jax groaned "I am not his heir, I am not."

"Yes this is so the time for sibling fights, you're both your mother's heir," Cayden said as they gave him a satisfied looked. "We can deal with that," coursed together.

"You have turned my son against me," was bellowed "No, Connor. You did that, you raped me, tried to kill me, killed people they loved. You're evil; you need to be put down like some rabid animal,"

"I will see you again, my love," then he was gone.

'Well, he has a new clan," I say as Ares asked "Who is this?" we all turned to the woman "Is it what you want?" I asked her; she gave a solemn nod of yes.

I with a sudden twist, snapped her neck before we burned her "She was Connors wife, he was trying to conceive an heir. But we all know now he can't live without me, and we all know this isn't happening. For now, we need a meeting of every clan," I say as we head home.

Connor and I have unfinished business. One I was going to make sure we would end, I wanted him dead, and this time I would stay and watch the life drain from his body.