Because I ship these two idiots too much. Two-shot. Anything in italics is a direct quote from Cursed Child. General disclaimer, I don't own HP. Sadly. Thanks for giving this a shot.

Part One

Delphi takes out her wand and points it at Albus. "Do your worst," Albus sneers. Delphi looks at him, and turns her wand on Scorpius.

"No!" Albus cries. Not Scorpius, anyone but Scorpius, torture himself instead, please, not Scorpius-

"Yes, as I thought- this seems to frighten you more," Delphi has an expression on her face that is a cross between amusement and proudness.

"Albus, whatever she does not me-" Scorpius starts. "We can't let her-" He is cut off by Delphi's cry of,


Scorpius yells out in pain. Anger blinds Albus as Delphi talks. Rage and fear for his best friend fill him, but Albus stays resistant. "Crucio!" Delphi yells again. In that moment, Albus would have done anything, anything, to the stop the pain from his friend. When Craig dies the two stare, silent, and they're taken to the maze. Scorpius talks, and Albus wills him to stay silent, and Scorpius is tortured again. And Albus feels there's nothing worse, nothing worse than seeing his best friend in pain. And he would do anything, anything, to stop it.

When Cedric shows up and Delphi bound, Albus feels a great relief. At least for the moment, Delphi can no longer hurt Scorpius. He doesn't care about himself. One though echoes through his mind. Scorpius.

And he knows, from tales from his father, this is what his parents would call love.