The next morning, Dick woke himself up at six fifty and began getting ready. He had long since been able to dress himself without help and was, for some reason, proud. The butler had placed today's outfit on a stool by his bed and he quickly got changed out of his pjs and into the clothes. Dark jeans, a black t-shirt with the Bat-symbol in yellow across the chest, and grey sneakers.

Richard packed both of his design notebooks, a few small inventions, a small pencil box of writing utensils, a ruler, and a throw blanket into his backpack; excited to meet the man he read about on the internet. He slid the backpack onto his chair and headed to the bathroom to do his morning stuff, eager to get going. By 7:32, Richard was sitting at the table as Alfred began breakfast and were joined by Bruce a few minutes later.

Although Bruce didn't have to be there until eight, he chose to get there early for Richard's sake and the boy was more than ready to go. Breakfast was short and soon they waved goodbye to Alfred, driving away in Bruce's Porsche. He took a chance and broke the rules, letting Dick sit in the front passengers' seat, but it was worth it. The boy had held his hands in the air and laughed his head off at the feeling of the air rushing past.

Bruce parked in his personal spot, got out and carefully took Richard's wheelchair out of the back seat. He unfolded it and gentle placed the disabled boy in the seat, buckling him in before getting the blanket from his backpack. Richard could hardly wait and almost wheeled off before Bruce could tuck the blanket over his lap.

"Calm down, the office won't go anywhere. Besides, Lucius gets here at eight thirty, leaving us with enough time for a tour." The boy looked disappointed before suddenly getting excited again and asking.

"Does that mean I can meet Sharon and Carol?!"

Confusion spread over Bruce's face and he mentally questioned how Richard knew the names of his secretaries, much less why he would want to meet them.

"How do you know them? I don't remember telling you about them." Richard now looked confused.

"You said they were the best secretaries you'd ever had and told me how nice they were. You even said that they'd been wanting to meet me."

"When did I say that?" Richard laughed. "Five minutes ago, you were talking about what we'd do for lunch and suddenly mentioned them."

Huh. He'd forgotten about that, man he was losing his memory. Nodding in acknowledgement, he steered Richard towards the private elevator and then they were gliding past floors. Upon arriving at the top floor, Richard's eyes widened in surprise at the sight of the pristine carpet and walls carefully decorated with paintings. He had never been in such a fancy office building, or in an office building period; he was quite overwhelmed.

"Good morning Mr. Wayne! You're here early, oh, and this must be Richard?" A blonde haired woman in her mid-thirties wearing a light pink blouse, a black, pencil skirt, and a pair of white heels with black polka-dots, greeted them.

"Good morning Sharon, yes, I wanted to show Richard where I work and once I told him about Mr. Fox, there was no stopping him."

Both the blonde and the red-head at the desk next to her giggled at their boss's antics. Bruce watched as his secretaries shook Richard's hand and bid him good luck on the tour, hoping to meet him again soon. After that, the boy was practically vibrating in his seat during the tour, as the clock ticked closer to eight-thirty. To end the show-around, Bruce brought Dick to the second basement, an area rarely visited by anyone but him and Mr. Fox.

The man in question was just throwing his jacket over the back of his office chair when the two ebony-haired males entered the spacious lab.

"Ah, good morning Mister Wayne." "Good morning Lucius, I would like you to meet Richard, my ward. When I told him you were an inventor, he instantly wanted to meet you."

Fox chuckled and extended his hand to the child in the wheelchair and was surprised at the firm handshake he got.

"Hello Richard, how are you today?" Richard gave a small smile.

"Good, how are you Mr. Fox?" The older man chuckled.

"I am doing as good as can be with arthritis! Mr. Wayne has told me you are interested in mechanics?"

Dick's face twisted into a focused scowl as he nodded, not letting go of the man's hand as he gently prodded and felt it with deft fingers.

"Dick? What are you doing?" Bruce asked carefully, having only seen these exact actions from some of the best doctors in the world.

"Have you gone to a doctor about it?"

At the man's nod, Dick raised an eyebrow and Fox said his doctor just told him to eat healthy foods and take medication. Richard slowly released Fox's hand and told him to soak avocado pits in some rubbing alcohol until the alcohol turned brown and rub it on his joints. The man nodded slowly, not exactly sure how to respond to the young one's advice.

"Why don't you look around a little while me and Mr. Wayne talk business?"

Without another word, Richard gripped his chair tires and gracefully maneuvered himself around the men, instantly going over to a 3D printer.

"Is he always like this?" Lucius moved closer to his boss to prevent the boy from hearing.

"I hardly see him properly, but from what I gather, Richard is a prodigy in anything that does not require using his legs. Even then, that doesn't stop him.

"I mean, I've seen him roll up to a tree, unbuckle himself, grab a branch and climb to the top and then back down without faltering once. It was strange, I got the feeling I wasn't seeing his full potential and know for a fact that he is hiding something in his workshop; but I can't seem to get past the lock..."

Bruce tapers off, watching Richard pull out a notebook and begin writing at an alarming rate on a new page, without looking away from what had sparked his mind. Lucius seems to be lost in thought until a beeping comes from Bruce's pocket and the dark-haired man pulled out his phone.

"It's the commissioner, could you look after him until I get back?" The tech expert nodded and Bruce rushed off to save the doomed city.

"Where did Bruce go?" Richard asked as he watched his guardian jog off to the elevator. Fox gave a sigh and rubbed his neck as he searched for a plausible answer.

"He… had an emergency meeting. He had no idea it was coming and he asked me to look after you until he got back." Richard nodded and smiled before reaching into his bag, pulling out a tablet and began typing at speeds that would make the Flash jealous. With a small beep, the boy slip the tablet back into the bag and held the notebook he had had been writing in earlier, out to the man.

"What's this?" The boy smirked and replied with a nod towards the paper.

"A little bird told me you help a certain shadow under the radar and was wondering if you were interested in a borderline 'Joker' plan?" Trying to keep his face neutral was near impossible once Fox looked at the notebook in his hands. Every single page was covered in calculations, measurements and blueprints detailing a large robot-like machine.

"First of all, how long have you known? Second, why would I help you kill yourself?"