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Chapter 1

"Mistress." The figure clad in a robe of oily, dark, smoke that twisted and turned around him, kneeled before the young women. Harumi Lily Potter-Black-Slytherin, Hari, aka the girl-who-lived, saviour of the magical world, destroyer of the dark lord, and the Mistress of Death, turned to face him. Her blood red crimson curls flowing in silky waves, dips and curves down her back, like a long stream of burning fire.

"Hello, Death. Or should I say? Shinigami?" Death lifted his head, strands of his white shaggy hair surrounding his lavender tinted face. The two blazing crimson horns protruding from his forehead flickered ever so often with little sparks of fire. Hari could see the hints of the white Japanese traditional garment and the set of bronze glossy prayer beads on his neck under his cloak. He grinned, showing a set of sharp jagged teeth. According to Death, they were laced with magic to sear souls from the bodies of the dead.

"Mistress, you know not to taunt with Death." He sneered, his sharp grating rough voice, piercing Hari's eardrums painfully. Death was kind of edgy when it came to the term Shinigami. He was the Grim Reaper of many worlds, in charge of making sure souls were properly transported when their time was up. However, when it came to the Elemental Countries, the Land of the Shinobi, the people there tended to not follow his rules.

Firstly, many of them loved to cheat with Death himself, gaining immortality by withholding their souls from the balance. Secondly, the people there, the shinobi, were also distantly related to a God of their world, the Ten Tails. Hence, some of them had the ability to control him at an extent.

Of course, Hari was controlling Death as well. However, this was a right gained fairly through the three deadly hallows, Death's most powerful artefacts, which she tried to throw away countless times but they always miraculously appear beside her bed the next day. Death had ended up being irritated by the fact that she constantly flung them out of the window and hence he had infused them into a small deadly hallows tattoo on the smooth skin of her inner arm.

Being the wielder of these three magical items, Death accepted Hari as his Mistress, following her requests with certain rules and laws of the balance of the world. He also improved her body greatly, claiming that his mistress could not be weak. He had healed her poor eyesight and given her a stronger, healthier and more durable body.

"I absolutely detest the Shinobi. You do not know how many times they have forcefully called me to take a soul. "Death growled under his breath. "But you called me here for a different matter." Death's eyes shone with mirth. "Mrs. Uzumaki-Uchiha-Sabaku." Hari groaned. Bloody hell. Not this again.

"Not you too! The bloody goblins were laughing at me too!" Hari cried, giving him a glare. It was a year after the Great Hogwarts Battle in which Hari had finally gotten rid of Voldemort. You would think that Hari could finally relax and enjoy her life, considering how she had risked her life for the people of Magical Britain. But no! She got herself stuck in an incredibly troublesome bloody arranged marriage!

Hari's goblin solicitor had sent an owl to her requesting her to be there for the reading of her parent's will. It resulted in Hari finding out of her situation. Hari sighed, running her fingers through strands of red hair, her sharp emerald green orbs racing across the letter from her parents for the third time that day.

'Dear Hari,

I'm sure you are probably wondering why we even wrote this letter to you. Well, if we did not speak to you face to face, it probably means that we were killed. If so, Hari always know that we love you and are proud of you no matter what.

Now this is going to sound bizarre and crazy. Harumi, my dear daughter, in the past, our ancestors, discovered spells to travel to a different realm, the Five Great Nations. A land where some of the humans living there possessed an ability to mould spiritual and mental energy, into something they called chakra.

Our ancestors, the Potters, stayed there for a long period of time, as a very powerful family, forging bonds with the people of that realm. At that time, the head of the Potter family, became very good friends with the head of the Sabaku, Uchiha and Uzumaki clans. During a war, the three clans had saved the lives of many Potters and hence the Potters were in a very large magical debt to these families. Based on tradition, the Potter head had to give his unwed daughters' hands in marriage to the clans.

However, considering how they were good friends, the clan heads decided to let it slide, but on one condition. If their direct blood descendants ever experienced total annihilation in which there were only one or two members of the main family left, the direct descendants of the Potter family would have to marry the strongest surviving direct descendant of these clans in order to strengthen the bloodline of the main family, reviving these clans. This basically means, unlike the usual marriage contracts of the past it was not based on the oldest child but of overall strength and bloodline. The Potters agreed, signing the blood seals provided by the ninjas and even using a magical oath.

To sweeten the deal, the Potters provided a magical arranged marriage contract, which possessed a type of old blood magic that promises that the betrothed, will be soulmates, which is a reason why arranged marriages were popular in the wizarding world as it promised eternal and lifelong happiness between the two couples.

You're probably wondering why we are telling you this. Well, we have recently received a notice from the change in our family line, that a certain Uzumaki and Subaku had joined our family as our sons-in-law…We're sorry Hari. We too did not know of this until that very odd surprise on our magical tapestry.

There is one condition to the contract. If you do not consummate your marriage by the time you are 19, the boys will lose their manhood, unless of course your intended has unfortunately passed away. You will become infertile as well and gradually lose your magic. Apparently, the makers of the magical arrange marriage contract had a sick sense of humour and did not want the recipients to simply ignore the contract, or run away and elope. There will also be some sort of flashy show of magic involved according to what we read and many benefits to the bond to ensure recipients are unable to cheat on one another.

We requested for the books about the Five Great Nations and Magical Arrange Marriage Contracts to be given to you in our will. Read them well. We love you Hari. On a side note, the people there only speak Japanese. Hopefully, you will learn the language or else a translation spell should work.


Lily and James Potter.'

Hari stuffed the letter back into her bottomless dragon skin drawstring pouch, rubbing her temples with slender fingers, her shoulders hunched. She really hated this. Fate was yet again pulling the strings and using her like a puppet. With her magic and her future children on the line, Hari had to do this. She loved kids and would want at least three. She wanted a huge family, just like the Weasleys.

About that language issue, Hari pursed her lips thoughtfully. Thankfully she had learnt Japanese when she was younger to pass time when her relatives were travelling overseas, hence a translation spell was not needed. She had already read through all the books on the Five Great Nations. Hopefully, she knew enough to even converse with her bloody Japanese husbands who were from another freaking world.

Hari glanced at the small pouch in her hands for a while, rubbing her slender fingers on the smooth scales. The shimmery glossy texture of the small feather light pouch had curious sheen almost like a precious gem. The colours ranged from ultramarine to a deep black under the light at different angles. The string of the pouch was shaped into a white snake with shards of rubies for eyes.

It was her Slytherin family heirlooms. An inheritance she had gained from killing old Tom, and being the last descendant of Slytherin. The pouch was laced with dragon scales and diamond mail chains, charmed with various protection charms and runes. It was incredibly secure and no one except her family could open it. She simply just had to get them to drip some blood onto the tiny snake and power it with a little magic to key them to be part of her 'family'. The same goes to the various chests in the pouch that stored all the inheritance that she had withdrawn from the goblin bank.

Hari pulled open the drawstring pouch and reached in. The air in the pouch was cooler and it brought goose bumps to her skin, shivers running up and down her spine. She closed her eyes, imagining the little slip of gold parchment. Her eyes snapped open when she felt the small weight in her hands, her thumb brushing against the smooth silky paper. Hari withdrew her hand to examine the little parchment, which stated the details of her assets.

Harumi Lily Potter-Black-Slytherin

Heir to: The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter, and the Most Noble and Ancient House of Slytherin.

Total liquid wealth: £38.9 billion

Other miscellaneous assets: Legendary Grimoires, Dark Spell tomes, Unforgivable Old Magic books, enchanted jewellery, Rune tomes, Invisibility Cloak, Elder Wand, and the Resurrection Stone.

Owned properties: 12 Grimmauld Place, Black Mansion, Potter Mansion.

Investments: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, Flourish and Blotts Bookseller, Whizz Hard Books, The White Wyvern and Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary.

Magically Arranged Marriages: Uzumaki Naruto, Sabaku no Gaara and Uchiha Itachi.

In her parent's letter, they stated that she was only engaged to two guys. Apparently the Uchiha clan had gotten themselves wiped off from the face of earth leaving behind some lone survivor. Yes, three poor blokes were stuck with her for life. God, it was as if she were creating her own harem. You would think one alien was enough. 3 ALIEN HUSBANDS. Hari wanted to scream.

She had sold her properties at a low price to the Weasleys, and left the Potter Mansion for her cute little godson, Teddy Lupin who was under the care of his grandmother, Andromeda. Hari had explained her situation to her entire honorary family and they were all incredibly supportive. Ron had threatened to hex their balls off if they ever disrespected Hari and Hermione had read up tons of books on other dimensions and marriage contracts for her sake.

Hari planned to stay in the Shinobi world at least until she had settled all the shit she had to deal with her husbands, before going back to England to pay a visit with her husbands. The girls had all been adamant about seeing her husbands, and the guys were interested to see what sort of bloke would be unlucky enough to be the perfect match of the bloody Hari Potter.

Hari sighed. She would miss her life back home. During the past year, Hari had achieved the title of Potion Master and she had been working in Saint Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries as a Healer for Poisoned Patients. She also helped out at other wards due to the fact that her magical core, being abundant and vast, was incredibly helpful in the 'surgeries' performed. Sadly, she had to quit her job, but it was not as if she really loved being a Healer. It was just a good skill to have. But potions…That was her hobby.

After the war, Hari had self-studied potions out of regret for her professor, Severus. She had been blinded by her feelings and hence had never really concentrated on the subject. It turned out that she loved brewing potions. It was kind of like cooking, which she enjoyed greatly as well with added benefits of weird ingredients and cool reactions. Hari blinked. Perhaps she might set up a store and sell potion related items in Konoha after meeting with her…frolicking husband from that blasted criminal organisation. Hari groaned inwardly. Seriously? A criminal organisation? Plus, according to Death, Itachi was out to kidnap both Naruto and Gaara. Possibly killing them in the process. Oh god. She could already sense the impending family feuds.

She took out the small black book, from her pouch, flipping through the thick pages. The dusty smell of paper entering her nose. She sniffed and trailed deft fingers over the printed letters. Uchiha Itachi. Raven black almond shaped eyes laced by lush long lashes, and two orbs of obsidian shards of dark ice. Eyes so deep and piercing sharp, they seemed to impale deep into one's soul. His face angular yet boyishly soft at the edges indicating his youth, so utterly symmetrical, it might as well have been chiselled into shape by a master craftsman. Albino, snowy white yet dewy skin, which were taut with ripples of lean muscles. His features all shaped into Uchiha cold perfection.

His hair was pitch black and each glossy strand flowed down his head in shimmery soft waves, pulled taut into a ponytail. He could easily pass for a gorgeous girl if not for his broad shoulders. Hari was kind of jealous by how breath-taking he was. The only blemish was the two lines that ran down his face. Eye bags. Being a rogue ninja must be tough.

"Uchiha Itachi?" Death eyed the book which had of all the information of ninjas with bounties on their head, which she had asked Death to nab for her from the Five Great Nations. It was just her luck that all her boys were in them. The two younger ones had lesser information but Death had filled her in on them. Gaara, the host of the one tails, and the leader of Suna, Kazekage of the sand, a boy who had a lack of love since the start of his life. The first forms of affection he ever received was from Naruto, his very first friend. Then there was Naruto, ostracized since birth, a mischievous boy who longed for recognition and acceptance. The host of the nine tails, and also a prophesized to save the world.

"Itachi is a very kind young man unfortunately cursed with a sad fate. If I were to fathom a guess, you must be Lady Fate's reward to him." Death noted with a small frown.

"Reward? I'll probably annoy the bloody hell out of him." Hari chuckled. She sighed, furrowing her brows." He is dying is he not?" Hari glanced at Death. "I've had a magical watch keyed to my husbands and it keeps notifying me that he is deathly ill."

Hari furrowed her brows in worry. Her eyes glancing at the small personalized magical black watch with three tiny gems in the. Each gem represented a husband. The small ruby representing Itachi pulsated with a soft crimson light with each tick of the dial, and there was a deep crack coming dangerously close to the centre. A deadly disease plagued his existence. Death nodded.

"However…It is not his time yet. You can still save him, Mistress." Death glanced to her. "I presume that you have packed everything? Traveling with a rogue ninja is not easy."

"Of course. Potion ingredients, potions, food ingredients, clothes, basic necessities, money, identification cards, all here!" Hari nodded sharply. She glanced down at her clothes. She was dressed in a white tank top with a simple grey hoodie which had dragon hide sewed into it for protection, same goes for her charcoal cargo pants and boots. They were all charmed for outdoor camping, self-cleaning, protection, warmth, resistance against insects, the likes.

"Good. Then are you ready Mistress?" Death smirked. Hari sighed and took in a deep breath, tying the pouch onto her wrist, before beaming at Death.

"As bloody ready as I'll ever be to get married."


They appeared in a flurry of black, silver and emerald mist in a clearing of wild grass. Hari shivered, feeling the magic of this world swirl around her, the abundance and density of it making her feel rejuvenated and energized. It made her skin prickle with power, and the fine tiny hairs on her pale smooth skin stand up at the ends. If anyone were to look at her eyes, Hari could bet that they were pulsating in an emerald light with gold rings at the edges.

A jab of pain pinched at her skin and Hari winced glancing at her watch. What on earth was going on now? Her eyes widened as the turquoise gem flashed a crimson red and a sharp crack sounded before the gem started to break, slowly but steadily leaving a shimmer of green behind in its glass container. Shit. Shit. Shit. Gaara was on the verge of death. What is with ninjas and their overly dangerous jobs?

"Death!" Hari cried, whipping her head back to him, her blood red curls flowing in the wind. Her eyes filled with worry and horror. No. Not another dead family member. She wanted to meet him! Wanted to make good and fun memories with him! He wasn't supposed to die. Not another one. Please.

"It is not his time yet. They must be trying to extract the tailed beast in him." Death noted. He gripped her arm tightly. "I will bring you there. Give him your magic and the soulbond will save him from death for a short period of time. You know what to do." Death told her sharply. Hari nodded. Death moved. The silky cold magic of Death, that curled and twirled beautifully around her body licking at her skin, held onto her tightly, bringing her to the location in a swirl of black silky mist.

Hari appeared in a dark cave, concealed behind her invisibility cloak in front of a large wooden statue with way too many eyes to be normal. It pulsed with energy, chakra, and Hari could feel the power burning her pores. She glanced upwards, to see a large ball of swirling blue uncontrollable energy that zapped and churned at an alarming rate surrounding none other than Subaku no Gaara. Her husband. His eyes were rolled back into his head, his mouth agape in a silent scream. Red spinning masses of chakra escaping from his mouth and flowing into the large statue.

Gaara was beautiful. Hari couldn't help but look at him for a second. His skin was so white it looked ghastly pale, the skin milky and smooth, except there were currently cracks all over his skin, like the cracks on a porcelain doll. His russet red hair was naturally spiky sharp, tussled messily on his head, with slightly longer fringe parted a side to reveal the tattoo of the Japanese word of 'love' on his forehead. His large doe shaped eyes framed by two black rings that made him look like a cute panda, long red lashes fluttered over his skin, similar to the dusty wings of a butterfly. His nose tall and slightly buttoned in shape. His lips a pale rose. He had a small frame, but Hari could see the muscles and protruding veins on his arm indicating his strength, his body somewhat petite compared to the bad ninjas trying to kill him. He was hers. And she was adamant that he remained that way. Her magic shook with sorrow at the sight of him, pulling at her to go to him to save him.

The glowing blue energy cut off and he fell, his body limp. Hari spelled a quick cushioning charm and floated him towards her, letting him fall, his head leaning on her lap with a soft thump, covering them with the cloak obscuring the view of the Akatsuki. His eyes were closed and he was not breathing. His body too weak to continue working. No. She needed to work fast, he was not dead yet and his pulse was slowly weakening. She pressed trembling fingers onto his cheeks, letting her magic flow into his body, the cracks of his skin mending itself. Softly guiding his body to repair itself, coaxing his soul to stay in his body. Gaara. Come back. She pleaded.

Hari did not know what possessed her to do so. But, she felt herself slowly lean forward pressing her lips to his forehead, to that tattoo on his skin. His skin was pleasantly warm on hers, and he smelt of rain during summer and the watery sweet tang of watermelons. Her lips tingled and peaceful comfort washed through her, warm magic flowed in her veins, bringing along a tinge of pleasure. Happiness and love thrummed in her heart. She felt so pleasantly warm, perfect temperature, not too hot or too cold, it was like sleeping under comforters, snug and warm during winter. Hari's soul trembled with longing. Breathe for me it said. My soul yearns for you. It wants to love you.

His heart thumped hard and he inhaled sharply. His lips parted to let out a small breathy moan from the comforting caresses of her magic tender and yet bringing him so much pleasure. Hari shuddered. If this was what it was like just kissing his forehead? What was it like to kiss his lips? His dusty eyelashes fluttered revealing turquoise orbs, flecked with emerald and rubies. Dazedly he stared at her, his features calm.

"Are you an angel?" He murmured, his voice is raspy and deep, vibrating pleasantly to her ears. She shivered slightly, pleasure running up her veins. His eyes fluttering, slightly. Hari snorted and gave him a bright smile, her heart flooding with relief.

"I'm your fiancée." She told him shyly. She hopes that the goblins were true to their words. They had informed her that they had sent letters to her fiancées and their guardians as well as seals of confirmation to them. Gaara raised a brow but seemed too tired to question her. He sighed and snuggled to her, his nose dangerously close to her stomach. He sniffed, and Hari blushed, swallowing hard.

"You smell…Good." He breathed, his eyelashes fluttering softly.

"Sleep." She whispered softly, watching as his eyes closed, concealing turquoise gems. She brushed her fingers over his eyelids, spelling a protection and peaceful sleep charm. Being an incredibly powerful witch, she was pretty sure he would not get hurt with the spell and would wake up soundly a few hours later. She then manifested a small glass orb attached to a long chain charmed with protection spells. She channelled a hug amount of her magic into the orb, it took on a silvery form swirling in the glass. It would save Gaara if anything happened and also allowed her to teleport to him if need be. She hooked it over his neck letting it rest on his chest.

She glanced to the side sensing a huge group of ninjas outside the cave. Gaara's friends and allies. Ah looks like she could not take Gaara away. They would think he got kidnapped. Hari gently laid him onto the floor and wrapped herself tightly in the invisibility cloak. She gave a quick glance at Gaara. She stepped out walking further away from him and to a corner of the cave.

Hari glanced up to see the dark silhouette of her oldest husband. A projection of him. She inhaled sharply in shock. His crimson red orbs narrowed at her and their eyes met. The soulbond leaped at the chance, and attraction surged in them, the magic going wild, her senses were heightened and her pupils dilated at the sight of him. Her magic swirling for both her husbands, wanting to feel them, to hear them and to love them.

Itachi's eyes widened and Hari took it as a cue for her to leave before the Akatsuki found her. She left in a swirl of mist, her heart thumping loudly in her ears. Merlin. Too much drama for a day. She heaved a sigh. Now, to find Itachi's real body…

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