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AU(Alternate Universe)


Chapter 11

To say Hallows was working on overdrive was an understatement.

Hari had expanded the hospital a thousand times. With 80 000 ninjas on the field, Hari estimated that a good half of them would end up injured somehow. She went on a frenzy employing house elves from various countries, especially those who had worked at hospitals or clinics in wizarding and muggle world alike.

She had even set up a ranking system for injury level, deploying elves based on the their skills with a stasis charm ready for those badly injured and had no doctors to assist them. She really believed that this was enough.

Hari groaned rubbing her face, feeling a tad stressed out. She didn't expect it to be this bad by the second day!

40 000 ninjas were either killed or so badly injured they might as well have been dead. Truly, without her skills, these ninjas would have been a lost cause. Wiped out and annihilated by the enemy. At the rate they were going she bets that less than 10% would be left without her help. Her elves were running around like crazy and opening new dimension rooms after new dimension rooms for patient after patient on the brink of death.

They were seeing to patients with organ failures and patients lacking the organs that they should have nicely packed in their bodies. It was really one or the other. The main entrance of Hallows looked like it was Halloween themed, every patient wheeled in had bits of guts spilling out of their stomachs, splattering organs and blood onto the once pristine floor.

The doors to Hallows were located at every medical station on the battlefield and she had elves running about on the surface, helping the medical ninjas heal patients. There were also elves on the battlefield, stealing dying ninjas out of the enemy's grasp at the very last moment.

Hari bit her lip writing a quick owl to the wizarding world ordering another batch of Skele Gro directly from the stores. At this rate, the potion masters in Magical Britain were going to think that she drank them by the bottle, maybe had a weird kink for breaking her bones or something.

Hari doesn't blame the ninjas though. She sighed, flickering through her phone to check on the healing process of a few of her patients, her phone keyed to their vitals. They were fighting immortal high-ranked shinobi who had died long ago. Immortal shinobi. That was like having to fight Voldemort, revived and more immortal than ever. Tom would have loved this jutsu. Thank Merlin that scumbag was dust now.

Hari's brows furrowed together.

Gaara was the commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces' Fifth Division and the commander-in-chief of all the other combat divisions. He was the big boss in the battlefield so he was right smack in the middle of the battle, fighting his ass off. It was only because Hari knows her magic help him and inform her if anything happened to him that she had allowed him to go.

Hari understands that for Gaara, as Kazekage of the Sand, he needed to do this. What kind of Kazekage could hide while his own people battled to their deaths? He was totally ready to die for his people, not that she would let him.

Itachi had too stepped into the battlefield, promising her that he would use the portkey if anything happened. The softie was going off to try to solve the root cause of the issue, and kill whoever the hell was summoning all these undead zombies. What he doesn't know is that she completely does not trust him with the portkey.

He would never use that in fear that he might bring the enemy right into Hallows. Thus she had given him a major power boost, asking Death to shadow him like a familiar. With all the immortal business going on, Death was kind of pissed. No, he was f*cking furious.

It was probably why he had gladly listened to her command of protecting Itachi and was even good sport in her bantering. The entity agreed to reviving Itachi once in the worst case scenario after learning that Itachi was on a mission to kill the sick f*ck summoning dead people from their graces.

So whatever was going to happen between the God and her husband, she hopes Itachi would brush off as one of her magical powers. She really hasn't told her husbands that she was the Mistress of Death. Not because she doesn't trust them, but because she doesn't know how to break it to them. Like what could she say?

Oh Hi Naruto! Remember the Shinigami who ate your Dad? Well….He's my lackey, so technically I could ask him to vomit your dad out but it would be disobeying the laws of life? Or maybe, Hi Itachi you know when you died? I kind of made a deal with Death to give me back your soul.


She was totally going to say that.

Her phone buzzed and Hari lifts it up tapping in a few keys to enter. She had intercepted the information system which made her quickly updated on the news, without having to be mentally linked to them. Not that the ninjas knew. Well…Hari's brows raised. Looks like Naruto escaped. She knows him well enough not to stop him.

When she had visited him the other day, he was training so hard he didn't even notice the rings on her finger. All he did was complain a little, give her a quick kiss on the lips for what he called a "Morale boost and an act of true love". Hari snickered at that. Then he was back in the jinchuriki room trying to reign control over the Nine-Tails.

Naruto was definitely going to flip once he really realizes what rings on the left hand ring finger of a woman actually meant.

Hari's own thoughts remind her of the current situation and she sobered up feeling a little solemn. Naruto had talked about a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen despite not knowing about the war and well, look where they were at now!

Stopping him would be like trying to pin down a cloud, he would have never forgiven her. Hari smirked, rubbing her nose. She knows all too well what it's like to have lives weighing on your hands and the decision whether to give up yourself to the enemy or to hide behind shadows. Their situation was somehow oddly similar, only that for Naruto, he had more at stake.

Although if he did get captured by the enemy forces, Hari would be springing into action. Again, and probably getting scolded by all three husbands for putting herself in danger, again. Honestly though, in a military sense, Hari was an asset in this war and if she could lessen the number of deaths. Hari would do it, her eyes flickered to the deadly hallows tattoo.

Plus, this was under her job scope too. These ninjas were definitely not meant to die so early.

Her phone rang this time, an eerie whistling tune she used for emergency messages and her eyes narrowed. The Madara who started the war seemed to be an impersonator because there was an undead immortal Madara on Gaara's side of the battlefield right now.

An unlimited Uchiha was never good news.

Hari ran to her window, flinging it open to reveal a deadly drop. The walls lined with glass windows of each new patient room, reflecting light as well as a mirror. The inside of Hallows looked like the inside view of a skyscraper, a never-ending skyscraper. Her eyes travelled down to the bottom squinting at the little specks of various shades of coloured light that indicated the new rooms.

Before the war, she could actually do an estimate on how many rooms there were. Now Hallows stretched so long and wide she doesn't know anymore.

Bridges linked one side of the building to another, cutting across the drop like spider webs in an intricate system. Like the stairs of Hogwarts, they moved based on the user's needs and currently there were hundreds of her elves running back and forth pushing carts of injured ninjas. The bridges moving every second that reminded Hari of the inner clockwork of a watch.

Hari pushed magic into her voice, yelling loudly. "I want all elves not working on a patient level 8 and above to put their patients on a stasis charm and prepare for more at the Fourth Division now!" She knows they heard her because the flurried movement pauses and the elves are running the opposite direction, carting patients back to their rooms and suiting up for apparition into war.

Hari flinched as her watch pulsed, the turquoise gem quivers in absolute fear. The feeling is horrifying, an intense sensation of escaping. Her body trembles with him, feeling hot flushes and chills. Hari steadies herself on the railing with one hand, her breath coming out in short pants and painful tightness in her chest.

She recently had the negative feelings, keyed to her watch just to know how her boys were feeling during the war. Right now, her Gaara was afraid, so afraid for his people…Hari closed her eyes, pinpointing the area easily with magic. She appears in a swirl of light, apparating into a desert with a soft pop.

She expects to meet a face full of bright and blazing hot sun. Not a cool shadow and the gust of warm wind coming from above her. She glanced up, her eyes widening to see the huge meteorite in the sky. It was enormous, a huge gravely rock mass the colour of dirt. It towered over them, spanning across the vast blue sky such that at a glance, Hari could barely see where the rock starts and ends.

Perhaps the only good thing of this meteorite was the lack of fire crackling over its surface that would indicate the speed it had travelled. This rock seemed almost tame, newly formed and simply just falling from perhaps at most, the tip of the stratosphere.

The meteorite was held in place by a single older man, Onoki the Third Tsuchikage and large masses of flowing golden sand shaped into two hands. Her eyes sweep to Gaara, her red head was panting sweat beading on his slightly bruised skin. He doesn't look that badly hurt, but her heart leaps into her throat when magic informs her that his usually massive chakra had depleted more than half and he was steadily relying heavily on the magic in his necklace to replenish his chakra.

For a moment, all around her were cheers and cries of relief as the ninjas seemed to momentarily relax thinking that they had evaded death.

Not for long.

Hari's skin crackled as the magic of this world informed her of a second larger meteorite heading down right above this one. What the actual fu- It doesn't even take a second for her to flick her arms and the glossy shield forms over the large expanse of ninjas, it's consistency almost like a soap bubble ready to be popped, bouncing and jiggling with the wind. She appears right beside Onoki, her braided hair whipping behind her in the breeze.

"WHAT?" Onoki gasped as she takes his hand gently. He must have been greatly weakened because she easily pries him away from the stone and with a gentle push to his chest. He is falling down, the shield swallows him up into its bubbly embrace, consuming him and breaking his fall.

"REDUCTO-," Hari slaps her fingers into the rock and it trembles as the second meteorite hits it's surface, vibrating and groaning in the air loudly, "-MAXIMA!" Her fingers pulsed pouring the magic deep within her soul into the rock. The energy swarms the meteorite in a brilliant bright blue glow and her magic tore through the cracks and crevices, entering each pore and hole. It bursts apart shattering in smithereens of dust and rock shards. Her hair whipping with the sheer force and Hari kind of regrets the braid because it slaps her face about a thousand times.

She winced as the torrent of tiny rocks sprayed over her and Hari has barely enough time to evoke a silver shield against it at the force her fingers desperately trying to contain the now extremely sharp rain of rock shards. Thank God she decided to don her dragon-hide armour which covers her body almost like a suit.

She winced, rubbing a cut on her cheek. The surface of her palms beaded with blood from tiny cuts of rocks. F*ck. She tentatively licks the rock from her wounds, watching the tiny shards fall onto her bubble shield prettily flowing down in rivulets, like a giant waterfall of stone. Hari mentally does a celebratory dance as the last of the shards fall and a quick survey of the battlefield tells her that she had protected them all.

Her elves were already working on the Tsuchikage who refused to follow them to Hallows. Hari smirked.

"You're a Potter." Hari's head turn to meet the eye of an undead. His ruffled and messy hair swept to the side revealing a purpled chameleon eye. Just like the terrorist who had pulverised Konoha. It doesn't take her long to piece two to two and come to a conclusion that this was non-other than Itachi's ancestor.

Madara smiled and Hari could see the resemblance, the traces of Uchiha blood in his handsome face. The bloodthirsty and dark look in his eyes however, was nothing like that of Itachi. The zombie laughed a wicked grin on his face.

"Instead of the weak Potter blood I had met, when signing that contract I hoped that one day the Uchiha clan would obtain a Potter. The strongest descendant tied to our clan. A perfect method of revival." Madara smirked and realization dawns on Hari as he answers one of the questions she always had stored deep within her mind.

Hari always wondered why the Uchiha chose the contract instead of just marrying off their sons with Potter girls at the time, they all seemed really power hungry and would have loved nothing more than overly powered children with ninja and wizarding abilities to fight against the Senju.

Now she gets it. Never knew that the ninjas could think of sustainability.

"I'm not the strongest." Hari bit out. Damn. So he was the one who was friends with her ancestors. He doesn't seem like the type of friend you would want to have. "I'm just the last." Not wrong. Madara raised a brow.

"Perhaps." He glanced at the falling sand of what remains to be his meteorite. Hari could tell he was totally not convinced. He raised his palms towards her ready to strike and she shifts in the air steadying herself for his next attack.

"HARUMI LILY POTTER!" Naruto's voice roared from below her, his voice held hints of the Kyubi and it rumbled with promise. Totally 100% pissed off. Oops. She gasped as a huge hand-shaped sand plucks her from the air and pulls her back into the shield in one giant sweep. It brings her right onto floor inside her barrier and spills open, losing the chakra that gave it its form. She spluttered, blinking the sand away rapidly from her slightly tearing eyes, her body half buried in the golden beads which flowed into places that sand should not be in.

"Aho! (Idiot)" Gaara muttered before her, his body blocking the sun from her eyes and brushing her hair out of her eyes. He scowled at her disapprovingly, his bottom lip pressed into a thin line. Even when angry and dishevelled from fighting, he looks absolutely handsome knelt before her like a red-headed prince. She inhaled, breathing in the slightly salty yet sweet smell of wet rain and watermelons. Damn even his sweat smelled good.

"Baka (Stupid)! Do you want to get yourself killed? Damn it!"

Hari glanced up to see her personal Sun God peering down at her. His blue eyes angry and specked with red. It's definitely a shadow clone her magic tells her but that doesn't mean she won't feel the same amount of magic through their bond, nor attraction. Hari mentally smirks to herself, quite liking the look Naruto has on his face, the heated gaze was kind of hot on the usual goofy boy.

It was quite nice to have the attention of both her husbands at the same time. Possibly the first time the two of them were in the same area when she was around.

"Boys…" Hari sighed. She understands their concern and protectiveness, but still… "Cut me some slack!" She groaned, pouting at the two. "It was a meteorite! I saved your asses. Yes, thank you very much Hari!" She snapped, propping herself up and dusting her own, poor ass. She takes their hands albeit a little angrily and pours magic into their veins, mending the wounds and for Naruto's case, replenishing his chakra.

"Hari, thank you love." Gaara breathes, his bruises melting into his face revealing unblemished skin. "But, you know how we feel about this." Gaara tells her his voice, gentle this time but edged with fear and worry. Hari sniffed.

"Boss would want you out of here!" Shadow Clone Naruto supplied angrily. Temari stepped forward before her a smile on her face.

"Hey Hari! Thanks so much we really thought we were goners…"

"Don't encourage her!" Her two boys snapped back glaring daggers. Oh well…Hari opened her mouth wanting to rebut with a sneaky comeback only for an earthquake to happen right at that moment. She gasped as the pebbles bounced around her. She watched wide eyed as large thick vine like plants exploded from the ground, entering the bubble barrier and slamming into the walls of her shield. It bounces, shaking lightly and Hari is quick on her feet, as she vanishes the barrier, afraid that it might act as a cage rather than a protection at the moment.

"WOOD STYLE: DEEP FOREST EMERGENCE!" Madara bellowed, slamming his fingers together and the almost tentacle looking vines head towards them in waves, each vine towers above them, the size of skyscrapers in a city. They wiggle grotesquely, intending to kill the ninjas in their path and succeeding in a few. Hari winced watching her elves frantically try to save dying ninjas apparating in and out from between vines.

Naruto snarled dashing forward, multiplying rapidly. Each forming their own large balls of pure and deadly chakra in their palms. He threw them towards the vines, creating a human meat shield of pure energy and destroying the vines into pulpy barky bits the minute it crosses him.

He doesn't notice the Madara heading towards them and Gaara snarls, shoving Hari behind his back. A bright flash of light bursts in front of them, like a pop from a firecracker it spreads outwards in a blaze of white. Hari braced for impact only to see Tsunade the Fifth Hokage and A the Fourth Raikage.

"Wait what?" Naruto yelped as Mei the Fifth Mizukage appears via an almost apparition like jutsu, just on time.

It seemed almost timely for her watch to pulse and the red gemstone to quiver and crack a little. Damn it Itachi!

"Love, please? We have reinforcements, we will be safe" Gaara murmurs to her, his turquoise eyes beseeching her to go to safety. The way it says it, the desperation and love in his voice just makes her heart want to melt. Can't he see that she's doing all this for them?

Going to war and reliving all her nightmares when she could just wash her hands and step away from a battle that was not hers.

They fail to understand that now that her family was so interwoven in the fighting, she was part of the battle too!

"Fine." Hari sobers and she triumph in his eyes. Heh. "Only because Itachi's in trouble now. Tata!" Hari smirks and pressed a quick kiss to his lips, forcing him to shut the hell up. She flashes away to the sound of his disapproval and Naruto's screech at her to get her ass back at Hallows instead of meeting danger head on.

Well, what could she say? She was the only witch in this world after all!

She reappears in a flicker of emeralds and black smoke and her skin prickles with goose bumps chilled by the cooler air. Her magic curled in her core, coiling about and creating a cold sensation that coursed through her body. Death swirled around her in a stream of dark mist that hangs way too long in the air. The fluid oily smoke dragging rock particles with it and for a moment the time around her slowed as she watched the tiny shards reflect the soft glow of the sun.

"Mistress…" Death's voice crackled and hissed. "Itachi Uchiha was revived once. The deal is done." He envelops her, entering pass and through her body. Hari inhaled sharply, her eyes widening and feeling them pulse once with energy. Her entire body trembles icy cold and burning for release. The invisibility cloaked shroud disappears behind her, lifting the pressure off her magical core. She exhaled, watching the smoke dissipate and the rocks fall to the ground.

Death's touch. Hari sighed, shaking her head. It was his method of giving her extra protection and power. To have not passed despite dealing with Death, it was extremely lucky and way too close shaved. It would basically force Lady Luck to give her blessings to Hari and would provide Hari with magic that thrived especially when near lots of death. She hated it but this was exactly what allowed her to win the previous war in her world.

Her eyes flickered open, adjusting to the light of the cave. The limestones that glistened on the walls of the cave causing any light to enter to illuminate the cave in a grey-blue hue. Her eyes swept across the cave, easily spotting the disgusting looking half naked man with a huge snake protruding from his belly. What in the world. She gagged. That must be the sick f*ck who summoned dead people.

She squinted spotting Itachi with his hands on the guy's head and was that Sasuke?

She appears right beside them both with a soft pop which Sasuke immediately reacts to her violently, raising his knife to automatically cut her down, but is stopped by Itachi's Susanoo which blocks his blade with bony purpled chakra hands. Hari doesn't really care.

She gives Itachi a look and the man gives her a sheepish closed eye smile. Probably closed eye because he didn't want her to see the damage.

"ITACHIIIIII!" She scowled at him, kind of understanding how Gaara and Naruto feels about her in the battlefield. She was sure to state the differences between them two though. "YOU DUMBASS! I SAID PORTKEY! I didn't say NO FIGHTING. I SAID OKAY YOU CAN FIGHT BUT YOU HAVE TO PORTKEY IF YOU'RE HALF DEAD! HALF! NOT TOTALLY DEAD! " She growled, stomping her foot angrily in the cave. See? Unlike Naruto and Gaara who said no to her fighting, she allowed them to fight, just not fight until they died.

"What part of touch the portkey when you know you're about to die, do you not understand?" Her voice was icy cold and it seemed to affect Itachi quite a bit because he gives her a small scared smile.

"I had to stop the reanimation jutsu and I can't leave Sasuke…"

Hari glanced at Sasuke who gives her a tight smile, looking just as scared. Well, don't mess with Death's Mistress! Her eyes were probably glowing green right now, her hair floating in the air and her skin crackling with lightning. Well, they do that when she's angry.

"Urgh, fine." Hari sighed, she knows that Sasuke does have a charm on him to protect him, but it's true that she could not promise his safety if Itachi took the portkey. "I can't keep reviving you, you know? There's only so much I can do…What did you do now?" Hari pursed her lips as Death whispers the information in her head. Her magic crawls over his body and Itachi gasped as his shirt flies open and the energy grabs at his skin to check for wounds. "Stabbed through the heart? Wow amazing."

"Sorry love," Itachi takes her hand. "I was reckless. I forgot myself." She could see the effects of a near death experience on him. He hides them well but she could see him struggling to stay awake his eyes flickering close.

"Very reckless." Sasuke supplied cheekily and Itachi shoots him a glare. He finally opens his eyes and Hari catches a glimpse of milky white pupils that overlaps into his irises. No way. Hari slaps her palm onto his cheeks and forcefully turns him around.


"You destroyed your eyes again!"

"Sorry…" Itachi garbled out as she squeezed his cheeks together angrily. The normally intensely beautiful face, looks adorable like this with his cheeks puffed out and squished together. His eyes fluttering rapidly, showing off the length of his eyelashes.

"You! Are! Going! Back! To! The! Hospital! Death experiences equates to resting too bad soldier you're off-duty!" She snaps her fingers and Itachi disappears from view with a garbled yelp. Good riddance! She makes sure to send him right to their bed. She turned to Sasuke looking him once over.

"Hospital?" Hari asked. He did look like he could use some sleep.

"Sorry Nee-san. I've got somethings to do in this war." Sasuke shook his head, his eyes sparkling with mirth, looking better than the last time she saw him. Looks like Itachi did talk some sense into him.

"Itachi's funny when his serious composure breaks right?" She giggled. Sasuke snorted, unable to hide a grin.


(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)


Hari groaned pushing her half dead husband across the bridge, pumping healing magic on him the entire way. Hallows was basically filled with the sound of pained groans and rushing feet. Behind her were other elves wheeling in the the four Kages all equally near death.

This is what you get when you fight five Madara shadow clones…Each.

"Ha-Hari. D-Don't go." Gaara croaked, and blood spilled from his lips staining his pale skin. "Run…Run." Hari's face hardened as she pressed her fingers onto the wound that severs right through his body, revealing a bloodied spine and the green of his organs. She frantically pours potions over the wounds watching with a pained heart as Gaara's face twist and contort in absolute agony as his organs regrow. Her magic forces him to stay still, ensuring that the wounds were not aggravated. Her stomach heaves a little at the cloying smell of blood mixed with the warm summer scent she loves.

Damn it. She sniffed back tears. Gaara really took the whole 'Only come back when you're half dead' rule too literally. He was literally severed into two pieces and near death. The wounds begins to slowly heal, the flesh on the lower half of his body creeping upwards and knitting together with that of the upper half. The magical contract between them helps a little, her closeness to him accelerates his healing.

Too slow! She focused, pumping magic through her hallow tattoo, beads of sweat trickle down her forehead. There's a flash of gold that run across his wounds and his flesh ties itself together, the organs crawling back into place at an intense speed. It seals back closed, leaving behind pale milky skin. The only evidence of his injuries was the splatter of blood on the floor.

"Aho (Idiot)," Hari teased leaning in to his ear, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "As if I could leave you." Gaara closed his eyes falling into a deep sleep and she sends him off to one of the rooms filled with plenty of accelerated healing charms. The problem about magic was that while they could always rapidly heal the body, the mind and soul needed time to adjust and accept the magic or else the wounds would reopen again.

"My Lady! The elves are losing our magical power we can't keep up the stasis charms if the ninjas keep coming!" One of her elves working on Tsunade screamed at her, their eyes darting to hers frantically.

"I don't care!" Hari screamed back. "Just use mine as much as you like-f*ck!" Hari arched her back, feeling the sudden loss of magical power as her elves siphoned energy from her through their bonds as servant and mistress. It does not normally hurt but with a thousand of them siphoning off from her at the same time, the rapid loss is a burning emptiness that wrecks her body into shivers of Pin.

"Sorry My Lady!" Her elves screeched at her in chorus as they continued working on the incoming ninjas at breakneck speed. Hari winced, nearly slipping and falling off the bridge due to the blood that soaked the floor. A few hours ago, there would have been some elves rushing through the cleaning.

Now, everyone was focusing their magic on healing the injured.

The next batch of near death ninjas were wheeled in with the largest wooden spike she had ever seen in her life stabbed right through them in every fatal organ it could possible attack. She growled. This was a blood bath!

She's running for the one closest to death her magic already ahead of her and pressing into his wound stopping the flow of blood. Her eyes widened at the sight of one of Naruto's close friends.

"Hi. Hi. Neji right?" She soothed the guy, his pale lavender eyes were frantically darting around as blood spilled from his lips staining the sheets red. "I'm going to pull out the wood. Bear with me okay? Naruto would not want you to die."

Blood bubbles on his lips as he tries to give an extremely sad attempt of a nod. She's pretty sure Naruto has talked about the curse mark engraved on his forehead, a green x mark, but he's so near death the green fades from his skin.

"Come on." Hari growled in frustration, forcing her magic to encircle his wound holding his heart in place. She doesn't give him a warning, ripping out the sticks quickly, leaving gaping holes on his body. Neji gasped, his face twisting in shock and blood threatens to burst out.

She's summoning organ regrowth potions, pouring them into the hole that used to be his heart. The blood bubbles pooling over a newly formed fleshy heart and the flesh closes in like water, revealing smooth skin.

The same goes for his lungs and pancreas. He inhaled sharply, blinking shocked eyes at her. He appeared to want to say something only for Hari to slap him with a magically induced coma. Okay maybe not a slap. Just a tap.

Hari raised her head watching the sea of ninjas with wooden stakes through their hearts like exorcised vampires, swarmed into the hospital.

How she wished she could split her soul into 7 pieces so that she would have 7 times the power. Wait-Hari stopped herself-let's not go to that extent.

"My lady!" Her head whips over to see her elves scampering towards her. "We're sorry! But, we have to take more of your magic! We can't make any more dimension rooms! "

"Just take whatever you need!" Hari screamed back. The minute those words leave her mouth, her back arches and she slaps her hand over her mouth to stop a strangled scream. Her eyes rolling back into her head as she pants, black dots swirling in her vision. She blinks starting to see two, her pupils unfocused from the pain and her vision was blurry. Her body spasmed wrecked with pain as Hallows absorbed her powers like a leech on blood.

"My lady…" She vaguely hears her elves beside her. Were they really beside her? Hari doesn't know.

"Go back to your station! I'm fine just leave me here." Hari stumbles backwards, hand onto the railing. It takes tremendous effort for her to apparate back to her bedroom and she slumps onto the cold rumpled empty bed.

A small smile cracked over her lips. Itachi went out to fight again…

"Death." She mumbled and the dark shroud appeared before her, floating in view. "I want you to tie my life force with them."

"Mistress, if they die they will be pulling on your life magic to heal. Are you sure?"

"F*ck it. I'm too spent to go out there and save their lives. Just tie it."

"Very well." Death hovers an undead ghastly white hand over her chest.

This time Hari doesn't feel pain, rather it was an uncomfortable sensation that felt like millions of ants running all over her body and a horrible sensation of wrongness. The feeling disappears immediately when her soul meets that of her husbands' the sudden wash of comforting warmth driving out the pain of magic loss that wrecked her body.

"It's done."

Hari barely hears his words before she escapes into the darkness. Her eyelids closing over her eyes as her magic worked in overdrive focusing on the hospital and her husbands.

Barely able to keep her own body awake.

(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

Gaara cursed. His own chakra depleted so low his body was threatening to just give way and stop. He doesn't know what gives him the power to continue, but he suspects Hari's behind this. He swears he felt her some time ago, an odd sensation of linking and the comforting feeling of love and warmth had washed over him.

"No way!" Sakura's voice breaks him out of his thoughts and Gaara trembled his eyes flickering to his dying friend floating on the bed of sand beside him. Something tells him, by the way Sakura has her palm over his heart that Naruto's heartbeat was fading.

"Hang in there, Naruto!" Gaara cursed, the wind whipping his hair back. Naruto lay almost dead to the world. His body losing its usual healthy glow, the blood draining from his skin. The after effects of a jinchuriki having his tailed beast ripped out from him. Gaara bit his lips growling under his breath. Hari would never forgive him! Never.

Gaara whips his head towards them at Sakura's cry of shock and his eyes widened as Naruto's body softly glowed with a golden light. Naruto's eyes snapped open and Gaara's heart stutters at the sight of familiar emeralds that replace the stunning blue. The colour glowed slightly in the dark, illuminating Naruto's face almost eerily.


"Naruto?" Sakura screamed in shock.

"No, he's not here." It's weird to see Naruto so calm, the tone of his voice is all wrong. "Could you manually pump his heart? Naruto's much more strongly tied to the Kyubi, he needs a little more help." It doesn't take Sakura long to listen to his words, something about the tone of voice and the craziness of the situation pushes her to ignore the fact that her dead teammate was talking to her about resuscitating him like it was a normal thing to do.

Sakura was slicing into his chest, reaching a green laced hand into the crevice. Her fingers wrapped around Naruto's heart creating a bulge in his chest. Gaara's face hardened, his heart sinking at the look on Naruto's face. The way it twitched and crumpled and the hitch in his breath.

Hari was f*cking feeling the pain.

"Hari…" He says, almost pleading her to leave. A sharp look from Naruto or should he say Hari stops him from continuing his words. He watched as Naruto closed his eyes, his lips moving in some kind of chant. The golden glow of his skin increases in intensity and he watched almost in shock as the surface of his chest alights.

A golden ball of orange fire, the colour Naruto loves so much, sits on top of his chest flickering and dancing with the wind. White and yellow streaks swirled within the flame with the occasional blue. The fire was warm and welcoming, bright and sunny and Gaara almost feels at home. Sakura screamed in shock, attempting to douse the flames with her other hand only to be stopped by Naruto, a serene smile on his lips.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Naruto smiled warmly to the flame. "His soul was threatening to leave. I had to convince him to stay." Naruto cups the ball of fire, his fingers pressing it into his chest. He inhaled deeply and Gaara watched in shock as the fires disappear into his chest. "Gaara, take care of him." Hari's eyes meet his and Gaara gives a tensed nod. His lips mouthing 'I love you, stay safe'.

Naruto smiled and slumps back down his eyes closing. The golden glow leaves his body and Gaara swears Naruto looks way better. There's some blood running in his cheeks and while his heart needs help to beat. Hari must have left some kind of spell that forces him to take steady controlled breaths of air.

"What the hell was that?" Sakura gaped at him, and he wills his sand to hold her tight.

"We're going full speed from now on." Gaara replied, gathering his chakra. Her presence somehow gives him the strength he needs. Her magic replenishing bits of his chakra. "That was my wife." Gaara glanced at Naruto, a small smile on his lips. "Our wife."

Gaara glanced up to meet Sakura's eyes with a tight smile.

"Hari Potter."

(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

When Hari awakens, cracking sleep heavy eyes open to the feeling of utter silence from the outside world. Her body protested as she rose, making known the effects of magic loss. She closed her eyes inhaling deeply. Having her soul tied to her lovers made it much easier for her to know their current status. Honestly, a fantastic trick for her to find out whether they were cheating on her. Not that they would. The only thing they could physically cheat on her with would be their right hands.


She gasped, shaking out lewd thoughts from her mind to focus on the situation.

Both Gaara and Itachi seemed to be under some kind of spell, linked to trees and dreaming away about her with their chakra being steadily absorbed.

Naruto was battling away in another dimension against another crazy enemy, trying to undo the spell and seal the women away. Hari cursed.

"The ancestor of chakra." Death appeared before her, a scowl on his face. "She has evaded death by consuming a fruit from the God Tree that was created by Morgana the Dark Witch herself." Death's voice echoed in her ear. Hari's eyes widened. This was related to the magical world after all. Their own God, the God Tree and thus the Ten Tails had been created by a witch. "I believed you've already guessed that chakra is the lower form by-product of magic."

"I had some theories." Hari replied.

"Well, yes. She's a weaker alien form from another dimension." Death snarled revealing sharp teeth. "These lowlifes sets their eyes on consuming these magic laden fruits to gain Morgana's cursed magic and control over the Ten Tails for themselves. Despicable beings that enslave and kill other populations and feasting on energy like parasites."

Damn, Death had a mighty grudge against them.

"Not just a grudge. I f*cking hate those sons of a bitch." Death cursed, completely losing his Godly composure. "Merlin annihilated the worst of them, even brought those that ate too much magic back in the goodness of his heart. They've now evolved into what you know as dementors."

"Oh what. Damn, I hate those things." Hari shivered at the thought. The thought that Naruto, Itachi and Gaara were descendants of dementors made Hari feel a little disgusted.

"No, the dementors were only formed from the worst of them, the most twisted and evil. Kaguya started off good of heart, and thus magic was willing to accept her, but she f*cked up and here we are, an immortal dictator who believes that all chakra should be hers alone."

"So, you're saying." Hari rubbed the sleep from her eyes, cracking her fingers. "It's time we killed that bitch?"

"Hell yes." Death smirked, he vanishes into a gust of black smoke seeping into her deadly hallows tattoo which glowed a brilliant gold once. Hari immediately feels energized, her body crackles with magic of Death. Her magic grows full with power as he merges with her soul like a familiar giving her the power to continue. Her body was swathed with the invisibility cloak that floated around her body, defying the laws of gravity and she could see dark lighting crackles of electrical power running up her skin.

Hari's pretty sure her eyes were glowing the colour of Death.

Let's go. Death's voice echoed in her mind. Hari nods and they warp into another dimension. The skies are an eerie, yellow-green hue, the ground covered in red and purple hills of sand and rock. The only ones in this dimension were Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura.

The usual cell 7.

Hari really doesn't know what the hell was going on, but her eyes zero in on the floating foreign women in the dimension. She was pale-skinned with long sweeping grey hair and white eyes. The only colour on her person was the two hazel brown horns that grew from her head and the red sharingan like third eye at the centre of her forehead. She looked everything like a goddess that she proclaimed to be.

Perhaps to the shinobi world, Kaguya was a goddess.

To Hari she looked like a power hungry dementor, intending to suck everyone's souls or should she say chakra?

Her eyes flickered to Naruto, softening at the sight of him. In this mode he looks 100% like the Sun God she always called him in her head. His body was illuminated in a fiery yellow glow with orange hues, similar to that of his soul. The chakra that surrounded his body was like flames, licking up his skin and dancing over his body. His eyes mirrored that bright sunny yellow glow and he looked almost ethereal. God-like. Beautiful.


Her retinas were assaulted by his stunning beauty, literally. He was like an LED light bulb.

She watched as her husband reached forward, body soaring through the air intending to slam open palms into Kaguya. Sasuke mirrored him reaching forward with an outstretched palm. Hari's eyes widened a fraction, watching as Kaguya made a last leap for escape only to be slammed down, boxed in the head by Sakura.

Sasuke and Naruto finally manages to touch her, sealing her in place. Her third eye forced close and Kaguya struggled under their grasp.

Now! Death's voice called in her mind and Hari's next moves are almost natural, Death guiding her invisible body forward.

The next thing Hari knows was the feeling of her arm, squelched deep within the wretched woman's chest as she flings off the invisibility cloak revealing her person. Her fingers grasping Kaguya's heart, the squirmy thing wriggled and thumped in her fingers as she squeezed.

The feeling was horrid, like she dunked her fingers into an icy river in the middle of winter. The temperature so low, her fingers clamped up at the cold, numbed and without feeling. Hari cursed under her breath feeling the woman draining her feelings of happiness, hopes and dreams, just like a dementor.

Hari ripped her hand out of Kaguya's chest, pulling the organ out of her body and revealing the blackened heart dripping with blood, connected by red pulsing veins. The blood spewed out of Kaguya's chest, dripping down bloodily like a miniature waterfall. The women spluttered and gasped, roaring madly, but unable to do anything due to the sealing.

Only, what Hari held in her hands wasn't just Kaguya's heart.

Hari smirked, her fingers ghosted with the blue of Death's energy, a pitch black ball of fire emerge from the pulsating heart in her open palm.

This was Kaguya's soul. Her completely black and completely poisoned by evil, soul.

"NO!" Kaguya roared, thrashing under her arms, her milky eyes narrowing at her. Fear wrecked her body, creeping across her face as she finally realized that death was approaching. "HOW COULD THIS BE? A CREATOR WOULD NEVER COME HERE!" She screamed. She must have realized her tactic was wrong, because her expression changes, her eyes wide and pleading.

"Please Creator, please! Take me with you! I won't attack this world anymore, I understand my place! I UNDERSTAND MY POSITION -"

"F*ck you bitch!" Hari replied vehemently, crushing the flame and her heart in her clenched fist. Her fingers crackling with bright green light. Her hair whipped back as the sheer power of her magic burst from her, so strong that the dimension cracks and shatters. Her core wells up with power as she prepared for the strongest spell she would ever cast in her entire life.


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