Well, I didn't think that I would end this story, but I'm not complaining! It was destined to be a short story anyway, so it all worked out for the best! It's time for the finale of 'Future Visions'! Anyway, enjoy!

Later that afternoon, after everyone got separated for the time being, Twister was busy editing the footage of the latest surfing stunt that Otto did today in his garage. Nothing out of the ordinary going on... that is, until he heard the familiar sound of the garage door knocking.

"Hey, Twister! Could you come out here for a few minutes?" Sam's voice called out, albeit looking pretty nervous.

"Sure, Squid! Just a moment..." Twister said as he opened the garage door and noticed both Otto and Sam just standing there, looking pretty innocent. "Oh, hello guys! What can I do for you!"

The boys said nothing as Otto pulled out a sack as Twister raised an eyebrow. "Uh, Otto, what's with the sa-"

"Grab him!" Otto said as Sam grabbed Twister's hands.

"Whoa, dude, what th-" Twister complained before Otto threw the sack over him. The boy's muffled yells were heard as Sam looked shocked at what had just occurred.

"Did we just kidnap Twister and stuff him in a sack?" Sam said, still in shock.

"We sure did, dude. We sure did." Otto gave a satisfied nod. "Now, come on, we're dragging this bag to the location I said we'll meet Reggie at!"

As the two boys were dragging the sack with their best friend inside, screaming and muffling inside, the two paid it no mind as Sam said, "Was this really our best plan?"

"Not really, but how else are we going to do this?" Otto shrugged.

Pretty soon, the two of them arrived at their destination at a mystery location somewhere. Inside this mystery location, Sam and Otto threw the sack inside a supply closet and immediately shot the door as Sam and Otto leaned against the door, looking pretty casual as the sound of muffled yelling was heard. Sam pushed the button of a nearby radio and turned up the music as to quiet down the yelling, which worked successfully in a way as now the two were just waiting for Reggie to arrive.

And sure enough, ten minutes later, Reggie arrived, panting and in panic as she said, "Okay, I'm here! What happened! What's the emergency? What's with the loud music?"

Otto and Sam could only share grins as Reggie looked at the two, raising an eyebrow. "What's with that hidden secret look you're giving to each other..."

It was at this moment that Otto and Sam both grabbed her arms, much to Reggie's concern. "Er... Otto? Sammy?"

Otto then opened up the closet and shoved Reggie inside, just as Twister had got out of the sack and was about to escape, but just as he was about to do so, Twister found himself running right into the thrown in Reggie Rocket as she had him pinned down to the ground. Reggie blushed furiously as the closet door slammed and a click was heard from within.

Reggie, momentarily forgetting the position she and the blushing Twister were in, turned towards the door. "Did you just throw me in a closet with Twist and lock the door? Let me out, guys, this isn't funny!"

"Yeah, dudes! What's the big idea!" Twister complained as he and Reggie banged on the door for at least a few minutes.

Outside the closet, just as Sam had turned off the radio, Otto turned towards the door and smirked, calling out, "Not until you two talk about what's bugging you!"

"Sorry guys, it's for your own good!" Sam said.

"Otto! Squid!" Twister glared as Reggie covered her mouth. "Like, I am going to strangle you when we get out of here! Both of us! Me and... and..."

Twister stopped banging the door as his mind finally realized what was going on... slowly turning to Reggie, who had the same look on her face as she looked down. Twister could only utter, "Dude..."

"Tell me about it..." Reggie gave a sigh as she looked down. At this moment, Twister noticed the depressed look on Reggie's face.

"Uh, is something eating at you, Rocket Girl?" Twister asked, cocking his head curiously.

"It's... it's nothing you need to worry about, Twist, it's just... something silly." Reggie laughed nervously.

"Something silly or... something that should concern me?" Twister asked in confusion. "I couldn't help but notice you've been deliberately avoiding eye contact with me... heck, I don't think you even talked to me since Tito's odd dance..."

"You haven't spoke with me either, but I wasn't the one who brought it up!" Reggie pointed out.

Twister cringed a little. "Okay, sorry... wait. Does that mean you experienced a future vision too?"

"Wait..." Reggie blinked as she looked at the cap wearing boy. "What do you mean, too?"

Twister covered his mouth in shock, realizing he had said too much, blushing furiously. The boy sighed as Reggie raised an eyebrow. "Twist, is there something you're not telling me?"

Uncomfortable silence filled the room for no more than two minutes as the two of them looked at each other... before Twister groaned. "I can't hold it in anymore! When we were watching Tito's dance earlier today, I... I had a strange vision."

"What happened in that vision?" Reggie asked, getting really scared.

"In my vision, I saw that... I got hurt doing a stunt or something, with my camera all broken up. You, Otto and Squid were there, Squid wanting to call the hospital as Otto looked like he was at fault, and you were there, crying and... you said that you loved me." Twister explained.

Reggie shook her head in surprise as she covered her mouth. "Did I really say all that?"

Twister nodded. "Kind of silly, isn't it? Look, Reg, I know you don't REALLY return those feelings, but..."

All of a sudden, a laugh came out of Reggie as she covered her chest, trying to suppress the giggles. Twister blinked in confusion as he frowned, "Hey, come on, Reg! It wasn't THAT funny!"

"No, no, you're right!" Reggie gave a smile. "I'm sorry, Twist, it's just... I had a vision too, and my vision was NOTHING like yours."

"Huh?" Twister looked in confusion.

"In my vision, that boy from the docks I had a crush on turned out to be a big jerk, and you came in to save the day, acting as though you were in love with me!" Reggie explained. "In fact, you were being concerning, like a-"

"Boyfriend looking out for his girl?" Twister asked.

Reggie gave a small nod. "I thought you might have experienced the same vision I did, and that's why I was so nervous."

Twister looked over at Reggie with a confused look, trying to think about it... before a smile adorned his face as he laughed, "You know, it is pretty funny! I thought you experienced the same vision I did, with me hurt... and you thought I experienced your vision!"

"Yeah, I guess we were both acting a little... superstitious..." Reggie paused as she turned to Twister. "Uh, Twist?"

"Yeah?" Twister asked.

"Even though our visions were different, there was one thing in common with them I just realized. We both looked out for each other, and one of us was always with the other, no matter where our vision took place." Reggie tried to explain.

Twister looked at the girl's eyes, contemplating what the girl had just explained... before his eyes shined. "I think I get what you're trying to say... and what my vision was trying to say. My vision wasn't telling me about a bad future where I was going to die. It was telling me to take an initiative to do something, to... return something that I want to give you... and I think that's what your vision was trying to tell you to, that... well..."

Twister smiled as he went closer to Reggie and took her hand. "Regina Rocket, the moment I looked at that vision, I never even thought about it before, but now I completely understand. I am in love with you, Reggie, and if you would give me a chance, I'd happily take you around the world as your boyfriend."

Reggie gave a giggle as she came closer. "At first, I admit, I had many crushes on boys... first Trent, then the guy below the docks, but they were just fleeting crushes, not people that I would actually consider serious relationships with... but it wasn't until this vision I got that I realized, you would be perfect for me. Even if you are the messiest person I ever knew, you still have a big heart and a wonderful personality... heck, my brother is your best friend, and I like having you around. And... if you can forgive me this once for using your actual first name..."

Reggie fluttered her eyes towards the smiling boy as she leaned closer. "Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez, I would be MORE than happy to be your girlfriend, because... after all the times we hung out together, I realize that... I love you too."

Twister looked in surprise, then gave a smile as he leaned towards Reggie and enveloped his lips onto hers. Reggie smiled as she returned the kiss with pride as the two held each other, eyes closed, feeling like they were in bliss.

And as the two were kissing, the closet door's lock had clicked, before it opened as Twister and Reggie stopped kissing as they turned towards a smirking Otto. "Okay, you lovebirds. Now that it's all out in the open... you're free to go!"

Sam and Otto groaned as both of them were rubbing their heads as the two, along with Reggie and Twister were getting out of the closet, both of which seemed satisfied as they gave smiles to each other.

Sam gave a groan. "To be fair, we had those hits on the head coming..."

"Yeah, man..." Otto looked down. "Sorry about kidnapping you, Twist, and for shoving you in a closet, sis, but we needed you to get these feelings out in the open!"

"Eh, that's all right, dude." Twister shrugged. "Actually, maybe it was a good thing you kidnapped me, because I don't think I would have cleared the air with Reggie..."

"And I probably wouldn't have gotten a loyal boyfriend like him." Reggie smiled as she hugged her boyfriend.

"Did I hear something about a boyfriend?"

The four kids tensed up as they saw Raymundo and Tito entering the area as Twister's eyes widened. "Wait... Raymundo? Tito? Where are we, anyway?"

"Dude, we just took you to the supply closet of the Shore Shack." Otto explained. "It was the only place we knew of that was nearby."

"...You dragged me from my home ALL the way to the closet of the Shore Shack? Dude!" Twister glared.

"Sorry, but how else were we going to get you to come over?" Otto shrugged.

"Dude, I am your friend! You could have just asked me to come to the Shore Shack!" Twister frowned. "You didn't have to kidnap me to make that happened!"

"No, we didn't, but it was pretty creative this way." Otto gave a chuckle.

"Okay, okay, kids, now, can you tell me what exactly is going on? What's this I hear about Reggie dating someone?" Raymundo narrowed his eyes.

Twister felt nervous as he looked up at the eyes of a very concerning Rocket dad. "Uh, well, you see..."

Reggie took a deep breath and said, "Dad, me and Twister are dating. I know it's something new, but... he's really a great guy when you get to know him."

"In fact, you do know him, Raymundo!" Tito gave a laugh. "As my Hawaiian ancestors once said, the only people you can trust to date your spawn is someone you trust."

Raymundo looked over at Twister with a frown, before giving a smile. "Well, if it's just Twister, then that's okay, then."

Reggie looked surprised as she looked up at her dad. "So, you're cool with me going out with Twister."

"Well, of course. It was bound to happen, right? You and Otto were always hanging out with Twister and Sam, so I think it was only fair that Reggie would fall for either Twister or Sam..." Raymundo explained.

Sam raised an eyebrow. "Wait, why did you think I would fall for Reggie?"

"Eh, I don't know." Raymundo shrugged.

"Hey, Tito, we want to thank you." Twister said turning to the Hawaiian man wearing the cook's outfit.

"For what, may I ask?" Tito raised an eyebrow.

"If you hadn't done that dance that showed us those 'future visions', Twist and I probably never would have considered going out with each other." Reggie smiled as she clutched Twister's hand. "There's just one thing we don't get. Why did Twist and I get different visions of the future?"

"Future visions?" Tito asked in confusion... before his eyes lit up. "Oh, are you talking about the Dance of the Visions? I don't know what you're talking about. The Dance of the Visions doesn't give you the future. It just helps you relax and plays in your mind what COULD be a future."

The four kids looked in shock as Twister blinked. "Wait, so... that vision I saw of myself getting hurt... that isn't going to happen?"

"And the vision of the boy down in the docks trying to harass me isn't going to happen?" Reggie asked.

"But it COULD happen." Tito said. "By choosing the path you take, you have a least likely chance that this future will happen. Who knows? By you two declaring your undying love for each other, you may have just prevented those paths from going down."

The others paused as they thought about it, as Otto frowned, "Wait, so my future of becoming the winner of the Golden Skate Award when I'm twenty... that could be a path I take, but it's not a definite path?"

"The future gives multiple paths, and you never know which one you might be taking, until you do down one path." Tito explained. "Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?"

"I... I guess we do..." Sam said as Reggie and Twister looked at each other, before smiling.

"Yeah, but it doesn't really change the fact that Twist and I are going out now. Because if this is a path we're taking, then I'm not complaining in the slightest." Reggie smiled.

Twister returned the grin. "Yeah, and I'm not giving up Rocket Girl for the world, either!"

Reggie giggled as she kissed the boy's cheek. Otto, on the other hand, looked down in disappointment as he muttered, "I really want that award..."

Raymundo gave a laugh as he said, "Well, I guess that's one mystery solved. How about a round of hot dogs and chili cheese fries for celebration, hm?"

"Sounds good to us, Dad!" Reggie smiled as she and the kids started to go back to the serving area, with Twister and Reggie holding hands, Sam giving a satisfied smile, and Otto sulking behind.

Raymundo could only watch as he laughed, "Ah, kids. What can you do with them?"

"Not much, Raymundo." Tito said. "Only give them the right path of life and steer them in the right direction. You never know if they may turn out to be successes or not."

Raymundo paused as he thought about it. "Yeah... I guess you have a point. But still, I'm interested to see how Twister will be taking care of my little girl..."

"Ah, that's just the pressure of the parent talking." Tito said. "Try to relax a little, once in a while. Maybe my Dance of the Visions will soothe you?"

Raymundo thought about it as he turned to Tito with a smile. "Eh, why not? Dance for me, Tito!"

"You got it, cuz!" Tito smiled as Raymundo took a seat... and Tito was ready to perform the dance, just for his friend.

Orange Ratchet Story

"That's All, Folks!"

An Orange-Ratchet Fanfiction

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