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Notes: Percy or Andromeda Jackson is a Girl in this story as revealed in this chapter

Lightning Thief Arc

Chapter Two: Life in Yancy Academy

"I don't get this test Naruto" said Naruto's friend Andromeda Jackson that he had made shortly after arriving here in Yancy Academy along with Grover Underwood. He had spent three months in this place and developed a intense dislike for most of Yancy's student body and Teachers despite getting good grades he developed quite the reputation as a prankster and enemy of bullies. His senses told him that Andromeda was a untrained Demigod and that Grover was along with the Teacher Mr. Brunner whom joined around the same time he did were local Yokai same went for that old woman Mrs. Dodds. Anyway he sighed as she stared at his friend whom had a lot of trouble in school due to their shared Dyslexia and ADHD and habits of getting into fights though to be fair they were usually just only protecting their friend the bully magnet Grover Underwood.

"I am sure Mr. Brunner will help you he is a good man and Teacher Andi" said Naruto as he spoke of their shared favorite teacher the Latin and History professor Mr. Brunner. Naruto felt satisfied at seeing her nod and the black haired green eyed Demigoddess "Well don't you two seem comfortable" snickered one of those whom were selected to accompany them on the mission. Namely the Konoha Shinobi and Hebi Onna meaning she was a Yokai Anko Mitarashi now in her human form looking at the younger girl in amusement whom shared a love for Naruto Uzumaki with her. Anko was a Hebi Onna or Snake Woman whom were a lost like the Gorgons of this realm in appearance when in their true form and had their power of petrification when in their true form as well as greater physical abilities Anko was a Mid S ranked Being while he was Low B ranked.

Anko also had a naturally high affinity for Fire and Earth Release to the point she could do at will provided she had the Yoki to do them Fire and Earth based Jutsu's without Hand Seals and held of course like all of her kind the Snake Contract and could enter Perfect Sage Mode with it. She knows many Snake based techniques such as the Sen'ei Jashu or Striking Snake Technique and its variants and what for most would be instant death for both the target and user Kinjutsu Sojasosai no Jutsu the Duel Snake Destroyer. Though for her due to her kinds immunity to poison the technique just killed the target unless they too had an immunity to poisons or managed to stop it. As a Hebi Onna she in addition to being immune to poison was capable of utilizing poison based techniques naturally such as the Dokugiri or Poison Fog Technique.

Enough about Anko and more about what was going on "Yeah I know he means well Naruto Kun" said Andi whom had learned Japanese with their help "but I don't want to bother him" she said. Naruto and Anko sighed at that used to their friend's issues with asking for help she was just too proud to admit that she may need Mr. Brunner's help in the test. Anko and Naruto decided after meeting Andi's mom Sally multiple times they decided this pride and stubbornness where personality traits inherited from her father. The reason being that Sally Jackson didn't have that much Pride though it could be argued she was stubborn when it came to certain things like their safety.

They knew tomorrow the class was going on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan and were looking forward to it for the most part as the field trip was led by Mr. Brunner. They also knew Mrs. Dodds the Bitchy though usually fair save when it came to Andromeda teacher was going on the trip as well and didn't look forwards to that fact at all though strangely Mrs. Dodds did Treat Naruto fairly and seemed to have a soft spot for Anko. She was still a though not as much as in the beginning a bit of a bitch to Andi and Grover and at one point treated Nancy Bobofit like royalty because of that fact but after Nancy insulted Hades during a class and Naruto and Anko came to his defense her attitudes towards them changed. Naruto figured Mrs. Dodds attitude towards them stemmed from the fact that Anko was a fellow Yokai and that she seemed to know that Naruto and Anko probably due to how powerful they were knew what she and each other were.

A curious attitude to have giving how she treated Andromeda, Mr. Brunner and Grover they suspected that whatever the true identities of Mr. Brunner and Grover where and their own attitudes towards Mrs. Dodds hinted that they were either enemies or merely on unfriendly terms with each other. As for Mrs. Dodds Attitude towards Andromeda it was safe to say that Mrs. Dodds will likely try something against Andromeda should she have the chance to do so giving the Yokai's attitude towards the Demigod. Considering the secret history of the realm supposedly mythological inhabitants which Naruto and Anko had read up on they could understand Mrs. Dodds attitude in a sense towards Andromeda and suspected she was a child of either Zeus or Poseidon. Afterall that would give Mrs. Dodds whom they suspected due to a variety of reasons the strongest being however she reacted when Hades was mentioned served said God of the Underworld a very understandable reason for hating Andi.

Though they imagined that if she had actually given Andromeda time to get to know her and not lumped her in with her father and historical siblings then Mrs. Dodds giving what they suspected her to be would get along well with Andi Afterall they shared the same sense of right and wrong and strong sense of justice between them. Also Andi wouldn't have Judged Mrs. Dodds if they were right for being a Fury as Anko and Naruto suspected her of being Afterall after Naruto and Anko revealed what they were to Andromeda she was still accepting of them. "Now class tomorrow we are going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art I hope you will all be on your best behavior and represent our school with pride now go home and have a nice day class is dismissed" said Mr. Brunner as everyone left the class. Naruto and his two girlfriends he hoped both aspects of his godly mother would understand his feelings for them began to leave and plan for the next day.

End of Chapter

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Answer: I made Hera unpaired with Zeus because I don't support that level of incest unless if I was bashing Zeus in this story while Zeus Is going to get some fire he is going to be treated as fairly as I can realistically treat someone as extremely mixed in personality as him. Though to be honest pairing Naruto with Hera as part of his harem is not be bad idea thanks for the idea now about be abandoning my stories I will say this in my defense. I would rather after posting a warning that eventually I am going to take them down take stories that I truly and not just on whim feel that I am not going to complete and can't take any further take a story down than leave something I am never going to finish up like a majority of writers do/ Not that I have a problem with that practice it just gets annoying to read a good story only to see that it hasn't been updated since for instance 2010 and is never going to be finished.

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Question Four: How much of the Riordan Books are you going to cover in this story?

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