"We aren't supposed to kill anyone," Steve says with a nod at the bow and arrows on Alex's back. Alex snorts and gives Steve a smirk.

"Relax. They either act as a stun gun or they inject their target with a drug that makes them unconscious," Alex explains and Steve smirks and shakes his head.

"Ready?" he asks when he sees The Raft up ahead emerging from the water.

"Thank you Nina," Alex mutters and prepares herself for the jump. They are flying in the quinjet they 'borrowed' and are invisible. However, Nina had hacked into The Raft's servers and made it look like an agent gave permission for the rise of The Raft.

"Say when," Alex says with a look at her uncle as they approach The Raft.

"Go," Steve shouts and he jumps out of the plane. Alex shoots an arrow attached to a string which lodges into the wall and swings down onto The Raft. She lands and shoulder rolls to her knees. With a look around Alex notices no one is topside yet.

"Come on," Steve says and Alex swiftly runs after him as the power cuts out, thanks to Nina yet again.


Thud. Thud. Groan.

Alex flattened herself against the wall and glances to her left. Steve had just taken out another agent. The man drops to the ground and Steve walks over and peers around the corner to see another guard.

"We need to make this one silent," he says with a look at Alex and a nod at her bow. They had finally arrived at the door to the cells. They just have to dispose of this guard and then take care of the guards inside the cell control room on the other side of the door. Alex notches an arrow and peeks around the corner to get the guards position. She moves back and pulls back the string and aims around the corner and lets it go. There's a grunt and then an electric sound. Steve runs around the corner and catches the unconscious guard before he falls. Letting him quietly down to the ground, Steve takes the guards access card off him and glances over at Alex.

"You have one shot," he warns and Alex smirks.

"One shot is all I need," she counters and pushes a button on her quiver. Pulling out another arrow, Alex notches it and pulls the string back as she aims at the door.

Steve shares a look with Alex before he swipes the card and swings open the door. Alex lets the arrow go and it lands on a table in the middle of the room. Before any of the guards can draw their weapons, needles fly out of the arrow and stick into them and disperse the drug. The guards all drop to the floor, alive and well, but unconscious.

Steve and Alex swiftly move inside and keep their eyes peeled for anyone that is missed. Not seeing any danger, Steve moves to the door across the room. Alex goes to the computer and types a few buttons and the door opens. The two of them move inside the dark room. With a look around, they see no one that can be a danger to them in the room.

As Steve goes to Sam's cell, Alex goes to her dad's. Alex walks up to the glass and, at Clint's dumbfounded look, smirks. Clint raises his eyebrows right before the cells all open.

"What are you doing here?" Clint asks as he envelops Alex in a hug.

"Saving your ass," she replies with a grin and Clint pulls away from her. Clint returns her smirk with one of his own and kisses the top of her head. With a snort at her dad's predicament, Alex's grin turns into a smirk. "I can't let you go anywhere…"