HunUkr is one of my favorite Hetalia yuri pairs, and I tried making it adorable to what the person on tumblr wanted. Enjoy! :)

Erzsebet was sleeping on top of Irina, her face smooshed into the other's breasts. Irina didn't mind that much, as she was softly snoring. The mood was soon ruined when the alarm clock went off.

Grumbling, Erzsebet pressed the snooze button. She wanted to spend as much time with her wife as possible, sleeping and cuddling with her. However, Irina was stirring below her, her body slowly waking up. The Hungarian gave up on trying to go back to sleep.

"Morning hun." The Ukrainian whispered, slowly waking up. Erzsebet smiled at this, leaning forward to press a kiss to the other's lips. "How'd you sleep?" She asked, not wanting to move off Irina just yet.

"I slept excellently Erzsbet." Irina replied, grinning. The Hungarian chuckled and said, "I slept fine. Don't mind me if I keep using you as a pillow. It's a lot softer than the bed."

Irina giggled at this. Oh how her wife liked to tease her. Erzsebet was the mischievous type, and despite being brash, she was very sweet to Irina. Irina was a gentle soul, and it was amazing the two had a good marriage.

She layed back on the bed, turning to see what time it was. "Do you want to do anything today?" She asked, turning back to face the Hungarian. "Depends." Erzsebet shrugged and added, "I really don't want to get out of bed right now."

Irina chuckled and held Erzsebet close, pressing a tender kiss to her lips. "Same." She whispered. The Hungarian grinned and nuzzled her wife's neck, slowly falling asleep. Irina soon fell asleep, her wife in her arms.