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-Chapter I-

"C'mon, Sonic! How much longer until we get to the site?" A red echidna complained.

"Not much farther, Knuckles! About half of a mile." Sonic replied.

"You've been saying that for the past hour..." Blaze said, clearly irritated.

"I promise. Half of a mile!" The hedgehog sped ahead excitedly.

Behind them, Silver, Shadow, and Amy followed behind. Although, there were two others. A cat wearing a yellow sundress, with light blue heels stepped in unison with a wolf wearing an unzipped gray hoodie, jeans, and unlaced boots.

"Wow...All these trees..." The wolf said turning his head from side to side. "They're so pretty."

"Yeah. They are." The cat agreed.

"So pretty, I could 'bark'!" The furry canine burst into laughter.

His cat companion was far from pleased. "Did you REALLY have to make a pun?!" She hissed.

"Yes! I did!" The wolf said in between laughs.

"Ugh! You're such a dork, Floof!" The cat playfully punched his chest.

"Whoa! No need to call me names, Shimmer!" Floofie laughed.

"Hey! Would you two stop playing around and just come on? The sooner we get there, the better." Shadow shouted.

-Sonic's POV-

I was far ahead of the group at this point. I already made it to the clearing I wanted to get to...I haven't been camping in years!

"Hey guys! Hurry up! I'm gonna-"

"Sonic! What a 'pleasant' surprise!" A voice called out. I knew it immediately.

"Egghead! Where are you? Show yourself and let's get to the part where I kick your butt!" I shouted.

"Ho ho ho! I don't think you'll win so easily this time, hedgehog!" The evil doctor called out.

Suddenly, I heard some rustling in the bushes from the path I took. It was the others!

"No! Don't come out!"

"What? Why not?" My buddy, Silver, asked.

"It's Scrambled Egghead!"

"Again?" Shimmer said, emerging from the woods along with her wolf friend...I never really learned his name...

"Ugh...You've gotta be kidding me..." He said.

"I don't think Sonic would kid about the Doctor, wolf boy." Shadow shot back.

Soon enough, everyone was out of the woods and standing beside me, looking for Dr. Eggman. I'll admit, for being a big guy and always wearing that red suit, he managed to hide pretty well...At least until he jumped out from the side of the woods.


"Eggman!" I shouted, then I crouched into a spindash and sent myself flying at him. Something stopped me however. It was some kind of transparent barrier. Two of his robot goons wheeled up to their creator with some kind of creation that resembled a camera.

"What are you gonna do? Take a big group picture?"

"Oh yes! Stay right there!" Eggman rose his arm then pointed at us. "NOW!"

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