Chapter 1: Intro to the beginning of the Tamriel's end and the Kindhearted Weakling

A bright moon hanged over the midnight sky.

The sounds of two horses trotting approached to the peak of a hill as the two riders stared at a great keep.

The keep was in ruins, various breaches and holes had been created in it's walls and fortifications. There was not much left of it, what did remain continued to stand in defiance. The only indication that there were any life in it were the fires lit inside it.

The first rider was an aged Altmer, time had taken it's toll on him after so many years of chaos and war. He wore a helm with an eagle carrying a branch that was carved with metals adorned it. His eyes were a very light green, they were plagued with tiredness and had a weight to them. His armor was in an elegant gold, he fitted it awkwardly as he was no longer in a shape to fight properly anymore. Out of shape, as so was the beard the man now had on him.

The second rider was a far younger Altmer, brimming with energy and strength. A fit and dutiful look upon him. He too wore a similar helmet, albeit his eagle had a wreath as well. His eyes were a darker yet more vibrant green, determination took heart in those orbs of his. The armor he wore fit him perfectly, and it had to. He was a handsome and shrewd looking man.

The first rider began to speak.

"Soon all that we have fought for shall end soon, after so long." Said the older Altmer with a degree of pain. The second rider looked at him, his eyes were narrowed.

"It shall not, I would have thought that you especially would have known this." Said the second rider. His gaze turned towards the keep.

"It shall not, so long as that man still remains with them." Said the young Altmer once again.

Across from them in the ruins of the keep were many warriors. They were all sleeping among what little comforts were still intact, they laid on the floor, against each other, on makeshift beds, and against walls. They had the risk of parts of the ruined keep falling on them as the rest of it had. The massive keep that these men were holding up to led to a gate.

This gate, in turn led to a great city.

And there was a man, standing with a group of loyal warriors who took up the armor, weapons, and duty of their ancient order. One of them carried a red banner, with the black horns of a dragon with blood dripping down the horns as gold color. Yet all of the warriors focused on the one man who stood in front of them all, seemingly staring back at those far beyond their sight.

The man wore bloodied red armor in full plate upon it was a red jacket, with similar emblems to that of the flags by the banner man and those that were posted in the keep. A helmet made out of a rare metal and fashioned in a unique style to support the black horns that were mounted upon them.

He carried a halberd with him that adorned a two sided flag with it. He held the weapon expertly with years of experience with him.

The man's long black hair flowed out of his helm, he had neglected to take care of it for so long. He had a beard as well, it was thin. Time had taken it's toll on him as well, he was fit but no longer so youthful in appearance. His eyes dark brown and were narrowed, they were full of hate, determination, and duty. He had seen many things that those who stood with him had fought against alongside him. Yet, this would be their last time together, he had prepared himself to part with them a long time ago. Despair, stubbornness and a sense of strange peace ravaged him. He stared up into the clear moon that towered above all of Tamriel, and looked at it with defiance.

No matter what the next days would bring, he would stand and fight until the end. For within him he laid a hope that would be bound to his own soul.

Many years ago, Northern Pale Pass province.

A young man was being brought up into a wagon with three men bound by rope. Shock was prevalent in this Colovian man as he was pushed into it by a hardly more than gentle soldier.

Ruigus Kessel couldn't believe his own eyes when he saw men of the Imperial Legion subduing many of these blue clad warriors. One of the soldiers turned around, frightened and immediately charged Ruigus, who had a sword to defend himself with but dared not pull it out against a countryman. He blacked out when the man's shield made contact with his head.

He was stuck in many memories of his as he temporarily remained unconscious, thinking about what his life had been up until this one moment.

He thought of his father Andred, he was a soldier in the Imperial Legion. Who had served under the great general Tullius as his greatest warrior. He had dedicated himself to the Empire and defended his hometown of Kvatch from the invading Aldmeri Dominion back in the Great War. His father would die in the final battle of the liberation of the Imperial City. Leaving behind him was his wife Hildegard, who in turn would have his child five days after his death.

As Ruigus remembered his Mother had fallen sad after hearing of his Andred's death, townsfolk would always come by and say "Poor poor Andred, he never would know about his child or ever come back to Hildeguard." Such behavior would continue until two months after the White Gold Concordat was officially signed. Then that was when Tullius who was now quickly rising through the ranks came along with a few of Andred's greatest friends and loyal soldiers under his command as Legate. The Veterans always would come by to check on Hildeguard and her soon to be child.

Six months later he was born, many of who remained out of the aging group of family friends made it, they were greeted by a baby with an innocent and wonderful smile.

As Ruigus would grow older he was trained by the newly promoted General who trained him in figthing with a sword and they would do so whenever the man could and would never quit until Tullius had to pick him up and threaten to feed him to the Daedra, one could say is that Tullius began to become his Uncle, and his educator.

Ruigus remembered a man. Priest Solaris, a devout follower of Stendarr. While he had not known he or his mother personally later would as Ruigus would go into the temple of the divines himself, he would teach him about all of the divines and warn him about the dark ones, the Daedra. He came to love the tales and stories of the divines, though he warned him not to ever say anything about Talos in public.

Secantius taught the eager Ruigus on how his Father commanded them, his actions before and during the war as much as it pleased Ruigus to hear the more descriptive version of events than his mother would have known as well as how to read and write and tactics in combat, "Just in case he ever wanted to become a fighter" He told Hildeguard with a wink at the boy. With that he was set on his own path, as he had been taught all that he could.

He too would pass just three years before now, the current date being 17th of the last seed year 201, the turn of the new century. Ruigus made a promise to Helmut, his father, and mother as well as many others that he would "Make them all proud".

Yet, a growing feeling told the young man that there were greater sights that he should set his eyes on, this feeling would what would entwine his fate with the one who was called "The World Eater".

I had been captive on this carriage for a little while, at first I thought bandits dressed as Imperial soldiers had gotten me but the moment I saw the other prisoners I realized otherwise.

My fellow Imperials had fought these people and must have mistaken me for one of them, these men wore blue leather or hide looking armor that made them look organized, I did not who they were, but now I saw them for better or worse. I felt something land on my head, a white piece of dust from what it seemed though I think mother called these "Snowflakes" and admiring these for a bit while we continued down the road I looked at the other prisoners.

One was a dirtied man in rags who looked like he fell in the dirt while trying to run away from the battle, the next one seemed to be one of these brigands for he was a Nord, he had blonde hair, wore their armor, and was seeming to stare daggers at the troopers escorting us and even more prisoners. The final man I looked at was Nordic just like the last one, first off I really was jealous of that coat even though spending divines know how long of a time I was on this carriage I was getting a bit cold you know? This man also unlike myself or the other two was gagged, perhaps he was their leader who just couldn't stop talking or yelling insults at the Legionaries so they decided to gag him. His mustache was nice but I preferred Helmut's beard which I used to pull on, much to his annoyance. Also of note was his long brown hair, unlike mine where it was far shorter. I looked more closely it turns out that was no coat at all I had seen but instead a robe, he was most definitely a leader of some kind.

Then the Blonde man looked up at me and broke the silence "Hey you were trying to cross the border right? And walked right into that Imperial ambush same as us along with this thief here now tell me what is your name?" His voice sounded like that of a warrior surely fitting of Skyrim, he was concerned for me however. Which left me confused, were these not bandits?

I replied by saying "Yes sir! My name is Ruigus, I have come here to Skyrim to become an adventurer through hard work and training! Though I suppose "tried to come here" might be a better use of a phrase, what is your name? Do you know why you were captured?"

The man looked at me with a small smile "My name is Ralof of Riverwood, and we were all captured because of our allegiance to Ulfric Stormcloak the true king of Skyrim." He with some devotion at the mention of that name.

"Wait a second" Ralof said "You have not have not heard of the Stormcloak rebellion? You came from Cyrodil and word has not spread there yet? Perhaps only the Legion knows of it then." He finished
So these men were rebels!? Before I could say anything the thief spat out, "Damn you Stormcloaks, Skyrim was fine until you came along. The Empire was nice and lazy. If it wasn't for you going around the countryside I would have made it out of here that horse I stole and be halfway to Hammerfell by now" his bitterness written on his young face.

"Tell me what is your name?" Ralof asked of him

"Lokir of Rorikstead" He replied with slight agitation

"We are all brothers and sisters in binds now Lokir." Ralof stated. Lokir looked off to the sides of the carriage uncaring of the man's words.

The Imperial Legionary turned to look at us "Shut up back there" he said with extreme annoyance.

We could care less about what the soldier said at this point for Lokir began to look at the muffled man next to me. "And what is the matter with him eh?" He asked as the man was still looking down in shame after this whole time.

"Watch your tongue! You're speaking to the true high king of Skyrim" Lokir was almost petrified as Ralof continued "Ulfric Stormcloak!" So it was him!

"Ulfrick Stormcloak? The Jarl of Windhelm? You're the leader of the rebellion and if they have you…. Oh Gods! Where are they taking us!?" The fear of fate taking hold of him and I could not blame the thief for I was now starting to shake as well. Yet Ralof stayed firm.

"I don't know where we are going brother, but Sovngarde awaits us, as well as you Ruigus" He said sentimentally. Solaris told me about Sovngarde, it was where the Nords believed the Divine Shor would house them in his realm, protecting the souls of the dead, I had heard that they believed in an endless feast as well as eternity of combat. And all types of Nordic alcohol, the drunkards.

I looked at Lokir, he was still shaking and with a small cry he said "No, this can't be happening! This isn't happening!" the sweat was now starting to come down his face.

I gave him pity and said "Perhaps they may just imprison you." Lokir said nothing as if he were resigned to his fate.

"I think if I am able to explain on what happened to me they may let me go" was all I could offer for a way out

"What village did you come from again?" Ralof questioned Lokir as he finally calmed down "Rorikstead, I come from Rorikstead near Markarth." The Stormcloak warrior looked at me and I decided to tell him "I come from the city of Kvatch back in Cyrodil" and the man nodded

"Why do you care anyways?" came from Lokir to which Ralof responded "A Nord's last thoughts should be of home"

I thought of my Mother, oh how I missed her already, Mother! How I wanted to cry out for her now, how I wanted to be at her side once again like back when I was a mere child. The Imperial Barracks where I would see the soldiers train as I would take notes on them. Where I got to first use my sword on a dummy and practiced with Tullius, Helmut, and on some occasions with Alexander the champion of my town and a great friend he was. And my other friends that I made, in most of the towns of the heart of the Empire whether it was Franz, Luden, Augustus, Alexander, Fabian, and so many more. 'I don't to want to die like this, I can't' I inwardly cried to myself wishing that the divines could hear my prayers to them.

We continued for a bit, a road sign appeared that said the town we were heading to was called "Helgen"
An Imperial rider yelled as we finally arrived at the town "General Tullius,sir! The headsman is waiting!" I froze as to the right of us now I saw him and three Altmer in Thalmor armor. What were they doing here!?
'What is he doing with them!?' I wanted to yell but my mouth stayed shut. I had to find a way to communicate to him, that would be the only I could come out of this alive.

Lokir now made a prayer to the divines and his eyes closed while Ulfric and Ralof stared at the General as if expecting him to die under the sheer might and hatred of their eyes, but Tullius was never the type to die to stares.

Ralof spit "Look at the old cur, talking with the damn Thalmor. Those damn Elves are behind this I have no doubt in it!" I kept silent as the voices of townspeople were heard some telling their children to go back inside their house others yelling for the deaths of the Stormcloaks.

"This is Helgen. I used to be sweet on a girl from here. Wonder if Vilod is still making that mead with juniper berries mixed in. Funny, when I was a boy, Imperial walls and towers used to make me feel so safe." Ralof mused and suddenly it seemed I had regained the courage to speak now.

"Tullius has known me ever since the day I was born he has to see me! I trained under him and he was like my uncle! I need to see him right away!" The rider had but muted us.

Ralof gave me a rather sympathetic look "When we get off, tell the guards and have them fetch the bastard, you may be postponed from going to Sovngarde yet Ruigus." He said with a sad smile yet again.

"Thank you, Ralof do you think that even as an Imperial with Nord ancestors could I still make it to Sovngarde if I do die?" I had to ask what he thought

"I never would have said anything to you if I thought you couldn't. You'll pass as one in spirit if you prove yourself." Was his reply.

I heard an Imperial Officer yell.

The carriage stopped, the thief from Rorikstead now questioned us one more time "Why are stopping?" Fear had taken him again and I could only look at all of the Stormcloaks sentenced to death, this was tragic to think that they could all die here. In this very square we were in.

"What do you think? End of the line. Let's go. Shouldn't keep the gods waiting for us." Ralof said with conviction as we now began to move out of our carriages with Imperial soldiers everywhere, the same Imperial Officer I saw yell was standing with a man with a quill and a paper a sad expression on his face I noticed he was a bit similar in appearance to myself despite him being a Nord, he also stood out because he was not wearing a helmet.

Lokir plead to them "No wait! We're not rebels!" He said while pointing at me as well

"Face your death with some courage thief!" Said Ralof as he was now in line

Lokir was fuming,"Then why did you give him advice on how to get out of here alive!?"

The Stormcloak shook his head "You committed a crime, he did not do anything wrong to anybody, you stole a horse, his only crime was being at the wrong place at the wrong time."

The Officer was now calling out for us to go stand by the block as names were starting to be called

He shook violently "You have to tell them! We weren't with you! This is a mistake!"

Ralof paid no mind as he now commented on the two Legionaries in front of us, "Tch, The Empire loves their damn lists!" I could only wait for my turn now and hope I could convince them, divines aid me.

The first was called up by the man the list "Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm." the rebel leader walked into position near where the headsman was.

"Ralof of Riverwood." Ralof took his place by his liege, it was sad to see the man go.

"Lokir of Rorikstead" The Legionary said, Lokir did not move.

"No! I am not a rebel! You can't do this!" Were his words as he began to escape! But it was too late for him, Imperial soldiers readied their bows and let loose their arrows into him. I t-think he was dead now for he lay there, blood oozing out of his body. The first man I ever saw die was this thief, how many more will die today and the next day the thought dawned on me. I was still staring at his corpse half expecting him to rise up again and be fine. But he didn't.

The Officer now yelled with a snarl "Anyone else feel like running!?" I wish I could right now, but this was my chance to get a way out no matter how slim it is. As the soldier with the list looked at me a sad expression still planted on his face, he had seen death before. But a certain brightness was there as he looked wide-eyed at the list.

"Wait you there, step forward." I complied, I thought I saw General Tullius coming around, I hoped Uncle would see me soon.

"Who are you?" Was what the man said, this was my chance.

"Ruigus Kessel sir! General Tullius knows me, please let me see him and he will confirm it for you! I swear it on my soul!"

The Legionary looked at the Officer who was now perplexed "Captain, we caught him walking towards to Skyrim unarmed, I think he may be telling us the truth, let the General see the boy." Said the saintly soldier, now trying to save my life!

Before the Captain even had the chance to say something Tullius had finally come close enough and now stared at me. "Let that boy go now Captain!" She obeyed and my hands were now free. She grumbled in the meantime.

I walked up to Tullius, I was now beaming with happiness, "Thank you Tullius! " I said to him as he gave me a small smile that I was sure only I could see, something you never see out of him most of the time "It was no issue Ruigus, now what are you doing in Skyrim? I have not seen you in a long time ever since I was posted here!" He said to me while leading me away from the execution area.

"I turned twenty just last month and I decided I would become and adventurer and I thought there would be no better place than Skyrim to work my way up." We should probably end the conversation quick, the Legionaries look like they need him.

"I am sorry I could not have been there for your birthday, I was called to take command of the province here because of this rebellion." He said, a bit saddened for it was the first one he ever missed but I understood of course that he had become busy and so must I after I get out of here.

"You did pick a bad time to get here however, you now know about the rebellion that sprung up weeks ago." I nodded and said "It sure seems to be that way, I think you should get back to your men, I think I will wait and watch the execution like the rest, I suppose I do need to get used to seeing death, if Skyrim is to be this way now." The General nodded as well. "Wait here Ruigus, we will talk after this." As he moved to order out the end of the Stormcloak rebellion.

Then a roar was echoed through the mountains, it belonged to no man or regular beast I have ever would have imagined in my life. It was too different, too powerful, and close. I was now starting to shake a tiny bit, I was now starting to think that I or anybody else was safe now.

In my eyes the soldier who vouched for me was a saint, and that very same saint wondered as well "What was that?" he asked

Tullius was taken aback a bit by it the roar as well yet he paid no mind to it yet. "It's probably nothing to worry about, carry on men, and hurry."

The Captain said more names this time to the execution block where a priestess of Arkay and the headsman waited. The Priestess now began her final sermon to them all. One Stormcloak soldier was dissatisfied with it and interrupted the woman, eager to go to Sovngarde, the sight was grim but I had to get used to it now. The man's head fell into a basket.

I heard Ralof compliment the deceased soul. I froze for a moment and became more worried as to what caused that roar. Was it Mehrunes Dagon's physical form reincarnated to create destroy Tamriel?

I now heard another roar, it sounded as if whatever it was it was now on the mountain next to this heavily fortified town. It was coming, fast.

"There it is again, did you hear that?" Said the saint of a man who advocated for me, more worry in his voice now to which Tullius yet again said to ignore it, I think he knew that something not good was coming and he had to hurry with the execution of Ulfric before it arrived.

Ulfric was now sent to the block and as right as Tullius was about to say something, a new roar, it deafened my ears as I went to cover as did many others as the sheer force of it was enough to send some unconscious on the ground, I was almost knocked out myself and I looked up at a guard tower and I saw it!

It had landed on it! Grayish black scales were on this winged creature's body and they looked far harder than any metal I ever saw in my life a slender form which made it seem as if it also had great speed faster than any bird in the entirety of Tamriel or even Nirn itself! The Spikes on it were more than enough to convince me of it, it was immeasurable in power! The wings alone looked like they were both large and strong to cut through dozens of men in a single swipe. While it was slender it was still larger than any dangerous monster there ever could be. The same as the wings could be said about the tail! But the eyes? I could not see for I was out of it's sight for now as it seemed to be quickly looking for something before it-

"Dragon!" Said a horrified Stormcloak. Dragons? Like my favored creatures of the myths mother would tell me? Were they not extinct or never existed in the first place!?

She/it whatever in the divines name this Dragon was shouted something, the voice was definitely feminine yet it did not lack power in the slightest, her voice was far more powerful, terrifying, and commanding than the rather well versed Knight I would use to mess with back in the Imperial Capital.

Then the intention of the mysterious words were heard as- meteors! Meteors were now falling from the sky! Buildings were hit and burned, some Legionaries were killed as well. And there were what appeared to be hundreds more coming down. But now I could hear this unstoppable Dragoness's voice as it now looked down upon the prisoners and stunned guards who seemed as if they were nothing to her. Everyone was. "Fus Ro Dah!" was yelled as I saw all the men be flown away like rag-dolls. I fell to the floor myself, it seemed as if the very presence of this Dragon was enough to force me down without even looking or laying a claw upon myself.

I rose again, everyone was gone, meteors were still falling, the Dragon was now flying making an awe inspiring sight as I saw her burn Imperial archers alive. I felt a hand on me, it was Ralof "I gave you a chance to live before boy, don't throw it away now!" He said as I now followed him into guard tower where I now found a few Stormcloaks taking cover as well as Ulfric himself!

Ralof turned to him "Jarl Ulfric! What is that thing!? Could the legends be true!?" Ulfric now spoke for the first time as he was now un-muffled "Legends don't burn down villiages." He said rather calmly.

I couldn't handle this waiting around any longer "We need to get moving before this 'Legend' kills us! I will go first!" I began running up the stairs only to find the way up blocked off. I heard something loud to my right the wall was gone and I stared into the eyes of her.

Red eyes, then Gold? Then Red. A reflection of myself I saw. Brain yelled at heart, Body could not move, Heart was confused. Her eyes, they radiated power, anger, and… something I never saw before it was indescribable as I felt… familiar to this Dragon? Body was dead now, Brain was begging for mercy, heart stayed the same.

I finally had found him, the one that would be the Dovahkiin, the only thing worth any value of being here. And he was right before my eyes, terrified of my power as a Dragon and a Goddess. He was of no threat to me at all. He was far weaker than expected. He stared into my eyes, while I did into his. I could now read him, he was as I had thought, weak. Yet, I could see I was partially wrong, he had the soul of one who would do anything no matter the difficulty. Though I would see how he would turn out soon enough. I gave him a confident smile, eager to see how the foolish boy would react.

"So I have found you….. Dovahkiin" I said so quietly only he could hear, his expression was of complete confusion now, it was cute, cute? Before I could have decided on what to do with him I felt something tickling me, I looked to my right to see a bunch of even more foolish mortals assembled. They were hitting me with their pathetic arrows and spells. It seems that my initial shout had not yet expired but did not finish them off either. He could wait, for now….

It was time to explore the world that I had been cheated of.

The Dragon flew away, and it now seemed I could jump into the next building without breaking my legs. But I couldn't stop thinking about what the Dragon said to me, it could speak in our language! I could understand all but the word 'Dovahkiin'. But I had no time to ponder this!

I leaped into the burning house, the entire town was burning, I could see smoke everywhere and scattered men. I landed and jumped down one the cracks, the stairs were completely gone. As I ran out I saw the Saint yet again, he was yelling at a child to come to him while he was standing shocked next to a dead man, I think he might have been his father.

The Black Dragoness was coming back and it looked like she was going to land right near the kid! So I ran past the Saintly soldier, barely managed to pick the boy up right as she landed and placed him right behind cover along with the Saint and another towns-person. I heard the Dragon chuckle for a moment before flying off once again. "It's toying with us!" Said the soldier, he turned to look at me. His handsome face was marred by dirt.

"Still alive Ruigus? Keep close to me if you want to stay that way." I gave the Saint a quick nod as he now turned to an older looking man and the kid. "Gunnar! Take care of the kid. I have to find General Tullius and join the defense." My courage had been regained on the mention of that. I would help both of them fight off the Dragoness, even if was mesmerizing to look at. Agh what was I thinking there!? She is trying to kill us!

"Gods guide you Hadvar. And you hero!" He said looking at me, I smiled at him "Thank you."

"Come! Let us go" the Saint now known as Hadvar said and I followed him as we dashed "Stay close to the wall!" Hadvar yelled as the Dragoness came back again, she was relentless!

We made no sound as she was now right above us on the wall, undoubtedly focused on anybody left as she said a phrase which caused fire to come out of her mouth, though maw may have been more fitting. I felt the same oppressive fear on me yet again.

As she flew away Hadvar and I ran out. We came into the crossroads after moving through yet another burnt building. We saw Tullius and a bunch of Imperial mages and archers making what seemed to be a last stand near the wounded. Tullius turned to look at us.

"Hadvar! Ruigus! Get into the keep! There is a secret passage that will take you both out of here, I and others are escaping through a different way. I will be back in Solitude, now go!"

Hadvar now led me to the keep itself, he ran in first and just as I was about to myself I saw the Dragoness perched on a wall yet again she gave me the same confident grin as before "Zu'u fen koraav hi aga, Dovahkiin." I wish I could understand those words, but I do not think it would matter because I do not think I could ever forget those words or that voice.

We were now inside. Thank the divines. I finally took a second catch my breath back. "Looks like we were the only ones who made it." Hadvar said sadly

"Perhaps there are more of us further down in the keep?" I replied optimistically.

"That definitely is sensible but before we go feel free to take anything there is in this room before we head out, I think there may be a key in here we will need for some parts of this keep." We both began looking for things. I found some Imperial armor with a Steel helmet, steel chest armor, leather bracers. I may not be as strong as the average Nord or perhaps Imperial but I could wear this without sacrificing my speed, something that I had excelled in despite my failings in anywhere else since I grew complacent. And I finally found some good weapons too, an Imperial bow in case I would ever have to resort to it, an Imperial steel sword which was an excellent find and an Imperial heavy shield. I finally had some weapons I could use!

"Was that truly a Dragon? The bringers of the End Times?" I suddenly heard him say.

"That was what I overheard from some Stormcloaks, they seem to think it is a Dragon as well. But bringers of the End Times? I pray this was just an incident and not an act of war or anything like that." Was my reply.

"Perhaps." He said with some hope "We better get moving though, I wouldn't want to see that Dragon tear this place down for us." I now found a key in a cabinet with a decent amount of gold! I was pleased with this find. I think one day my greed will get the better of me.

"Haha! I have the key!" I now went to the door with Hadvar next to me and he plled the chain which opened it. I was now equipped in the before mentioned armor and weapons, my sword and shield ready for anything though I did not think I would need it now. "That is surely some good gear you have with you." He commented.

We turned the corner to see a couple armed Stormcloaks in a room talking to the other, Hadvar walked up to the lever and said to me, "You hear that? Stormcloaks, let's see if we can reason with them, but be prepared to fight for your life if they choose to hold their grudges against the Empire." The door was now opened and we stepped through.

I decided to speak up "Hey! Don't attack us! We can both get out of here if we just work together!" One of them looked at me "Liar Imperial!" She yelled furiously as she charged us with a Warhammer, I immediately pulled out my sword and stabbed her, killing her instantly. Hadvar had killed the other while I still stared at the dead body, I felt a mixture of emotions, sadness, failure, shock, and accomplishment that I had managed to save myself, but kill her.

Hadvar gave me a sympathetic look, "Your first kill?" I nodded. He gave me a comforting pat on the back. "Do not cry, things like this are common in these days, and with this Dragon it probably will get worse. You might get used to it soon. Just remember if you had not done what you had did, you or I would be dead." He was right, the both of us could have easily died there, and I would do anything to ensure the man who tried to save me would live. And I myself. I looked to see if there was anything else, I checked their bodies to see if they had anything they did not need anymore as much as it sickened me. But I would have to do it in order to live like Hadvar or even Tullius would have said.

We now continued downwards, the keep was now shaking, it was from that Dragoness I imagined, as now another roar was heard and part of the keep collapsed in front of us blocking our path, "That Dragon never quits does it?" I heard Hadvar say. He couldn't be anymore right but now we needed a way out. Fortunately a conveniently placed door was next to us. I opened it and heard voices, I wished that they belonged to friendlies.

We now walked in what seemed to be a storage room as a pair of Stormcloaks rushed us, I blocked the blow of one armed with a Greatsword, I was thankful I had the shield with me. But I had to kill yet again. As I managed to be far quicker than he ever could be with it and killed the Stormcloak. I turned to see Hadvar contested with the Stormcloak which caused me to run up and thrust my sword into the Stormcloak's back killing him as well.

"Ha, you already are turning out to be a better warrior than me. Good work! Now let us look for anything else in here, Divine's know we will need it. This old storeroom should have more than enough for us both." He stated.

"You are not doing that bad either Hadvar." I replied while he gave me a kind smile.

I began taking food and some potions into a sack I had just found, it would be perfect for holding just about anything I could find. In terms of finding items, this day was not that bad at all. I now had a decent amount of potions with me and a lot of drinks and food to keep me well fed for a week. I gave Hadvar a nod and we opened the next door. Leading us downwards.

Hadvar seemed to recognize this area as he said "A torture room. Gods I wish we didn't need these." I gulped a bit, I never wanted to a torture room, but here I was. And so was the sound of fighting.

We turned the corner to see Stormcloaks being finished off by what seemed to be a torturer and his assistant. Hadvar managed to finish off the last one as we were now greeted by them. The torturer seemed less friendly or happy to see us unlike his assistant.

"You fellows happened along just in time. These cretins seemed a bit upset on how I've been entertaining their comrades." He seemed rather calm and disconcerted, did he even hear the kind of apocalypse that just happened outside!? I did not like his voice either, it seemed psychopathic almost. His expression was sickly arrogant.

Hadvar now spoke visibly confused with the man. "Don't you even know what's going on? A Dragon is attacking Helgen!" The assistant listened intently while his master scoffed.

"A Dragon? Please. Don't make up such nonsense with me." He said with that same uncaring look, though now it seemed revelation dawned on him, I saw a book that caught my eyes. "Although come to think of it, I did hear some odd noises coming from over where you came from." I had now taken a look at the book which was titled 'The Book of the Dragonborn; Instantly the Dragoness's words came back to me, 'Dovahkiin' did Dragonborn mean Dovahkiin in Draconian?

Hadvar now asked of the man "Come with us, we need to get out of here." to which the Torturer who was now upset said "You have no authority over me, boy." Could he not see we had to get out?

"Didn't you hear me!? I said the keep is under attack!" Hadvar angrily said.

His assistant now spoke, "I will go with you, the old man can take care of himself." I looked at the Nord, he seemed like a strong sort, we could definitely use his help. As we were about to continue without the Torturer Hadvar noticed something.

"Wait a second, looks like there is something in this cage." He ran up to it, the body of a Stormcloak mage inside it. The Torturer noticed this and stated "Don't bother with that. The key was lost ages ago. Poor fellow screamed for weeks." I was sickened with this man, his disgusting behavior was going to get him killed anyways I figured, Stendarr's mercy did not extend to his type.

Hadvar looked at me "See if you can get it open Ruigus, there should be some lockpicks around in this room. We'll need everything we can get." Fortunately I had already taken them. I was now picking it, this was nothing compared to what I had to pick back in Cyrodil when I would try to get a feel for some of the Knights of the Empire's antique swords. And when I had to open our way back into a few houses because the keys or keyholes were broken.

I took everything in the cell even though I had no experience of magic, so I was certain I could either sell it or use it if I ever did. And as I grabbed the last thing, a coin the Torturer spoke once again "Sure, take all my things please." I ignored the man, but felt shameful regardless.

I, Hadvar, and the Assistant now left the room and went down the hallway, I now piped up a question for the latter. "What is your name sir? I am Ruigus and I think you may know Hadvar here."

He was surprised by my interaction but responded "I am Aethan, thank you for bringing me with you. It was about time I got out of there anyways, I do not know how much longer I could have been in his service much less when this keep is going down." Came his gruff voice tinged with happiness. "The passage out is down here." He informed us. And we all walked down the steps into the tunnel, to hear the sounds of more fighting once again.

We rushed into a room with water running through in the middle, the area was lit with two tiny little foot bridges that multiple people could walk on. We saw 3 Imperials taking on 5 Stormcloaks, it looked a couple of them were about to die. I ran towards the nearest one who was in trouble. A Stormcloak with a sword had cornered him and just as he was about to kill him I thrusted mine into the back of his chest, he died instantly saving the Imperial who now revealed himself as an archer. He took this oppurtunity to use his bow and kill another Stormcloak just as the furthest Imperial away from us was killed, blood pouring from his body. "For the Empire!" a shout went out, I looked left real quick and saw that Hadvar, Aethan, and the Imperial armed with a Halberd were beating back the other two. I saw the last one who finished off the other Imperial Legionary rush for me. Her sword and shield ready, just like mine as we now began to trade blows.

The both of us fought on, our swords canceling the other, our shields were raised in an attempt for us to bash the other for an opening. And I saw one as she made her move and suddenly I blocked her sword with my shield forcing her hand back, I kicked her in the knees and in one motion I set her head flying across the room! The archer behind me was wounded from before, it seems he had also run out of arrows. I quickly ran to him "Here take this!" I said as I handed him one of my potions. And it worked for he was looking fine in no time. It was funny how those things worked so wonderfully.

Both of us now began to move to the bridge, it looked like the others finished off the Stormcloaks unscathed. The two we saved introduced themselves, the archer was the first. "Thank you." He turned to look at me "Had you not killed that man I would have been doomed, I have never seen a kill like that last one you made, by the Gods that was a nice blow." "Ah right!" he now turned back to face the rest of the group "My name is Marcus, the best archer the Empire's got!" He said with a confident grin; his voice was also that of a confident person as well, but not unkind at all. The Halberdier went too, he sounded experienced "The name is Hans, thank you for your assistance we would not have made it without you coming by." He chuckled a bit, he seemed as if he were just becoming old judging by his features. "Don't mind Marcus, he always boasts about his skills like that, he means well of course." For some reason he reminded me of Helmut, the man who helped take care of me for so long.

Hadvar spoke "I am Hadvar, right next to me is Aethan, and next to you Marcus is Ruigus, not a soldier but he is still one of us. And he knows Tullius anyway far as I can recall. Now is the way open?"

"It is, but we best hurry. I can tell this cave will collapse soon." Hans said, anxiousness taking hold of us as we now moved for the exit. I and Aethan in the back of the group.

Marcus now pulled the lever and the bridge lowered, we began to cross it as I heard something. It was the cave collapsing on I and Aethan! I quickly jumped with enough force to take both me and him flying and into the ground where the rubble could not hit us. He looked at me wide-eyed, there was more dirt on his face since we both landed. "You saved us both!" He said panting and in reverence. "I owe you my life for that Ruigus." he said as we both stood while giving me a small bow.

I was humbled "No thank you Aethan, if it were not for you Hadvar and Hans may have died in combat. I did what any man would do for a comrade."

"I still owe you my life Ruigus." He said as we now caught up with the rest of the group. Marcus greeted us "Ah good! I was going to go look for you both. Now we can continue."

"We almost got crushed. The cave collapsed behind us, no way back" I replied while we began moving through the new area.

"Is that what that sound was? You both are lucky." Came the Halberdier as he readied his pole-arm. Hadvar spoke as well, "If anybody else did come down hopefully they will be able to find another way out." If the keep was even still standing at this point. Suddenly my gold senses were tingling.

"I think I am going to run ahead real quick, just going to find if there is anything hidden in this cave." Hans looked at me "Don't die." I quickly moved past them and found a corner which leaded me to exactly what I suspected there to be, gold! And lots of it! I seized it all and put into my rucksack. Then I made my way back to them.

"Found some gold." I said with a grin

"You can keep it. You greedy Imperial." Said Hadvar shaking his head jokingly. The others chuckled with him and I followed suite. We turned a corner and began following the path. And ran into an opening, something was off about it.

I saw giant spider webs everywhere, everyone readied their weapons and I did the same. Did Skyrim have giant spiders? And soon enough a few appeared. They were ugly things, teeth larger than my head. And we now began to charge them, Hadvar managed was engaged in combat with a small one but it was still almost as big as him and it was aggresive, his shield blocking it sharp legs from going through his armor. Aethan smashed one in it's head with his mace. Blood and poison oozing out of it. Marcus had managed to slice another spider into little bits it couldn't even move to go after him. Hans and I took on the biggest one on. I went in from the front while I saw him raise up his weapon right as the spider bit on my shield and lowered the halberd straight onto the accursed creature. Cutting it in half with blood now all over my shield, I wiped it off along with my sword which still had blood on it.

I think I truly was getting used to fighting like Hadvar said I would.

As Hadvar finished off the last one, he finally said "What's next? Giant snakes?" Causing me to laugh, as well as Marcus. The other two were silent and watchful. We gazed upon the dead bodies of the spiders, pleased with our work.

"What were those things? I have never seen any spider like those before back in Cyrodil."

Hans replied "Frostbite Spiders, you were lucky they couldn't nibble anywhere on you. As you have seen they are poisonous creatures, the reason they call them that is because that poison I mentioned freezes you to death."

We kept moving. Time into a large area again, with a bear in it. Something we should not mess with. Hadvar motioned for us to stop. "Hold up! There is a bear ahead. We best stay quiet or el-" The Bear woke up and charged us I was about to brace for it when suddenly I saw an arrow go straight into it's head. We all turned and looked at Marcus, a big grin written on him. "See! I told you I was the best archer the Empire's got! Easy shot I say." Hans snickered at this "I heard you old man!" Marcus said yet again.

"Still old man enough to whip you for foolishness, that was a fine shot." Hans said to him.

"Aye indeed, now let us get out of here, I miss the sun." Hadvar was in the front of our formation now.

We could finally see sunset now! "Freedom here we come!" I yelled as I ran out of the cave, I could see the land ahead of me, this land was beautiful. I spotted what seemed to be old ruins in the distance, this could be worth checking out soon. Before I could ponder it more we all heard a roar yet again, we immediately ducked for cover as I now saw the same Black Dragoness fly off into the distance, I thought for a second she had seen me yet again. 'Dovahkiin…...' I heard in my head yet again. As soon as we are able to sell someone about what happened to Helgen I need to read that book!

"Looks like it is gone for good this time, but I don't think we should wait around for it to come back." Remarked Hadvar, though if she did come back I think she would of wanted me the most, could I be this Dragonborn!? Dovahkiin and Dragonborn did sound similar…. But regardless we had to find some people and warn them about what happened here. I fear for others if this repeats again.

"Where do we go now?" I asked, "Riverwood, it is very close to where we are now. All of you should probably follow me." Said Hadvar as he now took lead. As we began to make way for his village he spoke to me "Ruigus, you should go to Solitude and join up with the Imperial Legion, we could certainly use someone like you." I gave him a look of sympathy "One day I will and I plan too, I just need more time to think about it, I would have probably died there if it were not for Tullius, and if it were not for that Dragon I imagine." I said with a small yet still fearful chuckle.

"Why is that brother?" Came Aethan, I looked back at him "I was caught in the ambush originally, I probably would have been executed if Hadvar here and Tullius had not intervened and without either of you, I am sure that Dragon still would have." A good explanation I think.

"Hard to believe you were going to be executed." Muttered Hans.

"I just wish none of those people were killed." I stated.

"Well, then thank the Divines you were sent here to my handsome and perfect self." Marcus said with his usual confidence, that part of him was already starting to grow on me.

"Still I wish to fulfill my dream as an adventurer. I made a promise to my family on that I would make them proud, and I never want to fail them."

"Who do you have back in Cyrodil Ruigus?" Asked Hadvar "Just my Mother, everyone else is gone." I said sadly.

The others nodded in sympathy. We now were going down a road with beautiful trees and other plants beside us as I noticed a giant structure off in the distance. Hadvar had stopped and pointed to it. "See that ruin up there? Bleak Falls Barrow, when I was a boy, that place used to give me nightmares." He paused, "Draugr creeping through my window, that kind of thing. Even now it still gives me the creeps, nor does the sight encourage me." I never heard of the term 'Draugr' before.

"I have never heard of Draugr before, what are they?" Could they be ghosts?

"Undead, the corpses of old Nordic heroes and warriors from far too many years ago. To this day they do not rest in their tombs, they are very strange." Hans said. He sure knew a lot about the creatures and monsters of this land it seemed.

"They still go down with a well placed arrow." Said Marcus

"Anything goes down with a well placed arrow, provided it is good enough with an even better bow." Replied Hans.

"When are you ever going to get off of me Hans?"

"When I die of age."

The two seemed to have known each other for a long time.

"You two argue like brothers." Said Aethan, he did call me a brother as well earlier right? Was it still because I saved him?

Marcus and Hans shrugged. We had come across some very odd standing stones, Hadvar now informed us of what they were "These are the Guardian stones, three of the fourteen standing stones that are scattered across Skyrim's landscape, it is said if you touch them you become blessed with it." A part of me thought that since I was not a full blooded Nord, I should be respectful and leave them alone, and so I did.

Our group now was following a very beautiful river, the scenery in this land was gorgeous. I heard something howl, "Ruigus! Kid! Look out!" Shouted Hans. I fell to the ground, something was on me and it hurt. I opened my eyes and saw a wolf on top of me biting me, parts of my flesh were gone! Suddenly the wolf was smashed in the head, Aethan had saved me, but the pain was too much. Blood poured out of where it bit, the others crouched beside me, saying things I could not hear. I felt worse. Suddenly I felt something in my one hand, I raised it up to see.

I had just summoned a healing spell! Brother Solaris told me about this, I had to hold it up to my wounds if I wanted to heal them. They looked at my hand as they saw my wounds recover in the instant I put my hand over each of them.

"Remarkable…." Said Marcus, impressed with me.

I now stood up, a bit woozy.

"I didn't know you could use magic!" Marcus exclaimed.

Before I could speak Hans spoke, "You should have told us you were a mage, boy. That would have been useful to know." With indifference in his tone.

"I did not know until now I could." I replied to them weakly; I was still in pain.

"This day is getting stranger by the hour." Hadvar said wistfully.

"Are you alright?" Aethan's gruff voice sounded concerned.

"I will be better soon, don't worry about me." I tried to ease him.

We now had reached Riverwood, I clutched where I was bit to still see blood on my armor. When I looked back up I saw this beautiful village, there were people walking about, I saw a lumber yard that was right next to the river, I spotted wooden houses of some rather pleasing design. Hadvar lived in such a nice area and thankfully it was peaceful enough here, just not the way here that is. I now heard a woman screaming at her son that she saw a Dragon, and she must have. Hadvar began going for a man working at a forge. "Uncle Alvor, hello!" The Blacksmith stopped and turned to look at us, surprise plastered over his face, he was an older man with brown hair like Hadvar's and mine. Soot and ash were on his face due to his forge, he certainly did look the kind of age to be a father. Something that my Mother wanted me to be someday.

Alvor now opened his mouth, "Hadvar! What are you doing here!? Shor's bones!" He said looking at me, "What happened to you?" He now turned back to him "Who are these soldiers? Do you need any help?" He seemed to be a good man, like the others with me, like those who died at Helgen….. Was that Dragon who did this a good person? She seemed to have spared me. 'I have found you…...Dovahkiin' No! She must have somehow figured that I may have been one, could she have been mistaken or playing around with me? I inwardly panicked on what she might be planning. I remembered her power still, it was like that of a Goddess firsthand. Maybe all Dragons are like her? I shuddered at the thought as I now heard Hadvar respond to his Uncle.

"Shh, Uncle we cannot speak out here. I am fine yet one of my friends is wounded. Let us go inside."

"Okay, okay come inside, Sigrid will have enough for you to all eat. And you can be able to tell us inside there boy."
I heard my stomach rumble at the mention of food.

Alvor opened the door to his house and we quickly went in, Aethan and Marcus both had been holding me up a bit and now set me down on a chair. I thanked them while they both gave a smile and a nod. I think Alvor's wife and child were right here as well.

She now was giving us some food, she gave me some bread with carrots and cabbage. Bread was one of my most favorite foods to eat I admit.

"Thank you Uncle, and Sigrid. These are my friends, the one with the large weapon is Hans." He gave them a slight bow "The one who is on the chair in pain is Ruigus, but he says he is much better now." He said while I gave them a small wave of my hand.

"And the two who helped him into here are Aethan you can notice his longer brown hair and Marcus who has a bow with him." They both nodded approvingly at the couple and their daughter who looked adorable.

Sigrid gave a very concerned look, "Hadvar what happened you look as if you were almost burnt! Did something bad happen at Helgen?"

"Aye" he said "My friends saved my life multiple times this day in fact. A Dragon attacked Helgen." Alvor and Sigird gasped, their daughter merely looked confused, she had yet to even be told about them. Just not in the form of legends.

"A Dragon!? You have to be kidding me boy!" Replied a shocked Alvor.

"I am afraid not Uncle, we had managed to arrest Ulfric Stormcloak in an ambush. And General Tullius was supervising his execution back in Helgen when it came."

"I doubt there is anybody or anything left there that is still alive. Far as I know, we, Ulfric Stormcloak, and General Tullius himself are the only survivors. There is almost nothing left of Helgen now, just ruin and death."

Sigrid now was worried, "Thank the Gods you made it all out. Oh Alvor we have to warn the Jarl about this!" She said to her husband. Alvor now looked at us all.

"Thank you all for saving my Nephew and getting out of there alive, if a Dragon truly is loose… Then we must warn Jarl Balgruuf immediately." I would do it.

"I can go, I am not an Imperial soldier and can do it despite my weakness it means nothing in the face of your lives here." Alvor was surprised and pleased by my abruptness.

"If you think you can do it Ruigus, take my message to Jarl Balgruuf in the town of Whiterun, tell him we are in danger of a Dragon and we will need help."

"I promise."

Aethan spoke up "I will go with you." I shook my head

"Aethan, brother, I may have saved your life but do not hold it to me forever, you saved mine as well anyways, go with the others back to Solitude. I can hold on my own, I think I will see you all some day soon." I now stood, ready to go. I was no longer hungry or thirsty. I now went over to Hadvar as everyone now rested, "Thank you Hadvar for being with me this entire, time." He smiled, "Than you as well Ruigus, I am glad to have helped you. I think I will see you again, Skyrim is a small world after all. Just don't die while you are gone yeah?" I laughed heartily, he turned a bit serious "Oh but do be careful of Imperial patrols a tiny bit if you see them, they may try to arrest you considering what happened before." I didn't think they would. "Good luck, friend." he gave me a friendly pat, and I returned it before moving onto Hans.

"So you will go deliver the message to the Jarl? Good thing it is you boy, the Jarl is the only one neutral in this war so far. Aye, he has been trying to stay that way ever since it started, nor do I blame the man. The moment he picks a side however, is when blood starts flowing across these lands." Neutrality in a time like this?

"Odd, has he not been pressured by anyone into joining either side?" Hans shook his head "Both us and the rebels want him, Whiterun is one of the biggest cities here in this province. It's main trade city in all of Skyrim as well. You want to trade anything boy? Go to Whiterun."

"You sure know a lot about Skyrim." I was amazed by this Veteran Halberdier's knowledge.

"I have lived here through my entire life, aye for 48 years." He finished with a sigh.

"Thank you Hans, you are a very smart man and it was a pleasure to have fought with you."

"It was my duty boy, good luck to you."

"One day I pray it will be my duty as well, I wish the same to you." A sad smile was on his face now as I walked to Marcus

"Leaving without us?" He asked me

"Yeah, I probably will be back in Riverwood tomorrow, just go on without me back to Solitude."

"Hehe, we will be there in a flash, I may be new here but already I know this land like the back of my hand, or the amount of arrows I have in my quiver."

"Your confidence is inspiring."

"I am inspiring." He said cockily

"Hehe, good luck to you my friend."

"You too comrade. Like what the others have said I know we will fight again, and I will be even better of an archer, and I will not run out of ammo like I did when you saved me."

"I think you will." I moved onto Aethan

"Aethan your honor outshines most people I have ever met in my life, that much I can tell in the time that I have known you. Still I want you to still be yourself and not bound to my fate, I am just an adventurer so far and it looks like you might be an Imperial soldier now." He was not a man of many words, but that might have been apart of his Nordic honor.

Aethan bowed, "I understand Ruigus, if you ever do need me and we meet again I will still be willing to give my life for you. It is how much I owe you for your heroism." I blushed, heroism!? I was no hero!

"You must continue to show your heroism with your fellow soldiers Aethan. And I will do what I can to live up to your honor." He nodded graciously

"I understand Ruigus. You really do have that heroic bit in you, I can tell that. Farewell, brother." Brother….. I never had one but perhaps in a figurative way this man will be, like all the rest of these fellow men.

"Take care brother." Alvor and Sigrid were my final people to visit.

"I thank you for taking this up, and you have our thanks as again for being with our nephew through that attack." Alvor said

"It is nothing, if you ask me Hadvar saved me instead." I replied with a smile.

"Hey after I deliver the message to Jarl Balgruuf mind if I come back to ask a few questions? Just about how it is here, and other current events that are kind of…. Not good." Alvor and Sigrid laughed sadly at that.

"We would not mind that, a friend of Hadvar's is a friend of us."

"Thank you for your kindness. May the Divines bless you. I should definitely get going now."

"Good luck Ruigus." Came Alvor

"Stay safe." Came Sigrid as I now walked outside into the daylight. Despite all that had happened, it was now midday and thankfully not night, I still had a decent amount of time as I now looked in the direction of Whiterun.

Whiterun, here I come!

I had arrived at the tomb of my most loyal brother, Odahviing. My 2nd in command. Who had served me well like a true brother dov back when those accursed Joor had rebelled and used the cowardly and useless move of sending me through time to now. Hundreds of years later where all of the work we had accomplished was all but now in ruins. The anger of that memory surged through me, but now as I prepared to seek Odahviing come back to life, happiness had taken place in me. We would rise yet again. And strike down those foolish enough to oppose us, but we must be careful. Until we could have a large enough number.

I now saw Odhaviing arise, "Welcome back, Odahviing." It was truly pleasing to see my fellow Dov back again.

"Thuri, it has been too long since I have served you." He said Solemnly

"And it has been too long since I have ruled over these mortals brother." He gave a pained look.

"I will not back out on you whatever you do, and I am sure my mate wherever she is buried now would do the same as well." He said that last bit with a sorrowful tone.

"I will find her very soon. I promise you that as I will all Dov." He nodded.

"Thuri, I am eager for any orders you have to give me. It will be done."

"Odahviing, I only just arrived back today. I will see if we can get enough Dov back to reclaim Skuldafn, A dozen of our sisters and brothers are already back. Mirmulnir if you remember him is next." Odhaviing growled at that name.
"Mirmulnir is no true Dov, he is far too bloodthirsty and out of control to listen to anyone, I think what he may do will be disastrous for either him or us if he is to return now."

"I do not think there is much risk for him yet. I encountered the Dovahkiin earlier in a mortal town known as Helgen, he is much too weak for a Dov at the moment. Like all mortals. But, perhaps Mirmulnir will be a stepping stone for him."

"The Dovahkiin?" Odahviin asked, concerned. "I would not worry about him too much as a threat, though I must say he is rather adorable." Odhaviing looked at me with a surprised cock of the head. I saw inside that mortal a potential, one that reminded me of the days before the rebellion. Like that of my priests but far different, except for the one man that proved his own self to be unique above the rest, even more than Miraak. To see is one thing however.

"I already think we should begin again with how we started our rule as last time, that the

"Regardless, I will resurrect our kin. Odahviing what I do need you to do for me is to discover what has happened in all the years I have been gone by any means or method you deem fit. Just try not to cause too much attention." This would be something he might enjoy.

"Your will shall be done Thuri." He responded. "But first, rest up yourself." I told him.

"I will, and thank you Thuri."

"You are a fellow Dov, thanks are not needed. For all true Dov look out for each other in times such as these."

"Now I must go, I know you will find out more than enough."

"I will." He said as I now flew away to the grave of Mirmulnir.

My thoughts returned to the Dovahkiin, wondering what I should do with that weakling. Perhaps when Odahviing completes his objective we can talk more on him, and I know some other Dov should be able to give me an idea.

I will see him again.

And there you have it.

Dovahzul lesson here as in order of utterance:

Fus Ro Dah – Force balance push. The unrelenting force one

Dovahkiin – Dragonborn

Yol Toor Shul – Fire Inferno Sun. The one that breathes fire, shame the Dragonborn could not do how Dragons could

Zu'u fen koraav hi aga, Dovahkiin – I will see you again, Dovahkiin. Aga is a custom word as "Again" does not even exist in Dovahzul. Ag however seems to mean "burn" So take that word how you see it I suppose, I wish that those who originally wrote the language for the dragons had done it as well as old Tolkien did, but I doubt either of them ever expected people to become so inspired by them in this manner.