Warcraft 3: Avitus

Chapter 1

Only the Beginning

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story. Warcraft/world of Warcraft belongs respectively to Blizzard entertainment. All none world of Warcraft characters do not exist nor do the tanks, or ships.

I, Colonel Brooklyn Broomfield, gazed at the forest land around me, with an aura of disinterest, as my T-57 went along one of the roads that went through it. The Normandy Landings had happened only a month ago if that, and he and his crew were heading straight for the front lines. Of course due to how fast the front was advancing they left some small pockets of resistance behind making them stop a few times to help clean them up. the pockets weren't that bad they were mostly infantry, but some of them had a panzer or two easy to clean up. Although one pocket had a tiger but ended up being an easy kill when we saw it first when it was trying to find a good spot to hide. It didn't even get a shot off due to the fact a 120 MM Round went right into its ammo rack. I chuckled at that a bit it had been quite a satisfying explosion.

"Hey Colonel!" I heard the loader, a usually shy lieutenant Zack Flitton call up to me, I looked down at him.

"What lieutenant." I replied in a nonchalant tone.

"When are we going to get to the front? I'm getting bored down here." Zack called up to me. I could only sigh, the young man had never been in an actual battle where there were visible casualties.

"Be glad were not at the front, lieutenant. From what I'm getting its hell up there." Major Gordon Hammond replied with a scrutinizing tone. I silently thanked Gordon in my head for sparing me from having to come up with a response. We were brought out of our silence by captain Luke White our gunner.

"Colonel there's something up ahead but I can't see it very well!" he yelled up at me. In response I brought up my binoculars, that were previously hanging around my neck, and looked through them at the road ahead. Sergeant White wasn't wrong that something was ahead of us but what it was I had no idea. There were two lights one green the other blue with a little purple and they were….hitting each other? At least that's what it looked like.

"Stop the tank!" I yelled down at Lieutenant colonel Samantha Morris, my second in command. The fact she is female and in the Marines was debated on several occasions and had people tiring to pull a few things but let's just say those that did try to pull something ended up with a bloody broken nose and… other parts, and were found tied upside down to a tree or post and, screaming bloody Mary.

"Yes-sir!" she yelled back up and the tank suddenly lurched forward, and I instinctively grabbed the edge of the hatch in fear of being thrown out. Normally I would have said something about nearly sending her commanding officer flying off the tank if my attention wasn't drawn elsewhere. The lights were now headed directly toward the tank. one trying to outrun the other I on the other hand was going to have none of that.

"Reverse now!" I yelled down at Samantha as the lights continued to get closer, but I saw that we would not be able to out run the lights going in reverse but it gave me time to figure out what they were.

"What is it!" First lieutenant Mike Carter yelled up.

"No idea Lieutenant, but it doesn't look like something we want to deal with!" I yelled back down still looking at the lights which have gotten brighter and faster. I glanced around quickly and realized that all of the trees that the green light passed withered and died, but nothing happened to the trees that the blueish purplish one passed.

"Afraid of lights commander?" Captain white called up to me as he looked at the lights through his sight.

"Look at the trees the green one is passing!" I yelled down at him "and get this tank into high gear Lieutenant Morris!" she complied though the tank was not meant to go very fast backward so in the end we were only delaying the inevitable.

"Oh, I see the problem sir!" Captain white called up "but isn't it catching up!" a tinge of worry in his tone.

"Yes, it is and we can't turn around now!" I yelled down I thought about it a moment. "go forward Lieutenant Morris!"

"Forward!?" both her and Captain white yelled at me in disbelief. lieutenant Carter and Lieutenant Flitton on the other hand were still rather confused from the parts of conversation between them that I heard on figuring what is happening.

"Yes, forward, let's see if this thing is real or not!" I yelled back down and looked down at them with a grin "besides there only lights." They both yelled yes sir, but were decidedly unhappy about the situation I couldn't blame them. The tank lurched forward towards the lights the tank easily reached its top speed of 22 MPH (35 KPH) directly toward the lights I clamored back into the tank and shutting the hatch behind me not wanting to be outside when they hit and something bad happened, but by doing so I couldn't see much of what was happening.

"How close are we?" I asked sergeant Morris as I half peered down at my crew and down my sight.

"Their almost on top of us!" she practically yelled back as she griped the controls with white knuckles "are you sure this is sane!?" she asked me. I was going to answer but that's when they hit the tank. We were engulfed by a bluish whitish light that blinded us temporally then we hit the ground after falling a few inches. I shook my head and look around made difficult by the fact my vision was still covered by blind spots. Everyone was still here and so was the tank with the engine still running. I looked down at my crew.

"Hey we all still fine?" I asked as they shook of the effects of the light. They all said yes sir after a moment of collecting themselves.

"What the hell was that?" sergeant white asked no one in particular I sighed I had no idea.

"Probably the lights hitting us and" Lieutenant Morris paused as she looked through her viewport "where the hell are we?" I popped open the hatch and felt a rush f warm air. I paused a moment then looked around. We were surrounded by a lush green forest not like the former forest we were in was in the season of fall and winter. Also the trees here were much taller than the trees in Europe.

"I have no idea. Major Hammond are we picking anything up on the radio?" I asked as I looked around.

"No sir nothing from the radio but static." He replied I frowned and got out of the tank then pulled out the maps we were given by command and compared them to our surroundings looking for something familiar we could orient ourselves with.

"Check our provisions and equipment and make sure everything is in working order don't want the tank failing us when we need it." I ordered them as I looked at the maps with growing frustration to the fact nothing matched.

"Yes sir!" They chorused and went about getting it done I heard some conversation to the effect of figuring what the fuck just happened and bewilderment, but I ignored it for now continuing to compare the maps to our surroundings and trying to find something that fit, but was having no luck and was just getting increasingly frustrated and angry that nothing fit. I noticed a few moments later that all idle talk had stopped and looked up to find everyone staring at me with worry and a tad bit of fear in their eyes.

"What, do I really look that angry?" I asked a little surprised that I had showed that much emotion without realizing it, and realizing with a pang of worry that they were mostly afraid of me losing my temper although it was to be feared.

"Just a little bit sir." Lieutenant Morris replied looking more worried than anything "does anything match?" I sighed and looked back at the maps

"Sadly no and it's just getting frustrating looking at them at this point." With that said I put them back into my bag which was resting on my side from a strap across my shoulder. "Is everything in working order?" I asked them all Major Gordon spoke up first.

"The radio is in perfect working order and we have enough provisions to last us a month and a half." He told me looking much more relaxed as everyone else was. I could only sigh inwardly at my effect on people.

"We also have enough fuel to last us a month and a half. The tank itself is in perfecting order I mean it's like it just came of the assembly line, and sir may I ask are you sure you're all right you still look like you're going to murder something." Lieutenant Morris asked me with a bit of concern in her voice I could see everyone else agreed by the looks in their eyes.

"yes, I'm fine Lieutenant you need not worry. Anything else? What about our ammo?" I asked Lieutenant Carter he snapped to attention as he spoke I could only smile he was very particular military man that always followed protocol, but sometimes could be a little too much of a serious soldier. command had sent him to me for me to train him, and has been doing fine, so far.

"We have 30 standard armor piercing shells, and 14 High Explosive shells sir, and 700 rounds a machine gun. I also double checked the shell count sir and it is 44 shells. It seems that the tank is a little bit bigger than normal." He told me while staying in attention the entire time. I was surprised about the shell count and the fact we may have a bigger heavy tank than normal. I thought about it a moment what else had changed?

"Relax Lieutenant that's an order" I told him and he relaxed after hesitating a moment but his fearless loyalty won out in the end. "I want the rest of you to check the tank again and see if anything else has changed. Be open minded we don't to miss something that could be a problem or something that could help us. Any questions?" I asked and surprisingly Lieutenant Flitton raised his hand timidly. "what is it Lieutenant?" I asked wondering what he would have a question for this time the young man had a way of noticing small indiscreet things that other people dismiss as nothing. This 'perk' of his had come in handy in the past but had sometimes been an annoyance.

"Well uh sir the um shells seemed a bit uh bigger than err normal" he stated with a little bit of fear in his eyes probably from my earlier show of temper. "so is it um feasible that the gun could be uh bigger?" I narrowed my eyes as I thought about it than glanced over the gun on the tank it did look a little bigger than normal.

"Captain white take a look at the Lieutenant's hypothesis. Lieutenant flitton and Carter help him with it everyone else you have your orders." I stated simply and they went about their tasks I went and stood about 5 yards in front of the tank and looked to see if anything was different. With a start I realized there was the tank's hull was shaped slightly differently so it could bounce more shots and the tracks were slightly wider so the weight was more spread out, and that the tank was a bit bigger. I was brought out of my thoughts by my instincts screaming at me to duck to the side. I quickly did so and an arrow embedded itself about a yard in front of me passing where I had been only seconds earlier. then spun on my heel and saw nothing in the tree line.