Warcraft: 3 Avitus

Chapter 4

Disclaimer: I don't own Warcraft or World of Warcraft if I did I wouldn't be writing a fanfic right now.

POV: Colonel Brooklyn Broomfield

I stood staring back at the tree line for a few moments finding nothing before turning and running back to the tank. Pausing only to snag the arrow from the ground.

"get in the tank!" I yelled at my crew and they quickly complied leaving the commander cupola open for me to hop in. A few more arrows flew at me as I ran, but due to me zigging, zagging, and weaving they missed me. I quickly climbed up the tank and dropped into the tank promptly shutting the hatch.

"Captain White, do you see anything out there?" I asked him and the tank was consumed in silence for a few moments.

"Elves… fucking elves." he muttered, but we all heard him.

"what?" first lieutenant Mike Carter called up and I just stared out the view part I had at the tree line. They were people, but I didn't have the scopes that Captain white did, so I wasn't able to get the fine detail required to see if they were elves. they did appear taller than any of the people I knew though.

"discounting the possible fact, they may be elves, do you see anything showing nationality?" I asked Captain white, and we waited for a response in tense silence.

"nothing I recognize, sir. they don't appear to be particularly friendly either, but they are keeping their distance." Captain White yelled up and I grimaced with a sigh of frustration. eventually they will work up the nerve to start climbing on the tank. they know we are in the tank, and the last thing I wanted was to start another war.

"All of you stay here but be ready to fight at a moment's notice. I'm going to try diplomacy." I told my crew while looking out the view port I had at the… elves?

"WHAT!?" Lieutenant Morris eloquently yelled causing me, and quite possibly everyone else, to cringe.

"uh, sir? are you sure that's a good idea?" Major Hammond asked me from his station. I didn't have to look down to know he was giving me an incredulous look, probably along with everyone else.

"we can't stay in the tank forever. we'll need to come out for basic necessities, and it's pretty clear to me they control the forest. wherever we go they can follow, and quite possibly kill us as soon as we exit the tank. Yes, I'm suing for diplomacy." I told them before opening the top hatch a little bit, and receiving an arrow for my trouble. it bounced off the top of the hatch harmlessly.

"Hey out there! I really don't want this to get bloody! how about we talk about this!" I yelled out of the tank while opening the hatch a little more so I could see out of it. they had bows drawn and ready to fire, but we're talking amongst themselves in a different language. it sounded elegant and would probably be pleasing to the ears if they weren't yelling at us.

"Why have you come to our forest without permission Human!" one spoke up. she may be the leader, but she was basically wearing a cloak with an armored bikini. How is that armor?

"first of all, we have no idea how we got here. Secondly, we never wanted to come here, and lastly, we were in a forest that was in winter. definitely not one in spring or summer!" I yelled back, and they talked amongst themselves. while they did I got a better look at them as they were a little closer now, and yes they had pointed ears. long pointed ears.

"How do we not know you're lying?" she asked or more demanded really. the rest of her cohort, and herself, looked extremely unbelieving of my story, but they weren't shooting at us.

"Lady, I've got no idea if this isn't just some giant hallucination or not, but I got a feeling I'd be wrong if I said the continent, we are on was Europe right?" I asked her, and she blinked a few times, before suspicion returned to her face.

"are you a part of the Burning Legion?" she asked, and I raised an eyebrow.

"What is the 'Burning Legion'? I've never heard of it before, and we're soldiers of the United States of America, not a 'Burning Legion'. seriously, what is it?" I told her, and she nodded slowly, apparently still skeptical. she talked with the other elves, still wrapping my head around that, but it appeared to quickly degrade into a small argument before the woman who talked to me before yelled something and they all shut up.

"I would like to see all of your people to make sure none of you are corrupted by the legion." she demanded more than asked and I sighed internally.

"are we going to get shot?" I asked her and she remained silent, glaring at me. "I will not put my people in harm's way if I've got a say about it." I told her and her glare seemed to soften slightly, but not by much.

"we will not shoot unless provoked." she compromised with me. I sighed in relief.

"I can work with that. give me a minute to get all of us out here." I told her then ducted back into the tank. when I looked around, they were all staring at me in shock.

"what?" I asked before Captain White and Major Hammond exchanged a glance.

"how did you do that?" Captain White asked me and I shrugged.

"diplomacy that's how. we need to get out on top of the tank. they won't shoot unless provoked." I told my crew and they looked skeptical, but a chorus of 'yes sir's drifted through the tank. we all got out on top of the tank and sat on the sides. the elves had approached slowly obviously suspicious of the tank, and us. The elf who I talked to before and another elf of the male variety wearing a silver tunic, brown pants, and a cape with a staff in hand approached us. they talked in their tongue for a moment before turning their attention to us.

"my subordinate will be scanning all of you for any taint of Fel energies. remain still until he is done." The elf I spoke to before told me and the man started moving his hands in some sort of pattern while chanting something. while he was at it blue energy came from his hands and touched me and my crew. I felt a chill Passover me for a moment, but it faded quickly. instead of anger or relief after the whole process he looked surprised and confused.

"was-was that magic? or are we hallucinating big time?" Lieutenant Morris spoke up after a moment and the elves went back to conversing in their tongue which seemed to degrade into an argument again. however, when Morris said that the elf I talked to before snapped her head straight at him.

"we're elves human why would we not have magic." she stated clearly irritated. I sighed and facepalmed. I was getting really tired of surprises.

"because lady, before now Elves didn't exist on earth. magic didn't exist either. we really are not on earth anymore." I told them after I looked up from hand.

"that would explain the absence of any form of magic from all of you, or this construct of yours. quite peculiar." the man or elf-man who had scanned us for 'magic' spoke up and I grimaced.

"why does the weird shit always happen to us?" Captain White asked with his arms folded while leaning back onto the gun mantlet. no one could really provide an answer.