My name is Donatello. When it comes to new technology, I'm usually super excited about it. But in regards to these bad boys, I'm ready to give it a piece of my mind. My brothers and I were just heading over to Stock-Tronics to have a talk with a 'friend of ours', when suddenly we were ambushed on by Baxter Stockman's latest creation- the Mousers.

Normally when I take machines apart, I'd like to be a bit more careful to see how they work. But today, I think it best to give 'em shell.

It was a sunny afternoon at the New York Metro Bank. Patrons were going about their business as a security guard was keeping an eye on everything. All of a sudden, the ground began shaking, causing the guard to sit up in his chair and turn towards the monitors. He turned towards the monitors of the vault, seeing the ground exploding in a cloud of smoke. He could barely make out anything except a series of small bright lights inside. Unaware of what he was seeing, the guard quickly made his way to the vault.

Sometime later, the guard and the manager made their way to the vault, with the latter inputting the code to open it up. Once the door was open however, the two were shocked to see that the vault was cleaned out. Several bits of cash and jewels were left on the ground near the hole, leaving the two men befuddled.

"Kiss your tail goo...!"

Before Raph could finish that taunt, Master Splinter struck him with his walking stick, sending him careening to the ground.

"You require focus in your attacks, Raphael," Splinter instructed. "You'll never win a battle by charging in full force."

After he finished Donnie came running towards him spinning his staff. He continually swung it at his master, but the old rat was too quick for each strike. While his son was attacking, Splinter used his tail to sweep Donnie off his feet, causing him to fall to the ground.

"Best watch your footwork, Donatello."

Just then, Leo came from the air, swords drawn back ready to strike. Splinter quickly spun around and smacked him away with his stick.

"Greater speed, Leonardo."

Just as he finished speaking, he quickly moved just dodging a swing from one of Mikey's Nunchucks. With every swing, Splinter just side stepped or backed away. Until finally, Splinter side steps from another attack and trips Michelangelo with his tail, sending him flying into the wall.

"Try not to be so impatient Michelangelo."

The four slowly got back up nursing their bruises. Splinter then walked to his room.

"I believe that is enough for today. We will resume your training in the morning."

With that Splinter entered his room and closed the door.

"Huh, 'we will resume your training in the morning'," Mikey repeated, mimicking Splinter's voice.

"I heard that!" Splinter called back.

"Busted," Donnie said taunting.


Later, the turtles were in their living room going about their individual business. Leo was polishing his sword, Donnie was putting some finishing touches on a specialized communication device he invented, the shell cell, Raph was wailing on a punching bag that was setup in the room, and Mikey was going through his personal DVD collection looking for the perfect late night movie. Leo took notice of this.

"Can't figure out what to watch Mike?" he asked.

"No." Mikey responded. "What's a turtle gotta do to find a good flick to... wait!"

He then pulled out a DVD.

"Lou Jitsu's Kung Fu fighters?" Leo questioned. "Really Mikey?"

"What? It's light on story and heavy on gory," Mikey rationalized, grabbing the remote. "Just what I'm looking for."

Just as he turned on the TV, all the turtles' evening plans were cast aside when they saw a familiar face.

"This is April O'Neil for Channel 6 News."

Whoa," Mikey exclaimed, gaining the attention of the other turtles.

"It's the girl we saw last night." Donnie exclaimed.

"And she's a news lady?" Raph asked.

"I'm here today at Stock-Tronics laboratories where founder and CEO, Dr. Baxter Stockman is here to unveil his latest invention."


"So Doctor," April began to ask. "You claim that this device will solve the city's rat problem. How exactly can your device do what hundreds of exterminators couldn't do for years?"

"Well Miss O'Neil," Stockman began to answer. "A wise man once said 'Build a better mousetrap, and the world will lead a path to your door.' Well, today I intend to do just that."

Stockman walked over to a small object covered by a sheet as April and her camera man came over.

"Behold, the answer to New York City's solution to vermin as we know it!" He exclaimed before pulling off the sheet to reveal what looked like a tiny robot with two legs, an oval shaped head, and razor sharp teeth. "The Stock-Tronics Mouser."

April looked at the device in astonishment.

"Incredible." She complimented. "How does it work?"

Stockman picked up the Mouser and walked over to a small maze.

"At present, there are a number of rats scurrying through the maze." He explained placing his device into the maze. "Using thermal imaging, my Mousers can track down these rodents and exterminate the pests with impeccable speed."

After he put the Mouser in the maze, it quickly took off down the hallways looking for its prey. After a bit of looking it finally spotted a rat and went after it.


The turtles winced at the site of the Mouser 'exterminating' its prey.

"I'd hate to be a rat in this city." Mikey stated, earning him looks from his brothers. "No offense to Sensei."

With the turtles turned back to the screen.

"With this computer terminal, I can monitor all the Mouser activity from here," Stockman explained.

"Thank you Dr. Stockman." April responded, turning back to the camera. "We'll have more on this story when we come back. This is April O'Neil, Channel 6 News."

"Thanks April," The anchorman said, coming on screen. "In other news, the mysterious string of robberies continue across-"

With that, Leo turned off the TV and turned back to his brothers.

"Well it seems like we might have a problem," Leo stated.

"You think she's told anyone about us?" Mikey asked.

"If she had, I think we'd be on the 6:00 news by now," Donnie rationalized.

"Besides, it's not like anyone would believe her," Raph added. "We destroyed the photo she took of us, right?"

"Right," Donnie confirmed, pausing for a moment. "Although..."

"Although?" Leo repeated, questioning its meaning.

"Although the possibility exists that the photo we erased wasn't the only one she had."

The four turtles paused at the revelation of this possibility.

"So..." Mikey started. "What do we do?"

"I don't know," Leo admitted. "But we have to think smart about this."

The other turtles nodded.

"And we don't tell Splinter."

"Don't tell Splinter what?"

All four turtles jumped at the sound of the voice. They all slowly turned around to see their rat sensei standing outside the dojo.

"So... what is it you don't want to tell me?" Splinter asked.

"Nothing?" Mikey tried to answer.

"So there isn't anything you'd like to tell me about your excursion to the surface last night?" Splinter continued to press.

"Mmmmm, not really no," Leo answered.

Splinter paused for a moment.

"Then you would not mind a little extra training tonight."

"Um..." Raph pondered. "Sure. What like sparring, or a few more katas?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of... The Hashi."

This got the turtles standing up in surprise.


"And we're out." Vernon, April's cameraman, stated as he lowered his camera. "Nice job April."

"Thanks Vernon." April responded. "Come on, I want to have enough film for the next interview."

With that, the two walked off towards their news van outside.

"So," Vernon started. "Irma said you went to cover some robbery last night and vanished."

"Oh yeah. That," She responded a bit nervously.

"So what happened?" he asked.

April hesitated, fearing how he would respond to her answer.

"I... found some Purple Dragons robbing a store."

"Really?" he questioned. "You saw a robbery in progress and just left?"

"Well..." she tried to respond, "Not exactly. I was...kinda...caught."

"Well how did you get away?"

"Uh... I was saved by some heroic citizens that were passing by," She answered as they walked out the door. "And who says everyone in the big apple looks the other way, right?"

"And you didn't consider that newsworthy?" Vernon asked as he opened up the back of the news van.

"Well these guys are... difficult to talk about."

"How difficult."

"Difficult to the point that if I take this to Burne, I might as well clear out my office tonight."

This caught Vernon a bit.

"I see." He responded slowly. "So... what are they... aliens or something?"

"Very funny," April responded sarcastically. "No they're... well it's hard to describe them."

"Try me."

"Look, can we talk about this later?" April asked, getting a bit fed up with the topic of discussion. "We have a job to do here."

"Alright, fine."

"Get setup in the lobby," she instructed heading back inside. "I'll find Dr. Stockman."


"Anyone else feel like we're getting punished?"

At this point the turtles were inclined to agree with Michelangelo. Each one of them was set up in a very precarious position. Leo had his legs split on two separate blocks while holding small balls with chopsticks. Raph was knitting while balancing on a small tricycle with one foot. Donnie was crouching on a spinning platform while bouncing a ping pong ball back and forth with paddles. Mikey was doing a handstand on a swivel chair that was spinning around.

"Nonsense," Splinter brushed off. "The Hashi is a time honored training method. It teaches endurance, discipline, and balance of both body and mind. There is no reason not to partake in its challenge... Unless there is something you want to tell me about last night."

"Something we want to tell you?" Mikey asked.

"Of course not Sensei," Leo persisted. "We just went out for a bit, found out what pizza is and came back home."

"Are you certain?" Splinter asked almost sarcastically.

"Positive," Leo answered, sporting a nervous grin on his face.

Splinter just looked at him for a moment.

"Very well," He responded before walking out of the room. The turtles looked at each other with nervous looks on their faces.

"Think it's cool to stop now?" Mikey asked, starting to get tired.

"I wouldn't risk it," Leo suggested.

"Guys, I'm starting to wonder if all this is worth it," Donnie confessed. "Maybe we should just tell Sensei."

"Tell him what?" Raph asked, sounding aggravated. "That we got discovered by a news reporter on our very first trip to the surface? Do you have any idea what he'd do to us? It'll make this seem tame."

"Let's just keep cool here." Leo suggested. "We'll be fine as long as no one breaks."

"I ain't breakin 'if Donnie's not breakin." Raph said, continuing to knit.

"A little nauseous," Donnie confessed, still spinning. "But still not breaking."

"Mikey?" Leo asked.

"Relax guys," Mikey reassured. "I am in the zone right now. There is literally nothing that can break me right now." Right after he said that, a pizza box landed on a table right in front of Mikey. "Starting to break."

"Leonardo told me you experienced pizza for the first time last night," Splinter said with a strange tone to his voice. "I must say, you made an excellent choice for your first food on the surface. This is my personal favorite."

With a dramatic flip of the box, he opened it to reveal a large pizza. Covered with cheese, pepperoni, and a larger crust then the one the turtles had last night.

"What is it?" Mikey asked, mesmerized.

"This is a five cheese pizza," Splinter informed.

"Mikey!" Raph yelled.

"With pepperoni," Splinter continued taking a slice out of the box. Mikey licked his lips in desire.

"Don't you dare!" Donnie ordered.

"And stuffed crust." Splinter finished taking a bite.

Finally Mikey had enough.

"Okay, okay!" Mikey finally relented. "On our way home we saw some guys robbing a place! We kicked their butts and got our picture taken by a reporter named April O'Neil! But we took care of it!"

Splinter was dumbstruck by what his son just said.


The yell was so great it caused the four turtles to fall off their respective activities on top of one another.

"It's not that big a deal Sensei," Leo tried to reassure. "Donnie was able to erase the photo so we should be good."

"The fact that you were seen at all is reason enough for things not to 'Be good'." "You are ninja. You live in the shadows. In secrecy. This becomes impossible when there is proof of your existence for the world to see."

"So what should we do Sensei?"

"... Nothing."

All four turtles looked at each other with confusion.

"Nothing?" they all asked at once.

"This is a delicate situation," He explained walking out of the room. "We can't afford to let anyone else see you. So until this incident blows over... you are grounded."

With that Splinter closed the door, leaving the turtles alone with this. Their thoughts were interrupted at the sound of Mikey eating the pizza Splinter left. They all turned to him, watching him chew.

"Well that could've been worse."


April was walking through the halls of Stock-Tronics looking for Stockman's office. While well-lit and well kept, she couldn't help but get an ominous feel about the place. The place felt cold, and empty. Finally she reached two large double doors that had a sign next to them that said

'Baxter Stockman, CEO' on it. April smiled at the sight of her destination. She walked towards the door and was about to knock when she heard voices coming from inside.

"I can assure you that everything is proceeding on schedule." A voice that sounded like Stockman said.

"I should hope so," An unknown, gravely, and threatening voice responded over what she assumed was a phone or computer. "Considering how much money I have invested in this 'project'."

April leaned against the door trying to hear the conversation better.

"I promise master, this will be money well spent. Provided I get my cut of course."

"Do not presume too much Stockman. When will the next wave of Mousers be ready?"

"As we speak 250 mousers are finishing construction. They will be ready for deployment momentarily."

"250?" April questions in whisper. "That's a bit excessive."

"Do not disappoint me Stockman. Or you won't live to regret it."

April gasped at that statement. She slowly backed away, about to leave, but another sound caused her to stop in her tracks. It sounded like some kind of door opening and closing. April took a chance, slowly opening the door to his office and peaking inside. To her surprise, there was no one there, despite there being no other doors in the room. She slipped inside, making her way to the computer to see what Stockman was talking about.

"Let's find out what you're really using these Mousers for."

She started pouring through several files and reports on the computer's mainframe, not finding much in regards to a larger plan. Finally, her eyes caught sight of a mysterious logo that looked like a red dragon's foot. Curious, she decided to click on it. This caused the bookcase on the wall to open up, revealing a secret elevator inside. April's eyes widened in surprise at this revelation. Feeling she had come too far to turn back now, she went over to the elevator and stepped inside, wondering just what she had gotten herself into.


Back in the lair, Donnie peered outside his room and looked around. It seemed everyone was asleep by this point. Once he was sure he was alone, he bolted towards the entrance. Just as he reached it however, Raphael landed right in front of him.

"Raph!" He screamed, screeching to a halt. Once he stopped, he tried regaining his composure rubbing the back of his neck. "Hi, uh... nice night isn't it?"

"Yeah," Raph answered coyly. "For a walk."

Donnie froze. He knew Raph knew his plan. So rather than fight it, he breathed and prepared to confess.

"Alright I admit it. I'm going over to Stock-Tronics to find April O'Neil. Just to see if she has any other photos of us."

"Thought so. But why go it alone?"

"Well Leo would disapprove of the plan, Mikey wouldn't be much help, and... let's face it, you don't have the best people skills."

"Even so, I'm coming with. If for any other reason, then to keep you out of trouble."

Donnie shrugged.

"Alright, but let me do the talking. Now let's go before the others realize we're gone."

"Too late for that."

The two turned around to see Leo and Mikey standing outside the doorway to the lair.

"What? You thought you were the only one with the same idea?" Leo asked.

"Thought you wouldn't approve," Donnie confessed.

"I don't, but I figured since you wouldn't leave the idea be, might as well make sure you get through it in one piece."

"I see. What about you Mikey?"

"I'm just happy to be part of the group." Mikey admitted.

"Ok," Leo started. "We go to Stock-Tronics, Find April O'Neil, destroy any photos of us, make sure she can't get anymore, and get out. Nothing more nothing less."

"We get the deal, Leo," Raph said, annoyed. "Let's just go."

With that, the turtles went out to find April O'Neil.


Who at present, was in a secret elevator, unsure of her destination and what she'd find there. Finally, the elevator reached its destination and opened up. April slowly walked out, slowly walking towards a nearby window. She looked out to see a massive assembly line creating countless mousers efficiently and expediently.

"I don't care how bad the city's rat problem is," She said to herself, walking up to a nearby terminal. "This is beyond excessive. What are you really up to Stockman?"

April looked out the window again to see a small group of mousers coming inside from what looked like an entrance to the sewers. Once they stopped, each of them opened up a small compartment on their backs and large amounts of money and jewelry fell out.

"Where did..." Suddenly a realization popped into her head. "Wait a minute. The mysterious rash of robberies... that was him!"

"Guilty as charged."

April turned around in shock, seeing Stockman walking up to her.

"I must say, your reputation as a reporter doesn't give you enough credit, Miss O'Neil."

"So this is why you've created so many of these things? To steal?"

"Indeed. And as you can see, they're going to make me a very rich and powerful man."

"But you already are one. The Mousers by themselves would make you rich and famous on their own. Why do all this?"

"Why settle for a few clams when the whole world is my oyster," Stockman gloated while discreetly reaching into his pocket for a remote. "And as you can see, the pearls are quite lovely."

"You won't get away with this!" April shouted, unaware that the window behind her had opened up and a robotic claw was positioned right behind her.

"Oh such spirit April," Stockman complimented pressing one final button on his remote. "You truly will be missed."

"What do you-"

Before she could answer, the claw grabbed her from behind and pulled her out of the observation room over the mousers. She tried struggling but it was no use. She was then dropped onto the mouser assembly line and landed with a grunt. As she slowly got up, she noticed all the Mousers on the line were activating, and looking in her direction.

"I'm so sorry to do this Ms. O'Neil," Stockman said in a sarcastic apologetic tone as he typed away on the keyboard. "But you've seen too much and... I have trust issues."

April slowly backed away as the mousers moved towards her. Seeing a fire extinguisher on the wall nearby, she grabbed it and hit a mouser on the head with it, effectively crushing it. Another mouser came towards her and she tried it again. This time, the mouser grabbed the fire extinguisher with its mouth and crushed it. The resulting smoke blinded the mousers. This gave April enough time to make a mad dash to the sewer entrance the mousers came out of. Once their vision was restored, the mousers gave chase to April.


The turtles continued down the sewer tunnel in their efforts to seek out Stock-Tronics. Though it seemed slow going.

"Do we have any idea where we're going?" Raph griped.

Donnie took a look at his map to get their bearings.

"Well, Stock-Tronics is on 3rd street," he observed. "And we seem to be... about three blocks out."

Mikey took a sniff of the air and immediately proceeded to plug his nose.

"Smells like we're right up Main Street to me," He joked, chuckling.

The other groaned at the bad joke.

"Mikey... that's just disgusting," Leo commented

"What?" Mikey asked.

"Come on," Leo commanded, changing the subject. "Let's move."

With that, the turtles continued forward.


April meanwhile was running for her life. She looked behind her seeing a vacant sewer tunnel. Though it looked like she had lost the mousers, she could still hear the sound of metal footsteps closing in on her, so she kept running.

Once she had turned a corner, she rested against a wall in hopes of catching her breath. Even if just for a moment. This rest was cut short however when the footsteps sounded like they were getting closer. She peered around the corner to see the horde of mousers coming towards her at an alarming speed. Wasting no time, she got up and continued running.


"Alright we're almost there," Donnie announced.

"So, has anyone thought about what we're going to do once we get there?" Raph asked. "Set up an appointment with the front desk?"

"We'll think of something," Leo responded, sounding annoyed. "Right now let's just worry about getting there."

Just as they rounded the next corner, Donnie and Raph ran right into April, causing the three to fall to the ground.

"Hey we found her," Mikey noted as the three got up.

As April got to her feet, she couldn't believe she was seeing the four turtles again.

"What the..." she said startled, "You guys again?"

"Yeah that's us," Donnie answered.

"Alright, Ms. O'Neil," Leo started. "There are some things we need to discuss."

"No time for that now!" she exclaimed, getting behind Donnie and Raph. "They're after me!"

"They?" Mikey asked, feeling confused.

"Who's they?" Leo also inquired.

April pointed in the direction they came in. Just then, the sound of footsteps was heard by all. The turtles got in a fighting stance prepared to attack as April's pursuer came around the corner. They eased up in confusion to find it was a lone Mouser robot.

"That's it?" Raph asked. "That's what's got ya all spooked?"

"Aww," Mikey exclaimed, walking over to it. "It's kinda cute."

Mikey reached out his hand to pet it, but quickly retracted it when it tried to bite it.

"He drew his Nunchaku and bashed the mouser on the head repeatedly. He stopped once he was sure it was destroyed and turned towards the others.

"Well that was easy," He commented.

The turtles smiled in relief. But those smiles faded almost immediately. Mikey looked behind him to see several mousers rounding the corner towards him. Mikey quickly drew his other Nunchaku as his brothers drew their own respective weapons and charged towards the mousers. April backed away a bit to stay out of the way of the turtles.

Leo leapt forward slicing mousers at the head as he went. Once he landed, he continued to slice at each mouser that surrounded him.

One mouser bit into Donatello's Bo Staff. Donnie then proceeded to raise it into the air and slam it into the ground, destroying it.

"I must admit, I hate to destroy such amazing technology." Donnie confessed. "And these mousers are incredible. I mean the servo mechanics, the circuitry, the articulation..."

"Yeesh Donnie, why don't you just marry one?" Raph asked, sounding irritated.

Raph then proceeded to stab two mousers through the head, then smashed the two together destroying them.

Mikey continued bashing mousers with his nunchucks while backing away from them until he was back to back with Leo.

"These things are so annoying," Mikey complained before turning to Leo. "How do we stop these guys?"

"I find slicing their heads off works pretty well," Leo answered before decapitating a Mouser.

"Great idea," Mikey complimented sarcastically while swatting away another mouser. "For the turtles with the blades."

"Then drive em over here.! Raph called as Donnie used his Bo to bat a Mouser over to Raph who proceeded to stab it with his sai. "We'll slice and dice."

And it went on like that for a bit. Sliced by a sword, Bashed with a Bo Staff, stabbed with a Sai, and chucked against a wall by nunchucks, the turtles made quick work of the mousers until they were all scrap metal. April walked towards the turtles as they sheathed their weapons.

"Uh...Wow." She remarked. "Thanks. You saved my life."

"Uh... no trouble." Donnie answered a touch nervously.

He spun his staff a bit before planing it on the ground to balance, only for it to hit some sewer sludge, causing him to slip and fall to the ground. He quickly picked himself up, trying to act nonchalant about it.

"Like I said, no trouble."

"So what's the deal with you and the Mousers?" Raph asked.

"Yeah I thought Baxter Stockman created them to help the city's rat problem," Donnie interjected.

"So did I," April added. "But I got suspicious when I heard Stockman talking to someone he called 'master'."

This got the turtles attention.

"Turns out Stockman's got hundreds of mousers in the sub-levels of his lab, and he's got them stealing cash and jewelry from all over the city."

"I think I remember something about a string of robberies across town," Leo recalled.

"Yeah and he's the brains behind it," April confirmed. "When I found out what he had planned, he sent those things to kill me."

"Oh that is low," Donnie commented.

"Yeah," Mikey confirmed. "And we live in the sewer."

"I think it best we shut down Mouser Central," Raph declared drawing his sai. "Permanently."

"But how are you gonna get in there?" April asked. "The entrance is hidden. Plus I have to admit I wasn't really paying attention to directions when I was running for my life."

Everyone stopped for a moment to ponder their options. Their thoughts were interrupted however when they heard something from the pile of mouser parts. Evidently one mouser survived and was pulling itself out of the wreckage.

"I got this." Raph declared, about to move forward.

Just then Donnie stepped in front of him.

"Hold it Raph!" he shouted before walking over to it. "I think I have an idea."

He picked it up before it had a chance to go anywhere or bite into anything.

"Raph, toss me a sai," He requested.

"You sure you know what you're doing?" Raph asked, complying with his brother's request.

"Trust me," Donnie reassured, taking the sai and using it to pry open a panel on the underside of the robot. "I just need a few minutes."

A few minutes later, Don closed up the panel and set the Mouser back on the ground. It then walked in the direction it came from.

"So whatcha do exactly?" Raph asked, taking his sai back.

"I rewired its processor so that it thinks it has a return command. We should be able to follow it to Stockman's lab."

"Then let's go!" Mikey yelled. "That little guy's faster than he looks."

The four turtles and April gave chase after the robot so they could find the mad scientist laboratory he called home.


At last they reached the sewer entrance to Stockman's lab. They could tell because the mouser kept running into one of the sewer walls.

"Well, this is it." Donnie observed.

"So what now?" Leo asked.

"There should be an electronic lock on this side of the wall." Donnie exposited. "If I can find it, I know I can hack it and get the door open."

"Awesome!" Mikey yelled.

"What about me?" April asked.

"I'm afraid this is as far as you go," Leo informed.

"Yeah," Raph confirmed. "We can handle this sort of thing. You can't."

"Oh..." She said, sounding somewhat disappointed. "Alright. Well... thanks again."

With that, April walked away from the turtles down the sewer pipe.

"So what do we do when we get in there?" Leo asked. "Odds are Stockman's got a ton of security in there, and I think we've been seen on enough cameras as is."

"Don't worry guys," Donnie reassured, reaching into his belt pulling out some egg shells. "I've whipped up a little something to make us undetectable."

"Sorry Donnie, but I think someone already invented the egg," Mikey commented.

"Oh these are not mere eggs Michelangelo," Donnie corrected, sounding proud of his work. "They are in fact: Ninja Smoke Bombs!"

Mikey was awestruck of what he just heard.

"Shut up," He said with a smile on his face.


Stockman was inputting a new set of commands into the mousers when a communication came in on his computer screen. He looked to see a shadowy figure with the dragon foot symbol on the wall in the background. Stockman immediately recognized who it was.

"Ah Master, I must admit, I'm surprised to hear from you again."

"I had just received a security report that your facility had been breached."

"Just a minor annoyance. One I've already dealt with. Nothing you need concern yourself about. In fact, I was just about to send the Mousers on another errand."

"Excellent. It would seem you do have things under control."

"I'm insulted you ever thought I didn't."

"Just be sure you maintain control. I guarantee you won't enjoy the results otherwise."

With that, the Master ended the transmission leaving Stockman to his work.

"Pompous fool," stockman griped. "He knows I'm indispensable to his organization. And yet-"

Before Stockman could finish his thought, the sewer entrance started opening up. Stockman looked over to see a lone mouser come in from the sewers.

"What on..."

Just then, the mouser's mouth opened, dropping several egg shells that were inside it. As the egg shells hit the floor, they exploded in a large purple cloud of smoke that consumed the entire lower floor. Stockman was dumbstruck by this development. He tried looking at the cameras to see what was going on, but all he could make out were four figures quickly moving through the cloud of smoke. What followed was the sound of small flying metal objects as the monitors went dark one by one.

"What the-"

Before he could finish, he heard the sound of glass breaking behind him. He turned around to see four human sized turtles standing before him, each wielding a different ninja weapon.

"Your reign of terror is over Stockman!" Leo declared.

"Yeesh you been practicing that?" Raph asked, surprised by his brother's choice of phrase.

"Yeah, you like it?" Leo asked.

"What are you?" Stockman asked, perplexed by the creatures standing before him. "Mutant… turtles?"

"That's right," Leo replied, striking a pose. "We're the turtles of justice!"

"Wow…" Raph let out, facepalming. "I mean… wow."

"What? We're the heroes here. That's how heroes talk."

"It doesn't matter," Stockman replied, regaining his composure. "I'll find out during the dissection."

"Hate to break it to ya 'Doc'," Raph retorted. "But it's four to one, and you don't exactly look like the physical type. What exactly are you gonna do?"

"I was thinking," Stockman began to respond, adjusting his glasses. "This!"

He reached over to his computer and pressed a button. The turtles were puzzled by this until they heard some kind of machine activating above them. Suddenly a laser shot out of it right at the turtles. After a quick scream, they leaped out of the way and onto the assembly floor.

"Lasers!" Donnie shouted. "He's got lasers!"

"Come on!" Mikey complained. "How is that fair?"

The laser fired at them again and the turtles scattered.


April continued walking down the sewer tunnel looking for a way to the surface. She was still trying to wrap her mind around the events that had just transpired. Four mutant turtles, killer robots, a respected scientist turning out to be a mad man. This was way too much for one woman to take in in one day. Finally she found a ladder leading to the surface. She let out a sigh of relief as she reached out for it, but right before she grabbed it, a thought sprung to mind. Those turtles just risked their lives to save her, and were about to do so again to stop Stockman's evil scheme. And what was she doing? Running away.

She felt like she had to help them, but how?


The turtles were scrambling to stay alive. Raph as fast as he could to avoid the oncoming laser. He dove behind a support column last minute to avoid the blast.

The laser fired several shots at Michelangelo. So much so that he didn't really have an opening to run. What he could do was spin on the ground, break dancer style to avoid the blasts. Until finally, he got enough of an opening to leap behind a column close to Raph's.

Donnie kept flipping out of the way of the blasts until he landed next to another column. He managed to duck behind it just as a blast sliced the tip of his staff off. Don looked at his weapon in shock thinking that almost could've been him.

"Dude, your weapon got fried!" Mikey commented.

"Yeah I noticed." Don retorted.

Leo meanwhile was running from several blasts until he took shelter behind a column far from his brothers. He leaned against the support trying to come up with a plan. Just then, he got an idea. He looked down at his sword and flipped it so he could see his reflection, and he smiled.

"Well I always wanted to be a Jedi." He said to himself before rounding the corner.

The machine fired its laser at him, but Leo used his sword to reflect the beam right back at the machine, causing it to explode. Stockman and the turtles shielded their faces from the explosion. Once it died out, the other turtles went over to their brother.

"That will give Stockman something to reflect on." Leo quipped, causing groans from his brothers.

"Leo, you are officially becoming Mikey," Raph commented.

"Oh come on, that sounded cool." Leo tried to argue.

Before the argument could continue all the mousers on the assembly line floor turned on, and turned to the turtles. They all charged toward them. The turtles circled up with weapons drawn. Each Mouser that came toward them was quickly dispatched with Leo slicing their heads off, Don bashing their heads with what was left of his staff, Raph stabbing them on the head or body, and Mikey pounding them into the ground.

"Fight all you want," Stockman taunted. "You can't hold back them all."

"He might be right." Mikey admitted still swinging his chucks. "There's a lot more here than last time."

"If we fall, we fall fighting." Leo declared, gripping his swords.

"Oh you will fall," Stockman continued to gloat. "Fall before the genius of Baxter Sto-"

Before he could finish, he was hit on the head by a fire extinguisher wielded by April, causing him to fall unconscious. Once he was out, April ran over to the console.

"Guys!" April called out.

"April?" the turtles called back in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Donnie asked as a mouser jumped up and bit into the middle part of his staff. Raph was quick to stab it causing it to fall to the ground.

"Trying to save you guys." She responded while working on the computer.

"No offense April," Leo began to say. "But I don't think there anything you can-"

Before Leo could finish, he heard the sound of machines shutting down. He looked back at the mousers to see their movements slowing to a standstill and the lights in their eyes turn off. The turtles sheave their weapons and look at the sight in surprise.

"Still think I can't handle it?" April asked climbing down a ladder towards the turtles.

"Well uh..." Leo stuttered for a second. "Thanks."

"Wait, aren't you a news reporter?" Raph asked. "How could you hack these things?"

"Well my dad is a computer genius and he wanted me to follow in his footsteps, so he taught me a few things." April explained getting off the ladder and onto the ground.

"That is amazingly awesome," Donnie complimented awestruck.

"Thanks." April responded.

Unbeknownst to them, Stockman was regaining consciousness. He was able to reach the keyboard and hit a few keys before making his way to the door.

Back below, the mousers all started activating again. The turtles and April looked down at the mousers and saw they were on, but not moving. There was also a high pitched sound emanating from them.

"Uh... Donnie?" Raph asked. "What's going on?

"Well judging by the flashing lights, I'd assume they're experiencing power fluxuations that-" Donnie started to hypothesize.

"Donnie!" Raph yelled, interrupting him.

"They're gonna blow!" Donnie screamed.

With that, the turtles and April bolted towards the sewer entrance. As they ran, each of the mousers blew up one at a time, causing major damage to the lab. As the group made it to the sewers, Donnie made his way to the door and sealed it before the explosion could get to them. All five stopped for a moment to catch their breath.

"Well, that was exciting." Mikey commented.

That earned a bit of a laugh from everyone.

"Yeah." April agreed. "So, do you guys know a way out of here?"

"Just follow us." Donnie offered.

The turtles headed off in one direction and April followed, still marveling at her newfound friends.


After a bit of walking, the turtles and April found a ladder leading up to the surface.

"Well April," Donnie said. "This is your stop."

"Thanks." April responded. "Though I have to ask, why were you guys coming to find me?"

"Well after our last encounter we just wanted to be sure you didn't have any other photos on us." Leo explained.

"Actually," April responded, pulling up the photo on her phone. "I do."

The turtles were shocked to see her actually delete the photo.

"But not anymore."

"You sure about that?" Raph asked. "'Giant turtles thwart mad scientist' sounds like a pretty impressive story."

"Hey you guys saved my life, and stopped Stockman from robbing the city blind. It's the least I can do." April explained.

"Thanks April." Donnie said gratefully.

With that, April smiled back before going up the ladder. Once she went up to the surface, the turtles made their way back home.


"I mean, she could've just left then and there. We wouldn't have blamed her, but she came back." Donnie praised as they came closer to their lair. "And she was able to shut down the Mousers herself. I mean she looks like that and is super smart? Awesome."

"Uh oh. Looks like Donnie's got a girlfriend," Mikey teased.

"I do not!"

"Shh!" Leo shushed as they entered the lair. "Will you be quiet!? If Splinter catches us-"

"Relax," Raph tried to reassure. "Sensei's probably fast asleep by now. We have nothing to worry about."

At that very moment, the lights for the lair turned on and the turtles saw Master Splinter standing outside the dojo as though he were waiting for them.

"Ah! Sensei!" Leo shouted.

"And where have you been?" Splinter asked.

"Nowhere?" Raph nervously answered.

"What happened to Donatello's Bo Staff?" Splinter continued to question observing the state of Donnie's weapon.

"Oh that." Donnie answered, noticing his weapon's condition. "W-Well it was..."

"...Hit..." Leo finished.

"...By a..." Raph continued.

...Bus?" Mikey concluded with a full teeth smile.

This earned a raised eyebrow from Splinter. Donnie just chuckled nervously as he scotched over to Mikey.

"Hit by a bus?" Donnie whispered, leaning over to his younger brother.

"Well what was I supposed to say?" Mikey asked back. "Meteor? Cow? Flying building?"

The two glared at each other for a moment.

"Enough!" Splinter shouted, causing the turtles to all stand upright.

"Tell me what happened." He demanded.


The next few minutes were filled with the turtles explaining their tale about how the met April, fended off a ton of mouser robots, and thwarted Baxter Stockman's plans for the mousers and the city. Once they had finished, Splinter stroked his goatee, pondering the story his sons had told.

"Very interesting." Splinter commented. "While I am displeased yet another human knows our secret..."

That caused the turtles to worry a bit.

"...However, you displayed cunning and determination tonight. Of that, I am pleased."

That made the turtles let out a sigh of relief.

"Does this mean we're not grounded anymore?" Leo asked.

Splinter paused for a moment.

"... I suppose." He finally answered.

This caused smiles from all four turtles.

"But I expect double kata's from all of you this week. No exceptions!"

The turtles smiles faded, but they bowed in respect regardless. With that, Splinter retreated to his room, while the four turtles walked out of the dojo.

"Man, we sure got lucky that time," Leo commented.

"Gotta admit though," Mikey spoke up. "It was pretty cool. Stopping a mad scientist. Saving the city. Doing something for the greater good."

"Greater good?" Raph questioned. "What, are you running for office?"

"Hey, I'm just saying, we did a good thing. You gotta admit that's pretty cool," Mikey paused for a moment. "Hey… why don't we make this our thing!"

"What are you talking about?" Donnie inquired.

"Be heroes. We could go out on patrol, fight bad guys, help the helpless, rescue the… rescue-less."

"It's finally happened," Raph put together. "Mikey's cracked."

"Hang on guys," Leo interrupted. "Mikey might be onto something."

"Ha!" Mikey boasted.

"Leo, you can't be serious," Raph commented. "We're ninjas, not superheroes."

"We still need to stick to the shadows," Leo insisted. "But that doesn't mean we still can't find ways to help people. Master Splinter used to tell us stories about ninjas that served as protectorates of their villages, defending innocents that were oppressed by corrupt Samurai. We could carry on that tradition."

"Well…" Donnie pondered. "The idea does have merit. Besides, if we hadn't stepped in, April would've been Mouser chow and Stockman would be robbing the city blind."

"And who knows what could happen next time," Mikey added.

"Exactly," Leo agreed. "So, are we all in agreement?"

"I'm in!" Mikey cheered.

"Same," Donnie agreed.

"Eh, it still sounds a little silly to me," Raph commented.

"It would mean more surface time," Leo told him. "And more butts to kick."

The thought made Raph perk up.

"On second thought… sounds like fun. Let's do it!"

"And I had another thought," Donnie piped up. "Maybe April could help us with this. I mean, she helped us before."

"I think we'll need to run that by her first, but other than that, I think it's a great idea."


In a major city skyrise, Baxter Stockman walked into a room which resembled traditional Japanese design. Behind him was Hun, escorting him in, and in front of him was Nakumo sitting with legs crossed in front of a small table. Behind him was a metal staircase that lead to a black throne that towered over the rest of the room.

"Nakumo, I-" Stockman started to say.

"Silence!" Nakumo interrupted. "The Master wishes to speak to you personally."

Nakumo then pressed a button on the table that raised a screen on one side of the room. The screen turned on showing the master that Stockman had spoken to earlier that same day.

"Master." Nakumo greeted, bowing in respect.

"Nakumo. What is it?" the Master asked.

"Stockman's operation has failed." Nakumo explained. "The Mousers were destroyed."


"Relax Master." Stockman tried to reassure. "It's just a minor setback. With your continued funding, the project can begin again. I can get production online and fully operational by oh… Monday morning."

"I do not think you understand the severity of your situation, Stockman. You have failed me. And with failure comes punishment. Hun!"

At the sound of hearing his name called, Hun walked over and picked up Stockman by the lab coat and started carrying him out the door.

"Hey! Unhand me you brute!" he screamed. "Let me go! I demand you let me-"

The doors closed behind them before he could finish. After they were gone, a second screen lowered and a technician came in with a destroyed Mouser head.

"This will give us the last image the mouser optics recorded." Nakumo said as the image was displayed on the screen.

Nakumo and his Master were shocked to see four humanoid turtles wielding ninja weapons displayed on screen.

"Turtles..." Nakumo let out. "So they do exist."

"I am assuming these 'creatures' have been reported before."

"Yes." Nakumo confirmed. "They interfered in an operation the Purple Dragons were conducting yesterday. What would you suggest we do?"

"Track them down. If these 'turtles' insist on interfering with our plans, they must be removed. Permanently!"