Ever have a nightmare that seems to cling to reality, even after you've woken up? Well, welcome to our worst nightmare come true. My name's Karai, and three weeks ago, Leo went missing. We tore New York apart trying to find him, but to no avail. Then, Shredder challenged us all, calling us out and baiting us with information on Leo. We knew it was a trap, but we had to go. Several attempts on our lives later, Master Splinter and I faced off against the man I once called father, who delivered a piece of news that shook me to my core.

"Your treasured student is no more."

Splinter lost it, and he almost ended the Shredder once and for all. However, the last person we ever expected came to his aid: Leo! Not only was he dressed in foot garb, but he threw his own father aside, then delivered a chilling message of his own.

"I am no son of yours..."

The group was in utter shock by what they were seeing. Leonardo, alive, and dressed as a soldier of the Foot. The pieces of his mask fluttered to the ground, the warped turtle grinding them into the dirt under his heel.

"Leo..." Karai gasped. "What- What did they do to you?"

"Nothing was done to me," Leo responded. "I have just been tasked to bring you back home. Come willingly before I am forced to take drastic action."

He extended a hand, one once offered to her under much different circumstances. The parallels between the kind, blue turtle that had saved her, and this cold killer before her was enough to make her sick. Leo's eyes narrowed and his hand lowered.

"Master, your orders?" he called out.

The ninjas could hear the sadistic glee in Shredder's voice.

"Kill them all."

Hearing enough, Raph charged forward, drawing his sai and leaping towards Shredder. Before he could reach him though, Leo intercepted him, using his swords to block the attack. He managed to shove the red turtle off, causing Raph to skid across the floor.

"Leo, snap out of it!" Raph insisted. "Shredder's the bad guy! Not us!"

Leo just wordlessly spun his swords before charging at the group. He swung his blades down at Raph, forcing him to roll out of the way. He quickly got back up and used his sai to catch an oncoming sword from hitting him. As Leo tried pressing his attack, Donnie came up behind him, raising his staff as he prepared his electrical attack. Leo caught sight of this and swiftly dodged the attack, landing a devastating kick to Donnie's chest. Donnie fell backwards as Leo got up and prepared to plunge his sword into him. Before he could though, Mikey's chain wrapped around the blade, pulling it out of his hand.

"Bro, whatever's wrong with you, we can help," Mikey insisted, a desperate edge to his voice. "Just- Just stop fighting us!"

He swung his kusarigama again, this time aiming to restrain his brother. Leo just caught the weighted end, wrapping his around his arm before pulling hard on it. Mikey shot forward, allowing Leo to closeline him so he hit the ground hard.

As this went on, Shredder reclaimed his helmet and placed it back on, seeing Splinter watch the scene in utter disgust.

"Truly a son a father can be proud of," Shredder remarked before laughing maniacally.

"Saki…." Splinter let out, turning towards Shredder. "What have you done?!"

"Simply returning the favor. You stole a child from me, so I stole one from you. Now your favorite son is my ultimate weapon."

As if to prove his new master correct, Leo effortlessly deflected a blow from Donnie, throwing him into Mikey before turning to grapple with Raph. Fortunately, Raph managed to use his sai to knock his remaining sword out of his hands, allowing him to force Leo to the defensive. This entire time, Karai just stared in utter shock, her body rooted to the ground where she stood.

"Come on, bro," Raph begged through gritted teeth. "Come back! Fight whatever the hell Shred-head did to you!"

"Master Shredder did nothing to me!" Leo insisted, blocking Raph's blows.

Raph growled and used his sai to finally disarm Leo, throwing his blades to the side. He moved in to try and pin Leo down, but that's when a pair of tekko kagi claws extended from a gauntlet on the bespelled turtle's right wrist. He slashed upward, the blade carving through Raph's plastron like it was nothing, ripping into his shoulder and a good ways deep into his chest. Raph cried out in agony as he dropped to the ground, clutching his shoulder as blood poured from the twin gashes. Seeing the blood finally snapped Karai out of her daze and she charged, plowing into Leo.

"Mikey, Smoke Bombs!" she screamed. "We need to go!"

Mikey chucked several smoke bombs at the ground, covering their escape. Seeing the smoke, Splinter broke off from Shredder, fleeing with his family. As the smoke cleared, Leo and Shredder were alone in the ruined lair.

"They're escaping, Master!" Leo exclaimed, flipping onto his feet.

"Let them go," Shredder told him. "Their spirits are broken, and soon, they will all fall before us, and Karai will be mine once more."

Shredder just let out a maniacal cackle as Leo stood beside his master, glaring into the darkness of the sewers as his brother's blood dripped from his claws.

April walked into her living room, where Casey was laid up on the couch. He made room for her as she sat down next to him, some chicken soup in bowls for the both of them.

"Eat up," she insisted. "I know you're sick of soup, but the doctor said to stay away from solid foods until your stitches were out."

"Yeah, yeah," Casey replied, taking the bowl. "Thanks again for this. You know… takin' care of me and all."

"Hey, you'd do the same for me. Besides, I need to make sure you don't do something reckless and pop your stitches."

Casey chuckled in response.

"Yeah, that sounds like me. I mean, I already popped them twice trying to get out of bed when I learned what was going on."

"Which is why you're still not fully healed, even after three weaks."

They shared an awkward laugh, then their faces fell a bit.

"You think he's okay?" April asked.

"Course he is, April. It's Leo we're talking about. If anyone can hold his own against ole bucket head, it's-"

A loud banging on the window cut off their conversation, making them both jump. Both dropped their soup, April grabbing her tonfas from where they hung on her belt, and Casey snagging a bat from beside the couch.

"April!" Donnie's voice cried from the window, sounding panicked. "April, open up!"

Realizing who it was, April dropped her weapons and opened up the window, just barely getting out of the way as the entire clan came barreling inside. Before she could ask what was going on, Raph came in, a large chunk of Master Splinter's robe being pressed to the dual gashes on his shoulder, soaked red with blood.

"Oh my god," she let out. "What happened?"

Donnie shook his head, leading Raph over to the couch. Casey quickly vacated, letting Raph lie down.

"I need a needle, some iodine, thread… and a pair of pliers," Donnie instructed.

April nodded, rushing to get everything he needed. Casey took that moment to take stock of everything. He saw Karai's shell shocked expression, the rage and heartbreak in Splinter's eyes, and the very familiar wounds that Donnie was trying hard to fix on Raph.

"You found him, didn't you?" Casey realized. "Leo, I mean. And Shred-head stopped you from saving him."

"... something like that," Donnie replied.

Finally, Donnie managed to patch up Raph, who was now sporting a massive crack in his plastron underneath several bandages. A large chunk of his shell was now sitting among several bloody cloths in the garbage, as well as Splinter's robe, a new one having been brought to him by April.

"What happened to you guys?" April finally asked. "What did Shredder do?"

There was a morbid silence for a good minute, no one speaking. Then finally, they heard Karai speak up, her voice barely a whisper.

"Leo… he… he brainwashed him..."

"What?!" April and Casey let out.

"It's true," Mikey confirmed. "Leo's gone full Dark Side…"

"He's the one that tried to carve me to pieces," Raph spoke up, rubbing his bandages solemnly. "He didn't even hesitate..."

"How…" April questioned. "How could he do this?"

"We don't know..." Donnie admitted. "Shredder had him for weeks, doing kami knows what to him..."

"That's messed up," Casey let out.

"Putting it mildly," Raph remarked, still wincing in pain. "So what do we do now?"

"Honestly… I dunno..." Donnie replied. "I mean, Leo was always the one to come up with the plans."

"Well, he ain't here," Raph told him. "So we need to come up with something, because I refuse to let our brother be a puppet for that-! That-!"

He let out a scream, flipping the coffee table hard.

"Raph, take it easy,"Donnie insisted. "You need to-"

"What I need is to get my brother back, and bury my sai in Shredder's black heart!"

"And it's that kind of hot headed attitude that got Leo under Shredder's control in the first place!"

"Guys stop!" Mikey begged. "Please, stop fighting! I can't take anymore fighting!"

"Michelangelo is right," Splinter spoke up. "This does nothing but accomplishes our enemies work for them. You are brothers… act like brothers."

There was a moment of silence amongst the group, then all of them just collapsed onto the ground. Raph buried his face in his hands, running his fingers across his skull.

"Don… I'm sorry," Raph finally spoke. "I shouldn't have snapped like that."

"I'm sorry too," Donnie replied. "I shouldn't have accused you like that. It's just… I don't know what we're gonna do without Leo on this one..."

Suddenly, Donnie let out a small chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Karai asked.

"Nothing, it's just… I just suddenly remembered this… this incident when we were kids. We were… 7? 8? I don't remember exactly, but I do remember that Master Splinter had found a broken RC car in the dump, and he gave it to me to tinker with. When I finally got it working, I wanted to take it out into the tunnels. Splinter said I could, but Leo had to go with me. Buddy system, you know?"

In the sewer, Leo watched as Donnie drove his remote control car up and down the tunnels. Donnie was laughing the entire time as he maneuvered the car, chasing it down the mildew covered brick.

"Pretty sweet, huh?" Donnie boasted. "Check out the turning radius!"

"Donnie, be careful, the brick is slick. You, or the car, could fall."

"Relax, I got this."

He quickly tried spinning the car around, but it ended up skidding on the ground before falling into the water.

"Tried to warn ya," Leo told him. "There's been too much rain lately." He then sighed, shaking his head. "I'd hate to see how bad you are with a real car."

"Hang on," Donnie replied, handing him the remote. "I'll be right back."

He ran over to the water where his car was, trying to reach for it. He grabbed a nearby stick and tried to use that to bring the car in close. Leo watched him, clearly nervous about the entire experience.

"Don, maybe you shouldn't do that. We can get you a new car."

"Don't worry, Leo. I've got everything under-"

Just then, some excess debris floated by, carrying the car away and knocking Donnie off balance. This caused him to fall into the water, much to Leo's horror.

"Donnie!" he called out, chasing after his brother.

Donnie tried to swim free, but the current proved too strong and the amount of debris in the water made it nearly impossible for him to move. He then fell down into a drainage junction, where his foot was caught under some debris as the water level continued to rise.

"Leo!" Donnie called out. "Help! I'm stuck!"

"Donnie!" Leo called back.

Not wasting a moment, Leo dove into the water, swimming towards where Donnie's leg was pinned. He grabbed hold of a piece of debris and pulled with all his might. Finally, just as the water got above Donnie's head, Leo finally managed to get his foot free. The two broke for the surface, scrambling for the edge of the brick before pulling themselves onto the safety of the ledge. The two breathed heavily as they laid out on the ground.

"What?" Donnie finally spoke. "You couldn't… get the car?"

After a second, Leo just splashed some water in his face.

"If Leo hadn't been there, I probably would have drowned. He really came through for me that day."

"And now he needs us to be there for him," Mikey added.

"But we don't even know where to start," April lamented. "We have no idea what Shredder did to him."

"What about the stuff we got from the Technodrome?" Mikey suggested. "Maybe there's something there about what they did with Leo?"

"It should," Donnie answered. "Assuming Leo hasn't shown Shredder where the lair is."

"No way, man," Mikey shot down. "If Leo's still in there, he'd keep our secrets safe."

"And what if he ain't?" Casey asked. "You guys said he seemed pretty lost."

"Yeah… but this is Leo we're talking about. He's got better focus than anybody. It's… it's like this time he was trying to perfect his katas when we were kids."

In the lair, Leo was perfecting a series of complex ninja moves. As he did so, Mikey happened to be walking by, jamming out to some music on an ipod. He paused when he saw his brother practicing, coming out of a kata before freezing in a perfect Crane pose. Noting this, he pulled down his headphones and walked over to Leo.

"Hey Leo, you seen my Gameboy anywhere?" Mikey asked.

Leo didn't move, not so much as twitching from his position. His eyes remained focused straight ahead, locked onto an unseen enemy with a focus unlike anything a 7 year old should be able to muster.

"Hello?" Mikey let out, waving a hand in his face. "Anyone home?"

Leo remained unmoved, much to Mikey's irritation.

"Dude, don't ignore me!"

When Leo still refused to move, Mikey took that as a challenge. He started by sticking his tongue out at Leo and making annoying noises, but this seemed to do nothing. Still undeterred, Mikey went off and got a balloon out of a nearby closet. He blew into it until it was fully inflated and held it up in front of Leo's face. Pulling a push pin out from behind his shell, he popped the balloon. Mikey couldn't help but flinch at the sound, but Leo didn't so much as blink.

Mikey just grumbled in irritation, but was still determined. He then fished out a pair of joke glasses with goofy eyes and a nose and mustache attached and placed them on Leo's face. He held up a mirror so his brother could see, but was once again met with nothing. His brother didn't even try to remove the stupid looking glasses. Seeing that it did nothing, Mikey removed the goofy glasses and decided on a different tactic. He grabbed two onions and juggled them in his hands before tossing them into his mouth. He scarfed them down before getting right into Leo's face and belching as hard as he could. Not so much as a recoil or a beak wrinkle.

Finally starting to get irritated, Mikey went over to the weapons rack, scanning for something he could work with. Finally, his eyes stopped on a nunchaku and he grinned. He grabbed it, approaching Leo with a mischievous chuckle.

"If I can't make you laugh or gag, I can at least make you say 'ow'."

He spun the weapon in his hand for a little bit, demonstrating his skill with it before finally swinging it at Leo. To his surprise, Leo caught it and quickly kicked Mikey's feet out from under him, allowing Leo to pin him to the ground.

"Oh, hi…" Mikey let out nervously. "Was I disturbing you?"

"When Leo sets his mind to something, nothing gets in his way," Mikey told them. "If anyone can fight back against Shredder's control, it's Leonardo."

"Mikey's right," Donnie insisted. "I mean, we have to believe that he's strong enough to fight this. He's our leader for a reason after all."

"I thought he was your leader because he asked to be," Casey spoke up.

"Yeah, well he might as well be," Raph remarked, trying to sit up.

"Come on, Raph-" Donnie tried to protest.

"No, Donnie. If he were really as sharp-minded as you guys say, we wouldn't be having this conversation, and I wouldn't be missing a chunk of shell!"

"That's enough!" Karai demanded.

"Well I say who needs 'im!" Raph declared, staggering to stand up. "We've gotten along just fine without him before, and we will now!"

Just as Raph was about to fall over, Mikey reached out and grabbed him, holding him tight. Raph tensed hard in his brother's grip, but the orange turtle didn't back down, hugging his brother while supporting him carefully.

"I miss him too," Mikey said quietly.

Raph's defenses quickly gave way, tears actually building up in his eyes, staining his mask. He sniffed, rubbing his eyes furiously before turning away. Mikey gently let him go and the red turtle sank back onto the couch. After a second, he let out a breath, then began talking.

"Back in the day, I always thought I was gonna be top turtle. I was the strongest, the bravest... Guess it was never in the cards for me, huh?"

"You do possess many leadership qualities, Raphael," Splinter told him. "You are courageous, kind, and loyal to a fault. However, your own temper and tendency to rush into danger holds you back from reaching your full potential."

"Yeah, I know..." Raph let out a snort. "I mean, even when I was a kid, I knew I was always gonna be second fiddle to Leo. Guess that's why I'm always arguing with him and stuff, even when I know I'm wrong. Like… there was this one time when we were, like, eight. We were playing Follow the Leader, and it was my turn, and being me, I did something stupid..."

As Raph and Leo made their way through the tunnels, they came up to a boarded off section of the sewer. There was a large DANGER sign nailed to the boards, but it was faded, and the boards were pretty rotten. Raph leapt down and began tearing the boards off so they could get through.

"Hey, Raph," Leo said nervously, "we're not supposed to go down there."

"Hey, it's my turn to lead," Raph dismissed as he tore more boards off. "You're not gonna chicken out, are ya Fearless?"

"N-no, but Splinter said-"

"Splinter says. Splinter says. If you wanna be a leader, ya gotta think for yourself. Now, catch me if ya can!"

Raph then crawled under the remaining boards and took off down the tunnel, prompting Leo to give chase after. Raph quickly hopped onto a broken board and rode it like a surfboard down the tunnel. Leo did the same, hoping to keep pace with his reckless brother. After a little bit, the tunnel came out to a massive drainage area, prompting Raph to leap off his board as he looked around.

"Dead end," he observed. "Must've taken a wrong turn."

"Then we should turn around and go back," Leo insisted. "We're not supposed to be here, and if Master Splinter finds out, we'll both be in trouble."

"Hey, what Master Splinter doesn't know won't hurt him. Besides, we're here, and nothing bad is happening. So what's the big deal?"

Just then, the water behind Raph exploded as a massive, albino alligator rose up from beneath the surface. It was easily five times the size of the turtle kids, and its roar nearly made them both pee their shells.

"Does that answer your question?!" Leo exclaimed. "Let's get out of here!"

"No way!" Raph protested. "This walkin handbag's intrudin' on our turf!"

"You're the intruder, shell for brains!" Leo insisted, grabbing his arm. "Now let's go!"

"Hey, I'm the leader this turn!" Raph protested, pulling his arm free.

The alligator then lunged at the two of them, prompting Raph to push Leo out of the way as he leapt backwards to avoid its strike. The alligator then turned towards Raph, snarling ferociously. Raph took this as a cue to leap towards the creature, grabbing onto its snout and holding on for dear life as it thrashed around violently. Leo's eyes tried to keep track of his brother, but the alligator was making it nearly impossible to do so.

"Raph!" Leo called out. "Raph, let go of that thing!"

"No way!" Raph called back as the alligator dunked him in the water. "I got him on the ropes! He's right where I-"

Finally, the alligator slammed Raph against the sewer wall, causing him to drop. Raph rubbed his head in pain as the alligator loomed over him. Raph backed away in fear, his eyes going wide as the alligator opened it's massive mouth. Not wanting to wait around anymore, Leo sprung into action and leapt onto the creature's back. He then jammed both of his fingers into the alligator's jaw, which caused it to roar again before collapsing back into the water.

"What… the shell?" Raph panted.

"Alligator pressure points," Leo explained, jumping down and landing in front of his brother. "Splinter taught them to me. Now, I think it's my turn."

"Heh, lead the way," Raph allowed as the two went off.

"Eh, I don't even know why I told that story," Raph commented. "I just… I mean…"

Splinter placed a hand on his shoulder.

"We understand my son."

Raph wiped his eyes again.

"I just… I'm scared, Sensei. He didn't even recognize me, and if we hadn't fled when we did..." his hand reached up to the bandages on his chest. "I know Leo's the best of us… that he's probably fighting back… but what if it isn't enough? What if..." Raph choked on his words as fresh tears filled his eyes.

"Don't," April cut off, crouching down right in front of the red turtle. "Don't even think like that. Leo is still in there, and he will overcome this. Somehow, he will."

"Wish we had your confidence," Karai commented. "I was raised by a heartless assassin and even I'm scared. Leo… he was the one who helped me finally see the truth, and without him…"

She hugged herself, curling up on the chair she was using.

"I understand," Splinter concoled. "We are all fearful about Leonardo's fate, but we cannot allow our fear to cripple us. Not when he needs our courage now more than ever."

"Not the easiest thing to do, Sensei," Donnie told him.

"It never is. Even Leonardo had to learn this."

"Leo?" Mikey questioned. "Afraid? Really?"

"Yeah, Sensei," Raph spoke up. "Leo's never been afraid of anything."

"That is not entirely true…"

Many years ago, Splinter and a young Leo were out in the sewers on a supply run. Leo sifted through the drainage, looking for anything of use. When he saw some useful items, he quickly scooped them up.

"Sensei, look what I found!" he cheered, holding up his finds.

"Well done, my son," Splinter commended. "Now come. There should be more useful items to be found on the upper levels."

Splinter and Leo started making their way towards a nearby ladder, which Splinter began climbing up. Leo looked up at the ladder, feeling something cold slither down his shell. Still, he swallowed hard and began climbing.

"Remember Leonardo, these tunnels go on for miles in all directions. To avoid losing your way, you must maintain awareness of your surroundings at all times."

Leo recognized the wisdom and looked around the tunnel they were climbing. As he looked down though, something took hold of him. Something that kept him frozen in one spot, unable to move.

"Leonardo, we must keep moving," Splinter called out.

"I… I can't!" Leo responded, gripping the ladder tightly.

Splinter ventured back down, gently prying Leo free of the ladder. Once his son was in his arms, he arranged Leo across his back before continuing up. As he climbed, Splinter could feel the small turtle shaking in pure terror, and knew immediately what he had to do.

In the weeks since the incident, Splinter trained with Leo in order to help him master his fear of heights. He started him out on very small poles, just an inch above the ground. Leo moved along them easily and without fear. Gradually, as their training progressed, the poles got higher and higher, with Leo wearing a blindfold so he could continue training without his fear taking over. Soon, Leo was standing on poles that were twice as high as Splinter. His movements were fluid and precise, brimming with confidence. Finally he came to a stop, much to Splinter's delight.

"Now my son," he spoke. "Remove your blindfold."

Leo did so, finally realizing how high up he was. This caused him to go into a panic as he struggled to keep balance. Finally, Leo fell off the poles, prompting Splinter to leap out and catch him.

"It's no use Sensei…" Leo lamented as Splinter set him down. "I can't do it."

"You mustn't think that way, Leonardo. You have the ability to conquer great fear. You just need to realize it."

"I don't know how…"

Splinter paused for a moment, trying to think of how to help his son. Suddenly, his ear perked up, signaling he had an idea.

"Leonardo, I am going to pass along to you an ancient mantra that my Master Yoshi told me when I was afraid."

"A…. a mantra?"

"A saying I always told myself when I got scared. Whenever you feel afraid, just say 'Kore wa nani mo imi shinai'."

"Kore wa nani mo imi shinai…" Leo repeated, already starting to feel better. "Thanks Sensei."

"Of course, my son."

A few days later, Splinter and Leo were out on another supply run when they came across a massive chasm.

"Whoa…" Leo let out.

"We must forge ahead," Splinter insisted, grabbing onto a nearby pole and climbing up.

"Uh… are you sure we can't go around the long way?" Leo asked.

"That would take too long," Splinter replied, unaware of the pipe starting to buckle beneath him. "Remember my son, fear's power is-"

All of a sudden, the pipe gave out, causing Splinter to fall forwards.

"Master Splinter!" Leo called out.

Splinter was saved from falling by his robe, which ended up catching on another pipe. However, the fabric was already beginning to tear, threatening to drop Splinter into the swirling drain beneath him. Thinking on instinct, Leo grabbed onto the pipe and tried climbing out towards him. He looked down for a brief moment, but shook it off, focusing on the task at hand.

"Kore wa nani mo imi shinai," he said to himself as he climbed out to Splinter. "Kore wa nani mo imi shinai."

Finally, he made it towards Splinter, reaching out towards him. Splinter saw this and reached towards his hand, grabbing it. Leo managed to pull him up onto the pipe, which was bending even more now that there was more weight on it.

"What now, Sensei?" Leo questioned, struggling to stay calm.

In answer, Splinter pulled his son close, then withdrew a grappling hook from his robe. With a deft toss, he sent the hook flying into the air, where it hooked onto a much sturdier pipe. He quickly grabbed hold of Leo before swinging on the rope towards another tunnel entrance, allowing them to land safely.

"It seemed the mantra served you well, my son," Splinter commended, reclaiming the grappling hook.

"Wait, hold on," Leo insisted, looking at the hook. "You had that with you this whole time? You could have gotten yourself free at any moment!"

"And you would still be afraid. By focusing on the task at hand and blocking out all distractions, you were able to see the truth behind the mantras words."

"Truth? What truth? What does the mantra mean?"

"It means 'this means nothing'."

Leo looked confused for a moment, then it dawned on him.

"My fear, it only affected me because I let it. But once I stopped giving it power, it did nothing."

"Exactly. Fear's power is only as great as we allow it to be. Once we have focus on the goal at hand, there is no room to give fear power. You did well my son."

Leo ran up and hugged Splinter, which he returned in kind.

"Thank you Sensei."

"You are welcome. Just promise not to tell your brothers about the mantra. I may use it on them one day."

The two shared a laugh as they walked home.

Everyone mulled over Splinter's tale

"Whoa…" Raph let out.

"I know the situation is dire," Splinter shared. "I feel that more than any of you can imagine. But if we focus on our fears and doubts, they will consume us, and Leonardo will surely be lost. We must fight back against our fears, and work to bring him home."

"Splinter's right," Karai declared, standing up. "We find out what the hell Shredder did to Leo, find a way to fix it, and take him down once and for all!"

"I'm down with that!" Raph agreed.

"Let's do this!" Mikey chimed in. "For Leo!"

"For Leo!" They all cheered.

Meanwhile, Leonardo sat meditation style in a large dojo. As he did so, the four Foot Elites slowly emerged from the shadows, each one drawing their weapons as they approached the turtle. Leo didn't even seem to acknowledge their presence as he continued to meditate, allowing them to get in close. Finally, Leo's eyes sprang open, prompting him to grab his swords and swing them out, blocking the Elites' oncoming attacks.

He quickly shoved them off before backflipping away. As he landed, the Elites ran towards him, circling around him as they got ready to strike. Leo readied himself as he blocked every strike and blow in rapid succession. After blocking the trident Elite's attack, he swatted the weapon out of his hands before striking him in the face with the hilt of his sword. He then ducked under the spear Elite's attack before slashing him across the arm, causing him to drop his weapon so Leo could leap up and kick him across the face. Leo then quickly spun around and blocked attacks from both the axe and double blade Elites at the same time. Shoving them off, he stabbed into the axe Elites cape, pulling him forward and leaping over him so he could kick him into the other Elite. The two fell to the ground, Leo's sword hovering over the Elite's neck.

"Yame!" Shredder called out.

Leo withdrew his weapon as Shredder and Nakumo walked into the room.

"Your training is improving, Leonardo," Shredder commended.

"Thank you, Master Shredder," Leo replied, bowing to him.

Shredder smirked under his mask.

"You are dismissed… for now."

Leo nodded before walking off.

"His obedience is impressive," Nakumo commended. "I hate to say it, but Stockman actually did something right for once."

"A minor miracle to be sure," Shredder replied. "I have torn Li's prized pupil from him and have sown doubt amongst the rest of the turtles. A perfect victory… and this is only the beginning."