italics is Yuya's voice, bold is Zarc's voice.

No… No, it can't be true!

Yuya couldn't believe it. Was he really… was he really the fragment of Zarc?

He wanted to deny it. He wanted to point towards Leo Akaba and call him a liar and a madman for this insane plan of his; to reunite the four dimensions and his 'daughter', Ray. He wanted nothing more than to say that it was not true.

But Yuya knew deep down that Leo Akaba was right. He could hear that voice within him, and how it would roar with rage every time he Awakened. Every time when rage and hate would consume his mind and turn him into a raging god that desired nothing but the destruction of everything.

I… I don't want to…

Zarc. Even the name seemed intimately familiar to him. Now the name 'Yuya' felt fake. It felt like a mask, like his goggles; it served only as something he could hide behind. A fake identity. Zarc was his real name.

He could hear it in his mind. He could hear the event when Zarc became mad with power. He could hear the screaming, he could feel the horror… and it felt good. He felt powerful. He felt… complete.

Already Zarcs influence was growing stronger. Stronger for every second… it would only have been a matter of time before the influence had taken over. No matter what, Zarc refused to stay divided. He desired to become one again.

It would only have been a matter of time until the Four Dragons found each other again. Only a matter of time until the four would have become one and brought existence to its knees once more.


He couldn't stop thinking of her. She would never leave his mind, not even now.

You really think she genuinely loves you?

Yuya flinched. He knew that voice. It was his voice. The voice he wished would go away.

It's just an act. Just so you'll stay with her. So her bracelet would warp you away if the three others would go near you. She never has loved you, and never will.

Is… is that true? Is it just a lie?

Of course. You really think she loves you? It's all a lie. All of it. Your family, your life, your Dueling…

Stop! Stop it! It's not true!

Exactly. Smiles never last. They fade. They die. But power… power never dies. Power is all that matters. You have power. We have power. We can be so much more… if we became one.

No! No, I don't want power! I just want to make people happy!

So did I. And I made them happy. Humanity wants blood, Yuya. It always has and always will. It will always desire to see real death, real destruction. They are willing to leash innocent Duel Spirits and make them kill each other, over and over and over just for their own entertainment!

No… No…

And they always wanted more. More destruction. More violence. More blood. They crave it, Yuya. They made Duel Monsters into their own gladiators, to be made into puppets to play and toy with as they wish.

No! You're lying!

Why would I lie to myself? I despise humanity. I hated it for its desires, for what it desired me to do. All I had left was my Dragons. They understood. They too felt the ache growing within my heart. We all wanted this madness to stop.

No! No! This isn't real!

Humanity wanted displays of power! And so… we decided to show them a display of power they would NEVER forget! We are their darkest desires turned upon themselves! We are darkness incarnate! We are Zarc!