"-When Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon battles a Level 5 or above monster, the battle damage is doubled!" Yuya's voice was shaking with rage as the orbs on Odd-Eyes's wings began to glow as powerful energy began to transfer into Odd-Eyes's attack.


Yuya spared a thought towards what Zarc had said to him as he looked back at Reiji, Reira, Edo and Sora. They goaded him on, told him to keep fighting with all his power, and in that moment something clicked in him. Something that felt very, very familiar.

That's what they want, isn't it? They want me to fight at all costs.

Yuri began to cackle and laugh like a madman as the reality of the situation began to sink in. He had lost, but he took it with pride because in the end he had won anyway.

Yuri: 3600 - 0

"…Take this," Yuya heard Yuri say as he held up the card containing his dad's soul. No, it wasn't his dad. It was just Sakaki Yusho in there. He wasn't his father. He wasn't Yusho's son.

"We all wanted this madness to stop," Zarc's words echoed to him. "Why would I lie to myself? I despise humanity for what it made me do."

Humanity… wants blood.

"Also… I hope you absorb me quickly," Yuri said before his last strength faded and Yuri fell unconscious. Immediately Reiji began spouting drivel about how Yuya wouldn't do that.

Did he even realize what he had done in his attempt to stop his father? Countless people carded for no reason just so he could 'weed out the weak Duelists'. Reiji didn't care what he would have to do in order to stop this war, even if it meant leaving people to die and suffer.

How many people had Edo and Sora carded? How much blood was on their hands? How dare they think they're any better!

Thanks to those idiots I lost Yuzu. If Reiji hadn't started his insane Battle Royale plan Yuzu wouldn't have been captured. She would be safe. She wouldn't have been sacrificed for this insane plan Akaba Leo had masterminded.

And how dare Leo think his actions are justified? So many people carded and dead in the Xyz Dimension - with Heartland being left a desolate wasteland and its innocent people hunted for sport!

Yuya ignored the words of those he once called 'friends' as he walked over to Yuri's prone body. "I won," He said. "By only thinking of winning… I won."

"Just as you all wished!" Yuya's voice was deep and raspy now, his eyes glaring red and his mouth stuck in a wide, malicious grin.

"And I will continue to win! UNTIL WE DESTROY THE WORLD ITSELF!"