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Liz Parker. It starts with her. Well Liz's parents own the Crash Down Café, which serves alien-themed dishes, come on who doesn't want a meltdown shake. Well, life changed in 1999, not just for me but for my best friends Liz Parker, Maria Deluca, Kyle Valenti, not to mention my twin brother Alex Whitmen. Well, hold on there, before I dive right into our story, because now it's us, not them. Let me introduce myself.

I am Crimson Whitmen, yeah as in crimson and clover, please don't get started in on my name. I'm pretty normal, or well I was. Alex is two minutes older than myself, I am 5'5', love to read, love my friends. I have long semi curly black hair and blue eyes, dad said I have mom's good looks. So let's start at the beginning, not my beginning but where it all really started. With Lizzy.

1999-Crash Down Cafe

Liz was the girl next door, dark eyes and dark hair, so kind, so smart with a heart of gold. Maria was our other best friend, she was a quirky but caring girl, she had a love for music, while I loved books.

So here I sit after school, my books scattered on the table as I wait for my dinner, Alex was coming after band practice, a dork with a bass guitar that brother of mine. I turn when the bell jingles yet again, in walks Max Evans with Michael and Bren Guerin, I also notice that two older men are arguing over their food their voices getting loud than dying down. I turn back to my History paper in hopes of eating soon.

"Hey Crimson, here you go a meltdown shake with your Sigourney Weaver Kick Ass Alien Burger and Unidentified French Frying Object," Maria sighed "What?" I asked as she gave me one of her famous cold stares.

"Don't make me say it again," her hair so pixie short, her green and silver uniform with alien antenna head band on, I gave her a smile "Fine, thanks." I move my books cleaning up since after I was going home. I was close to the drink station and condiments when I scoffed at Liz, she had this side, a funny trickster side. Currently she was flashing this couple alien nut freaks a fake photograph she liked to keep in her apron. With a wink at me she excused herself from their table for a moment, helping another family. I looked back feeling as if I was being watched.

Bren was staring right at me, and Max at the ever moving Liz, this was awkward. I turn back to my cheese burger, shit she forgot my ketchup…again. I stood up going behind the counter as I have done so many times when Maria's loud terror filled scream filled the Crash Down, earsplitting gun fire rang throughout the room. I dropped but so did Liz, blood pooling in her abdomen, I hurried grabbing a cloth, pressing as hard as I could when Max was on his knees next to us.

He was gentle even in his haste to move my hands from her, with one tug her uniform was open, the wound small but her skin too pale. "Liz, Liz I need you to look at me. Come on Liz look at me, please. I can't do this if you don't," his voice so broken, so hurt that even I wasn't surprised when Liz opened her eyes staring into his darker pair. Then it happened.

I mean it happened, with my back pressed into the shelves I watched as Max Evans healed Lizzy. His hand placed on her bleeding abdomen, until he grew weak, but now the wound was gone, the blood oozing back into her body. But she was wide awake her eyes round and filled with confusion, mine like saucers.

"Please don't tell," he whispered when Michael's; in all his brooding glory, very much like Bren, his voice broke the tension "KEYS NOW MAX," he barked out his eyes moved to me for a sec, Max still gave up the keys as he gave Liz and myself a look.

His eyes darting up, snatching the red ketchup bottle from next to my head. With a single move the top broke and he was dumping it all over Liz "You fell, okay. You dropped the bottle. Okay, Please," his plea was the very last thing we heard as I clamored to Liz and he ran for it.

"Liz, we are in trouble." I mumble as I help cover her exposed chest. Now after a nice statement that fit Liz's I nearly ran home, I never stopped and never looked back, stupid but I felt safe in my room with its lavender walls.

I didn't answer calls my heart still racing "Hey are you okay Crimson?" It was Alex, he burst into my room, his face pale as I hugged him "I'm fine Alex, but hell I was scared, gun fire right next to Liz and I," I cried not because I was scared but because of what I saw, what could have happened so many variables cascading through my head.

I couldn't sleep….

I stood in my room the next morning lacing my black winter boots, my darker gray long sleeve sweater keeping me warm. I stand grabbing my coffee brown and grey coat, tying it at the waste, last was my cell and brown leather satchel bag. I knew if we didn't show up at school today, just maybe they might do something. I had to go about this in a more logical manner, Max wasn't human, no human could hold such power, to dissolve a bullet and repair any damage it had done, no he was something more. Then as I walked to school it hit me, he was always with his sister Isabel, Michael, and Bren, they couldn't be human either.

"Crimson," was called, I turned and saw it was just Liz. She ran to make it to me "Hey Liz, you okay?" I whispered, her eyes dart around before answering "Like new, I am going to question him," she said in a firm voice, plus we all knew she was crushing on Max.

I say "Let me know how that goes," in my most sarcastic tone, of course. But when she walked off I saw Max taking her into an empty class. If he wanted to hurt her yesterday was his best bet. So I went to my locker, when I felt it. After closing my locker both Michael and Bren had appeared and caged me in, these were the boys my parents forbid me to talk to. They are from the wrong side of the tracks; their step father works at the mill along with the fact he has a foul temper.

"Crimson," they said together, a very eerie sounding thing "Yes?" I questioned looking between them. "Come on we need to talk," I was sure it was Michael, his hair a little shorter, and without the tiny mole.

"No," was all I said, in no way shape or form was I having a nice long chat with these two heathens. But Michael grabbed my arm "Let me go," I announce, my eyes narrowed, but dear god he was strong.

"Michael take her into the lab," Bren said; this was a freaking abduction. I stomped on his foot before slamming my small fist into Bren's nose, then I ran. I had Bren's blood on my knuckles, well it was now or never as I walked into the lab seeing Liz looking into her scope.

"I was nearly kidnapped by the Guerin twins," I say showing her the blood on the napkin as I started my own lab experiment. This was so not possiable…

I turn to her "Liz, they aren't human. This sample, this can't be," I stammer seeing her in near the same state.

"Come on burn these, come out to my place tonight so we can talk. But we missed first and half of second so we have to go now," crap I was going to die. As third period bell rang we parted ways "See you at lunch," Liz whispered when the Guerin twins and Max stood watching us.

"Yeah lunch," I rolled my eyes heading into History.