Hey, Fanfiction lovers; I've decided that there isn't enough Byakuya goes to Hogwarts fanfics, so I'm gonna write one. If you find any mistakes, don't hesitate to tell me about them; I don't mind. Also, if you have an insult, keep it to yourself. As Shiro says, "If someone insults you or talks behind your back, just remember, they took time out of their pathetic lives to think about you" So, yeah; hope you enjoy my fanfic and constructive criticism is accepted. Also, this takes place after the Winter War when Ichigo doesn't have his powers, so Ichigo will not be in this fic.

*Senbonzakura talking

*Character thinking

Chapter 1:

Byakuya, Captain of the Sixth Division of the Gotei 13 of the Seireitei, was sitting in his office doing paperwork when a hell butterfly landed, wrapping its antennae around his finger. A light voice reverberated in his mind "Head Captain Yamamoto wishes to see you in private. 'What does the Soutaicho want?' Byakuya thought as he stood up to go. When he arrived at the Soutaicho's office he felt two reitsu signatures that weren't the Soutaicho's. 'Why are they here?' He pushed the thought aside and knocked on the office doors. "Come in" said Yamamoto-Soutaicho's voice from the other side. He walked into the room and was surprised by the presence of four people, not three. 'How did I miss one?'

'His reitsu is masked by some sort of strange shield' Senbonzakura said from the depths of his mind.

'Ah, I understand; thank you Senbonzakura'

'You're welcome master' Byakuya could feel his Zanpakutou's appreciation at being acknowledged.

"You called me, Soutaicho?"

"Yes Kuchiki-taicho; I called because I have a mission for you and these two." He gestured to the two men standing beside him.

At this the fourth person in the room that Byakuya hadn't sensed at first, stepped up "Hello, my name is Dumbledore and I will be your source in the world of the living."

"The world of the living?" Byakuya questioned.

This time Yamamoto-Soutaicho stepped up "Yes we have a mission for you, Kyoraku-taicho, and Ukitake-taicho in the world of the living.

It was Byakuya and Kyoraku that spoke up against this "Ukitake" they both said in surprise. "He can't, he's sick" stated Kyoraku.

Dumbledore spoke up "In my world we have spells that can stop his fits when they occur."

"Really" Kyoraku said, new hope blossoming for his friend.

"Yes" Yamamoto-Soutaicho said, "Now I will brief you on the mission details. In the world of the living there such a thing as wizards. About eleven years ago they had a war against a dark wizard known as Lord Voldemort. He was eventually brought down by a very powerful counter spell when he tried attacking a small boy. The boy survived and has been living with his relatives since. This year he will be going to a wizarding school for young ones." He stopped for a moment, then continued "This is a problem; the dark wizard is not actually dead. He has committed a great sin. This is where we, the Soul Society, comes in. Voldemort has found a way to split his soul into seven with dark magic.

Byakuya and the other captains wore shocked faces. 'Into seven parts! How'

'I do not know Master, but that is truly deserving of a great punishment'

Kyoraku said "How did he manage to do such an inane thing.?"

"Horcruxes, or soul parts, are created by cold-blooded murder. To create a horcrux, you must kill in cold blood while performing a dark spell. Voldemort has managed to do this seven times. There is a prophecy that states that the only one capable of killing Voldemort is Harry Potter; the boy who originally took him down." Said Dumbledore.

"You three will be going on a mission to protect this boy; and ultimately send Voldemort down to Hell. You will be attending this school with the boy in order to effectively guard him." The Soutaicho said.

"To attend this school we would have to be children, Soutaicho" Ukitake stated.

"Yes, you will be in gigais that are in the form of eleven year olds, and you will go and attend Hogwarts as first years." He replied.

"When will we be leaving Soutaicho?" Byakuya asked.

"Hogwarts starts on September first, so you will have a month. In that month you need to find a way to Diagon Alley to get what these wizards call wands. Division 12 will have your gigais ready in a week; you may then go and get your school supplies. Please wait here while our guest is escorted out of Soul Society, I wish to speak with you three alone." Yamamoto-Soutaicho said.

After the man dressed in strange robes had left, Yamamoto-Soutaicho turned to the three and said, "The man that was here is a powerful wizard in this strange world and a master manipulator; I want you three to watch him closely. Also, I want you to watch the Potter boy carefully, the 12th have detected an odd reitsu around the boy and are suspicious. Other than that, investigate the wizarding world as a whole; I wish to decide whether they are a threat to the balance of souls or not. That is all; you are dismissed" he finished.

"Hai, Soutaicho" all three said bowing.


The next week was spent getting prepared to go to the living world. They had the Lieutenant of the 10th Division, Rangiku Matsumoto, make them regular British clothes; they were trying to fit in after all. As soon as the gigais were finished, they were going to Diagon Alley.