This is my first fanfic and I am a little scared in doing it. I hope you will like it as the story actually started as a dream I had one night. The song lyrics was one of my late husbands favourite song, and not being morbid but was played at his funeral.

These are the words to the chorus of a song by Heartland, it's called I Loved Her First. It is the father's speech on his daughters wedding day. I think this is appropriate for this story. Look it up as it is very lovely song the songs on the album of same name is very good also.

But I loved her first and I held her first
And a place in my heart will always be hers
From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep
And I prayed that she'd find you someday
But it's still hard to give her away
I loved her first

The Letter

Chapter One

Baby Lucyanne Elizabeth Lisbon Jane

Teresa was sat on the hospital bed waiting for Patrick to come back after bringing the car around to the picking up area. She was still packing some things into her bag, when finished she looked across to their daughter, who was in the bassinette fast asleep.

Lucyanne Elizabeth Lisbon Jane had tufts of fair curly hair, blue eyes with a tinge of green (which colour they would be will develop in a few months) and defiantly had Patricks mouth and her nose. She had long graceful fingers and cute little feet. Teresa looked at her daughter with so much love and was overcome with tears that she was now a mum.

At that moment Patrick came in and went over to Teresa and gave his wife a deep kiss and wrapped his arms around her and thanked her for making him the happiest man in the world. Then he looked into those emerald eyes and saw the tears drop and roll down her cheek, "whats wrong", said Patrick, "Oh nothing" said Teresa just hormones I expect. Patrick chuckles and wraps his arms around her more snugly and gives her a long loving kiss.

She stood up and smiled at him and gave him a kiss back and while he was picking up the gifts and cards and putting them into another bag, and stood up and walked over to the bed where Teresa was just getting up and going over to the bassinette and started to pick the baby up and at that moment a nurse came into the room with a wheelchair so that Teresa could go to the car holding the baby. She moaned "I don't need that I can walk", but the nurse said "it is policy and she had to follow rules". She sat down with a pout on her face and Patrick giggled and smiled.

They walked down the corridor to the lift and waited for the lift to arrive, Patrick leaned down and gave her a kiss and she swatted his arm, "Ooch" he said what was that for, and she said "not in public" and smiled. Patrick put a hurt expression on his face but she just smiled back with a wicked smirk.

They arrived down stairs and the nurse wheeled Teresa to their car a SUV that they bought as both Teresa and Patricks cars were not suitable to carry a car seat and stroller and other articles that is needed for a baby.

Patrick takes the baby from Teresa and places the baby in the care seat, and straps her in safely. He then goes around the car to the passenger side and then helps Teresa out of the wheelchair and into the passenger seat. He then turns around and thanks the nurse for all of her support and work, then goes around the car and gets into the drivers seat, looks over towards Teresa and gives one of his 1000 mega watt smiles that is only for her alone.

He starts the car and pulls out of the hospital and turns left onto the street and then drives to the slip road that takes them on to the freeway toward the cabin and the lake.

As they pull into the road that leads to their cabin Patrick looks over at Teresa, and he sees she looks sad and Patrick, just for a glimpse saw a tears in her eyes again, "what's wrong" he says to her, "Oh its nothing, it must be my hormones kicking in". He said "I don't think so there is something troubling you". She looked at him smiled and said, "I was just thinking about my mother and how sad she is not here to see her grand daughter", Patrick turned to her and said "I'm not a believer of the after life but if there is I am sure she is looking down on you and is very proud and happy for you". At that stage Teresa tears just started falling and soon sobs was heard in the car. Patrick got out of the car and went round to the passenger side open the door unclipped her seat belt then turned around and then pulled her into his arms in a big hug and wipe the tears with his finger, "now I think this is hormones kicking in" and he chuckled and said, "I love you Teresa and thank you for giving me another daughter who is so beautiful and so are you".

Patrick then walked Teresa into the cabin and sat her down on the couch and then went back out to the car to pick up Lucyanne and brought her into the cabin. He unstrapped her from her car seat and passed her to Teresa on the couch. Then he went back out to the car to bring all the bags and the groceries that they had pick up on the way back from the hospital to the cabin.

While he was out side he had picked up the post from the post box and had a quick scan but really did not take much notice to them.

When he had put the groceries away in the kitchen and had put the kettle on for some tea and caffeine free coffee (as Teresa was breast feeding), before taking the gifts and cards up to the nursery, by the time he had done that he could hear the kettle whistle so he went down stairs and started on making the drinks.

When he went into the sitting room with the drinks, the sight he saw was so over whelming and sexy. Teresa had the baby laid on her chest and was fast asleep with a slight smile on her face it looked so peaceful and again very very sexy he could feel himself heating up so he took to using his biofeedback to calm himself down but he stood there for a while just recording that memory to his palace for future reference when he may need to recall it..

He sat on the chair opposite and looked at them while sipping his tea. He then remembered the post so got up and walked over to the table near the door where he had placed the car keys and the post. He looked through the letters and noticed a letter that had a post mark that was unfamiliar to him. He picked up the letter opener and slit across the top of the envelope and pulled out a few sheets of paper. The letter seems to be from solicitors in Dublin Ireland and the way the letter seems to be going that he had inherited some money and other personal items. He read the letter again and then notice the signature and name of the solicitor was the same as his but the middle name (not known as the middle name was only a capital letter C) Patrick C Jane. Anyway as he finished with the letter, on the other papers was some information about his family on his father's side. It seemed that a great Aunt Masie one of his grand fathers sisters had passed away and since she was the last blood relative in the family in Ireland had stated in her will that the solicitors needed to find out if her brother had had children and if they were not around then their descendents would need to be found.

The other Patrick said that although he was a member of the family he was not an immediate member and as Patrick was blood relative he was the heir to the will. Patrick looked at Teresa who was still asleep but the baby was starting to wake up and started to wriggle which woke Teresa up.

"Hello sleepy head" Patrick said and stood up to plant a kiss on Teresa's lips which she smiles at him. Patrick says "let me take Lucyanne while you drink your coffee and then I think by the time you do that I think she will be ready for a feed". "Then while you are feeding her I will go and make us some dinner".

While he was making dinner Teresa took Lucyanne for a bath and to get ready for bed. When that was done she laid her down in her cot and pulled the cover over her and looked down and sighed with tears in her eyes. At that moment she felt warm arms wrap her from behind and a kiss to her neck as Patrick had come up to the nursery to give his daughter a good night kiss before taking her back down stair as dinner was nearly ready.

As they were sat at the table in the kitchen Patrick mention to Teresa about the letter from the Solicitor form Dublin and what was in the letter. He passed the letter to Teresa and she had a quick look and got quite interested. "I know you do not know much about your family", she said "but I think when Lucyanne is old enough to fly, maybe we could go there say on a honeymoon and sort out this". She then said "that it looks like this other Patrick would like to come and discuss it further with you here", and she said "that there seems to be a telephone number you need to ring to discuss it with him personally". Patrick had not seen that he only glanced through the other paperwork that was in the envelope and only read the letter. Teresa passes over the table the paperwork and Patrick sits and scans it more than before and also notices other little things that he had not noticed either.

The next morning Teresa woke up and turned over to say good morning to Patrick but his side of the bed was cold, when she touched it so she knew that he had not slept there last night after she had gone to sleep. She got up and put her dressing gown around her and walked down the hall to the nursery and what a sight there was, Patrick asleep in the rocking chair with their daughter across his chest also asleep, she stood there for a few seconds then turned around to go down stairs to put the kettle on to make Patrick some tea and also to make her some coffee. After a short while as she was putting the hot water in the tea cup two strong arms engulfed her and a kiss to her shoulder as the robe had dropped slightly off her shoulder. "Good morning", Patrick said, "good morning to you too", she replied. "What time did you get up because the bed was cold when I awoke". Patrick replied, "I could not sleep as my mind was on that letter from Dublin, so I got up and as I was walking down the corridor Lucyanne started to whimper so I popped in and she then started to cry so I picked her up and found she needed a nappy changed and as I know you have breast milk in the fridge I went down and warmed up a bottle and gave her that. Then I sat on the rocker and I supposed rocked us both to sleep". "Yeh I notice it was such a lovely sight" and she giggled. "What so funny" he enquired? "Well I never thought I would see that look on your face, the one you give when it has been other people's children you have been with". "And what look is that" he asked? She said "the look of joy, happiness, glee and a little bit of sadness, but now it is more intense because it is your own daughter you are holding and I like that look".

His arms squeeze a little tighter and his kisses got more urgent and she turns around in his arms and looks in his blue green eyes and kisses him back just as urgent, his heart begins to race and he pulls her closer and she feel his hardness through her gown. " I see someone is feeling a little frisky this morning" she said. "I always do when I am near to you and what more I would like to do is whisk you back to bed and make mad passionate love to you, I know I cannot do that at the moment, not until the doctors has said it is ok, but I suppose there could be some kissing and cuddling though", he smiled his mischievous smile, which got him a punch on the arm. "Ooch woman what was that for it hurt" smiling still. "Behave and go and make us some breakfast". "What do you fancy" he asked still the pained look on his face, "pancakes" she replied, so he let her go with a sigh and went to the stove to make some pancakes, and some more drinks.

She turned to him and said "I'm just going to go up and have a shower and get dressed then go and see how our baby is doing and if she is awake she will be ready for a feed". "Alright" he said "then when we have finished breakfast I will go for my shower". "Okay" she replied. As she walked up the stairs Patrick thought to himself well why not and started to walk up the stairs and walked into the bathroom off their bedroom. The room was steamy but he got out of his pj's bottoms and opened the shower door and walked in and made Teresa jump. "What are you doing Patrick", "I thought I kill to birds and shower with you saves water" he smiles. "Yeh but we don't just stop at just washing each other" she said. "Well it is nice just being together" he smiles with a grin.

When they finish their shower together they both get dressed and Patrick goes down stairs to make breakfast while Teresa goes and checks on Lucyanne who is just starting to stir. She goes into the nursery and picks up Lucyanne who nestles into her arms. "How's my little Princess doing this nice sunny morning" she says as the rays from the sun filter through the blinds of the nursery. "Are we hungry" she asks Teresa sits down in the rocking chair by the cot and opens her shirt so that Lucyanne could feed. The baby latches on and starts to suckle. After the feed Teresa places the baby on her shoulder and rubs her back to burp her and when that was achieved she then stood up and went into the bathroom to give her a bath and to get her dressed. When that was done She then carried the baby down stairs to the kitchen where Patrick had just finished making the pancakes for breakfast.

After breakfast Patrick decides to give the solicitors in Ireland a ring. As he is waiting to be connected he looks across to the couch were Teresa is talking to the baby in her arms.

"Good Morning, Patrick Jane here, how can I help". "Hi" Patrick says "Is that Patrick Jane the Solicitors in Ireland" "Yes that is right how can I help you" "My name is also Patrick and you sent me a letter saying I am heir to a will". "Ahh! Yes, Patrick Jane from Austin Texas" "That's right the letter stated you wanted me to ring you for more information about my late Aunt, is that correct". "That right" says Patrick with a smile in his voice, "but please call me Paddy then we will not get so confused while talking with each other". Patrick laughs and say's "I also understand that you would like to come out to Austin to talk some more about the will is that right". "Yes says Paddy there is a lot I have to discuss with you and since I found out that you have just had a baby and she is not old enough yet to fly I thought I would come to you instead until you are able to come to Ireland to sort out your affairs here". "Yes my wife Teresa and I have just had a little girl". "Congratulation says Paddy".

Patrick and Paddy decided between them that Paddy would come to Austin in a month time. This would give Paddy enough time to collect all the information and legal documents that he will need when he comes.

When Patrick had finished the phone call and places the phone on the coffee table he gets up from the chair by the fire place and walks over to the couch were Teresa was talking and playing with Lucyanne. "How did it go" she asks. Well Paddy is arranging to come in a month time. He has to make sure that he had all the legal documents and information, Patrick says. "Why is he coming here then" she asks. "He found out we had just a new baby and because she cannot fly yet he thought it would be easier do business here than we fly there. He also said that when she is able to fly then we can go over there and sort out affairs at a later date. "Well not really" he says, "We will be paying for it because it will come out with his fees I should think." Say's Patrick.

At that time Lucyanne decides she is hungry and starts to fuss so Teresa starts to feed her and Patrick says "would you like some tea". "No thanks may be a glass of juice would be nice" Teresa say's. "Ok" and bends down to give Teresa a kiss on the lips and then gives Lucyanne and kiss on her head, then walks into the kitchen to make his tea and get a glass of Juice for Teresa.

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