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Chapter 11

The Trial: Part Six: Charlotte.


Jane unlocked the front door and made his way through into the sitting room where he found Teresa laid on the couch fast a sleep. He walked passed the couch and went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. As he put on the kettle to boil the water, he went back into the sitting room and turned along the corridor and then into the study/guest room and decided to change into some black Jeans and a t-shirt. He then went into the bathroom and relieved himself and then had a shower as he was feeling sticky from the long day at the farm, before going back into the kitchen to finish off making some tea. As he goes into the kitchen he was surprised to see Sam, Pete, Lulu and Jen sitting at the table having a drink and a bun. As soon as Lulu saw her dad she got down from her chair and ran to him for a hug. As she ran up to him he bent down and picked her up to give her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Daddy you're home" "when did you get back and where have you been" she asked looking at him with a smile. "Mummy is asleep and Anna is in the washroom doing the washing" she said kissing him on the cheek.

"Did you all have a nice trip into the city centre shopping" he asked everyone, then turned to Lulu and asked her what she had bought while out shopping.

"I got a gift for both you and mummy" "and uncles Kimmy and Jay" she said giggling as Jane started to tickle her and she started to wriggle and trying to stop him. "Daddy" she said laughing with tears in her eyes, "Stop please I cannot breath" still laughing while trying to get her breath.

"Okay" he said but did not stop tickling her" but he did stop when he heard Teresa scream from the other room.

He put Lulu down on her feet then rushed into the other room to see Teresa struggling to get up off the couch seeming to be fighting someone or thing in her sleep, but because of the twins and her body not strong enough yet she fell of the couch and down on the floor hitting her head on the coffee table then silence as she knocked herself out.

"Anna" Jane screamed "Anna" to which Anna came running into the room and when she see Teresa on the floor and Jane kneeling by her side with her in his arms she rushed over and asked what happened.

"Nightmare I think" said Jane "We heard her scream and when I came in from the kitchen she was trying to get up still a sleep but she collapsed and hit her head on the coffee table and passed out cold" "now she won't wake up" he said with tears in his eyes. "Help her please" he said looking at Anna.

Anna went over and told him to lay her down on the floor so that she can examine her she turned and asked Sam to go and get her bag from the closet of the kitchen where she keep all the medical equipment that she would need if necessary. Soon Sam was back and Anna set up her gear on the coffee table before starting on checking Teresa was ok. Firstly she put a cuff on Teresa's arm and took her blood pressure then she shone a light in her eyes too check if there was any reaction, she could see that she had knock herself out as there was not much response to the light. She checks also the babies to see if they were okay and they seemed to be. She turned to Jane and told him that he needs to ring the hospital and ask for Dr Sandoz and then give her the phone so she can talk with him, tell them it's an emergency. Jane rings the hospital and talks with Sandoz them passes the phone to Anna who discuss with Dr Sandoz what her findings were and what he needs her to do. The Dr told her to put her to bed and to make sure that she is elevated also she will need to give her liquids intravenously and some of the pain medication that the paediatrician had given her and some antibiotics as to do checks every half hour to start with, to check that there is no swelling or any of her vitals change. He told Anna that she will need to read her vitals also every half hour. He then told her to contact him if there is any change if so then she will need to get an ambulance and bring her in to the hospital. Jane then calls Pete who was standing behind them to help him pick her up which he did with no effort at all and carried her into the bedroom with Jane Anna and Sam following him, Jen had kept Lulu in the kitchen trying to keep her mind off what was going on in the living room. When they had entered the bedroom Pete held Teresa until Anna could arrange the bed so that she was elevated then he laid Teresa down on the bed. While Jane was kneeling next to her on the floor holding Teresa's hand Anna had gone out to the kitchen to get a few items that was needed to help Teresa. She had asked Sam to help her get the items she needed. After a few minutes Anna and Sam had helped each other to set up the equipment Anna telling Sam where she wanted the equipment and tools. Anna then started to put a needle into Teresa's hand so that the IV could be attached so that liquids and medications could be administered. She also placed pads on Teresa so that her heart beat and oxygen levels and the babies could be monitored, (these monitor machines was bought by Teresa when Patrick got attacked and have been stored in the closet that Anna uses to store here equipment in emergencies).

A few hours later, after Anna had given fluids to Teresa, Teresa was starting to come around and wake up. As she opened her eyes slowly she realised that she was back in bed and that she had a needle in her hand.

While Teresa was being attended to, Jane had gone into the kitchen for some tea and something to eat. Also in the kitchen were Pete, Sam, the Torks and Lulu it seems that Jen had taken over doing the laundry as Anna was busy tending to Teresa. Anna was still in with Teresa monitoring her vitals and keeping an eye on her. Jane had been telling them what they had found at the McAlister's farm, about what they found underground and also he told them about the photo room upstairs in the barn. He also told them that what him and Cho had found upstairs in the attic of the farm house the place where they think Charlotte had been held the first time she got there as there was a room made up for a very young girl.

Soon Anna came out of the guest room and told them that everything seemed to be ok and that Teresa was now asleep as she had given her a sedative so that she would be relaxed just as Dr Sandoz had told her to do. As she was sitting down at the table Jane started to get up to go and lie down with Teresa but was stopped by Anna, to which Jane just glared at her, but the look on her face told him not to disturb her as she needed the rest to which he turned and sat down at the table. Soon as he sat down Lulu got down from her chair and went over and asked to be picked up to which he did and sat her in his lap and put his arms around her possessively.

"Daddy" Lulu said "Don't be sad" "mummy is going to be ok" looking up to him with those all knowing eyes that she got from him.

"I know Princess" he says while tightening his grip around her, "I'm just sad that she is not out here with us and is not her happy self" he said with a little break in his voice trying not to show her the tears in his eyes.

Lulu looked at him and a big smile came on her face. "Daddy"

"Yes Princess" he replied.

"Why don't we make mummy smile" she said with a cheeky grin, to which he looked at her concerned.

"What do you mean" he asked giving her a smile back. "We cannot do anything that will excite mummy to much as that would not help mummy at all.

"No I mean Daddy" Why don't we make her afternoon fun and try and put a smile back on her face.

"And how do we do that"? he asks

"We could do a show for her you could do your magic tricks and I can be your assistant" she said after giving that thinking look the one where she looks up to the ceiling with a frown on her face and her index finger tapping her lips and then the eureka look when she thinks of something. "Or you and grandma can bake some of her favourite cookies and cakes". "I can draw something for her" "you and I could sing for her" "she likes us singing together".

He hugged her closer and placed a kiss on top of her head before disappointing her by saying that mummy has to rest and get as much sleep as she can get. So for now we just keep checking on her and just giving all our love when she needs it. He then placed her back down before getting up and informing everyone he is going to go and do some work in his office.

Every one looked at each other and knew that he was upset and needed to be on his own.


He made his way out of the kitchen stopping to check on Teresa who was fast asleep so he goes up to her kisses her on the lips then goes out the back door across the back yard and opens the door into the garage area of the second building. This building house's his car collection which was in the garage he had just entered and on the next floor was the guest rooms that the Torks was staying in and on the top floor was where he had his study and office and his work rooms where he tinkered around with things. Up here he also had a small gym and there was a small kitchen/ sitting room as it was somewhere he could relax. He went into his office and sat at his desk and put his head in his hands and sobbed all his frustrations out. After a short while he picked up his phone and pressed speed dial for Wiley. After 3 rings Wiley picked up.

"Wiley" he said Jane could hear rustling in the back ground which sounded like Wiley getting his note pad and pen ready.

"Hi Wiley" "It's Jane".

"Hi Jane" "how can I help"? Trying to stifle a yawn to which he apologised as he had had a very late night.

"Wiley can you look up everything on a Phoebe McAlister aka Charlotte Jane"? He asked to which Wiley could detect some sadness in his voice.

"Ok" "What do you want me to find out"? He asked so that he does not get the wrong things. "But we did send an email to her after you found out the information from Jeanie just asking her to contact us", "but we have not heard from her yet" he said.

"I need to find out her telephone number, address, email address", "you see I want to go and see her and ask her to come home with us to visit if she will" Jane replied. "Maybe come to live with us, you never know unless you ask" he said to which Wiley could still detect sadness in his voice.

"Wouldn't it be better if myself or Cho first gets in contact with her again then it will look like that we are trying to find her for what she knows and can remember about the McAlister's and if she remember who she really is", "she may not want to get in touch with you". "Then if she agrees to see you, you can then get in contact yourselves or another way we can do it like that to surprise you then she may come here to you then you won't have to go there because I'm sure Teresa won't be able to fly for a long time yet" he said.

"Yeah I guess you are right" "can you and Cho decide between you who will be doing this as I would prefer Cho but he can be very stern and straight where you will sound more approachable" he said with a chuckle to which both of then laughed which broke the awkwardness of the conversation.

"How are Teresa and the twins doing"? Wiley asked.

"She's back in bed and under sedation" "she collapsed this afternoon and hit her head again" he said then explained to him that Anna had rang the hospital and was told what to do for to help her.

"Sorry to hear that" "It looks like my idea will be more appropriate with Charlotte then" he said.

"Yeah that sounds right" Jane replies with a sigh. "I've got to go Wiley but thanks for doing that". "I'm going to give Cho a ring there's something I need to talk about with him" before they said their good byes Jane asked him if he was coming back to the cabin later to sleep, to which Wiley said that he had a lot of work to sift through so he would see him tomorrow.

After he had rung off with Wiley Jane then turns around in his chair and looks out the floor to ceiling window behind him that looks out over the court yard and the lake, then speeds dials Cho who answers straight away and Jane tells him what he has asked Wiley to do and what Wiley had suggested and had also told him about Teresa hitting her head again and passing out. Cho then told him that all the interviews and interrogations were nearly done and he thinks that the trials will be in the next few weeks. Cho asked him if he still was going to have time off to go and see Charlotte or was he going to follow Wiley's suggestion and they get her to come and visit them here. He said to Cho that he will have a think about it and it maybe that she will come to the cabin as at the moment he does not want to leave Teresa at home.

"Cho I want to ask you a favour" "you know those photos of my family and friends especially the ones of my childhood and those of Charlotte and her mum, could it be possible too get copies of them even the ones of Teresa and me in the CBI attic" he asks and Cho thought that he could hear sadness and tears in his voice". "I don't have any thing of me as a child they are the only ones in existence that I know off and that would be nice to be able to show Charlotte herself and her mum as a child" "I only kept some of the ones from the house" "a lot of them got destroyed in the bomb blast as they had been stored in the roof of the guest house and office".

"I will look into it for you" "I don't think it will be a problem" "just leave it with me" Cho said before ending the call.

Jane then turns back to facing his desk and boots up his computer and starts to go through his emails and letters, which had been on the table in the hallway that he had been neglecting while Teresa had been in the hospital. As he was going through his letters he came across one from Ireland. It was his quarterly update from Paddy. He scanned through the paperwork making notes on what Paddy needed to address and ones that he did not need to look into until a later date. After finishing this he then sent Paddy an email with the scanned amended paperwork attached telling him what needs to done and what needed to be left for a later date. He also tells Paddy that he needs to make a date to Skype as he needs to talk about his half sister and nephew and his first daughter Charlotte which needs to be discussed urgently. He then asked about his family and how everyone on the estate where doing.

After he had done that he checked on all his other letters and correspondence then set to work on his emails. He came across one that started his skin to tingle. It seems it was sent to Wiley who had forwarded onto him. He started typing and emailed back to Wiley asking was this okay to open. A few minutes later an email from Wiley told him that it was uncanny as it was from Charlotte though she was still using her aka name Phoebe. He opened the email and started to read it with tears in his eyes and streaming down his face.

It went like this:


Dear Mr Wiley.

Thanks you for contacting me about my adopted uncle Mr Thomas McAlister. I hope that I may be able to help you.

Let me start from where I can remember as most of the time it seems that I was either drugged or hypnotised and some things was either remembered in a haze or in dreams or I over heard someone talking without them knowing I was there.

Jane was very angry and sad that she had been drugged or hypnotised and had to go through that just because she was his daughter. Again he carried on reading.

I do have vague memories of a large house by the sea but I do not remember my parents much. I was about 6 when I first arrived at the farm, a horrible tall man with a bald head ended up being my keeper he had a foreign name that I could not preannounce but I found out later that his first name was Victor but I don't think it was spelt that way. This man had a very gruff voice. I lived up in the attic it was a nice room but very cold in winter and sweltering in the summer. I was only allowed out once a day mostly at night to walk the grounds; this was when I got older. When I first got there I never went out I stayed up in the attic in a big room I could run around up there so I got exercise. I was never hungry but it was mostly sandwiches or soup and of course cereal for breakfast. He stayed looking after me until I was 12 then he disappeared mysteriously after he started to make advances at me and I ended up with a very nice lady called Babs.

He started to sob that his daughter had gone through nearly being sexually assaulted and had to stop reading as he couldn't read through the haze. As the haze lifted and he could see again he went back to reading the email.

She was very nice and would tell me things about the outside world. She also brought me a diary and told me to write all that I heard and my feelings every day. She would present one for me every New Year so I could keep my diary going. The old ones she hid them somewhere in the attic as I was only allowed to use the big room and my bedroom. I was given all the entertainment and encouragement to study and I had toys and books to read. These was often taken away from me as punishments which did not happen often because I learnt at a young age from my father how to protect myself mentally. We did go out on trips but it was mostly to observe people for Uncle Tom, we never did fun things. To relieve the boredom sometimes I would go into my castle in my mind and open some doors that I knew was from my other life, ones I used to keep closed so I had something to go to when I needed to cheer myself up. Like when my dad and I used to go down to the beech in the mornings before breakfast and build sandcastles so that my mum could get breakfast and my school things ready before I got washed and dressed.

Again Jane stopped reading and went into his palace and opened some doors that he had kept closed to the times they had done that. He sat there a short while looking at his memories before closing the door and getting back to reading the email.

When I was fifteen, Uncle Tom (that's what he asked me to call him) started training me for some thing; he used to take me down the tunnels. I also got moved down stairs to one of the guest rooms. Uncle Tom and his wife had the master bedroom at the front of the house my bedroom was second door on your left as you went towards the back of the house and his son (who I never got on with) was first door on your right. I was home tutored in every thing, A tall thin man used to come every day from Napa to tutor me in all the subjects but the ones I liked best was human biology and mostly all the sciences. His name was Harry and he started about a week after I got there but would not answer any question of why I was there. I wanted to be a doctor and when I turned eighteen I moved to Florida just after Uncle Tom was killed. I was told that he was Red John the serial killer. After he died his son tried to keep me at the farm but he was no challenge for me I only had to hypnotise him and he was putty in my hands. It turned out he was jealous of me as I spent more time with his father than he did and I found out later that Uncle Tom only tolerated him so to put the family show to the outside world. I always felt sorry for his wife as he always kept her drugged up or drunk.

The hypnotism I learnt that skill from a man who said he was my grandfather he taught me how to do it and that was one of the gifts Uncle Tom said I could do. He had me doing it on people he did not like.

Jane thought back to Kristina and could Charlotte be better than himself and could have she done that to her.

I went out with him one night but sat in the car while he went into someone's house it was very boring so I used to go into my head and clean out my palace.

Uncle Tom used to have me use some sort of gift he used to tell me I had as I could look at someone and read them. Also it seemed I had a very good memory and remembered everything I seen or heard it was very tiring as it would not switch off at times so I would find sleep impossible.

When I was about 10, an old man came to stay he said he was my biological grandfather and I had a gift of reading people, he said some people would call me a mentalist. He started to help me to develop my gift but I found it very tiring and he was very strict. I didn't believe he was my grandfather but he did seem familiar though. He used to come from Napa and grill me, told me stories about the carnie life, told me that my father and mother were both carnies but they did not like the life so they got out. He told me a little about my mother but I don't remember her but when he started talking about my dad then little memories seemed to come to me in my dreams.

There was a lady who my so called grandfather was married to but I could never remember her name but his daughter was called Jeanie and she seemed nice. She visited a couple of times to help me to get dressed and made up if I had to go to functions with Uncle Tom and his wife.

At that point Patrick stopped reading and wanted to throw something as he was so angry that his father could do that to him. After a bit he started to read again…

After Uncle Tom was killed a lady from the FBI came to visit me in Florida, I was living on the university campus and she told me that she was a friend of my biological father who worked for the FBI based in Austin Texas. She was a nice lady and gave me some information about my father and mother. She also helped me to find an apartment which I shared with her niece who was also training to be a doctor. I found out later that her niece also worked with the FBI part time and was now going to be my bodyguard. We get on very well and work together at the local hospital. The agent name is Madeline Hightower but she told me I had to keep it a secret as people was still out there who wanted to hurt me and her.

I received an email from one of your colleagues from the FBI who has asked me to come and give evidence about my adopted Uncle Tom. The man says he is Kimble Cho, who informed me that since they had found out that I was still alive they have been looking for me since I was abducted from our home in Malibu and not killed with my mother by Uncle Tom aka Red John. I would be honoured to come and give evidence because I missed out on my childhood.

Mr Cho also said I had another family as my father believed my mother and I were both deceased and so he had moved on. I would love to meet them if possible.

When would it be convenient for me to come as I have to arrange it with my teachers at the hospital? Oh as I said earlier hopefully you will find a number of diaries up in the attic somewhere I do not know as Babs would not tell me just in case they find out I was keeping one. The latest one is with me, if you want me to bring it with me but it does not have a lot in it about the time there.

I wonder if you could pass on my phone number to my father please - 556 678 29783 and if he wants to get in contact with me he can. Please tell him I'll be waiting so that we can catch up with all the things we have both missed. Also will you pass on this photo I have attached it's an up to date one of myself and my room mate with our scrubs on. It was taken on my birthday well I'm not quite sure what my birthday is now except the one that is on the adoption papers but that could have been forged.

Anyway I look forward to hear from you soon.


Phoebe McAlister (Aka Charlotte Jane).


Jane sat in his office chair sobbing and shaking with sadness as well as joy. He felt that he needed to hold Teresa he needed to be with her. So he printed off the email and shut down his computer then went back to the cabin in search of Teresa.


He found her awake sat up in bed with a cup of tea on the bedside table and some pieces of toast on a plate in her lap. It seemed she had just had some soup.

She was very surprised when he took the plate off her lap and placed it on the bed side table then picked her up gently and placed her in his lap making sure he did not dislodge the IV line that was in her hand and hugged her. Tightly at first then when he realised he loosened the hold and then started to kiss her relentlessly.

She looked at him concerned and asked him what was wrong. Then he started to sob uncontrollably into her neck where he had placed his head.

"What's wrong Babe"? She asked "What has happened to make you so sad"? Turning his face up so that she could look into his eyes, she then kissed him on his lips, nose, eyes, forehead then back to his lips with her thumb she wipe away the tears falling down his face.

Jane looked into her eyes then passed the paper that had the email on it then waited for her to finish reading it still crying lightly. After she had finished she looked back at him with tears in her eyes but with a smile on her face. They both started crying then still holding each other tightly.


A couple of months later after a number of emails and phone calls, Cho Jane and Wiley was waiting in front of the arrival lounge at the airport for Charlottes flight to land as it was running slightly late due to there being bad weather on the way and had to detour to avoid the hurricane on the normal path. Charlotte was coming to help with the trials that were booked for a couple of week's time.

They were sat in the little coffee/ café shop opposite the arrival's lounge doors. The plane had landed about an hour ago and they would need to wait for her luggage if she had brought one and customs.

About 20 minutes later Charlotte emerged from the discharge lounge doors looking around for a sign, but could not find one. Then as the mass of people from the place departed with their love ones, she saw a tall man with blonde curly hair, an Asian man with dark short cropped hair, and young tall man with blonde short cropped hair standing near the end of the line. She knew that the tall blond curly haired man was her father, 'The Patrick Jane', because the likeness to her was uncanny but then she was his daughter and what she had seen while looking for information of the internet.

She walked up to them and turned to Jane and said "Hi dad" "I'm your lost daughter Charlotte" and in that instance Jane just engulfed her into his arms and they both began crying and hugging each other tightly.

After a few minutes Cho coughed to get their attention before saying that they need to get out of the airport and back to Austin as it's a three hour drive, so they pulled apart from each other and turned while Wiley took her walk on bag and Cho took her trolley case Jane put his arm around her shoulders and they walked out of the terminal and to the car park.


Back at the cabin, Teresa was sat in a recliner chair. She was getting better and could now walk unaided to the bathroom. She still had headaches and still needed Anna to help her in the mornings to dress and bath as she still had dizzy spells when she had done too much. She was now six months into her pregnancy and the babies were doing fine. She did get very tired so she needed to sleep a lot. Due to her head injury the doctor and her superiors in the FBI had put her on long term sickness and had extended her maturity leave.

She had just woken up from a nap and was just getting up to go to the toilet as she needed to relieve herself as the babies was now sitting heavily on her bladder and if she didn't go soon she would have an accident. As she got up and started to walk towards the back of the building she hears voices out side the back door. She walked until she could hear Sam, Pete and the Tork's talking about Patrick. She over heard them saying that Patrick Cho and Wiley had gone to the airport to pick up someone who they heard were important but did not know who it was. Teresa smiled to herself as she knew that Patrick was picking up Charlotte. He had told her a few nights ago after he had come home from the meeting he had had with Cho, Wiley, Fisher and Abbott who was back for a few weeks from Washington where he is head man at the FBI HQ. He had come over to partake and help with the trials, which were coming up over the next few weeks. Jane had asked Teresa not to say anything as he wanted to surprise Lulu, and Sam and Pete, who has not seen her since the day her mother died and she was abducted by Red John.

As she came out of the rest room she walked slowly to the back door and decided she could do with a small walk. At that moment she needed to go and see Daisy and she just did not know why. As she walked out the door Sam came up to her and asked if she wanted some help.

"No its okay at the moment but I may need you to come with me I need to see Daisy" she replied as she made here way towards the barn. Just before she got to the barn she asked Sam could she get her wheel chair or something to sit down on as she was feeling dizzy, to which Sam shouted to Pete who was still stood at the door who then brought the wheelchair for her to sit down.

"Why do you need to see Daisy"? Sam asks as Pete starts pushing Teresa towards the barn.

"Have to talk with her its important" Teresa replies as they come up to the barn they see that it is empty so they look around and find daisy sat at the far side, in the lake from the cabin. Pete then pushes Teresa along the path towards the other side of the lake and towards the beach area that was created so that there was access to the lake to be able to swim. This side of the lake had been dredged and landscaped so that anyone could go and sunbath, swim and near the sandy beach was concrete slabs that had been made into a patio area where tables and chairs were placed as well as a built in barbecue and furnace oven where fresh bread and pizza's could be baked.

Pete parked the wheelchair on the patio area and they noticed daisy making her way back to the beach area and getting out curious to what they have come for. Pete called Daisy to come forward which she did and nuzzled into Teresa because she could smell the apples that was in a brown paper back on Teresa's knee. As they were passing the barn Sam had gone in and got the bag of apples for Teresa to give to Daisy. Teresa was going to tell her that a person was coming with Patrick that she knew a long time ago and that she was going to need to be careful with her. You see Teresa is the only one that Daisy has taken too right from the start except Lulu of course.


Teresa nuzzled up to Daisy who had put her trunk around her body and looked at her with her knowing eyes. Teresa got up on her feet and looked into Daisy's eye and told her about Charlotte. As she was talking she kept giving Daisy an apple to which Daisy just nuzzled closer to Teresa. After a short time Teresa was getting tired and Daisy was detecting it as she picked up Teresa and placed her back into the chair. They all sat or stood there with Daisy until it was time to go in and so Daisy just trumped and walked back towards the lake and walked straight in and sat down in the cool water.

Teresa had told Daisy in the way that she communicates with her too which the animal seems to understand


A few hours later Cho's SUV slowly made its way back up the lane to the cabin. Charlotte was looking out of the windows with awe as she could see the lovely cabin and lake.

As they came up to the front of the cabin Jane got out first and then opened the door for Charlotte and then went to the back of the car and got out her luggage.

While they were driving back Patrick and Charlotte talked about what had happened to themselves after McAlister had murdered Angela. Patrick told her about her mother, that she was a lot like her. He told her that she had a sister and soon in the next few months also twin bothers as Teresa was expecting. He gave her the shortened version of what happened to him after he thought her mother and herself had died and how he had gone onto help the CBI to find and convict murders and felons. He told her the shorten version on how he had killed McAlister and then became a criminal and escaped to the Spanish Island where after 2 years the FBI found him and asked him to come back and work his sentence off by working for them catching criminals for 5 years. He told her about Teresa how they had fallen in love and had her half sister Lucyanne.

They made their way up the steps and then into the living room where they found it empty.

"I wonder where every one is". Jane said turning to look at Cho and Wiley a little concerned.

"Maybe out the back with Daisy" Cho replied putting one of Charlottes cases near the table next to the door. "I have to go soon as I have to get back too HQ" he said as he made his way consciously towards the back of the cabin.

"Charlotte you stay here with Wiley while we go and look okay" Jane says as he too put down the other case he was holding by the door and made his way behind Cho as they walked towards the back door.

As they slowly walked out the back door they bumped into Jen who had been in the laundry room folding some sheets as she had been stripping beds that morning.

"Where is everyone"? Jane asks Jen.

"They are all down by the lake with Daisy" says Jen as she passes and goes into the sitting room towards the kitchen.

Jane sends Cho back for Charlotte and Wiley and waits for then to join him by the cabin's back door. When they are back together Charlotte asked her dad was Daisy the elephant from the carnival.

"Yes" he tells her.

"And is Granddad Pete and Grandma Sam here as well"? She asks.

"Yes" again he replies and a smile came onto his face as he sees a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

He asks her "Has she opened the locked door in her castle"? As he remembered here place was a princess castle. She nods with tears in her eyes. They make their way towards the lake.


While this was all happening, Jane Cho Wiley and Charlotte did not realise that Lulu had been sitting in the kitchen at the table doing some homework and some drawing, all the time that they had been talking and when they had come in. As Jen entered the kitchen she asked her what was wrong as Jen could see that she was crying.

"I'm scared" she replied as she turned round and look at Jen.

"Why"? Jen replied.

"I don't think daddy wants me now his first daughter is back" she says with tears streaming down her face.

"Jen walks over and lifts her into her arms and then sits her down on her lap as she sits in the chair Lulu has just vacated. "Look Lulu" "you're dad loves you just as much as he does Charlotte" "and I'm sure Charlotte will love you too" making circles on her back to soothe her. "Why do you think he does not love you"? She asked still with her arms around her trying to soothe her.

"He didn't come in to see me or call me when he got back" she said with tear running down her face.

"Now stop crying and let us go out and welcome her to the family" "I bet she is just as scared as you are" "she's been living on her own in hell for over a decade but you have had a loving family who's been there for you" "and also maybe she will not be able to come back in the fold as she has not seen her father or had a proper family for at least 14 years that's a long time to be apart" she says giving her a tight hug before passing a tissue so that she can wipe her eyes then put her down so they could go out and see the old/ new addition to the family.


They walked out of the kitchen then along the corridor and out the back door. They could see a group of people sat around the patio. Lulu could see her mother sat in her wheelchair and her father stood next to her holding her hand. In front of them sat down on the patio chairs and loungers was granddad Pete and Nana Sam and Mrs Tork. Stood up behind granddad and Nana was Cho and Mr Tork. Sat in a chair by the side of dad and mum was a Blonde with red streaks headed lass and this must be Charlotte. Lulu noticed that Daisy was over the other side of the lake sat down in the cool waters relaxing squirting water over her body so that it cooled her down.

As soon as Lulu came close enough for her father to see her he calls her over and when she get to him he picks her up and gives her a big hug and a kiss on her check and asks her how she is. He then turns her towards Charlotte and introducers her as her big sister. Charlotte looks up to her younger sister and gives her a big smile one that looked like her dad and herself.

"Hi" she says shyly turning to look at her dad for support. "Welcome to the family" she says asking to be put down before going over to Charlotte to give her a hug.

They all chattered amongst themselves while Jane and Pete got the barbecue and furnace lit up so that they could have their dinner outside near the lake.

They sat and talked and ate when the food was ready into the night until it was time for getting ready for bed.



I was quite surprised when I found the letter on the side table near the door as I had just got off my double shift as one of my friends had a family emergency so I volunteered to fill in.

I opened the envelope that looked very official and was surprised to see that an FBI agent called Mr Kimble Cho was asking me to call him so that they could arrange a visit to hear about the time that she was with the McAlister's. That time I did not really want to talk about but as I got further on into the letter I found that my real father was also looking for me and wanted to meet. Mr Cho had asked me to ring him so that they could arrange an appointment at a later date. He also said that one of his colleagues would be sending her an email with all the information and could she supply an email address so this could be done as soon as possible.

A couple of days later after I had rung Mr Cho I received an email from a Mr Wiley who gave me all the information about the trials that would be coming up over the next few months and also asked if I would like to testify against my abduction. I returned the email straight away with the forms filled in and also the email for my father and all my information if he would like to contact me he could. Also while I was emailing Mr Wiley I found out that I have another family as my father had thought that I had been killed the same time as my mother so he had moved on after he had revenged us by killing uncle Tom as he was the one that had murdered my mother and the other little girl who looked like me. I cannot remember my mum but I do recall little memories of my dad how he used to do tricks and tell me stories about his carnie days and how he had met my mum. I remember small things like we lived in a big house near the sea and we had our own private beach. I remembered building huge sand castles with my dad the made up stories he used to tell me before I went to sleep at night of cause when he was at home as he worked long hours doing his show. But the saddest part is I don't remember my mum. I don't know if Uncle Tom had brain washed me to forget her but it's so sad. My dad always popped up in my dreams and when I met my grandfather and I found out that I had these gifts I then found out I could talk with him. But the one person who I found out later was my younger sister Lulu I had a really good connection with her. We would often talk to each other in our dreams at night and she would tell me about our dad. I remember seeing them both in the hospital one night talking about a lady who was in the hospital bed. It turned out this lady was my step mum Teresa. When the day came when I got on the plane to go to Texas to visit them I was a bit scared that my father would not want to see me but it turned out he was thrilled to see me and made me very welcome. When we got to the cabin which was in such lovely surroundings, I was surprised that my adopted grandparents Pete and Sam were living with them too. I thought they would still be with the carnival and out on the road. But the most thrilling thing I do remember is Daisy the amazing elephant and the tricks she did. I was surprised that she was still around and living on my dad's family estate.

I was shocked to see the cabin and its surrounding lands as we came up the tree lined drive then coming out into the light and the cabin in front of you and the lake to your right. The big buildings behind the cabin and the tree line behind. To the left side of the cabin was two SUV's parked up by the side of the first garage building and linked to the amenities. There were two large buildings behind the cabin that looked like garages and of course a huge barn. You couldn't see if there was anything else on the property or how much land there was as the large trees at the back of the buildings shielded what was behind them from view.

We came around a short bend in the road then levelled off and parked up in front of the cabin as there was a concrete area in front of the cabin and straight a head was a lawn and the lake or large pond but it looked more like a lake that had an island in the middle of it.

I had read up about my dad so I had some insight of what he used to be.

I was taken in and I met my family and was welcomed with open arms and it was nice seeing Grandma Sam and Granddad Pete. I was a bit afraid that my dads family would not take to me but I found that they loved me just the same I could not feel more happier that before I found out about my other family. I hope I can help them and the FBI with the up and coming trials.


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