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Chapter 11

The Trial: Part Seven: The Trials.


Charlottes POV

The next few weeks was taken up with going to the FBI headquarter where I had met some more of my fathers and Teresa's friends.

Mr Abbott who I found to be a very nice gentleman who started to tell me some stories about my dad and some of the things he has done to catch murderers and con men.

Of cause Mr Cho and Wiley were there and they helped me with talking about the men that they had in custody and which ones that I knew for certain were working with Uncle Tom. I told them that once every three to four months Uncle Tom would have a dinner party where all the followers would come and celebrate what ever had been successful through the months. Every one had to dress up in formal ware as this was a special meeting. Uncle Tom would give gifts and awards to some of the men and women who had been invited. I always felt sorry for his poor wife she never seemed to be there, in mind and spirit, again I think she had been drugged or hypnotised so that she did not say or give anything away. After the meal was served and some of the guests had left, Uncle Tom would then usher the frequent visitors down into the tunnels, I was not allowed down there when this happened I was ushered into the library with the wives and female escorts that came with the men that had gone with Uncle Tom. There were exceptions of course, some women did go with him and it was their husbands or male escorts that went with us to the library. In the library some people would just get themselves drinks and some food from the trays on the side tables others would play games, read a book or just talk amongst themselves. I always ended up being the hostess as Uncle Tom's wife would never be able to do it herself and after a while I would ask her maid to take her up to her room and make sure she was okay. I would carry on entertaining and make sure everyone had drinks and food; until Uncle Tom had come back up from the tunnels then one by one they were escorted out of the house or be escorted to the guest house out side near the big barn. This would be sometimes 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning.

I did have some beautiful evening dresses that Uncle Tom bought me for these dues but they were all in different shades of red, I like the designs but it did not like the colours. My favourite colours are yellow, purple and pink.


Finely the day came for the trial of the man, who Teresa was going to move with to DC to marry, but Dad got to her on the plane first and she got off and now they have been together for a number of years.

When I saw a picture of him I told Dad and Mr Abbott that this man I had seen many times at the ranch, he was not one of the big wigs but he was fairly up the totem pole. I always remember a face and where I had seen them and what was said. I think that James wanted to get back at Dad for killing his dad and got this man to lure Teresa away from him. But every time something was tried they misjudged the power and friends that both Teresa and Dad had with the FBI. I hope that my testimony will be able to put all of these people behind bars.

We all arrived early at the court room in a convoy of federal cars. Dad, Teresa and granddad and grandma and I were in the first one with Mr Cho driving and Mr Abbott shot gun. As they got out of the car Mr Cho went to the back of the SUV and got Teresa's wheel chair out as she still was not stable on her feet yet. She and Dad went up the ramp at the side of the steps. There were other witnesses and Agents who were also there to testify. We all got out of the cars and waited until all the cars had emptied and we were all together at the foot of the steps that led up to the main court building entrance. We all filed up the steps and met Teresa and Dad at the top, and went in through the main doors that led into a main lobby. Mr Abbott went over to the reception desk so that he could register before we all had to file through the metal detectors there was three of them. All our bags and other metal things were put in trays so that they could go through the x-ray scanner. Dad had to do it but mum was given special treatment and was wheeled to the side and a hand scanner was waved over her. As we all pass through without any incidents we then made our way up to the next floor where the court room was situated. Dad and Teresa and my grand parents went up in the lift.

We were all led into an anti room next to the court room. Reason for this as I was told by my dad was that there were too many witnesses to be waiting out in the hall way. In this room was a very large TV situation on the wall opposite the door that we had entered. From this TV we could all see the proceedings without being in the court room. Along the left wall were loads of books on shelves that were floor to ceiling with another door in the middle that I supposed was the door that went into the court room, along the right side wall were large windows that looked out onto the side of the building where the coffee/ café was situated. Down the middle of this room was a very large table that sat quite a number of people.

A tall blonde haired gentleman knocked then came into the anti room followed by young dark haired lass behind him. They were carrying trays, on the one the man carried had two huge pitchers filled with water, one with slices of lemon the other just plain, where the young lass was carrying a tray with glasses. They left them on a medium size table that was in the corner of the room near the large windows. The man told them to help themselves and later on there will be trays of food brought in just before recess for lunch.

As they were waiting for the trial to start and the judge to come in, the groups of men and women either made themselves comfortable as they can on the seats around the table or sat on the sofas that was based underneath the windows. Some of them stood up in groups around the room. Teresa sat near the windows in her wheelchair while dad and my grandparents sat on one of the couches next to her I sat on the chair that I had turned round from the table to sit in front of them.

Lulu and Jen did not have to be there today as last week dad had bought them here to see the judge privately so that they would not be influenced today by the defence Lawyers. As far as I could understand the defence and prosecution were both there at the time but could not be in the same room as Lulu and Jen, everything was filmed so that it could be shown in the court room today. Lulu was at home with Jen and the Torks who was there for protection while the rest of the family was in court.


I was watching the TV when Mr Pike and his defence lawyer was ushered into the court room by his two guards and sat down on a chair behind a desk then his hands that was handcuffed was attached to a ring on the desk. Of course dad was with us and I notice a sly smile on Mr Pike and I new he was thinking that dad would not show up but he will be surprised when mum goes into give her evidence because dad will be going in as well.

It was another half and hour before the court bailiff called for order for the judge who entered after about 5 minutes. He was a large African gent with salt and pepper hair and it looked like blue eyes from where I sat and could see on the TV.

After the Judge sat down and the court room was in session and the jury sworn in, the defence and prosecution all gave their version of what happened and why the plaintive was being charged with the offences being heard in court today.

On a small table near the main door was a list of times that everyone in our room was going to be called into the court room. I noticed that my family members where near the beginning as I knew that Teresa was one of the first to go in after my dad as he should actually be in the court room now but had special treatment due to Teresa not being up to the stress. He will be in there after Teresa and my grandparents have given their testimony and gone home, then staying the whole time for the rest of the trial.

After a number of hours the room that we were sat in started to empty as agents went in to give their testimony, then where heralded out the main door into the corridor and sent back to HQ. Dad was now in the court room as Teresa and grandparents had gone home to watch it on TV as Wiley had been able to get connection to the server at home.

I was a surprise witness which only the prosecution and the Judge new about. You see they found my diaries in the attic after Wiley and Cho has gone back to the ranch to find them. In these diaries Pikes name had been mentioned a number of times over the years; some was about jobs that Pike had to do for Uncle Tom (Some of then was not nice or legal). There were eight diaries in all that was found in the attic and there was a lot that I had put down on note pads that I would hide in my bedroom that I remembered or heard over the years. So I was stopping back until much later in the day before I'm called. To keep me company was one of dads and Teresa's workmate and friend Kim Fisher who was the one to protect Lulu while dad and Teresa were in the hospital. She sat and told me about how she had first met my dad on the Island where he had been for nearly 2 years after he had killed Uncle Tom. I found her very nice to talk with and we soon started talking about each others lives. I was sorry to hear that her mother had passed away just before all this had happened and that she was asked to come back and work with Cho as he was now the leader of the team instead of Mr Abbott or Uncle Dennis as Lulu calls him. Because Wiley is more my age I found it silly calling him uncle so I just call him Wiley when he is working and Jason when we are with family.


While we were talking quietly together near the windows we had not heard the commotion in the court room as we were not taking any notice of the proceedings. It seems that Pike had gone ballistic when it was mentioned about Thomas McAlister aka Red John and his involvement with this man that he had flown over the desks to get to dad before the bailiffs could get to him first. It seemed dad didn't do anything and had been punched in the face and was now being given first aid by the in house doctor, you see after lunch recess Mr Pike came back into the court room without any handcuffs. With this aggression it showed the jury that this man on trial was not stable so the judge asked for him to be taken back to the holding cells down stairs while the trial carried on with out him. I found out that Kim had already given her testimony earlier before the trial started as dad had asked for someone to be with me as he could not be. Kim it seemed had volunteered to be my guardian while the trial was still on going, and was staying with me until dad was available to take me home. Soon it came my turn to go in. Because I was still classed as a minor until I'm twenty one Kim had to come into the court room with me as dad could not do this.

Earlier on in the week I had found out what my real birthday was. It was the same day and month but Uncle Tom had made me a two years older than I should be that's why Kim was in the room with me. Dad and Uncle Dennis had gone to the registration office who had then contacted Malabou office who had then searched through the archives for my original copy of my birth certificate as the original one had been blown up and burnt in the explosion and fire of the guest house. So it seems I'm not quite 18 years old.

Soon I had been sworn in and the judge then asked me questions first, who I was and what I can remember after I was abducted from my home and family. I explained that I don't remember my mother much but I did remember snippets of my father. He asked me about the time I had at the McAlister ranch (as he had seen the email that I had sent Wiley), I explained about the diaries and that I had written down every thing I had heard or was told to me while being at the ranch. Soon the judge had what he needed then he asked the lawyers if they had any questions. The prosecutor then asked me a few questions that the judge had not asked me which I answered as best I could. Soon he had said no further questions your honour to which the judge then passed it over to the defence. Now the questions that came from the defence was what the court was trying not to bring up where I was concerned and many of them was because there was no way I could answer them as I did not have privy to those answers. Also the defence was trying to make out that I was in with Red John and my abduction how could I do that I was only 6 years old. Soon the judge called order as the defence lawyer was getting out of hand too many times until the judge decided to call recess said I could stand down and go back into the side room and asked both lawyers to meet him in his chambers.

Once we were in the side room dad soon followed us in and straight away I asked him what had happened. He explained that the defence lawyer was in the wrong as since we had found out that I was a minor some of those questions should have not been asked. We sat in the side room for an hour before just my dad was called back in. It was another hour and a half before the judge called recess for the day and that that every one must be in court at nine am so the court proceedings can continue. This meant that we could all go home.


Still Charlottes POV

We arrived back to the cabin and hour after we left the court house as dad decided that he would go and drop off Kim at HQ so that she could pick up her car as she had come in the convoy of cars to the court house in the morning.

As we parked up in the garage at the back of the cabin, Grandma came out and told dad that he needed to go to the hospital as it seemed that Teresa had gone into early labour and was rushed in and Anna had gone with her for support.

I asked dad it he wanted me to go with him as he looked white and in shock but he told me to go into the cabin and would I look after Lulu while Sam and Pete went with him for support as then Pete could drive because he did not feel safe to drive.

I seemed that the stress of going into court today had started labour off. After Dad and my grandparents left, I went into the cabin and enquired what had happened after Teresa had come home. Jen told me that Teresa was having back pain all the night before and thought that the pain was Brixton hicks but as the morning progressed and she went through her testimony she found that they were getting worse but did not say anything until she got home when she told Sam that they were taking her breath away and then she started doubling over with each pain, and as she is only 7 months pregnant well nearly, they called the hospital and was told to take her in. We all sat down at the table while Jen was getting the dinner prepared and cooked. I excused myself so that I could go out to the quest quarters and get changed into something a little bit more comfortable than my court clothes. After I had done that I went back into the cabin and into the kitchen where dinner was about to be served.

After dinner every one moved in to the lounge so that we could talk while Lulu and Jen watched videos or read before it was time for Lulu to go to bed. After her and Jen had gone up the stairs to the bedroom and the Torks had also gone to the other building to get ready for bed Charlotte decided to ring her dad to see how Teresa was getting on. Dad picked up after the 3rd ring.


"Hi Dad" "How is Teresa doing has she had the babies yet"? She asks.

"Hi Angel" he replies. "No she has not had them yet the staff here are trying to slow down the labour as it not safe yet for them to be born maybe in a couple more weeks" "Her waters is still intact and they are trying to keep it that way "They are having trouble doing it though it looks like they want to come out" he says with a sigh.

"How is Teresa coping"? She asks while she was tidying around the cabin's lounge as it was not left in a tidy way with cups still on the table etc.

"How is everyone at home"? He asks with a sigh.

"Okay dad" " Jen and Lulu have gone upstairs for bed and the Tork's have gone to the quest quarters for the night after they have secured the perimeter" "is Teresa okay" you have not answered by question?.

"She's coping" "Very tearful and afraid she is losing the twins" "but the staff here are very good and trying their best to make sure that they can slow down the labour". If they do decide to come the children's ICU are on standby for any problems" he says while she could hear Teresa make noises in the background.

"Well give her my love and tell her everyone is praying for her and hope she's home soon". "By Dad talk with you soon please keep us informed if anything should happen" "Love you".

"Yeah goodnight Angel, talk with you again tomorrow" "Love you too".

"Night, Dad".

"Night, Angel".

I decided then to go and get ready for bed as it was late and everyone needed to be up early the next morning.


The next morning everyone had congregated in the kitchen area so that they could face time dad and Teresa who was still at the hospital. They had been able to stabilise Teresa and slow down the contractions which had stopped for the time being. Because of this problem it meant that Teresa had to stay in hospital for few more days so to make sure that the contractions had stopped as she was still have some discomfort in the lower back area. As everyone knows Teresa and dad were both very bad patients, or visiting for long as they both don't like hospitals.

Dad had face timed the judge to inform him of what had happened with Teresa and asked if he could be excused for the next few days, to which the judge agreed too. The trial would still go on in his absence but he would be needed when the time for him to testify, hopefully it will be at the end of the week but the court would keep him informed of any changes.


Charlotte had gone up to her dad's office as she had asked him if she could use his computer to do some assignments that she still needed to do before going back to school in a few week times. She had been given extra time so that she could help with the FBI and court case.

As she was logging on with the password she was given by her dad, up came her dad's emails and quite a few was from an estate in Ireland United Kingdom. She was curious so she opened the first one which was a spreadsheet from a Patrick Riley Lawyer from Ireland that related to an estate called Rambling Rose Manor Estate. I wonder what this is all about she thought to herself, I'll have to ask Dad when he gets home or maybe have a word with Grandma Sam, well that sounds better. Anyway she closed down his emails and then signed into her own so that she can get to her course work which she had in a file.

After a few hours of course work that needed to be done and she had then sent by email to her course tutor the finished paperwork. She decided to Google Rambling Rose Manor and what a shock she saw. It seems that her dad and family were very rich people and her dad owned this huge estate. She is going to have to have a word with her dad. She shut everything down after she read about the manor, then shut the door to her dad's office and went back down to the main cabin to have a talk with Grandma Sam.


At the hospital Teresa and Patrick were sitting together talking about the future. Teresa was a bit more comfortable as the nursing staff were able to stop the contractions. Teresa was not very happy that she had to stay for another day in the hospital. It seemed that Teresa had caught a mild infection in the wall of the uterus but with antibiotics intravenously had helped to slow down the contractions.

"When are you going back to court"? Teresa asked, as she tried to get comfortable on the hard hospital bed.

"Tomorrow" Patrick replied. "The judge only gave me a couple of days and allowed Dennis to sit in as proxy for me" he smiled before getting up from the chair and helping to pump up the pillows behind her. "Dennis said that they are nearing the part where I have to give my statement" he replied sitting back down beside her. "Oh Sam and Pete will be in later to take over while I go home and get a shower and some sleep for tomorrow" "They will be visiting you for the next few days while I'm in court and before you can come home".

"I cannot wait to go home and see my baby" she said while a tear fell down her cheek.

"It won't be long now" "you'll soon be home" he said with a sigh.

"Why the sigh Patrick"? Teresa asks looking at him with concern. "What is making you upset".

"Why is it that every time we get a break of good luck something or someone seems to want to take it away" "Why can't we be left alone so we can get on with our lives? He says looking at her with love, but also pain in his eyes.

"Well lets get over this court case first then we can look forward to the birth of the twins and maybe when they are old enough take a trip to Ireland again for a long vacation" she says. "I'm not rushing back this time" "I'll ask if I could have an extension of leave then we can take the whole family as we can afford it" as she looks at him slyly.

"Yeah I suppose so" he relies then gets up and gives her a kiss on the lips.


Back at the Court Room the Next Day

Dennis's Point of View

Dennis was sat next to Patrick's lawyer and the court prosecutor listening to the other people who had been asked by the court to attend to give evidence. It was late after noon and this morning the judge had informed the court that Patrick Jane would not be attending due to family commitments. Too the right of him was the desk that Pike was sat at with his lawyer and the court defence officer as the Public Defender is at the moment questioning a witness giving her evidence. Dennis could feel the stare that Pike was aiming towards him and this had been the same right from the time the judge had informed them about Patrick. It nerved Dennis a bit, because he couldn't tell what was going through Pike's mind where as Patrick would have an idea. Soon the defender had finished with his cross examination and the witness was excused. This lady happened to be the last one for the prosecutor so the Judge decided to adjourn for the day so that the defence could start with their witnesses.

As everyone was exiting the court room after the judge had left, Dennis turned to Patrick's Lawyer one of his carnie friends and asked what was happening as he had felt today that the defence was getting the upper hand. The man asked Dennis if they could meet up somewhere they could talk private as he thinks something is wrong. Dennis told him to come to the FBI HQ and gave him the address and they can talk in his office as its sound proofed and secure. So they arranged to meet in an hour. They both got up and shook hands and left the court room.

Before Abbott got into his car he first check with his scanner if any devises had been attached or put in his car which showed there was not before he got in and took out his phone and rang Jane who he new was still at the hospital. After 3 rings Jane answered.


"Hi Patrick" "Is it okay to talk"? Dennis asked.

"Just wait a minute" Patrick said as Dennis could here him say something to Teresa then quite before Patrick answered again. "Right it's okay to talk now" "What's up"? Patrick asks.

"Look can I ask how many people high ups have you been able to get on that list"? Dennis asks.

"Why"? Patrick asks.

"Well something happened today in the court room that did not feel right and your lawyer asked if he could have a word with me because he also did not feel comfortable today in court" Dennis replied. "Also Pike kept staring at me all smug like after the judge said that you would not be in court today and after that was said, everything seemed to go their way it was to surreal if that's how I can describe the feeling" Dennis said with a sigh.

"Well there were some judges on the list but I don't remember seeing the judge residing at the moment on it, but you will have to ask Wiley, he still has the list and is working to solve the last few" Patrick says.

"How about the Prosecutor or the Public Defender as I'm not sure about them either" Dennis said. "Look I will get back with you after I have that word with your friend in 30 minutes he's coming to HQ so we can talk privately in my office". "Give me about an hour maybe two just in case I have to investigate anything then I'll get back to you". Dennis then said goodbye and hung up.

Dennis got back to HQ just as the lawyer arrived also. He ushered him into the reception area and got him a visitors pass and taken through the metal detector. He then took him up to his office and asked him to sit down and asked if he wanted a drink to which he asked for a coffee white with two sugars.

Dennis rang Wiley and asked if he could bring in a coffee for him and a coffee white with two sugars for the lawyer. Five minutes later Wiley knocked on the door and entered with a tray with drinks on and a folder that Dennis had asked for earlier. Also Wiley asked if Dennis would just step outside as he needed a word, so Dennis excused himself and went out side of the door and shut it behind him. Wiley indicated that he had put the list in the folder as extra as he had finished most of the names on the flash drive and he had found some more on the drive hidden in the file itself. He said they were high profile people, people who were not in the FBI CBI or any law enforcements these where high profile in the media, church, and entertainment. He also said that he did not think that Burtrum was IT savvy so he thinks there is someone still out there who is able to do this type of encryption and had to be IT literate and knew their way around a computer and is better than me. The only person who keeps coming up in my search is my old boss David Grayson here in Texas. Dennis nodded to him then told to keep at it and could he get as much information on his old boss as he can before going back into his office and start the conversation with the lawyer.

Dennis informs the lawyer that he thinks that it's the defence lawyer that is with the Blake Association, as they now have a list that they found in Burtrum's head of the CBI belongings when they were given a warrant to search his property. He told him that he had a quick glance and noticed that Pikes Lawyers boss is on the list. The Lawyer says that he thinks also one or both of the guards is also with Blake because he cannot understand why Pike is able to sit at the desk without having handcuffs on as all other court cases he can remember being at, the defendant had had handcuffs right through the court case until proven innocent. They carried on talking about the case and the people for an hour then the lawyer said he had to get home to his family who were in their trailer at the Jane's estate.

After Dennis had seen the lawyer off the premises he went back up stairs to his office and rang Patrick to give him an update on what they think are the Blake people and what him and Patrick's lawyer discussed. Patrick informed him that he will be back in the court room tomorrow so he will keep an eye on the people and see if he can read them. I think they will have a shock because the judge did say that you will be out for the rest of the week they both chuckled.


The next morning Dennis met up with Patrick in the café for some breakfast and coffee early so that they can talk a bit before the day starts in court. As they are sat there Patrick notices Pikes lawyer who had his back to them talking with one of their witnesses. Patrick indicates to Dennis what he is observing and relays what the witness is saying to the lawyer. Dennis takes out his phone and takes a picture and sends it to Wiley. Then he sends a text message to ask Wiley to look into this witness and the lawyer. Wiley rings back about 10 minutes later and informs them that the witness is Andrea Mellor a journalist and her father is owner of Mellor media and his name is on the list that he had found hidden in the original file, also I looked into the other main people in the court room and I found that the judge and the prosecutor are genuine but the pubic defender has a shady past as I can't find everything on him from the age of 16 when he left school but nothing before that it seems like he was never born. There is no birth certificate I can find. Also the two guards that were in court with Pike well they don't exist as both names that came up on my search are deceased. One died 3 years ago from a heart attack and he was 63years old, where the other one was killed in a car crash 3 months ago and he was in his 40's. None of those men that I've seen in court are there ages and look nothing like the pictures of the deceased men. I have not been able to get a good picture of both guards as they seem to avoid the cameras so I cannot do a facial recognition search Wiley informed them. Dennis told him to keep at it and he will try and find away to get better pictures of the two men if they come with Pike today.

Patrick tells Dennis that he thinks it would be better if he was not seem by the lawyer so they both got up and walked into the lobby of the court house and Patrick showed Dennis a place where you can stand and see everything but not be seen yourself.

They stand there for about 15 minutes before the lawyer and the witness enter from the café shop and walk up the stairs towards the court room. Dennis looks at Patrick and they both chuckle before emerging from their hiding place and follow them up the stairs but not into the court room but the side room where they sat the first day of court. Dennis then went out and went to see the judge before the day starts as he has to inform him of what he has found out about. Also he informs him about Patrick and what they are going to do as they want to surprise Pike as they think they are going to get away with things because Patrick is not there.

The judge tells Dennis to leave Patrick in the room and go straight into the court room and sit at the desk with Patrick's lawyer as he would have done if Patrick was not in today as he also got the feeling that things yesterday was not right and that they were twisting things to their advantage.


Patrick was sitting at the long table waiting for Dennis to come in so they could walk into court together. It was getting late and has he stood up to go into the court room, but the large TV on the wall came on. Sat in the chair where he is supposed to be is Dennis who is looking up to the camera so he could see him talking so he could lip read him. Soon he under stood what was going on so he sat back down and waited for the court proceedings to start.

First of all Pike was brought in with the same two guards as of yesterday and since they only saw Dennis sat at the other table Patrick could see them letting their guard down because they new that he could read them which he was doing now. Patrick realised what the judge was doing. Because I was not in the court room everyone was letting their guard down so he was able to read them without any difficulty. It also seems the judge has got the court security to move the cameras around the room so he has a chance to read everyone in the room easily. About an hour later a security guard came in with some drinks sat down next to Patrick and gave him a tablet which had all the cameras from the court remotely on it. Patrick with this tablet could take good pictures of all the people of interest and send them to Wiley who later rang him to say that he was able to find out who the two guards truly were.

After a while Patrick asked the security man if there was any chance that he could give the judge and Dennis a listening device so that he can relay what he is reading of each person. This will give them a better understanding. The security man must have gone and talked with the court bailiff because he goes up to the judge and talks with him and the judge says he needs to be excused for twenty minutes please stay in the court room. Soon the judge comes into the room were Patrick is followed by two security men behind him. The judge thought it was a good idea and soon Dennis was ushered into the room too. They were all kitted up with listening devices and Patrick had the mike in the room. When the judge and Dennis returned to the court through different doors soon the proceedings started again but this time with Patrick telling them if they are lying or not.


After a couple of hours most of all the defence witnesses had been discredited and shown to be lying as Patrick told Dennis and the judge what he had read from them. Each time the prosecutor show up the witnesses and got them to back peddle the change in the glare from Pike was quite laughable because everyone knew he didn't know how the prosecutor was getting this information. Well while Patrick was relaying information to the court he also had Wiley on speaker phone doing searches so that they had the information available when it was needed.


Patrick was sitting in front of the large TV with his back to the door when he heard it open and Charlotte walked in.

"Hi Dad" she said as he turned around looking at her with concern and then at Kim who walked in behind her.

"What are you two doing here? He asked looking a bit worried as she was not supposed to be back here as she had already given her statement.

"I've been subpoenaed to attend by the defence" she says looking a bit scared.

Patrick turned to Kim and asked her what happened and she told him that they were stopped in the mall and given the paperwork. With that Patrick relayed this to the judge and Dennis about Charlotte and Kim being there and why. They could see on the TV the judges face turn furious before indicating to the court bailiff to come over to him and the change in the bailiff's indicated that this was bad practice. Also the judge decided to address the court has he was not happy.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury and court", "I have had some information come to my attention that I'm really not happy about. "Today a witness who came in the beginning of the week to testify on behalf of the prosecution had been subpoenaed to come back into the court to testify on behalf of the defence". "Now I would not normally disrepute this but before the person left I told her and the court that because she is a minor that she was not needed again in court, so I'm going to say this to the defence for the last time please get your fact right because the next time I shall come down on you with a ton of bricks" he says. "Also it's come to my attention and why is it being allowed that the defendant is not handcuffed in my court and please" he turns to the bailiff "get it put right now".

While this was being said Patrick had been moving the cameras around the court room looking at everyone to see who the person was that sent it. It seemed to the public defender as he started sweating badly and was wiping his hands on his sacks. Also he noticed two people in the jury that was not there at the being of the week.

"Dennis" Patrick said a little worry in his voice.

Dennis looks up at the camera in front of him and mimed yes.

"I have found two aliens in the jury who was not there the beginning of the week" he says "Was there any changes in the last two days I was away"? He asks.

Dennis again looks up and shakes no.

"Well it seems two women have been changed"

Dennis mimes again to get on to Wiley and ask him to find out about them".


After Patrick had contacted Wiley again and asked him to log into the court cameras and see it he can get any information the two men who are sat in chair 3 front row and chair 4 row three. Wiley asks him why and when Patrick said that he remembered that there was two women sat in those seats last time he was in and he could not see them anywhere else in the court room. Also its suppose to be equal women to men and that is not what has happened today. Also he asked Wiley to look into the people who are looking after the jury because he thinks something is wrong there too as the jury can only be changed by the judge.

Soon it was time for recess for lunch so the judge round up and told the court to be back at 13:30.

After he left the court the judge then made his way toward the side room so that he could see Patrick and Dennis. The judge had arranged with his assistant to supply lunch for everyone in the room so that they could discuss what was going on.

"Hi Patrick, Dennis" the judge said as he walks into the room.

"Hi" they both said together.

"Now what do you make of today's hearing so far" the judge asked.

"Well I think there are two aliens in the jury" Patrick says picking up a sandwich at the same time the judge entered behind him came a young man and girl carrying trays in with lunch and drinks on them.

"Why do you say that"? The judge asks.

"Well if my mind remembers, on Monday when I was in court" "I remembered all the faces that were in the jury which was equal men to women". "Well today there seemed to be two more men than women" Patrick replies before picking up another sandwich.

The judge was getting fed up with his court room being used to make him look an idiot this was making him very angry. He asked Dennis and his team to look into everyone in the back ground that is dealing with the running of his court.


After they had talked for a while and the judge told Charlotte and Kim to go home, Patrick asked the judge a question that had been niggling him for a few days since this case started.

"Sir" he asked.

"Yes Patrick " the judge replied with a smile because he thinks he knows what Patrick is going to ask as actually the judge is Sam's brother Lawrence Kimberly Wesley, Wesley being Sam's maiden name.

"I was wondering if your uncle Larry" he asked.

"Yeah that's right" he replied "Sam is my sister" "and she asked me to take this trial on" he said with a smile.

"Where have you been hiding because if I remember you disappeared around my tenth birthday" Patrick looked up at him.

"Yeah I decided I wanted to be lawyer all my life so I stayed with Sam until I had saved up enough money to go to Law school". "When I passed the bar, I decided to go back to Africa to live with my family and practice for a while which went on for years".

"Why did you come back then"? Patrick asked.

"Well just after you killed Red John (Aka Thomas McAlister) and quite a few lawyers and judges was affiliated with the Blake association were disbarred and sent to jail", "they found that they were lacking in lawyers and judges so trials were backing up" "I was asked by the United States Senate if I would like to come back and become a Judge here in Texas" "and since I had lost both my wife and son in a car accident a few years before I decided to have a clean break and move back which must have been fate as your trial was the second thing handed to me" as he looked at Patrick smiling.

"Have you seen Sam yet since you have been back in the states"? Patrick asks.

"No not yet I wanted to get this trial over then I can come and see her and Pete" he said while looking at his watch to see that it was time to go back into the court room and start the afternoon proceedings.

"Where are you staying at the moment"? Patrick asks "You can come and stay with us we have a lot of quest rooms and to kill to birds with one stone you can meet Sam and Pete and also my new family" Patrick continues.

"Well at the moment I have been put up at the Rosewood Manor until I can look for a permanent apartment or condo" he says as he gets up and opens the door to the corridor before shutting it swiftly as he see Pikes lawyer near the court room door.

As the judge comes out of the door and slams it shut the lawyer looks up and notices the judge who comes up to him and tells him court will resume in five minutes and that he needs to make his way into the room. As the judge passes and goes into his rooms the lawyer was curious why the judge had come out of that room. Soon his curiosity was quashed as two of the security guards came out of the same room with different sorts of equipment and went down the corridor towards the security offices. The lawyer thought that the judge must have been going over the court proceedings today and then made his way into the room so that the afternoon could start.

Just before Dennis had left the other room, Patrick had checked the corridor cameras to see if anyone on Pike's team was out there and told Dennis that it was all clear so Dennis made his way back into the court room. Just has he sat down Pike was brought into the room this time handcuffed and was sat down in the chair next to his lawyer. Pike looked Dennis's way again with a smug smile on his face and Dennis just smug smiled back. Seeing the smile drop form Pike's face as Dennis gave a chuckle.

("Let's play you at your own game and see how long you keep that smug face") Dennis thought chuckling to himself again.

Wiley got back to Patrick saying that he had found out what happened to the two ladies who were with the jury on Monday. Cho had gone to both ladies addresses and found then gagged and drugged and they were now in the hospital one was critical and if Cho had not got there in time she would have died, the other was awake but groggy. He also told him that the two aliens (that Patrick had named them) where bouncers from a private club just outside the city The Great Hills Country Club. He also found out that the lawyer's boss is a silent partner in the club. The two guards well I could only find information on one of them as he used to be one of McAlister's deputies from Mapa, his name is James Swanson senor, Wiley suggests that it was his badge that got him in as a guard and the other gent is his accomplice.

Relaying all this information to both Dennis and the Judge Patrick then went back to observing the people in the room through all of the cameras. He was sat watching Pike for a while observing him but Pike had upped his poker face as Patrick found it difficult to get a good reading. But now and again Pike would let his walls down and Patrick got a good look at what was going on in his mind well guessing through his facial expression and his body reaction to what was being said.

After a bit moving the cameras around and not finding anything else about the other people he landed back on Dennis who was looking at the camera trying to get his attention.

"What's the matter Dennis"? He asks trying to lip read him. "You want me too watch the man behind the judge you say"? "Okay will do" talking while turning the camera at the back of the room above the door onto the judge and the man behind. "Judge have you given anyone permission to come in with a tray from your chambers because there is a man behind you that I don't think is supposed to be there" says Patrick still looking at the man. The judge looks up to the camera over the jury so that they don't think he's looking at anything but them and shakes his head. "Right I think you need to indicate you need to talk to your bailiff and tell him about the man and to make sure he is in between you and him okay" says Patrick as he picks up the land line phone and presses the extension line for the security offices and explains what he thinks is going to happen in Court room 6 and could they cover all the exits.

He rings Wiley on his phone asking him to tap into the court room cameras again and the one over the door can he get information about the man behind the judge as Patrick tells him he thinks that they are going to hold the court up for ransom and to get Pike off but they all know this is the wrong way to go about it but it looks like Pike is desperate as all evidence is going against him. Patrick knows that when a judge leaves his chambers to go into the court room they always lock the outside door from the inside so the only way this person could have got into the room is that he was already in the room before the judge came back at lunch.

Soon the door opens and the two security people who came in early set up surveillance equipment and other items so that they can listen in and record every thing. Also as I still had Wiley on my phone they passed on the code so that Wiley also had connection with the equipment. They also told him that all exits and entrances were now guarded. Patrick asked one of the guards if any of his men were IT literate and very good at it because if he remembers some evidence will need IT equipment to be able to show it in court. The guard gets on his walki talki and finds that they have a young guard that is down stairs on the scanners at this moment, who has a Masters in computers. Patrick asks him to send him up and direct him to this room first so that he can inform him what he has to do. While this is happening Patrick informs Dennis to look into the camera and when he has done that he then relays what he is going to do and then tells the judge that he needs to inform the court that an IT man will be coming in to set everything up and this will give back up for the bailiff as they know they cannot depend on the jail guards to help.

While this was going on the time came for the judge to tell the court that they will need to admit an IT person and his equipment to come in to see what evidence was on a video. The young lad who's name was Neil knocked on the outside door to the court and walked in with the equipment needed. But unknown by everyone in the court room, some weapons had been placed in a draw that was situated under the TV monitor where normally wires and other items were placed to make the equipment work but before he went in they had already set up the TV and video player. The young man went in and placed the TV and player right next to the judge's desk so that everyone could see it. He also had a portable stool that was laid over a hook at the side of the TV. Placing the stool down then sitting on it he took out some gloves from the drawer and put them on. Here the public defender asked why he is putting gloves on where the judge said that its evidence so he has to ware gloves. The young man gets up and asked the judge where is the evidence to which the judge directs him to the table in front of his desk. Normally the bailiff would have done that but since he was making sure the judge was protected he could not leave his post. Patrick had indicated to the young man, who was on their side and pointed to Dennis and the judge the prosecutor and the lawyer sat next to Dennis the bailiff and the other court official near the judge's desk. Also Patrick had told him that if anything should happen he needed to throw one of the weapons to Dennis and just get his head down.


Patrick's POV

I'm sitting looking at the TV, keeping an eye on the man behind the judge and bailiff. He seems to be biding his time for when the bailiff has to move to where the judge wants him to go but looks frustrated when the judge indicates the young IT man who had just gone in to where the evidence is. I relay this to the judge and Dennis. I ask the IT people who is in with me if they can zoom in the camera so that they can see what the man has on the tray which proved to be difficult as the bailiff is in the way. I tell the judge to inform the bailiff to move closer to him so that the man behind is in full view.

We can see everything now behind the judge and can get a better view and picture of the man that is sent to Wiley to face rec. He came back saying with a gasp that the man is Alexa Shultz brother Jonny Shultz, used to be at the CBI in the legal team Wiley informs us. I relay this to Dennis and the judge. Then I had a thought to take down the man as on the tray though covered by a cloths was an assortment of weapons how he got them passed the scanners I do not know. Anyway I informed Neil the IT man that the judge will ask him to take a note to Dennis. While he's waiting for that could he get hold of one of the weapons in his drawer and conceal it on his person then give it to Dennis without anyone seeing. He then told the judge about the note to Neil the IT man and also to ask give a note to the bailiff to get ready to tackle the man behind them on his call.

As the judge indicated for Neil to come to him he gave him a note to give to Dennis while he then turned to the bailiff and also gave him a note again stating to get ready to tackle the man behind. In the mean while Patrick had told the guards outside the court room who was waiting to follow through and secure the court room to get ready.

He told the judge to just carry on with the proceeding as if nothing is happening which the judge just smiled his okay to the camera. He told Neil to get ready to take the note to Dennis hopefully with the gun that Neil had said he had put in his white coat pocket that he had worn into the room. Neil then looked at the judge who nodded his head and he then got up to give the note and the gun to Dennis which had been a success. The judge then indicated to the bailiff that its time to do what was asked. The bailiff then counted one two and on three he turned round and tackled the man to the ground holding his arms behind his back and slipping on handcuffs so the man could not get to the weapons. In the mean time Dennis stood up and told every one to stay still as the two men from the jury started to get up and move forward into the court. Then the doors burst open and into the court came the guards wearing tactical gear and had rifles across their chests. All of the men were removed from the court and then the judge decided to call recess for the day as he had had enough.


As the people walked out of the court everyone was told to meet in a large room at the end of the corridor so that the agents from the FBI could ask them questions. Pike was led out of the court room but not by the two guards that brought them in as they had also been handcuffed and walked out, but by two FBI agents who have now been appointed to be his guards for the rest of the court case. Also the judge decided to have the conversations between Pike and the Public defender recorded and put into evidence which was within the law, but could not record the conversation between Pike and his lawyer as that was brief of confidentiality. To this the judge rang his friend another judge to pass a warrant to do this which was granted as his friend also had heard about the court case and how it was being disregarded.


The judge made his way into the anti room where Patrick and the IT people were still sat in front of the Monitor going over the recordings of the day's court proceedings, looking for anything of value to show as evidence when the proceedings start again tomorrow.

Patrick still had Wiley on his phone face recing all of the people who had been in the room from all the pictures taken by the IT people while they had been in the court room. After a short while Wiley gave a big gasp to which Patrick exclaimed.

"What is wrong Wiley"? Patrick asks. "What have you found"? He asks again.

"Well I have put this one gent Alex Jean in the face rec three times and each time he comes out as someone that you know Patrick" Wiley says.

"So who is it coming up as"? But Patrick has an idea as it sound like Alex Jane just spelt differently.

"Well it's your dad" Wiley replies but he doesn't look like the pictures I have seen of him" Wiley says.

"Well he was supposed to have died of cancer we saw him in his coffin" "so who did we see then if this person comes out as my dad"? Patrick asks.

"It looks like he has had plastic surgery because that face is not real" Wiley answers.

"Are they still doing interviews in the big hall"? Patrick asks the judge as he turns around.

"Yes I think so" the judge replies.

"Wiley are they recording the interviews in there"? Patrick asks "and is there any chance my dad is still in there"? He asks again before turning and picking up his phone and talking with the IT man closest to him giving him what they need to look for and calling him if they find anything.

"Patrick" "he is still in the hall right at the back near the windows" says Wiley.

"Can you keep on the phone while I look into this"? Patrick asks Wiley to which he said he could.

The judge, bailiff and Patrick, and Dennis all walk down the corridor and walk through the door and into the hall. Two FBI guards are station outside the door and they both nod to the judge as he walks in.

As they walked into the room on one side of the hall are tables side by side where FBI agents are interviewing the jury and other people that were in the court room. On the other side were rows of seats where the other people sat waiting to be interviewed. Through another door to the left people who had been already interviewed sat as no one could leave yet. Right at the back of the seating stood up against the wall was Patrick's dad.

His dad was hiding behind a pillar that was just away from the wall near the big windows. Patrick new that his dad was thinking that he would not be seen as he had only could find the camera over the door that recorded who came into the room.

Unbeknown by everyone was that in the ceiling there were three gadgets that looked like fire sprinklers the one to the left and right were fire sprinklers but the middle one was cameras and listening devises that had all round view of the room. This is what Wiley had tapped into and was recording all the interviews as all the FBI agents had recording devises on them.

"Wiley" Patrick asks silently into his phone. "Can you get as much information about this man because my dad would have devised a false background for himself"? "And can you also look into his death as well because if he died of cancer then it should be recorded some where"? Patrick asks.

"I'll look into it for you" "also I will look into the missing files for about that time and see if any body fits his description" Wiley replies.

Dennis turns to Patrick and asks him what he wants to do know, so Patrick tells them to let his dad think they had not notice him and have Wiley and the court IT personnel to keep and eye on him and if he leaves the room to have one of the court guards to follow him.


They all turn around and walk out of the room with Wiley telling them that Patrick's dad had sighed as his shoulders had relaxed as soon as they had left the room.

They made their way back to the anti room but the judge decided for them to go into his chambers instead so that they could talk privately between them without being disturbed.

Patrick then introduces the judge as Uncle Larry to his friends and told them that he is Sam's brother. They discuss a bit about the trial which will now have to be put on hold again until a new jury and court officials can be assessed and have security clearance otherwise the judge asked Dennis if there was any chance that the officials be FBI agents so that they can get this case sorted sooner than later as he is getting fed up that its being disrupted all the time.

"Uncle Larry" "why don't you come and stay at the cabin until you find your self your own accommodation"? Patrick asks. "A hotel is not really a place to be for a long period of time" says Patrick. "Also you can surprise Sam and you can meet the rest of the family" Patrick smiles at the judge who looks like he is thinking about it. "We have loads of space for visitors there is a whole building with a floor just for guests" "but you can go and stay on my floor in the other building I only use my floor., as there is a kitchen and a bedroom with en suite and a sitting room, my study where you can go and work in your spare time, and a full gym". Charlotte my first daughter is staying in the flatlet on the floor over the barn where Sam and Pete are also staying. "Please come and stay" he begs with a wide grin on his face.

Soon everyone is laughing at him acting like a spoilt child and Larry decides then to go and stay with them. "Do you need picking up"? He asks Larry, but Larry says when he started to be a judge here they had given him a SUV and a driver/guard so Larry asks if there is room for him to stay as well. Patrick tells him that his driver can stay in the guest suite below him where the Tork's are staying. They are FBI agents and married. He explains that on that floor there are lots of rooms for guests and at the moment it is being used for family and agents.


Patrick's POV

Two weeks later everyone was asked to attend court as between Dennis and Uncle Larry all the attending officials were either FBI agents who were from the legal department, or members who could be trusted from the court house.

As everyone entered the court and Pike was ushered in by the FBI agents everyone could see that he was not happy that everything was not going his way 'idiot', did he actually think he could get away with disrupting court proceedings?

Uncle Larry had decided that to get the case finished more quickly that they would proceed from the time when all the problems had arisen. And not to start back at the beginning so all the people who had given evidence at the start of the proceedings was informed they did not need to attend which let Teresa off as she had only been out of the hospital a week as the hospital had made her stay in longer because they were concerned with her blood pressure being so high with the stress of the court case. Charlotte had gone back to school to finish off this semester so she would not be back until near Christmas.

The trial took another week before it was concluded and Pike was sentenced to life in prison with chance of parole in 25 years. His other co conspirators were each given 10 years.

Uncle Larry stayed with us until he found himself a condo that he liked and moved in not long after the trial had ended.

Teresa has started nesting so Sam says as I'm still working with Dennis and Cho about my dad that I have not been with her so much since she's been home from the hospital. But she has a lot of people keeping an eye on her.


Still Patrick's POV

It's been three weeks since the trials conclusion and Wiley has been busy searching for evidence and information about my dad. It turns out that my dad had befriended a man in the hospital where he was working as an orderly who was dying of cancer and decided to take on his identity after he had died. It seemed my dad thought it was a miracle that this man had a name as close as his and so by changing a few things on the mans records to his own he was then pronounce that he had died of cancer and it was the other man who is now in the grave that supposed to have his father resting. Wiley also found out that dad had a friend in the funeral parlour that was able to set everything up for the funeral. This man was arrested as he turned out to be one of Red John minions. The man thought he would get away with it as after McAlister was killed and the other higher ups had been rounded up and sent to jail he thought he was clear. Little did he know that his name had come up on the list that had been hidden in the first file and a few others of his colleagues to?

After all the information had been found and the family of the deceased man had been notified where their husband, father, grandfather was berried, Patrick informed Dennis and Cho that he would pay for the body to be removed from the grave and interred in the family vault with the rest of the deceased family members.

Dad was arrested 3 days after the end of Pike trial and is now sitting in a detention cell in the same building that Patrick had been put into when he first come back from the island. His dad kept asking to see him but after Dennis had asked him he had refused and said that as far as he is concerned his father died and is buried in that grave. A few weeks later Alex Jane went to court but Patrick did not attend. He was accused of fraud, assisting a mass murderer, helping with the abduction if his grand daughter and training her to be someone she is not and many more things that Wiley had dug up on his so called father. He was glad it was all over for the time being because he knew that there was still someone out there who wanted to get back at him or hurt his family.

My dad went back to the Detention Centre to wait for sentencing which was not being given for another two weeks, this gave me time to suggest to the whole family even Uncle Larry that they could go away for a week that is if Uncle Larry could get the time off. We all decided that we would go to the holiday villa that we had up in the lakes which would give us a break before the twins were born which was only a month away. We hired, well I did a small bus with driver to drive us up to the lakes where we put everything behind us and enjoyed our time together before we had to face the masses again.


I would like to thank everyone who favourite my story and hope they enjoyed reading the story so far. Please forgive me if I have made mistakes where the court case was concerned as I am British and tried to get as much information from the internet but they do not give much out.

The next part of this story is the birth of the boys and if in the future, if I'm still around I was thinking of them moving to Ireland for good and starting a security business and of course keeping the house and estate working.

I have some bad news to tell you all and I hope someone out there will help me with my request.

I have had some bad news in the last two weeks and I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the liver (I have just got over from having pancreatic cancer). I have been put on stronger chemo hoping that this will shrink the tumours and give me a longer life. I was hoping that if I don't finish this story could someone take if over and finish for me. I will try and finish it but that cannot be guaranteed as I do not know how long I have left. I'm moving in the next few months from north of England to the south to be with my family. I hope everyone will keep on reading these wonderful stories and keep on writing them as it was a great show.

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