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It was happening again.

The Flames were suffocating him.

Pulling him closer to complete depression. Just the sight of the flames burned through Kai, the

sight of his crying sister and the sight of his parents just going deeper within the flames. The

night sky flared up above, the moon illuminating every that was going on.

Kai's town was on fire. His friends, and his family were slowly and painfully burning.

Slowly, slowly, slowly.

"Kai~!" His mother's voice was a sweet, soft, and urgent as he could feel his mother's hands

pushing him away from the fire. Screams echoed through the distances as everyone was

burning, only the small family stood barely unharmed. "Go take your sister away from the town

me and your father are going to try to help rescue some people." Kai's mother's words were

harsh, as smoke covered the sky, covering some of the shiny stars that used to shine up above.

His mother and father were looking fircely at the two siblings (Nya and Kai) as Nya was weeping

silently, Kai could feel the prickle of tears swelling in his eyes but tried to ignore it as he wanted

to protest to his parents.

"But Mama-"


Kai's father cut him off shortly, his father's eyes raging like a wild fire.

"Take your sister and get out of here!" His father started again, the anger in his voice

overcoming like a volcano. Kai had no choice but to do as so. Kai pulled the weeping Nya upon

his tired back, and slowly walked away from the burning building that was included in flames

which his parents were about to go in to try and help the people trapped inside. Kai walked

about twenty steps, his feet burning through exhaustion, and heat as he could feel his bones

becoming weak.

Hee looked back where his parents stood but they were already gone, encased with the

flames. He couldn't walk much more anymore and fell into a heap of exhaustion, flat on his face.

He couldn't take it much more, not just the exhaustions but the very thought of their parents


Nya got off his back, confusement and sorrow overcoming her face as her blue, ocean wide

eyes landed on her brother.

"Kai are you ok?" Nya's voice was quiet, and fragile, as if she was a vase and could break at

any moment. Kai only looked up at his sister, his green eyes that used to be full of innocence

and life looked sour and dull. The flames were burning horribly brighter. The grass which the

siblings were on were burnt and dead as the night continued to rage on with a horrid aura.

"Kai what's wrong? Where did mama and papa go?" Kai could feel his sister's voice breaking

like a fragile vase, cracks running deeper as he could sense realization flowing through the both

of them. They could feel the fire heat from where they sat, the heat illuminating horribly through

every inch of land. There was no way they could survive this kind of horrid fire.

"Kai please tell me everything is going to be ok!" Her voice was already broken, broken like a

vase that was falling through the demise of a slick floor.

They both knew.

That their parents were dead.

They were young. A eight year old and a six year old, too innocent for anything like this, like

death, and flames burning through every part of their old life.

Their old life was dead, and so was their parents

Kai blinked open his eyes, tears already streaming down them.

Kai Smith currently Eighteen, a young hero and teacher, one of the very protectors of Ninjago

was crying. It was nightmares like these, that could shake any human soul. But yet these

weren't just nightmares to Kai, but horrid memories that he was cursed to remember.

Cursed to remember, his parents, his Aunt, and the very living of torture.

He hated it, hated living with the past he never wanted, a life he never wanted. And he couldn't

tell anyone, anything.

If he were to tell his new friends that he met, no longer than two years ago they would only show

pity to him, and show lesser standards to him. He would be the first hero on the team to show

weakness and solitude towards his hardship life. But he didn't pity, care, or the eyes of them

looking downward. He didn't want that.

Pity .

He hated that word, the word was only shadowed with weakness and only weakness. The word

was screaming with someone to care for it.

And Kai didn't want care NOR pity at all.

Kai sat up from his, blue sheeted bunk bed and pulled his knees to his chest. Cole was sleeping

underneath him, Jay and Zane shared a bunk bed, (Jay on top, Zane on bottom) and Nya and

Lloyd were sharing one as well, (Nya on bottom, Lloyd on bottom) Each of them were snoring

softly, their faces rested and peaceful as sweet dreams rested inside of their minds.

But Kai didn't get sweet dreams.

For the past year, everything was coming back to Kai. And it hunted and stabbed at him. He

wanted to leave the memories forgotten and dead, left at the abyss of his mind. But no matter

how much he tried, no matter how much he cried, every time he closed his eyes. It was there.

Everything was there. Every single memory, seeming to flash before him like a race car driving

at full speed on a race, and it could only end when it reached the finish line.

And for Kai the finish line was death.

The walls of the bounty was hard, oak as so was the floors. The changing room stood parallel of

Kai's bunk bed, where the ninja would usually change into their outfits, next to the room only

about three feet away was the bathroom, the door closed. On Top of the wall above was a clock,

showing the time, five-thirty.

Thirty more minutes until they really had to get up.

Kai simply really wanted to have his family back

To have his Auntie back.

To have all his innocence back.

But that was far from ever coming back.

He wanted to eat Auntie's soup, his mother's warm touch, his father's kind jokes, and his smile

that would always widen on his face. But that was impossible.

Death was death.

From what is gone can never come back.

Kai wanted his innocence back, very much. Because for him, everything was in black and white.

There was good things, and there was bad things. He didn't see life in colors like his friends did.

He didn't see the joy in sorrow, the brave in fear, the calm in anger, or the approval of disgust.

He only saw sorrow as depression, fear as fearful, anger in anger issues, and betrayal in

disgust. He wanted to see colors again. To feel warmth, and be honestly happy.

But all he could feel was a cold shell of who he used to be.

A broken, and lost soul, forever lost in the abyss. It did hurt, yeah it hurt a lot to him. He would

always have to wear a mask of lies, mask of things that weren't really him. He knew very well

that if he faked a smile he would hurt himself, but if he faked tears he would hurt others.

And that was the exact opposite what he wanted to do.

His friends were the only family he had left, and so was his sister. He wanted to cherish them

forever, to always hold them in his grasp, in his pale fingertips. He didn't want them to be let go.

He wanted to hug them, forever and on until they all die. He would have no idea what he would

do if one of them managed to die, to leave the face of the earth forever. Simply to put it, when

one dies another follows.

All Kai could truly do was cry.

Cry for the things he'd lost.

Cry for the things he would never have back.

Cry for the things that would always be out of his grasp, his fingertips.

Cry for the things he lost in the lonely, dark abyss where his heart laid in.

And that's exactly what he did.

Kai pulled his knees closer to his chest, his eyes swirling with crimson tears, as they ever so

slowly fell off his cheeks. His green eyes were very dull, and seeming to be lifeless (yeah I

know some of you think his eyes are red or brown but I think it's green, fite me)

Kai's brown, spiky hair was utterly messy, small strains of it falling to his neck, as the tears

continued to fall continuously without stop. He wanted to know, to find out why it was all coming

back. Why the hell of his memories was now taking over his little heaven he had with his friends.

Not long ago, around two months ago. His memories have been intertwining with his real life. In

the corner of his eyes he could see them. See the people he lost, smiling, or dying. Everything

was intertwining like a spider's web. Constantly going back and back, until the web was finally

done. And when the web was done, Kai's sanity would be gone. He wouldn't be able to keep

this up much longer, to keep everything that's been bubbling inside of him under control.

He wouldn't be able to hide his sorrow or depression.

His undying fear of losing another soul.

His anger and hatred towards himself and the world. Also the cruel people who roamed the


He wouldn't be able to keep his sanity in check as well. He didn't know if he was going insane,

didn't know if he was keeping his life completely in check. All he knew was he was slowly losing

it. He was slowly losing to the demons that laid within himself.

The tears continued, brushing off his cheek sometimes the tears rolling down move from slow to

fast. His heart seemed to beat in his ears, as his throat was dry.

He couldn't take it.

He couldn't take it much longer.

The clock seemed to tick it's tickings louder, getting Kai's attention. He pulled his face, and

forced his tearful eyes onto the clock.


Five minutes left until they would have to get up. Five minutes left until they would find Kai in

this sorry state.

But Kai couldn't accept that. Couldn't live with that, couldn't face them so weak. So he would

have to cover his scars up like he would always do. He didn't care that the smile that he always

faked was killing him on the inside. For him everything was killing him on the inside. Kai rushed

off his bed, his feet softly landing on the oak floor. Thanks to his ninja training he learned to

always land softly, one of the many perks of being a ninja.

He continued to walk slowly into the bathroom, and softly turned on the white titled fossett. He

splashed water on his face, hiding the many tear streaks that laid beyond his cheeks. He quickly

put new contacts in, hiding the pink that surrounded his eyes, and ever so fast he pulled his hair

back into the infamous, 'Kai style.' Just as he finished doing all of these things a loud bong rang

through the whole silence as somewhat heavy footsteps could be heard. Wu's eyes trailed each

bed of the ninja, and was horribly baffled as a certain red ninja was gone. He trailed his eyes,

searching for the ninja until they finally landed him in the bathroom.

"Kai I've never seen you up this early?" Wu asked questionably, suspicion clouding his eyes.

"I wanted to get up early to use the bathroom first before Jay, he uses it forever!" Wu knew Kai

was lying, his voice was forced as a pained expression laid across the young man features but

didn't poke at it as groans of agreements filled everyone's ears. Jay alerted up right away,

foolish anger fulfilling his face.

"Hey it doesn't take me that long!" He huffed his lightning blue eyes forwarding in frustration.

"One time Jay you were in there for so long you missed half of practice!" Nya replied cheekily,

her aswell getting off her bed, as she rubbed her tired eyes. Jay huffed again in annoyance,

knowing that he couldn't backlash the girl he had a crush on, and got up hastily grabbing his

blue ninja suit from under the bed. Soon enough everyone was getting up, yawning and

stretching as Kai walked out of the white-wall bathroom.

"Good." Kai thought, as Wu sent him another suspicious gaze. Kai would continue wearing a

mask, continue leading a path of denial. As long as he wouldn't seem weak. Pride was a very

dangerous thing, but Kai didn't care. Well he would care soon.

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