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Kai Pov

Chapter 3 Memories of his Torturous Past

Everything seemed to be flashing by me, happy memories, horrible memories, torturous

memories, all seemed to go by my eyes in a flash of light, leaving everything mostly a blur. It

felt as if I was moving somehow but yet, I wasn't quite. And then if finally stopped, the blurring,

the moving, the light, but not exactly. I was eight again. My little hands, body, feet, smiles, and

my bright eyes. But yet they weren't bright anymore. The memory that I seemed to stop at was

a memory I begged and wish to forget, the memory after the fire, after everything went to hell.

Both Nya's and my eyes were pink, tear streaked, and sobbing, as the fire just continued to go

through the wreckage. Our parents were mostly likely dead, burnt, or begging for survival. Why

wouldn't we be crying? Sobbing? Would we really believe for hope, hope for something that was

never real to us? What exactly is hope? Fate? If we are born are our fates decided right away? If

you're born a low blood, will you die a low blood? If you're born into a world of hate, will you be

hated back? I guess back then, I thought fate was something like your destiny. But now I

understand most of all, that fate is something decided by our actions, and the blood and place

we were born in. Me and Nya were born in a world of coldness and hatred, so it would makes

sense of what would happen next. After a long silence of our tear streaked eyes, staring into the

fire, Nya broke that silence with suggesting to go look for our parents, to look if anyone was

here, to help us, so I quickly nodded. But instead we only found ash, and scattered corpses.

Burnt animals barely hanging onto life and then finally heaving their last breaths, children

scattered in dust and nothing more than that. Nothing more than a world gone cold. We found

antiques, or the traces of how people used to live here, but yet no living creature in sight. We

weren't supposed to see a world so cold like this, we were supposed to live a fantasy of nothing

but kindness in this world, oh how the irony twists at our heartstrings. But yet we did, we saw

how cold the world could be, but we were foolish. We kept looking for our parents, the fire dying

down a bit as our worn out feet and legs just continued to pull us forward. Few flames stood in a

building we once called, "Town Hall", we walked into the discorded entrance of the once amazing

town hall, this was the building our parents ran into. A few flames over lapped each other, but

none had any intent of hurting us. And then we found our parents in the wreckage of the town

hall, yes we found them alright, dead, burning, and turning into nothing but ash and bone. They

died trying to save other people, so if saving people to become a hero wasn't worth it? Was life

even worth it? Those questions I would ask everyday, daily, without hesitance. And the question

lingered in my mind, was I even worth it? When we saw our parents we couldn't help but cry

more, scratch and bruises laid upon on skin and our hearts lurched for comfort. Nya and I stood

there hugging each other, our bodies lying in the wreckage, our determination was the only thing

that kept us going. We lost everything and everyone that day. Our innocence, our dreams,

hopes, parents, and friends. Tears ran down our cheeks as we sobbed quietly on one another's

shoulders. We were all we had left. Our bodies interlocked as I holded my dear sister in my

weak and fragile arms. I hugged her tighter and tighter, after all she was all I had left. If she died,

I die. If she burned, I burn. If she cried, I cry. So we did. We sobbed, and sobbed, our hearts

crying for comfort for any hope that this was all a dream. It wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare,

a nightmare that either of us could never wake up from. Until sirens went up in the background.

Humans actually humans, came out of an large, red truck easily holding twenty people. The

people went from each destroyed home from the next blowing out each fallen building with

water, their eyes searching for any signs of life. They however, didn't spot us. And we didn't

want them to. We were scared, filthy, sorrowful, and painful to look at. These people were too

late to save lives. I couldn't imagine how much guilt they had felt on that day. But yet I felt no

pity for them. The could've saved them, they could've saved our parents from their burning

demise. But yet they were careless, and too late to compromise. But yet they gleamed when

they found us, joyful that they were happy to save us. But they didn't save us. Our parents did.

But they were gone. They were the real heroes. These men were just bystanders. Their hands

grabbed us, the crying children, the weak children, they grabbed us, the weak and crying

children and huddled us back to their large truck. To this day, I wondered. Why did they think

they saved us? They didn't. The thought they did something good, priceless. They did nothing,

absolutely nothing. They just showed up at the time Nya and I were still alive. But they didn't

show up when everyone else was dying, burning, and turning to pitiful ash. I felt like I was

dying, turning into ash like everyone else did. True misery. Everyone we loved were burnt and

destroyed, never to ever come to life again. Suddenly everything whooshed past me once again,

my memories stalled like bookshelfs, until my eyesight finally cleared on an familiar cottage.

Flowers sprung around outside, the sun shining happily down to anyone who enjoyed living

there. But I for knew that place was truly my heaven for some of my life time, but yet it ended

fastly. Ended fastly like everyone in my village. Back then was ten , two years after the

devious, and mob hysteria fire. We were now living with our Auntie, mom's younger sister who

gladly took us in, showing kindness and loving nature. We loved Auntie, all she did was help and

ease our pain, and that just made it worse. We out of all people knew she was deadly ill,

terminal cancer was claiming her life, meaning she would die less than a month. Our heaven,

gone. I wanted to embrace this heaven I had. Wanted to clutch it forever and on. But like

everything else I was taken out of my cold fingertips.

"Auntie! Auntie!" I would ask throwing a ball in the air has it would fall to the ground making me

smile even wider. "Auntie! Do you want to play kickball with me and Nya?" I would asked my

eyes brightening more than ever making the strange looking lady that was across from me

chuckle with delight. Crysy, my Auntie, was a view to see, blonde straight hair somewhat curly

at the ends, brown warm eyes that seemed to be as warm as hot cocoa, and also wearing a

beautiful dress making her even more unique. The dress was an emerald green, with slight

ruffles at the end with white fluffles, just illuminating her beauty. "Oh course my child, me

versus you and Nya?" I would beamed even wider to her words that day and I nodded yes, my

hair bobbing up and down. Both Crysy and myself both walked outside of the small, wooden,

cottage door, meeting up with a young Nya, seven to be exact at the time. Evergreen trees

came into view, long light grass strains wrecked at our legs making them itchy, but we didn't

care. I brought the red kickball outside my features still smiling than ever. Both all of us nodded

at each other as Nya and I went through the other side of the yard parrel of the right side of our

small home. I past the ball for Crysy to kick first, but right away something was wrong. She was

suddenly pale, her once clear and amazing tan skin was now a dead snow white something we

had never saw of her appearance, her eyes panicked as she clutched her heart. What was

wrong? I thought that, "What was wrong?" I was a fool. Something was always wrong. She

wasn't kicking the ball like we thought she would, instead she dropped to her knees making Nya

and I more worried as we ran to her aid ,our eyes confused and sorrowful. She noticed us as her

brown eyes trailed up to me and Nya. And with all of her remaining strength she barely

whispered, "Live long my child." She died in Nya's arms, we were cursed? Was everything we

love going to die away some day? Was everything going to burn like ash? To blow away like

ash? We'd screamed out for her, wanting her to come back, just please come back! I had

thought that I couldn't lose another person, that I couldn't lose Auntie! But her remaining breaths

past, our screaming was useless as so was our crying. Auntie was gone. After that we quickly

called our neighboring town, well soon to be Ninjago city, we were still convinced Auntie was

still alive that she passed out and just needed treatment. We couldn't let her go, we just couldn't

accept it. Couldn't accept the burning embers of our past or the sparkling twigs of our present.

The doctor quickly came to our house and checked her pulse and sighed sadly his sad eyes

looking at us. "Children, your Aunt is dead." "No". I thought back then my eyes widening in utter

fear and misery. "NO! NO! NO! OH PLEASE GOD NO!" After that the doctor quickly escorted

us to the shelter, our eyes still shocked, our hearts still pained. Why did everything have to

happen to us? Why did destiny hate us? Why did life hate us? We didn't know, but yet we still

wanted to know, just to know why these things happened to us. We stood in the shelter for

about a month, not talking, barely eating, our minds still in denial over Auntie. Why would our life

test us?

And then a little over a month, someone finally adopted us. Abella Anderson. The first time we

met her she was just kind like our Auntie, beautiful, playful, and overall nice. And then we met

her true nature. She was a monster, a torturer, an insane wretch. She would continually force

Nya to do hours of piano, and balla. Forcing her to be the perfect girl, Bella admired Nya for the

obedience, but yet still punished her if not what she would say, 'gracious.' Me on the other hand,

never gave me a chance. She would continuously lash out on me, saying threats, torture, or

using me for sick crime. And one of the worse things she did, was sending us to school. At first

we were excited maybe even glad of fitting in around the forming, Ninjago city. But it wasn't

everything we expected. Everyone in their perspective thought of us as, stupid, and little twerps

which they continually reminded us of. Us never really going to school before were really far

behind, not knowing times yet or fractions. And that really angered Bella. She forced Nya to read

and study for hours and hours just liked she did with balla and piano, she let Nya starve, and

dehydrated, and made her study in her own shit. She gave her no time of the day leaving Nya

devastated and exhausted. And when Bella studied with me and I got something wrong, she

would bring me to her, 'play room'. A room somewhat next to her bedroom, which was parallel of

Nya's. The playroom had knifes, and torture cages it was almost like a horror movie. She would

cut, and cut into my skin, put me in a cage almost completely starving me once. There was

bath-tub filled with ice, and one of those punishments that led to that tub was putting you in

there for hours, and hours. Another tool she had was in the right far corner of the room. Fire hot

embers sticked low too wood as she would make you stand on that for some minutes while you

screamed and cried for the pain to stop. She was a complete demon. Nya would regularly hear

my screams and cries from that room and would wait for me, and then hugged me tighter than

ever as she as well cried with me. It seemed I was getting pain mentally and physically. After

about four more years, Nya heard a lesson at school, about coming clean to the council if you

were being abused or someone else was. Nya immediately told the council who were disgusted

by Abella's actions and quickly took their own actions. Abella was not forced into jail, no. But a

mental institute where she would stay there for a couple of years until she was sane. But I fully

doubt that would never pass. That she would always be the horrible demon that she was. And

now It was just me and Nya once again. Instead of trying to find a new home, we instead

remembered a thing long ago, a place where Auntie would say used to be our father's work job

in Ninjago village on the other side of the city. And instead of doing anything else we went there.

Trying to leave every horror and sorrow behind, but wounds and scars won't heal that quickly.

Especially the ones that you went through your whole life. The ones that almost killed you. And

the once that your experienced that took other lives.

Chapter 4 His Charade

Nya's Pov

Just as Kai collapsed to the titled flour Cole and I immediately rushed him to the emergency

room our other friends close behind. The hallways that escalated to the room seem to swallow

me up as my heart beated faster than before. All our faces were struck with shock, sorrow, and

determination. Determination to find out exactly what made Kai break like glass, to find out

exactly what made him so cold scared that he would actually faint. As we finally led our way to

the emergency room we laid him down peacefully onto the layout bed, his eyes nailed stuck and

for some reason he looked in pain. His teeth could easily been seen clenched as tears could be

seen forming on the outside of both his right and left eye. His eyebrows was forced forward as I

took a look around the room. Stampacks, water, and bandages laid in a coverboards, a white

bed (which Kai was currently in) stood parallel from the coverboards as by the side of him stood

medicines and much more medical equipment. But yet the room stood quiet as all of our eyes

fixed on Kai. No one said a word, until finally after a long awkward ten minutes of Kai twitching,

Jay who was in the crowd with, Misako, Lloyd, and Cole released some words from his

bridgeway mouth. "What do you think happened to Kai?" As finally some words emptied out the

silent void, the void everyone would hate being in. Everyone's head snapped toward Jay's. "Well

he did look offly pale at the table, so something like that could've happened." Lloyds soft voice

piped up behind Misako as he made his way to the front his green eyes laying on the pained Kai.

I looked at Lloyd accusingly, my blue eyes seething into his soul. "Oh so you noticed Kai

condition but yet you did nothing?!" My voice was violent, hissing almost as everyone's face

widen with shock with my snarling remark. Lloyd looked easily offended by my statement and

snarled back. "So you're blaming us? Is that it? You were staring at him the whole time and you

could've done something!" At for a moment I paused, I actually could've done something about it

but yet I didn't choose to. My mind went deep into thought as my tensed muscles relaxed as so

did Lloyd's as the room felt silent once we all seemed to fall back into into that silent

void, not just the silent void that only brought questions, but the void which we only could

accuse each other or yourself. So thought that I could've done something, but no I stood there

watching as he had curled in fear. I could've ask him what was wrong, but now all I could do

was stare at his pained state. Was I really that idiotic? To hopeless and stupid to actually do

something? Lloyd just sighed looking deeply into my bluebell eyes, his tone softening. "Nya it's

no one's fault so please don't blame us." Lloyd's words broke the silent void once again, and for

everyone else it seemed to bring the void of the accused to a halt. But for me, I was tide within

that void. I couldn't help but blame myself, to accuse myself. That I stood there like a bystander

as Kai's breaths at the dinner table was tied in disdain. I could've done something, I could've,

could've, could've. And with that Lloyd went back into the crowd, the silence continuing with my

fragile thoughts. But sooner than later my thoughts soon were disrupted as a sound of stirring

awaken from Kai's bed, everyone's even mine heads and eyes, snapped back to Kai, faces

filled with concern. Kai's pale eyelids fluttered opened, his green eyes seemingly quite cold and

distant than his bright normal toned ones. His skin was pale as can be as if he just seen death,

or just seen others experienced it. Right away everyone swamped with questions as I stood

there observing. Wait. Was that all I did for my brother? Not support him or help him, just stay

there and observe? Making up my mind I walked to Kai's bed that was currently holding with the

rest of my friends.

"Kai are you alright?"

"Kai what the hell happened?"

"Did you hurt anything?"

"Do you need more support?"

All of those questions twisted and turned through the silence, as I as well was about to ask

another infamous questions. But something stopped me, Kai's face twisted in sorrow even fear?

What would he be fearful of? I've never ever before saw Kai so fearful, it was almost impossible.

Even if I did see him fearful a bit, ever since he joined the team he never was scared, knowing

everyone had his back if needed. Kai just sighed before throwing another of his infamous smiles,

his voice back to cheeky delight. But for some reason, I knew his face was an act, and charade.

His smile seemed forced as so did his tone, but for some reason no one else noticed that, or at

least I thought no one noticed that strangely off balance in his usual smile and bright eyes. "I

was probably dehydrated, nothing bad there. Just need water. It won't happen again, promise."

Everyone sighed in relief of his comment, expect for me. My eyebrows forward as his act, as he

seemed to notice me. For a split second his face turned back to fear as he saw me not signing

with the rest of them, but quickly turned back the cheeky act and smiled to the rest of them.

"Anyways I most likely just need rest, so please leave me be." At that comment everyone

smiled, not bothering asking more questions or receiving answers. I couldn't believe it. How

could they think that he was dehydrated? He was drinking water the other day, he was fine the

other day. For the first time in months, I actually saw Kai lie to us all. He only lied when

something was wrong, something that echoed in the distance that only begged misery.

Something was wrong, I however seemed to be the only one to notice it. As everyone walked

out the door they looked back at Kai, concerned eyes followed his features but shrugged off and

continued with their everyday basics. They didn't care to investigate. It for some reason just felt

like they didn't care about him. But yet I knew they did care for him, but I guess they don't know

him well, they don't know what he is hiding, they don't know when he pulls out an act. And I

can't blame them for that, they only knew us for around two years, they wouldn't know every

detail of torture we went through. And for a long time we don't want them to find out, but for a

while now I think i've been suggesting coming through to them, to just leave it off our backs. But

yet Kai didn't want that. He said, 'we shouldn't make them worried or make them look down at

us, we are equal not a lower standard.' I wanted to stop that comment, but yet I let it fly. At

some time we had to tell them. Before I left the room I gave Kai another strange look his eyes

drifting to me, his act still clean on his face as I left the room.

Chapter 5 Her words soak us like blood

Kai's Pov

As I felt my eyes flutter open from that memories flash, that dream. Wait. No, it wasn't close to

a dream, more like a nightmare, a place showing all of my pain and torture. Of course I didn't

want to rethink those memories, but yet like other times I was forced to see them again. If I see

these nightmares all the time then why are they affecting me now? Honestly I didn't know, nor

did I think I wanted to. I was solemnly welcomed with all of my friends surrounding me, and

pleasing me. All though, I didn't want it. I've made a scene, I made myself vulnerable, sooner or

later they'll find out, and then my little charade will soon fall into their hands, pity, care, all of

those things I didn't deserve. All though my heart launched and thrived for those things, I could

never have them. ' Kai you deserve this torture, to be burnt, to freeze, just remember this, you're

worth nothing.' Abell's voice will forever caressed into my brain, her breezy scent filling my nose

as she would stab, and red would be only what I would see. I didn't deserve much, I didn't

deserve anything. And I sure as hell didn't want to bring them into this. I deserve no pity, I don't

want pity, I can't bring them all into my world. Or at least that's what I've been telling myself

over, and over again. As all of my friends crowded around me, I could tell one of them was still

studying me, still seeing through my mask. Nya. Of course she would stay still and observe,

that's what she would always do. And even though everyone, except for Nya falled for my

charade, I could still feel doubt in their minds. Some of them I think could tell I was lying, the

painted smiles on Cole and Lloyd, just tells they knew something was up. Misako, Wu, and

Zane studied me for a minute before walking out, only one I could recall fallen for it. Jay having

that same carefree smile spread across his face as he carelessly walked out of the door. And

Nya, she knew could read that I was truly lying, her eyes pierced through me as her hair swayed

from her footsteps, and as she walked away, I could tell she wasn't far from done with me. I

had to keep my eyes opened, or else they could just become behind me, and destroy everything

else. 'Weakness is all you have Kai, if anyone explodes that, you'll be dead.' I could remember

every detail in Abella's words and voice, her eyes dancing with mocking joy as she stabbed,

stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, again and again. Until I was completely broken in tiny shards of

glass. I was glued together by my team, by Nya. But of course glue always dries in the end.

Nya's Pov

As we made our way out I couldn't help but be suspicious and worried. After all this team and

Kai were the only things I truly had left, if I could help him or figure out what's truly wrong then

maybe I could find a way, I couldn't fail, or give up. ' Your a fighter Nya, but not a strong one.

When you fail you don't try to get back up, your weak inside, but you try to cover that up. But it

won't stay hidden forever.' Abella's words were clean as ice whenever she would talk to me, her

seductive tone lingering me to be perfect. But yet I was never enough perfect for Abella. "You

have to be more perfect! More smart!" Her words soak to me to this very day. But yet even

though Abella haunts me, I know how to get over her seductive words. But yet to this day i'm

worried that Kai has yet gone over Abella and her torturous actions.

Something tells me it's about our parents, or that torture machine, although at times I would

remember my past or her horrible words, I stood like stone. I couldn't break, or fall down again.

After all that torture machine was right, after I fall, I can't try to get back up. Ever since I failed

Kai on Auntie's death, I've hated failure. My failure was I could've done something, ANYTHING,

to try keep Auntie alive. But I just sat down and creased her face as her last breaths echoed

through the distance. Auntie was the very last of Kai's humanity, and joy. We couldn't possibly

lose her, but time and reality comes fast, and you just can't escape that even if you try hard,

everything will soon catch up. As we my continue thoughts ranged through my head, we went

our way to the training field, everyone's mind separate of distance by this morning's uprising.

Chapter 5.5 Worries

Cole Pov

During training, I couldn't help but notice something was strangly up. It wasn't the only fact that

Kai had just collapsed and his voice was creased with lies. For once I've never seen Kai acting

so strange, so cold, and even though people bought his carefree tone, I however didn't. I first of

all also acted to fall for his lie, just like some of our other friends and clearly stood my ground,

just with his tone and eyes I could tell something was up, and I wasn't the only one. Lloyd, Nya,

Zane and myself could clearly see something was wrong, something was just scratching the

surface, as the end was soon just going to be the beginning. As we went to be trained, I could

easily tell everyone was distant from the morning's, ' accident'. Nya was punching the punch bag

harder, Lloyd was failing more often than usual, Zane wasn't respondent, and Jay was just doing

his regular. It seemed that was close enough to set my suspicion off the roof's as my mind kept

going between Kai and everything else. Something just told me that Kai was lying or hiding

something, or something was just lying in the shadows. Something just told me that there were

more to be unfolded, but yet hold tight along away from anyone to see. But yet this question still

stroke me, why would Kai lie? He had no reason to lie to us, we were a team, we were a family.

If he had something he needed to talk about we were there, helping, showing care, and even

more. So just why would Kai lie? He had everything to lose if he just snapped away, so why

lose it now? Just why would he lie? And then it finally struck me, he didn't want our help. But

why? Why would he not want our help? We would always help, to help anyone, to save anyone.

But yet I could only be overly suspicious about this, maybe he wasn't lying, or maybe we didn't

need to know his basic life, after all it's his decision. His decision to be a liar, or to say the truth,

but even if I'm wrong and he's not hiding something i'll just look a little closer, a little deeper, to

help Kai, afterall he is family. And family never lies to each other. If a family member lies, we all

lie. To each other, and to ourselves. A family never lets one another break and be washed away

from emotions. So I will find out, I thought. I will be there for Kai when he breaks, when he falls,

and I will help him be brought back together.

Kai Pov

My green eyes scanned my dishonorable surroundings, my eyes tracing every detail. And that's

when my heart lunched down. I was brought here, to the emergency room where they bring

broken or helpless people. I know that they fell for my lie, my charade. But yet I know this

wouldn't be the end of it, they'll still look down at me, asking me, reading my features and words

just like it would be a book. They'll stare through the pages, reading every word again and again,

repeatedly until they finally had a clue. And when they finally had a clue, they'll just wait for the

next chapter or another book and do the same until finally a solution and a ending would appear

and complete the happy ending. But they'll be no happy endings. This wasn't a fairytale, or a

book it was life. Nothing could just start then end, it'll just be there haunting you like a ghost, a

ghost that follows you until you finally just kill yourself from the hauntings, until you just snap.

You can't run from ghosts, you can't run from life, you can't run from death. Those things were

apart of reality, and you can't run from reality. Reality creeps upon you, and then finally jumps on

you, surprising you most as your innocent eyes rest upon the happy ending you thought you

would have. But clearly there weren't any happy endings, or a ending. The only ending you'll get

is when you die, or at least that's what I think, what my book reads, what my words write, what

my life is based around. I can't hide, I can't run from my ghosts of my past, my life, my friends

and family deaths. I can't run from reality. All though I wish I could, it wasn't possible. The only

way I could run is if I could die, and I know I couldn't die. My friends would be devastated, and

Nya. She would just break, just like I would if she were to die. And I can't imagine seeing their

faces like mine when everything was taken away from me. If I were to die, what would life be?

Would it be happy? Painless? Or just make the world more broken and damaged like it already

was. I didn't know. Or would I think I would want to know. Even after all this pain I suffered, I

didn't want to die. Or at least that's just what my mother taught me.

"Honey, listen please." I could just hear her sweet voice again, ringing through my pale ears, her

beautiful and kind scent pulsing through the smells of our wooden house, and me sitting down

on the little, white wood chair, hugging a brown teddy bear, I was only six, still had my

innocence, a good life, a good reality. " If anything happened to us, I want you to be there for your

sister, to guide her." My mother's hand was now caressing my cheek as she smiled down at the

little three year old Nya in her lap, as she sat steadily on the bigger white wood chair that stood

parallel to mine. " Enjoy life Kai, for as long as you can, for it is too short, even if life is ugly for a

while it'll soon brighten up like the early sun, just before dawn, so Kai do you promise me to

protect Nya with your life?" Life was too short wasn't it? Just like a good book, it'll have a ugly

ending at the end, even if it started happy and nice. Life are like books, aren't they?

"I promise mommy!" I could just image my big smile back then, as my mother looked prideful

down at me. Oh how I used to hunger for appreciation, all though I had more than enough of it.

As my mother's words echoed through my mind, I still laid solemnly on my bed, my spikey hair

pushing down from the soft, white, pillow. I didn't want to die, but was that truly true? Did I not

want to die?

If I die, my suffering would end.

But if I die, everyone else would suffer.

Did I really want that to ever happen? Or did I?

After all it just seemed like we were just puppets, pulling threads by reality that chose us, to

chose our paths. And if I were to die, would we met in another life..?

Nya, Lloyd, Cole, Zane, Jay, Wu, and Misako. Would I ever get to see you again if I were to

pass away? I welcome death but yet feared it.

So if I were to ask someone to kill me if I was just too scared to do it myself, would they finally

end my misery? I wonder. If I could just leave this world peacefully.

But if I left.

I would only bring misery.

Chapter 6 Heal something or completely break Something

Nya Pov

For a while into training I was pretty frustrated, it wasn't an opinion, or just a thought, I knew Kai

was lying, his inactive breakfast, his lying emotions, it just seemed to.. Not match up. After

training finally ended at, three o-cloak I breathed a sigh of relief, my eyes fluttering away from

my now broken, red, punch bag. My blue-shined eyes widen as I saw the damage, 'Did I really

hit the punchbag the whole time?' I didn't know, but what scared me the most, was my bloody

knuckles. As I looked around the training field from the bounty, Cole and Jay were walking away

from their course their mouths moving in a conversation, Zane, Lloyd, and Sensei Wu walked

solemnly together, and Misako waited by the door, her pale hands neatly behind her as her gray

eyes seem to shine from the sunlight glare. It seemed like everyone was getting ready to ask

Kai a question, at least I wasn't the only one who was suspicious enough to come and ask.

Before walking in I looked back at my bloody knuckles, I knew I had to wash them off, I couldn't

make my friends to worry about me, when we should be worrying about Kai instead. I decided to

walk in two minutes after everyone else, my footsteps echoed as blood continued to lightly

come down my hand, only two or three drops dropping onto the ground than the wooden tiled

floor that greeted me inside of the bounty. I continued to walk to the other bathroom which was

two corners away from the emergency room, two corners away from Kai, two corners away from

answers. Before walking to the bathroom I stole one glance to the emergency room, everyone

was surrounding Kai once again, asking if he was ok, or random other questions. And by the

quick glance at Kai, he still had that charade up. He still had his infamous smile, his fake bright

eyes, and his words fake as could be. But behind his fake bright eyes, I saw fear, just like the

fear when he saw me at the end of his bed, while everyone else was asking questions. Deciding

to pull Kai out of my mind and focus going into the bathroom, I continued to walk to the brown

wooden door which greated me to come to the other bathroom. My pale bridgeway hands

twisted the doorknob, and the view was clear to me. It was a small, white, cleachie, bathroom.

A white, clean toilet in the corner, a shower standing parallel to it, a sink in the other corner with

cabinets filled with towels and toothpaste. Something's in the good old days I would wonder why

the ninja would just use this bathroom instead of the one in their room, but honestly whenever I

would ask they would just it off. The good old days, wait were there any good days? I know

when I was born, it was good, nice and carefree. The other good days were us fighting away

evil, amazing nights and even more. But now this twisting in with our used to be good reality, is

just ruining it. If Kai needs help he should just tell us, if he keeps doing this everyone will get

worried, and that would cloud our minds during our missions. And that wouldn't be good. If Kai

could lie to us that easily, then what if he lied during a important mission? Getting us hurt or

even more, honestly I didn't know. But if Kai wants everything to be fine, he should tell us, he

should tell me. But his stubborn mind, and his way of thinking he was a tragic hero. Wasn't even

right. As I thought these tiny thoughts I walked straightly to the sink, and slowly turned the

foisset to a little warm and a little cold, grinding my hands together I washed away the remaining

blood, flinching at the small pain I would get when water would collide with my injury. After

about what seemed like a full minute I quickly turned off the faucet, and grabbed a small wash

cloth from the wooden, and glass cabinet that laid above me, and slowly rubbed the washcloth

on the spilling water from my hands. Soon after that, my mind raced back to Kai, back to finding

answers, I didn't care if I had to interrogate him, I was going to find answers. After the two

corners of walking, still laid the emergency room, I walked solemnly inside to see that everyone

has already left. Perfect. Now I could ask him questions, get answers, and no one could judge

me for it. As I walked in, I slightly turned my head to Kai, my eyes just barely fully seeing him

as I soon sat down at the end of the bed, my blue eyes now ice cold. Fear was written all over

his face, he knew I was going to ask questions, he knew that I know something was up, and

that I was going to show it. Kai's face suddenly changed back to the, charade he played as a

fake smile soon painted his strangely very pale skin. And then suddenly my heart leaped

downwards. He was scared, of me. Of me finding the truth. I knew that he was scared of

someone blowing his cover, but yet. He was scared of me. His sister. I felt guilty, very guilty.

Maybe I should just leave him alone, maybe he just needs to keep to himself. No. Deciding to

put this guilty feeling choking down, I raised my voice, my eyes staring deep within him. "Kai

tell, me, now." At my four words Kai pretended to put on a confused look, he frowned slightly,

his eyebrows forwarding, as his voice choked up. "Nya what do you mean?" His voice was fake,

his emotion fake. And that just seemed to piss me off. " You know, goddamnit!" Kai's face

quicken in fear with my voice raising in high levels, my voice hissing with hate and anger. But

for a moment, I was surprised with my actions. I just screamed at Kai, just cussed at Kai, i'm

making him even more scared than he already was. And then that guilty feeling swirled up in me

again. Did Kai really need to be yelled at right now? He was pale, just still getting over the

shock of collapsing, people were still ongoing asking him questions, and now me, his sister, his

only family left, is completely yelling at him. But no, he needed this, I could already see his

mask was breaking, his eyes were now more sorrowful and guilty as well. If I could just break

him, than maybe, just maybe, I could heal something. Or completely damage something. But I

had to try, I had to try to get somewhere with him, or just do something. Anything. "Nya why are

you yelling? What's going on?" His voice was choking with fear, panic, and sadness, as his

breaths seemed to quicken. Maybe this wasn't the best idea, with his status he could faint or

collapse again, and if I did that I'll just be making something worse, I have to be more smoother,

save the rough talk later. Save all my guilty feelings later. "Kaiā€¦ I know something is wrong,

you weren't dehydrated, you were drinking just fine, something else is up, please just tell me."

My voice was more silky and soft, my cold eyes were now softening as my eyebrows creased

forward. Kai's expression was softening a little bit as well, he wasn't breathing as hard, and

some fear has soon disappeared. "Nothing is wrong Nya, just like I said before I just need to

sleep, please just leave me alone." At his comment, his soft expression that he just had a

moment ago was now cold and straight forward, as he stared me deep within my eyes. I only

sighed back, my eyes focusing on his stare, my mouth gaping open to say something, but I

couldn't. He ended the conversation, no more comments, no more words. "Kai, I'll leave, but

listen. If there's anything wrong, please just tell us, tell me." My words seem to hit Kai as his

expression changed once again, to be more soften. After about three minutes, of strange

silence. Kai's expression was still soft as he looked down at the white, tiled floor below him. I

wasn't doing any good, all though I was soft, and told him he could tell us anything. I think I was

barely doing anything to help. Deciding quickly I slowly got up from the bed, my eyes quickly

glanced back at Kai who was still staring at the ground, his eyes still soft but a hint of coldness

lacing them. I sighed once again, as I slowly walked out of the room.

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