The three members of the newly formed Team 7 sat in their old class room waiting for their sensei. The last of the teams had already left an hour ago when Sakura broke the silence.

"I wonder if our sensei will always be this late." She said to no one in particular.

Naruto and Sasuke both looked up and at each other realizing the same thing. "Oh shit!" They both exclaimed together.

Confused Sakura was about to question the two males in her group about what made them react that way but she stopped when she heard footsteps in the hallway.

The door slid open and the first thing they saw was a man wearing the Jonin vest, but underneath it was a black outfit that had black armor plates on his shoulders and sides of his leg. Sakura didn't really recognize him but looking back at her teammates she could tell they could.

"Why did I have to get a goof like you for a sensei!" Naruto exclaimed looking at their sensei.

The sensei smiled a smile that Sakura thought was oddly similar to Naruto's.

"Coming from you that's a really dumb thing to say." Sasuke said to Naruto,

Naruto immediately turned on his oldest friend, "And what do you mean by that you teme."

Sasuke turned back and yelled, "It means that you're the only person in the village who is an even bigger goof than he is!"

Confused Sakura looked up to her sensei, "Sensei what is going on?"

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry Sakura, I was going to take you guys upstairs to do introductions but it would seem these two have ruined any chance of that happening." He outstretched his hand to her. "My name is Obito Uchiha, I'm the Sensei of Team 7." He said with pride that she felt he had been holding in.

Obito turned to the two bickering Genin, "Naruto, Sasuke, shut up!"

The two stopped and looked to Obito. "Good now I don't think it's worth going through the hassle of a team test so congratulations Team 7. We start training tomorrow!"

As he finished he shunshined out of the room. Sakura turned to the other two, "What is going on?"

Sasuke started, "Obito is mine and Naruto's legal guardian. He's chronically late, and whenever he's pressed about it he either says he was helping some old person or he makes up some ridiculous excuse."

Naruto stepped forward, "Enough about him, Sakura wanna come get lunch just the two of us?" He asked with his eyes closed. When he opened them he couldn't find her.

"She left quickly." Sasuke chuckled. "Come on dobe let's get something to eat."


Obito quickly jumped from tree branch to tree branch heading home. He had a massive smile on his face that he was unable to shake, he laughed at the faces the other Jonin made after he demanded his team of Genin. He knew Naruto and Sasuke would be the powerhouses from their generation, Naruto always reminding him of himself, and Sasuke being an eerie comparison to Kakashi.

Obito opened the door to his house, "I'm home!" He said loudly, at first he heard nothing, he instinctively grabbed for a kunai in his pouch his three tomoed Sharingan raging. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw a white surface descend on him but even he was too late as the softness covered him and he was quickly and expertly taken to the ground, his kunai even being kicked out of his hand.

From outside the sheet Obito heard his attacker lean down to whisper in his ear.

"So…" that one word was enough to cause his entire body to relax, "how did the two of them take the news?"

Obito pretended to be muffled by not speaking clearly. The blanket was pulled off his head and staring back at him he saw a big pair of brown eyes looking at him lovingly. He quickly and expertly lunged his head forward stealing a kiss from her.

"Well Rin, Naruto and Sasuke reacted as you'd expect until they started screaming at one another, and the kunoichi on the team well…" He paused trying to find a way to properly word what he was going to say next.

His wife raises her eyebrow suspiciously. "Well?" She asked,

The solution finally coming to him. "Their team is just like ours." He said with a big smile, unfortunately for him his smile was so big his eyes were closed and he didn't see the spark of anger cross her features.

"The comparisons for the two knuckleheads are clear," She started in a demanding tone, "then the Kunoichi would be like me. Why was it so hard to think of something to describe her then?"

Obito deadpanned terrified about what might happen next when the door opened followed by Naruto and Sasuke. "Oh look the boys are home." Obito said quickly standing up and beside the two of them.

Sasuke looked at Obito suspiciously, then looked at Rin seeing her slightly seething, seeing a way for the person he saw more or less as a replacement older brother he needed to get out of trouble he spoke up. "Naruto tried to ask out Sakura again but she just walked away."

Rin quickly relaxed her stature and looked at Naruto carefully. "You ok?" She asked in her big sister voice.

'Perfect', Obito and Sasuke thought to themselves.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and Obito, then he turned to Rin. "Well it's nothing new." He said confused as to why Sasuke brought it up.

Rin quickly pulled Naruto into a hug and walked him into the kitchen most likely to make him something to eat.

Obito chuckled, "I owe you one there Sasuke."

"Hn," Was Sasuke's only reply as he followed into the kitchen as well.


Obito slowly realized that it was morning, he started to sit up realizing the weight of his wife on his shoulder. Using every bit of ninja training he possessed he tried to slip out from under her. He looked at the clock seeing that she still did not have to be at the hospital for a few hours he decided to just let her sleep.

As he dressed himself Obito looked at the picture he had on his dresser, it was the picture of the former Team Minato. The photo rarely failed to let him smile at the memories of his former team. He shrugged off the bad memories that threatened to surface.

Obito walked out of his bedroom and saw that Sasuke was already up sipping on some tea studying what Obito assumed was an Uchiha scroll. Being the only two remaining Uchiha Obito inherited the entirety of their wealth and resources but put nearly all of it away until Sasuke was old enough to claim it himself.

Noticing Obito walk into the room Sasuke said, "The Dobe is still sleeping, I tried waking him up but whenever I moved him to try and wake him up he would moan and say 'Sakura'." He shivered, "Decided to let him be after that."

Obito smiled pouring himself a glass of tea, usually Naruto woke up the same time every day, rarely was it ever a serious problem because Naruto trained more than anyone else in the house so he was often the first one up.

Obito realized Sasuke was up this early because of his nerves, "You sleep at all last night Sasuke?" Obito asked worried about what was essentially one of his little brothers.

"Couple hours," Sasuke shrugged not looking away from his scroll hoping Obito didn't mention the nightmares that Sasuke often had. He knew that everyone in the house knew about them when he woke up one night with all of them already in his room checking to see if he was ok.

Obito nodded, knowing that when it came to Sasuke prying rarely worked and Naruto was the only one able to get him to talk that way.

Speaking of, Naruto lazed into the room yawning with his headband on in a crooked manner that was covering his left eye. Obito averted his gaze from that, unfortunately Sasuke the ever observant one noticed.

"Naruto fix your headband, you're a ninja now." Sasuke said before a devious smile graced his lips, "Seeing that I'm sure Sakura wouldn't even dream of going out with you." He paused to take a sip of tea seeing his friend fume, "Maybe I could take her off your hands."

"That's it!" Naruto screamed lunging at Sasuke. Upon hitting his surrogate brother, he realized what he was wrestling to the ground was just a log. "When did he?" Naruto asked to no in particular and he heard the laughing coming from outside.

Naruto quickly chased after Sasuke. "Once you catch him meet me at the meeting spot!" Obito yelled as they ran off.


Naruto and Sasuke ran from rooftop to rooftop both trying to gain the lead on the other, while Naruto seemed to have Sasuke beat in terms of speed, Sasuke far surpassed Naruto in grace and agility.


Sakura was leaning against a tree waiting for her team to arrive when she felt the surging chakra quickly approaching and moments later heard the thump of one of her teammates sliding onto the ground and the tap, tap of the other landing on his feet.

"Who won Sakura?" Naruto excitedly asked seeing his crush, he felt his stomach flutter and his chest get tight.

Sakura realized that not only was Naruto waiting for an answer but so was Sasuke, "Uh, I wasn't paying attention." Her response earned a groan from both her teammates. Sakura wondered to herself what she gotten herself into?


Obito sat in his home reading over the scroll Sasuke had been studying, he thought it was interesting to see Sasuke's constant desire to learn lightning style jutsus even with his natural talent for fire.

Rin walked into the dining room rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Where are the boys?" She asked before her eyes snapped open. "You aren't going to make them wait are you?" She asked with the tough look she knew her husband had no way of resisting.

"A ninja needs to learn patience darling." Obito said trying to squirm his way out of "The Look".

Realizing Obito was fully dressed she pointed to the door. "Go, you signed up for this remember."

Obito stood up realizing she was right, she kept "The Look" on him the entire time, he walked over to her and held her for a moment before placing a kiss on her forehead.

Rin giggled to herself and before she knew it Obito was gone. "That's what I thought." She said laughing to herself as she started her morning routine. "Poor Sakura. Maybe she can get the two younger ones to mature, Kami knows the Big Baby never will."


Naruto was sitting next to Sasuke who was asleep against a tree. Naruto knew about Sasuke's nightmares so whenever safe Naruto would let Sasuke sleep and he would watch over him just in case.

Sakura was able to notice this interaction even in the academy. Seeing the two like this wasn't uncommon, especially during break time, if Sasuke slept Naruto wouldn't leave his side.

She quietly scooted next to Naruto about to inquire about why that happened when Obito appeared near them. "Well hello my little Genin. Are we ready to get started on our first mission?" Obito asked with a big smile on his face.

Naruto lightly shoved Sasuke to wake him, "You bet Sensei!" Naruto beamed.

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