Naruto was sitting on his father's head looking out on the village. It had been two years since the war and things were finally slowing down again. Tsunade had taken the position of Hokage back for the time being but a replacement had yet to be selected.

The breeze blew Naruto's hair bringing with it the smell of all the foods being prepared in the Uchiha district. He smiled remembering what today was, if he was late he would probably get a beating from Rin and then Sakura so with a groan he stood up and stretched. "Good talking with you dad." Naruto said blinking away in a flash of light.


Sasuke was sitting in a room of one of the spare houses in the Uchiha district tapping his foot frustrated. When Shikamaru walked in the room. "He's still not here?"

Sasuke grunted, "The dobe is out in the village somewhere. If he's late I will never hear the end of it. Damn that Hirashin, makes him impossible to track."

Shikamaru shrugged his arms. "Glad he chose you then, would've been a real drag." He sat in another chair across from Sasuke when a flash of light revealed Naruto.

"Miss me?" The blond asked rubbing the back of his head.

Sasuke stood up, "And you aren't even dressed yet. Put on your clothes dobe." He tossed the outfit to Naruto who caught it with a smile.


Sasuke was standing next to Shikamaru and Naruto waiting for everything to start. He noticed that Naruto was fidgeting in the black kimono he was wearing so Sasuke lightly shoved him. "Sit still so you don't wrinkle it."

Naruto looked back at the grinning Sasuke. "What?"

Shaking his head, "Nothing. Just never thought we'd be standing here." Naruto glared at his oldest friend. "With the way you were in the academy standing here for this is a total shocker."

Shikamaru rubbed his ear. "Sasuke's right you know."

Naruto looked away from the two. "Thanks for the vote of confidence guys, means a lot to me."

"Believe it." Shikamaru said scratching his nose.

Sasuke's eyes bulged hearing that and he had to fight the urge to laugh out loud. He knew it would probably end badly for him if he did.

A moment later the music started and all three men stiffened up. The first person they saw approaching was Rin, she was wearing a simple kimono that was traditional for the women of the Uchiha clan, after her Ino walked wearing a purple kimono.

Little Kakashi came out next on the long-rehearsed walk he would have to make, he was taught to walk to either his mom or Naruto, either one getting him where he needed.

Next Asuma and Kurenai's daughter stood in the door way for a moment before walking to the music and tossing the cherry blossoms on the ground to the music before she reached the front and stood off to the side like Kakashi had done.

The music stopped briefly before a different song played as Sakura walked around the corner smiling nervously.

Naruto felt like his stomach was jumping up and down from how nervous he felt. He hardened his resolve and smiled ahead as she started to walk forward to the music.

She was blushing so much that she was sure that her cheeks were the same shade as her hair that she had grown out a bit more since the war. She had decided to let it fall normally but still obsessed over making sure that every hair was in the proper place.

After she reached the alter Naruto reached his hand out smiling to his blushing bride. "Hey Sakura." Naruto said happy to see her again. Sakura smiled taking his hand and stepping onto the same level as him.

Tsunade looked at them both smiling before beginning. "Today we come to create a union between two people that have done more than could ever be mentioned in one ceremony. They have decided to formalize their union in front of the village and its elders as a show of their love."

She continued. "They have known most of you for a majority of their lives, and have fought alongside many of you as well today they put aside their kunai in place of rings."

She looked over as Sasuke lightly pushed Kakashi forward holding the rings on a pillow. Tsunade bent down smiling at the little boy. "These rings were created by the Lava and Earth users from our friends at the Village hidden in the Rocks. They are said to be of a volcanic rock formation that is unbreakable just as the bond between Naruto and Sakura could never be broken."

Tsunade handed the rings to each of them. Holding Sakura's ring tightly in his hand Naruto started his vow. "Sakura from the moment I met you when we were kids I knew you were the one for me. Even when we were simply friends I always wanted more and was going to work to earn your love, and I'm proud to say that I earned it."

He gingerly put the ring on Sakura's hand before she spoke up. "Naruto ever since we were little you always looked out for me and were willing to go to the ends of the world to make me smile. If I could I would kick my younger self for not noticing you sooner, your attitude and persistence, your drive to protect the people you love are traits any woman would dream of having in a husband."

She reached out and put the ring onto Naruto's finger before Tsunade spoke again. "Now Naruto, do you take Sakura as your wife?"

Without waiting Naruto said. "Yes!" Louder than he had intended which got a laugh out of the audience.

Tsunade looked to Sakura. "And do you Sakura take Naruto to be your husband?"

Smiling brightly Sakura nodded her head, "I do."

"Then Naruto you may kiss your bride." Tsunade said to the blond who reached out and brought Sakura into a tender kiss.

"For the first time I would like to introduce Naruto and Sakura Uzumaki of the Village Hidden in the Leaves!" Tsunade shouted as the audience stood up and cheered at that.


Sasuke was sitting in the Uchiha district square in his chair at the family table. Hinata was sitting next to him as well and watching the people enjoying themselves and waiting for Naruto and Sakura to make it back.

Hinata lightly elbowed him to get his attention. "And this is why I didn't want us to have a big wedding."

Sasuke chuckled, "Your father still blames me for him not being invited."

Hinata chuckled, "Well Naruto was there."

Sasuke turned to look at her. "Naruto wasn't invited he just followed me out of the village to our spot."

Hinata rolled her eyes, "Sure, and the legendary Sasuke Uchiha, Jonin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves couldn't lose a tail."

Shrugging his shoulders, "Didn't see a reason to." He said smiling as he took a sip of water. If he were honest he was glad that Naruto was there as well. If he weren't it would've just been him, Hinata and the priest Sasuke knew from his travels."


Naruto was sitting in the changing room with a silly smile on his face while Sakura checked her hair again in the mirror. "Mrs. Uzumaki." He said getting her attention. "I think we should get a bigger place."

Sakura waved him off. "Already found one Naruto." She said giggling at the look on his face. "I heard you talking about it with Sasuke and wanting to be closer to the Uchiha district.

Naruto cocked his head as Sakura reached into her bag and handed him a photo. He looked at it quickly. "The house I grew up in?" He asked perplexed. "But it was destroyed when Danzo attacked."

Sakura nodded smiling. "I called in a few favors with Tenzo and it's finished and ready to be moved into."

Naruto jumped up pulling his wife into a hug. "Thank you so much Sakura." He said happily rubbing her back and enjoying the feeling of holding her.


As the reception died down Rin was sitting at a table with Kurenai and Asuma watching their two kids try and dance like little kids do to the music.

Kurenai's eyes widened when she felt Rin pull her into a hug, they had become good friends after Obito's passing but Rin had never done this. "What's wrong?" She asked seeing that Rin was focusing on Kakashi and Mirai.

"They're so cute!" She shouted having had a few drinks. "They'll go to the academy together and fall in love!"

Kurenai stared shocked at the drunk woman holding her. "They're only two and three Rin we have time before we even need to think about that."

Sasuke was sitting at a table across from Tsunade the both of them had rosy cheeks. "How many?" Kiba whispered to Hinata who was holding her face embarrassed.

"They're both at 50. I am not helping his hungover ass tomorrow." She said angrily.

The two inebriated ninjas both took another shot swaying in their seats. "No healing jutsu, granny." Sasuke said not realizing he was using Naruto's nickname for the woman.

"I don't need it to beat you teme!" She shouted taking another shot that he matched her for.

Kiba stared wide eyed. "Do they turn into Naruto when their drunk? I swear if either of them say 'believe it' I'm going to start training with Lee."

Hinata looked at her teammate with a smirk. "Like you could keep up with him."

The Inuzuka scoffed as Ino came up to the group. "They can't really still be going." She said in shock of what was happening."

Hinata lowered her face frustrated when Sasuke leaned on the table passing out. Tsunade raised her hands into the air cheering at her victory. "Ha I won believe it!"

Kiba was about to curse his luck when he felt an arm around his shoulder. "Kiba has willingly given himself to the power of youth!" The bowl cut ninja screamed to the air.

"Ha!" Hinata said to her overconfident teammate as he was taken away by the 'Green Beast'.

Naruto came over having watched most of it. "I'll get him home." He said smiling at Hinata.

Hinata pushed him back. "If I let the two of you go off neither Sakura or I will see you for hours so I think I'll take him back home myself." She said playfully.

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck as Hinata carried her passed out husband back to their house in the Uchiha district.

Naruto looked at everyone and how much they were smiling, "If only you could see me now Big Brother Obito."