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It's been about four or five years since I crossed The Lord of the Rings with "Hocus Pocus". So, let's see how this turns out. :)


Peregrin Took, Pippin for short, was up for the autumn season. It was so fun teasing the younger generations, especially with a good ghost story. And that's just what he would do one evening at the Great Smials.

"Pippin, Pippin!" one hobbit girl screeched in his ear. "Tell us a good ghost story."

"Or goblins," a Took boy said.

"Okay." Pippin began his tale. "Well, it all began in one day in autumn. There were three goblins invading the village of Scary, and with them were three witches, who caused mischief. The last thing the goblins wanted was to invade the town of Scary. So, they made a pact with the witches. To survive and live as long as there was trouble brewing. For trouble was what was about to happen next—"

However, Pippin was unable to control the sudden darkness of the room. The lights flickered green. Was this the end? No. There were the three goblins and three witches crowding around him.

"Winnie, we found the boy!" said the first witch.

"Now, now, let's not be hasty. We still have to—" the second witch was cut off by the third witch, their leader.

"Yes, sisters. Let's do away with him at once," the third witch cackled.

"Winnie, whatever shall we do with him?" The second witch asked the third witch, who was obviously Winnie.

"Come on!" a teenage boy pulled Pippin out of the fray.

"Who are you?" Pippin asked him.

"I'm Max. Max Dennison." Max said. "Come on. We have to stop the witches."

"How?" Pippin asked, confused.

"Oh, you can't escape! There's no escape!" Winnie cackled.

"That's Winifred Sanderson, Pippin," Max said. "We have to get you out of here. We find the potion and destroy it."

"Come on." A black cat said. "He doesn't know the way."

"Then help me to," Pippin said.

"Here!" the black cat said. "Dump the potion."

"Why you little—" Winifred Sanderson wasn't too far away.

"Come on. Let's dump it!" Max said, approaching the large black cauldron. He told Pippin, "Come on. Hurry up now."

"Coming!" Pippin said, rushing over to them. By force, he and Max dumped the potion, but also smashed it to bits. There was screeching and cackling. Oh no… the Sanderson sisters were after him… he was going to lose…

"Did you defeat the witches?" the Took girl asked her elder cousin.

"Yes, we did." Pippin said. "And I gained a new friend. Two new friends, who continued their journey. The witches were defeated. The cat Binx was free. The End."

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that," It was Winifred. She had survived… or rather escaped. But was beaten by a broomstick by Max. Pippin smiled. Well, he hoped someday the witches would get their comeuppance.

And so the story continued, as if it never ended…


Okay, so who would like a continuation of this tale? I can already tell there's more to this story. Or this could be it. Please let me know in your reviews. I say this turned out quite well. Thanks for reading. :)