Here is the last one-shot for this two-shot story.


Pippin was fast asleep in his bed. The dream he had was so pleasant: he and Merry were smoking pipeweed and lots of it. He was having a merry time, laughing happily. But then there was that witch Winifred Sanderson. She interfered in his tranquil dream, and attacking Merry as well. Oh poor Merry. What was he to do…

"Wake up, Pippin," Merry said. He was so close to his ear… he… no! Pippin sat bolt upright, nearly bopping Merry in the head. "Pippin, did you have to do that? I was trying to wake you up."

"I just had a dream. We were smoking pipeweed. And there was Winifred Sanderson." Pippin explained, serious. "We've got to do something…"

"You can relax. Winifred Sanderson is gone," Max said. "I helped defeat her when the dawn came. Me and my sister, and…" he blushed, "Allison."

"Who?" Pippin asked, confused.

"Allison and I are… dating, so to speak," Max said.

"How did you do that? Last time I tried coaxing Diamond Took into courting, she rejected my offer. I've tried so many times, but… oh! She's a stubborn lass," Pippin said, sighing and daydreaming. Still, a question occurred to him. "Can you be sure Winifred Sanderson is gone?"

"Well, she is in my world," Max said.

"Not so much in this one," it was Winifred Sanderson. How… how did she get inside Pippin's room?

"What are you doing here?" Pippin asked her.

"Isn't it obvious?" Winnie asked. "I came for my book. And I will not rest until…"

"NOT TODAY!" Binx screeched, pouncing on the witch and knocking her back through a green portal. "Now, she won't return."

"Let's hope not," Merry said.

Pippin sighed. Well, at least the worst was over.

"She must have come from the Netherworld," Binx said. "I thought she was dust."

"She is…" said a teenage girl with long straight hair and wearing a sweater and tan jeans. "Or I thought she did turn to dust."

"I don't know, Allison. I thought we beat her," Max said.

"I thought so too. But the witches only return on All Hallows' Eve," Binx said. "That's all they can do now, and only for an hour. They won't come back. You'll see…"

But Pippin drifted back to sleep. He couldn't stay awake much longer, only to be roused by another familiar voice…

"Pippin, wake up!" It was Diamond. How did she… oh wait. She and Pippin were husband and wife, weren't they? "Pippin, you were having another nightmare about those witches."

"I did, didn't I?" Pippin said.

"If you're not up to telling the children another ghost story, then we can…"

"No, I'll be as ready as I can be." Pippin said, rubbing his hands together. The fall atmosphere always gave him the advantage of telling scary stories to children. In haste, he changed into the costume he wanted to put on: a rascally red squirrel. It was perfect to creep the children or make them laugh. Either way, he bounded into the parlor and began his story. "Once upon a time, there were three witches who wanted to make children miserable. One day they created a potion, but that potion failed: turning one witch into a chicken, the second into a fluffy rabbit and the third into a shrew. No one knows what became of them, but sometimes you can hear the chicken cluck at night, the rabbit hopping around from time to time and the shrew invading gardens in the night…"

And once more, the story goes on as it always does this autumn. But even on Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve, who knew what creatures roamed the night. But there would always be more stories for Pippin to tell, for he enjoyed scaring children – scaring anyone – with a good spooky tale, one that would thrill them, make them laugh, cry, and enjoy the autumn season.

The End.


And so ends our tale. I hope everyone enjoyed this story. We'll see what other Halloween fanfics I come up with or pass my way. Once again, thank you for reading this fanfic. Cheers! :)

Aria Breuer