Hi everyone Dimensionrider here gets hit by random stuff thrown towards him okay i deserved that, anyway this is not a new chapter but a notice that this story's ownership is transferred over to Thorough. Now for those who do not know who Thorough is, he is the co-author and now official author of this story. To be honest most of the stuff you guys read is done by Thorough while I edit the story and to be honest I really just can't find the time and/or the inspiration and motivation to write another chapter while Thorough here hounds me every day to get my fat, lazy ass of the couch and start working on the next chapter. So if you all really want to keep reading this story then please go check out Thorough's account for it. I will still put this story up on my profile for anyone interested so that they know where to look for more chapters but yeah I won't be doing anything soon so see ya'll awesome people and this is Dimensionrider signing out.