A/N- Hey guys! Welcome! This will be my first take on a horror franchise other than Scream. I am very excited to see how it goes. Also, I've decided to make this part of an anthology series. I will be using the same characters (plus or minus a couple of new characters) in each story I write. For example, I might write an Elm Street one and everyone dies, but then I might write a Friday the 13th with the same characters, as if Elm Street never occurred. This will be the second installment to the anthology series. (The first one was SCREAM, so if you haven't read it, don't panic. It isn't necessary in order to understand what's going on in this one. )


OCTOBER 30th, 2016

A large brick house sits on top of a hill, no other houses nearby. A large tree sits in the front yard of the house, the branches holding only a few orange, yellow, and red leaves. A pile of dead leaves gather around the large trunk of the tree. A Jack O' Lantern glows on the front porch. Yellow light floods out onto the porch and into the yard, but it only lights a small fraction of the yard.


A large flat screen TV hangs from the wall. Currently, the news is airing. A man sits behind a desk, holding a large stack of papers.


Several patients at a mental health facility recently were reported having escaped from the facility. One of them is highly dangerous. Police urge you to call 911 if you see any of them.

Pictures of the escaped patients flash across the screen. Before the pictures are finished being shown, the TV cuts off.

Sitting on a love seat placed right in front of the TV are DYLAN EDWARDS, 18, and TINA BLAKLEY, 18. Dylan is tall and skinny. He has short black hair and light blue eyes. He's wearing a black Iron Maiden T-shirt and khaki shorts. Dylan has his arm wrapped around the girl. Tina is of average female height with long brown hair and green eyes. She's wearing a blue North Face jacket and blue jeans. She shivers, still staring at the blank television screen. Dylan notices, scooting closer to her.


What's wrong?


It's just scary that those patients broke out of that hospital. I mean, one of them could be right outside.


Oh come on, what're the odds that one of them would show up right in the front yard?

Before Tina can answer, Dylan leans into her, kissing her gently on the neck. He pushes the collar of her jacket to the side, exposing skin. The boy gently pushes Tina against the sofa, getting on top of her. He kisses her again. Tina closes her eyes, letting out a heavy sigh. She pushes the boy off of herself. Dylan looks slightly confused by this gesture. Tina pushes herself off of the couch, crossing her arms as she stands up.


I already told you we aren't doing that anymore tonight. Anyways, I have to go home soon.


Why don't you just spend the night with me?


You know my parents won't let me… Anyways, what's the plan for tomorrow?


Well, we can go to that party that Brent Lilly is having or…




We can come here and have hot sex.

Dylan wraps his arms around Tina, pulling her into a hug. Tina shrugs her boyfriend off of her.


I swear, sex is all you ever think about.


I can't help it. I'm a horny teenage boy, what else am I supposed to do?


I guess at least you're honest. (smirks) You're going to love my costume.


Oh yeah? What are you going as?


You'll have to wait and see.

Tina winks at Dylan, who suddenly remembers something.


Wait until you see who I'm going as. A relic from the past. (giggles immaturely)

He disappears into another room of the house. Tina, left alone in the room, looks around. She notices a picture hanging on the wall. Dylan and his father and brother. All three of them look alike. She can't help but smile at the picture.

Several minutes pass, and Dylan never comes back. Tina waits patiently for a while, but soon grows impatient. She folds her arms again, disappearing into another room of the house.


Tina walks into the kitchen, opening the fridge. She leans down to look in, pulling out a bottle of Pepsi. Suddenly, a loud CRASH! echoes from another room in the house, causing Tina to jump. She looks towards the dark hallway, which leads to bedrooms and other parts of the house. The girl looks slightly scared. She takes a step towards the dark hallway.


Dylan? Is that you?

Tina stares at the dark hallway, waiting on her boyfriend to respond. A response never comes. Suddenly, the sound of glass breaking can be heard, followed by another loud CRASH!

Tina jumps again. She now looks more scared than she had moments before. Looking around the kitchen, she steps back, leaning up against the counter. Her eyes dart from the dark hallway to the safety of the living room. She can't help but let her mind wander back to the report from the news about the escaped mental patients. Suddenly, she's terrified that one of them may have broken into Dylan's home.

Before any other thoughts can cross her mind, Dylan comes staggering into the room. He's wearing a mechanics' jumpsuit now. He holds a Michael Myers mask in his hands. Tina gasps, noticing a crimson red smile spread across his throat. Blood pours out from the wound. Dylan's eyes are wide with terror. He looks at Tina, opening his mouth to speak, but blood comes pouring out instead of words. The mask falls to the floor. He reaches a bloody hand towards Tina, falling to the floor.

Tina looks at Dylan's body, lying on the floor. Her eyes are wide with terror. Suddenly, a figure steps into the room. A man wearing a white hospital gown. Tina looks from Dylan to the man. She screams, backing up into the corner of the room. Her back hits the wall, and she slides to the floor. The poor girl is frozen in fear.

The man looks down at the boy, picking up the Michael Myers mask and pulling it over his head. He looks around the room, grabbing a large butcher knife from the knife holder on the counter.

Tina looks up at the man holding the large glinting knife.


Michael Myers…? They said you were dead! They said you died years ago!

Tina crawls out of the kitchen, trying to get away from the maniac. Michael crosses the kitchen in three large steps. He places a foot on Tina's back, pushing her to the floor. The girl screams for help, but obviously there is no one around to come to her rescue. She claws the floor with her hands, trying to squeeze out from underneath the man's grasp.

The man looks down at Tina, his eyes visible through the white mask full of hatred. He lifts the knife above his head, bringing it down into Tina's back. Once, twice, three times. Tina screams in pain, but after the third stabbing, her voice fades into nothingness. Her eyes grow wide and lifeless, staring eternally. Her hands grow lifeless. Michael removes the butcher knife from Tina's shoulder blade with a sickening noise.

The maniac stares down at his latest victim for several moments before disappearing back into the kitchen.