please be nice this is my first story. I don't own Harry Potter or Transformers. the only thing I own is my OC Star-Gazer.

My name is Star-Gazer I am a Phoenix-Born. I became one when I sacrificed my self at to take the Killing curse for my younger brother Aaron Potter at the age of 5. My name used to be Aster which means star. But when my parents James and Lily began to ignore and neglect me after Aaron was declared the Boy-Who-Lived I left and changed my name to Star-Gazer. Albus Dumbledore helped me learn more about what I was and what I could do: The Phoenix-Born is a rare and powerful creature; born from a human child with the purest of hearts when they sacrifice themselves to save another and all the powers of the ancient Phoenix they look like a human but with a pair of wings that they can hide. But they are even more powerful than the bird from which their powers are born, for each Phoenix-Born has an additional power. When they arise from the ashes they can choose a new form, it could be an animal or a creature of ancient myths. They also have the ability to transform into a phoenix from the moment they are born. He also helped me move to America and find a home in the town of Tranquility, Nevada. I quickly learned that in America even the Muggles know about magic and accept it so I didn't have to hide my wings. I was taken in by a couple named Ron and Judy Witwicky who had a 4 year old son named Sam. They told me to call them Mom and Dad, but said I didn't have to if it made me uncomfortable. I made friends with a girl named Mikeala and learned to fly. Its been 14 years since I moved to America and I love my life here but little did I know that danger was coming because of a simple pair of glasses.