"You called for us, Atar?" Manwë asked Ilúvatar as the Vala drew close to the throne. With him were the rest of the Valar, except for Melkor. Manwë had been unable to find his brother, and could only think the older Vala was exploring the Void again. Manwë couldn't help a shudder. Why his brother did that was beyond him.

"Yes, my son, I did," Ilúvatar said with a gentle smile. He was cradling an amber fëa, and Manwë drew closer in fascination. Manwë had come and met most of the younger Valar when they had been created, but this soul did not look like the rest of them.

"Here, my son," Ilúvatar said, handing the amber fëa to Manwë, who took him automatically. Afforded a better view, Manwë could tell he—for the fëa was male, he could tell that much—was far less in strength than those Ilúvatar had already created. His fëa was more delicate, but Manwë privately thought he was all the more beautiful for that.

"What is he, Atar?" Manwë asked. Ilúvatar smiled.

"What he and the others I shall create like him will be called is up to you, my child," he answered. "They shall be yours and your brothers' and sisters'. They will be less in strength and stature than you and the other Valar, but very much like you in all other respects. " Manwë thought for a moment, but his earlier thoughts on this creature's nature had already given him the answer.

"The Beautiful," Manwë murmured. "They shall be called The Beautiful, for they are." Ilúvatar's smile was approving.

"Well named, my son," he said. Manwë examined the amber fëa again, and paused. He wasn't sure how to phrase his next question.

"What is it, my son?" Ilúvatar prompted him. Manwë hesitated only for a moment.

"Atar…Well…what are we to do with them?" he finally blurted out. At that moment, the little amber Maia moved, stirring in Manwë's hold before cuddling more firmly into the Vala. Manwë was completely unprepared for the rush of love that swept through him, as he tightened his hold protectively on the child. Shocked, he looked up to meet Ilúvatar's gaze, and found his atar smiling knowingly at him.

"They are for you to love, my son," Ilúvatar said gently. "And in turn, to teach you something about the way you are loved. If you will love them, you will find that their love for you in return will drive them to aid you in your endeavors, and you will not lack for the aid and skill you need to accomplish what you must." Manwë didn't understand all of that, but he thought he understood enough. His atar had told him to love them, and that wouldn't be a problem, as he found he had already lost his heart to the amber child in his arms. Delighted and fascinated, he sank to the ground near Ilúvatar's throne, returning to his contemplation of this new child, totally oblivious to the fact he was wearing a smile identical to the one Ilúvatar was giving him.

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