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Winter was almost dead. She had been swimming for days, lost at sea with no protection from the elements. She knew she wouldn't be able to make it much longer.

Finally, her feet scraped at sand, and she dragged herself from out of the water, coughing up the salty brine from her lungs. She wanted to rest her eyes for a moment. After struggling for days, she simply did not have the energy to keep on going. She fell onto the shore, letting the tide wash at her feet. She fell into a light rest. It was the middle of the night, leaning towards morning. She would have to get on the move again, soon.

The sky lit up, rousing her. She did not have the strength to move. Her brain could barely process the information as was. She heard the explosions blasting around her. One of them landed dangerously close in the ocean. It was a meteor shower, at her best guess. Between being pushed to her limits and then being left vulnerable at the hand of the elements, she knew she didn't have more than a few hours, at the most.

Footsteps surrounded her the following morning, but she didn't open her eyes. They came closer and closer, until someone gasped. "Sonic!" A high voice cried out. "Sonic, help me!"

"What's the matter, Tails?" The 'Sonic' figure came closer, then let out what could only be called a scream. "Omigosh, is that a person?"

"Yeah. She's been here for a few hours, I think. Hard to tell. She's still alive. We have to help her."

"Alright. Alright. I'll carry her to Amy's. She looks really sunburned. Is that blood? Do you have anything to help that?"

"Yeah. I'll check the medicine cabinet. I'll be right back!" Tails dashed off.

Sonic picked up the girl, and her eyes fluttered to half-open at the best. She was able to make sense of the blue hedgehog holding her, with the soft bandana wrapped around his neck. She pressed her face against it, inhaling gently.

"Are you awake?" Sonic exclaimed. "Can you hear me?"

She didn't respond. He could tell she was tense, but her motion was feeble, at best.

Sonic responded to her silence, anyways. "It's alright. You're in a safe place now. We'll take care of you."

An hour later, Winter was resting on a soft bed of cushions. Amy had given her a cleansing, healing herbal bath, and a fresh change of clothes. Tails had played the medic, wrapping various wounds in bandages. Winter was finally able to get the rest she needed. She was tired of the heavy stress on both her mind and body. Her fight wasn't over yet, though.

"I don't like it," Sticks growled from the back of her throat. "She's a spy, sent from the darkest corners of the earth."

Ooh. Nail on the head, right there.

"I think she's just hungry," Amy said, listening to the stranger's stomach growl. "I'll start making some noodle soup."

"I think you'll have to hold that thought," Knux said, ripping Amy's door off it's hinges. "Eggman's attacking!"

"Knuckles, why did you break my door?" Amy demanded.

"Don't be so angry," Knux said, putting it back in place. "Eggman will probably just destroy it anyways."

As soon as he said those words, a missile blew up the door. "No!" Amy wailed.

"See?" Knux said defensively. "I am never to blame!"

"What about the time you shot the missile?" Tails asked, crossing his arms.

"That wasn't my fault," Knux said with his nose in the air.

"Actually, it was," Tails said skeptically.

"Oh." Knux was confused, but it didn't matter. Everyone rushed outside to work in the fight.

Winter waited until everyone had left before she stepped out of the makeshift bed. After that, she crawled through the window and stepped in the shadows around the house. The fight was short lived. In fact, she almost fell asleep watching it, but she had more important matters to keep her focused.

Eggman was scurrying away in his hover device. Winter used the last of her remaining strength to climb a tree and jump, soaring through the air. She grabbed the device by the edge, hanging dozens of feet above the water.

"Eh?" Eggman exlcaimed. "Hey, get off kid, the fight's over!"

"I'm not here to fight," Winter cried out. Her voice still felt weak, but she tried to speak with as much authority as her ability allowed. "Not with you, anyways. Set us down somewhere safe, and I'll explain everything."

They hovered to the lair. "Say one thing I don't like and I'll drop you into the ocean," Eggman threatened.

Winter almost laughed. "You're not the first one who's done that. I was swimming for four days straight before I washed up on the shore over there. The little rodents found me this morning."

"So why not stay with them, if they're the ones helping you?" Eggman asked.

"I don't need their help. Just money. And I'm willing to do anything to get it," Winter explained. "I'm very skilled, and I work at a great price."

"Why not you go to G.U.N., then?" Eggman asked. "They've got lots of dirty jobs available. I don't need your conscience on my hands."

"No, but it would help. I can't turn to the government because I'm in trouble with them, too. Allow me to introduce myself and the real reason why I'm here. Then," Winter promised. "You can be the judge of whether I stay or not."

It was a long conversation. Eggman's eyes were wide by the time she finished. "Well. There's a guest room at the top level. The room, board, uniform, and necessary accessories will come free. We'll discuss your pay tomorrow."

Winter's jaw dropped a little. She hadn't been expecting that much of an offer. Bit by bit, the pieces in her brain clicked together. "You're really a kind person, aren't you?"

"Absolutely not," Eggman cried out. "Having you on my side has all sorts of advantages. You're after the money, which I don't care about. I know your skills will prove useful. Your uniform will be delivered to your room tomorrow morning. Be up by five o'clock. We will immediately discuss strategies. However I suspect you came here with a few in mind."

"Wow, you're smart enough to be a doctor," Winter said.

Eggman was ready to facepalm, but he sighed it off instead. "Any last requests before curfew?"

Winter's stomach growled loudly, and the whole evil lair shook. "I haven't eaten in a week. Got anything left in the fridge?"

After she had eaten five buckes of icecream, three bags of popcorn, and the rest of the evil ham, Winter was finally able to rest peacefully in the evil guest bedroom. It had been a long time since she had slept in a nice room, with blankets to keep warm. She had dedicated her life to her work, and that usually meant she didn't get a chance to take care of herself. Eggman truly was kind. He honored her goal and was generous with his offers, but it was requiring a lot of work on her behalf. She had pledged to do anything but kill, and mostly because that was what had gotten her into the mess to begin with.

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