Chapter 2

Detectives and Demons

Cas managed to land right in the middle of street and if it weren't for Dean and Sam's quick reflexes they would've gotten hit by a car.

"Watch where you are landin' Cas!" Dean yelled "We were almost killed!"

"Sorry Dean."

Sam meanwhile was staring at the building they were in front of, like it would move if he looked away.

"Sammy what are you staring at?" Dean asked

"This is it!" Sam cried "221b Baker Street!"

Dean and Cas looked at the building and sure enough it said 221 Baker Street. The three walked up to the door that said 221b and rang the bell.

"What'd you plan to tell them Cas?" Dean asked

"The truth." He replied "It's what's best."

"And if they don't believe us?" Sam asked knowing it was doubtful

"We make them believe." Cas answered

Then the door opened to reveal an older woman with greying brown hair and caring eyes.

"Excuse me ma'am." Said Sam "We are looking for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson? We were told they live here?"

"Of course, come in come in." She replied

The three followed her inside.

"Mr. Holmes is in lounge. Dr. Watson is out but will return shortly. I'm Mrs. Hudson the land lady."

"My name is Sam Winchester, this is my brother Dean, and our friend Castiel."

The four entered the lounge and sitting on the couch was a man between Cas and Dean's height with short, curly, black hair, and green eyes. He wore a black suit and tie and when they walked in he stared right at them.

"Sherlock this is Sam and Dean Winchester and their friend Castiel. They would like to speak you and John when he returns." Mrs. Hudson said

She turned to Team Free Will

"I'll leave you to it." She said with smile as she walked out.

Sherlock watched her leave then his eyes were back on the two hunters and their angel. He stood up and walked over to them with a sly grin on his face.

"Well. Well. Well. The famous Winchester brothers, and their pet angel! I should've known you'd come after me one day." He said as he crossed the room

"What's he talkin' about Cas?" Dean asked

Sherlock laughed, "You really don't know what I am? I thought you were smarter than that! Especially you Sam! If you don't know what I am then why are you here? Is it something to do with Moriarty? You know what he is don't you? A toddler could figure that out!"

As he spoke Sherlock continued towards them. As he did this Dean reacted instinctively and pulled out his gun filled with salt rounds. This stopped Sherlock in his tracks. He chuckled

"You don't know what I am do you? If you did you would know that a gun would have no effect on me! You really are thick, aren't you?"

Dean pulled the trigger in response. Sherlock dodged the bullet with ease by catching it mid-air.

"You really thought that would work?"

He crushed the bullet in between his fingers and when salt touched his fingers he hissed in pain. Sam pulled out a bottle of holy water, uncorked it, and threw the water at Sherlock. When the water hit him he hissed and his eyes were suddenly pitch black.

"Demon!" Dean yelled as Sam pulled out Ruby's knife and went to attack him

"No!" Dean cried pulling Sam back "His host could be alive!"

Sam nodded and they began to chant "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii…"

"Stop!" Cas yelled stepping in front of them

"Cas he's a demon! He's possessing some poor sap!" Dean yelled

"I know that!" Cas replied "But the man he is possessing is dead. He died a long time ago and he is on our side!"

"What?" Sam cried shocked

"He's on our side!" Cas repeated "He's on the side of the angels!"

"He's telling the truth." Sherlock replied "I never cared for Hell and its desires. This man I possess died many years ago in Victorian Times. I asked his permission to possess his dead body before he died."

"And agreed to let you use his body as a meat-suit?" Dean asked

"He had no choice." Sherlock replied "He was dying of fever and I would've just taken his body when he died but he agreed and made me promise two things."

"Which are?" Sam asked

"One, not to use his body to kill anyone, easy, I wasn't planning to do that anyway, and two to put his huge brain to good use. He was very smart it's why I chose his body in the first place. I had a large brain in life which I continued to have in my death and I found his body most appropriate my plans."

"What plans?" Sam and Dean asked at the same time

"Jinx!" Dean yelled "You owe me a beer!"

Sam rolled his eyes "Continue." He said

"I planned to protect you humans from the worst of my brothers and sisters. You humans are too naïve to figure out that every time one of you commits a mortal sin like murder or adultery it is because of the influence of a demon. I go after the demons that cause humans to murder each other and sometimes adultery is involved. These are the worst ones out there and I work to catch the killers, then after I have them caught I can find the demon and kill them or send them back to Hell."

"I don't get it." Dean said "How do you influence us without possessing us?"

"You know that voice in your head telling you to kill, to hurt, to maim?"

"Yeah," Dean replied "I hear it every day."

"That's the demon infiltrating your thoughts. Excepts yours and the ones in all hunters are like me. They are everywhere in every country. I only cover England along with another demon, he does the adultery and theft cases. There are several that cover America you've probably met one or two. We typically pose as police officers or detectives, sometimes the occasional hunter. We want to stop our brothers and sisters because they are getting out of control. The most out of control is my greatest adversary and a very powerful demon. He's a Yellow-Eye, I know you are familiar with that kind."

Sam and Dean's eyes widened at this statement.

"The Yellow-Eyes are typically the Princes of Hell. Ramiel, Asmodeus, Dagon, and of course Azazel. However, one fallen angel was granted the rank of Yellow-Eye." Sherlock looked at Castiel "I trust you know who it is?"

"Samael!" Cas cried astonished

"Yes." Sherlock replied, "Except he goes by James Moriarty now."

"Who's Samael?" Dean asked

"The fifth archangel Dean." Said Sam "You might know him as the Angel of Death."

"The Angel of Death?" Dean cried "As in 'let's kill the firstborn Egyptian boys' Angel of Death?"

"Yes Dean." Cas replied

Suddenly they heard the door to the apartment open and someone enter.

"Sherlock? I bumped into Mrs. Hudson outside and she said we had clients are they still here?" called a voice

"They're still here they haven't told me why, insisted on waiting for you, but I have no idea why." Sherlock called back

Sherlock turned to Cas, Dean, and Sam

"If you tell John what I am I will end you!" He hissed lowering his voice.

Sam and Dean went to speak but Castiel spoke first

"We promise not to tell correct Winchesters?"

The boys just nodded quietly, knowing it wasn't a good idea to cross Cas. However, they would be keeping a close eye on Sherlock just in case he slipped up. They would be ready if or when he did.

Authors Note

There you go, chapter 2! Sorry it took so long I had a huge writers block. So Sherlock's a demon and so is Moriarty. Bet you didn't see that one coming!