Hello fellow readers! Thank you so much for all the positive feedback on my last story! It would fill me with dread if I just left you guys hanging like that. Enjoy! *This fanfic is rated T for language.*

It was approximately three o'clock in the afternoon when the cab came to a dead halt. Jamie lifted her head and quickly gathered the bag from under her seat.

"No guilt. No guilt." She quietly reminded herself as she took the required payment out of her wallet.

"Good day ma'am." Jamie opened the door of the vehicle. "As to yourself."

The girl stepped onto the sidewalk as she watched the taxi disappear down the street.

"Huh. Same as I remember. Stupid to think that since it's been such a short time away from here, but still. Now perhaps I can trade myself in for the opposite gender." Jamie lightly giggled then stopped walking.

"Let me see. Where is that shop I was dragged to before?" Her eyes narrowed then she shrugged. "Gotta keep walking I guess."

Unlike her first welcome to Fleet Street, The population seemed as if it had declined. Only a few pedestrians paced up and down the pavement, but no one seemed to have recognized her or vice versa.

'Well freedom is always nice.' She tilted her head at the passing of the many stands and buildings. "So much for a pleasant wel.." Jamie accidentally but roughly bumped into something before falling onto her back.

"Ow." "Ow. Watch where you're going. Wait.." The figure blinked and quickly helped her up. "..Jamie?"

She quietly coughed then opened her eyes. "Anthony? Oh hey. What's up?" They gently hugged each other while he brushed some dirt off of her jacket. "Thanks." She lightly smiled but a little confused.

"So what have you and Johanna been up to?"

Both of them continued to walk as they carried on the conversation.

"I'd rather not talk about it." Anthony sighed. Jamie was curious but sensing a bit of heartbreak in his voice caused her to drop the subject.

"Alright. Sorry." "It's fine. So what brings you back here to Fleet Street? I mean I left but you didn't. I mean.."

Jamie lightly smiled. "Actually, I left a few hours after you did. With Ms. Lovett, Toby and.." She sighed. "..Mr. Todd."

He frowned and put a hand on her shoulder. "You two got into a fight didn't you?" "Yeah. We did." A single tear dripped down her cheek.

"I'm sorry to hear that." The girl shook her head then wiped her eyes. "It's fine. So yeah, I just came back to let out some steam I guess."

They both smiled then out of the blue decided to hold hands. "And try to.."

"Oh! I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going."

The sailor looked over to Jamie then to the man standing in front of them. He wasn't slender but not fat either. He had short brown hair and blue eyes.

Standing a few inches taller then the sailor, The man was dressed in a dark green suit and tie.

"Terribly sorry if I interrupted anything."

Jamie blushed. "N..No sir. Not at all." Anthony awkwardly answered.

He glanced down at the girl, memorizing her features. 'I see. He would be most pleased.'

Jamie shivered and hid behind Anthony. The man then continued down the sidewalk.

"Well that was odd. Are you okay?" He brought her back beside him.

"Y..Yeah I'm fine. Um.." Her eyes looked across the street and sighed, finally coming across the clothing shop.

"Hey." He lightly pulled her arm as she stopped and prepared to cross the street. "Where are you going?" "I was just looking for.." "I'll ask for an extra coat and hat. Now come on."

She sighed and let him lead her down the pavement. "Thanks?" He lightly smiled as they approached the ship dock minutes later.

"Well look who's back!" Anthony rolled his eyes. "I see ya did find yourself a nice gal." "I'm not his girlfriend!" Jamie let go of Anthony's hand and folded her arms.

"Ah. They told me fine stories about you lassie. Your love affair with someone by the name of Mr. Sweeney Todd.." Jamie clenched her teeth and dug her right hand in her bag for a razor.

Anthony placed both hands on her waist to calm her down. "Just lend me another coat will you? And cap?"

Jamie shut her eyes then shakily sighed.

"Alrighty. Here ya go." Anthony snatched them from him as he looked over at the girl. "I didn't mean to say that. Not one soul spoke about it. I'm sorry."

Her eyes opened with a scowl. "I suggest you keep your mouth shut while you still have one."

The man shivered as he never saw a woman this defensive. "Y..Yes ma'am." "Wise choice."

Anthony blinked then led her away from him and back down the street. "Jamie?" "What?" He stopped once he brought her into an alley.

"It's not a good idea to get into trouble with them. They may be drunk but their memory is as clear as crystal."

She sighed and set her bag on the floor, taking the clothes from him. She took off her coat and Anthony blinked.

"I.." "What they don't know won't hurt them. Now." She shoved her coat into her bag once she was dressed as a sailor herself. "I'll see you later." She blinked then tilted her head.

"Anthony?" Jamie lightly shook his shoulder. "Hey. Huh?" Her eyes followed his and sighed. A young girl wearing a bright yellow dress was sitting near a window quietly sewing together a few cloths. 'She's pretty.'

The girl's hair was a dark shoulder length black with her blue eyes as light as a summer sky. Jamie shrugged and watched as Anthony stared mindlessly at her.

'Someone for everyone.' "Come on Romeo." She lightly pulled his arm.

With a sigh he followed, not taking his eyes off of her. She then crossed the street with him not really paying attention.

Jamie flinched at a faint sound of a door opening. The girl thankfully felt Anthony's right hand in her left.

"Come in lads, Come in. Quite chilly."

'What the hell? It can't be!' She slowly turned her head and shivered. 'I thought Mr. T had killed him! I'm sorry I didn't believe in the after life! I'm sorry I didn't believe in ghosts. I'm sorry I..'

She sighed and silently followed Anthony inside Judge Turpin's home.

"Sit down. Please. Sit down." He added with a light smile and gestured to two separate chairs.

"Eliza!" Judge Turpin shouted, making Jamie and Anthony jump and look to each other. Their eyes spoke for them.

'Don't tell me he that has a new ward.' 'It appears he does. Don't worry. This plan of mine will not fail.' 'I hope you're right.' Anthony sharply winked at her. 'I am.'

The girl whom the sailor had spotted in the window hurried down the stairs and politely curtsied before the judge. "Yes sir?"

"Prepare two cups of tea for our..." He stared at Anthony then to Jamie.

Jamie held her breath.

"...guests." "Yes sir." She quietly responded then left.

Judge Turpin cleared his throat. "Dare you gander once more boy." His eyes narrowed as he pointed a finger to him.

Jamie gulped.

"N..No sir. We were just passing through." 'Damn it! Why did you include me? Ugh!'

The judge slowly nodded his head then turned to her. "I see." He walked over, secretly becoming familiar with whom the sailor looked like. "A sailor."

Jamie sighed. "Yes sir. The Bountiful."

He blinked as his ward set the tray of tea on a small coffee table before waiting for his next command.

"A sailor must know the ways of the world yes?" "Yes sir." "A wide range of possibilities this great world offers. Everything you ever dreamed of doing..with a woman."

Jamie briefly widened her eyes.

"Would you care for a tuition?" Judge Turpin picked up a book with a map of France.

Jamie felt her heartbeat speed up but managed to keep a clear voice. "I..don't understand sir."

The book was placed back on the shelf. "I think not."


"You have plotted revenge with Mr. Todd against me, therefore risking my brother's life in the process."

Anthony gulped.

"You plotted with him. Yes. Sir you plotted."

The girl shivered. "I was just tr..."

"Your meaning is immaterial." He then came face to face with her. "Mark me." Her hat was knocked off and her eyes shut.


"If I see your face again in this street, I will shield you from it's evils." Jamie turned away only to feel his hand jerk her head back to face him.

His eyes motioned to the man she and Anthony came across earlier. He grabbed the boy by the arms and forced him out of the room. The girl glared at the judge.

"I suggest that you smile."

Jamie looked to the side of her, noticing the girl had left the room. "What did you do with Anthony?" She nervously rose her voice.

He stared at her, as if his eyes looked into her very soul. "Smile."

'Do it or die.' She sighed, not knowing he was watching her chest as the girl did so. A light smile appeared on Jamie's face.

"That is simply all I ask for.." Judge Turpin slowly placed his right hand on her right cheek, causing her smile to vanish. "I did not tell you to stop."

Jamie shut her eyes. 'This has to be another nightmare. A horrible nightmare.' "May I please leave?" She whispered.

"I think that is only appropriate. Since you no longer find my company to your liking."

Her wrists were secured behind her back. "Ow." Jamie tightened her eyes then shivered. "Please..let me go."

"The ungrateful child has broken my heart. My only hope was.." The judge leaned his head down close to her ear and continued to speak in a whisper. "..a sensible being." Jamie hiccuped. "Never hurt me..Never.."

The sentence dropped as his lips softly kissed behind her ear and inhaled the peppermint shampoo scent of her hair. The girl roughly fidgeted but it was no use. Her chest frantically moved up and down.

"Please..let me go. Please." Jamie's eyes began to tear up. Judge Turpin did hear her but covered her mouth with his left hand.

The girl glared at him and spit on his hand, allowing her to finally breathe again once he pulled it away in disgust. "You little.."

She gulped and backed up towards to doorway. He let out a relaxed sigh then walked over to her.

"I'm sorry. I.." "Oh do not be sorry. Silly girl. I find the inner strength of a woman quite engaging."

She rolled her eyes.

"I do believe now you wish to flee?" The girl quickly nodded. "Very well. Come." He held out a hand with a smile.

Without another word, she placed her hand in his, struggling to keep her balance.

"I'm scared." Her voice accidentally spoke up instead of thought. "Did you say something Jamie?" He stopped once they reached the front door. "I hadn't."

"I refuse to believe that you would lie to me." He folded his arms. She sighed. "I just said that I was scared." Her eyes tightened.

"As you should be. Now leave." "But what.." He opened the door and shoved her out, closing it behind her.

Jamie quickly shook her head and ran down the streets to look for Anthony.

"Anthony?" She whispered while turning her head and searching up the street. "Anthony?" "Jamie!"

The girl quickly turned around and hurried over to him. Jamie inconveniently hugged him and started to tear up again.

'This can't be good. She should go back to Mr. T. Not to be rude but I can't keep babysitting her like this.'

He sighed and rubbed her back. "Are you alright?" "Uh uh." "Come on. I have an idea." The sailor took her hand in his and led her down the street.

"Now where are we going?" "I think we both had a bit of a rude awakening."

He walked her into a small seafood restaurant and sat her down in a chair across from him.

"Have you been here before?" Jamie shook her head then smiled. "Should I have?" "My friends and I stop by here all the time. It's on me." "Aw thanks."

The girl smiled as a waiter approached the table and he ordered.

"So yeah, Johanna ran off with Jasper instead." Jamie tightly blinked. "Ouch. I'm sorry." "Like a punch in the face. But.." "Hear ya loud and clear. We'll find Eliza a way out of this. Promise."

Anthony had ordered a medium sized serving of scallops and chips for them to share. The plate was set on the table and the two thanked the waiter before returning to their conversation.

"How's Toby been? Still upset about not being able to sail?"

Jamie sighed. "Oh he's been way over that. I've basically seen him as a little brother. He's been driving me crazy but it didn't really bother me."

Anthony smiled. "That's cute." "Yeah. But luckily he found other friends so it wasn't a heavily dramatic experience when I left."

The sailor looked blankly at her for a second. "Hey." She whispered and gently shook his shoulder. "Sorry. I was just thinking of something."

"What's up? You can tell me anything." "Do you have the time? I have to get going."

"Um.." She looked around, trying to find a clock. "Rather lazy of me to not go and buy a watch." Jamie found one on the wall and squinted her eyes.

"No problem. It's almost four thirty." "Great. Thanks." "I heard that they're overrated anyway."

They stood up from the empty plate and Anthony took out his wallet, not knowing Jamie did the same. "It's alright. I got it covered." "Oh. Thanks." She smiled.

The two left down the pavement and held hands again. "Jamie?" "Yes?" "I think you should go back with Mr. Todd." "No. I won't. I'm tired of his threats."

He stopped and held her against the brick wall of a bank. "Besides, I said I'd help you free the girl from Turpin's wrath."

He sighed. "I have other friends who can help me with that. I know he's not exactly bursting with a typical personality, but I know he really loves you."

Jamie smirked. "Well I am pretty sure you don't want to keep watching over me so the judge doesn't hurt me. I could never use a friend like that."

He shook his head. "A..Are you a mind reader or something?" "Not at all." She giggled. "I'm just really practical. Then again it would be pretty awkward to show back up the next day. I'll give him a month. But I don't forgive him. Come on, I don't want to bore you."

He followed her and sighed. "But if you do need backup, I will be staying..uh.."

"There's a motel only a few blocks from here I think. I believe it's only twenty five a night." "Huh. Okay cool. I'll see you later?" He nodded. "Sounds like a plan."

They prepared to leave each other but didn't. Jamie blushed. "Uh. A secret?" "Secret." Anthony whispered. They hid behind another wall and both sighed before quickly sharing a kiss.

The girl lightly smiled. "Bye." "See you." The boy rushed down the street to make it to the dock in time.

"He said just a few blocks." She muttered and came across the motel within twenty minutes.

"Perfect. Nothing extravagant but it will do." Jamie entered and handed over the required payment.

She was escorted to a small room with grey walls and a black carpeted floor. "This is awesome! I love it!" Her bag dropped to the floor and her black night dress was taken out.

"Now this is a pleasant welcome." She lay on the bed provided with a smile. "Like I never left home."

Although only five thirty, Jamie shut her eyes. Mr. Todd appeared in her thoughts with a light smile.

"Go away! I don't want to talk to you!" She whispered with a pit of guilt in her stomach.

'Don't be long love. I love you.' "Course you do." She rolled her eyes, falling asleep.