Jamie sat up, growing impatient and not wanting to spend the whole day being worshipped by this man.

"Where are you going Jamie?" He pressed his shirt and rose to his feet. "What difference does it make?" She walked out.

Judge Turpin narrowed his eyes in shock. How dare she speak to him like that. "Jamie!" He shouted, causing the girl to hurry back into the room.

The judge looked down at her with a scowl. "What in God's name has crossed your mind that you have the right to speak to me in such a tone?"

She looked up at him and gulped with her hands behind her back.

"Well?" He rose his voice.

Jamie looked away, only for his hand to force her face to met his. The judge grabbed her by the arm with a groan and pulled her across the hall.

"Ow!" She winced at the strength of his hand on her right wrist.

"It was bloody foolish of myself to allow you to come back here." He muttered and pushed her onto Johanna's bed.

Jamie quietly sat up with her hands in her lap. "But alas you did."

He slowly huffed. "I was expecting better of you Jamie." Judge Turpin responded in a heartbroken tone.

Jamie shivered as he stormed out and slammed the door shut. "We all expect things." She muttered. 'Okay. Maybe that was a step too far. I don't want to make his life a living hell, but then again I was the one who wanted to stay here in London.'

Jamie looked around and took out a new stitching project from a basket beside the bed. It was in the shape of a monarch butterfly. "Let's make the wings blue and red." She took out two rolls of thread. "Good to have some time alone." Jamie began threading the needle.

Judge Turpin fled down the stairs when he ran into the Beadle. "My Lord." He bowed. "Are you alright?"

"I want you to stand outside of her bedroom door." He ordered. "Make sure that she doesn't leave for anything." He huffed and glanced at his watch before leaving to his office. "Have her sent to bed without dinner."

The Beadle smirked as the judge left and quietly went upstairs to stand in front of her doorway.

Jamie sighed after stitching only the wings and placed it on the floor.

The Beadle peered through a small hole in door. He watched as Jamie searched through Johanna's closet for a nice dress. She lay a long black dress on the bed and heavily sighed. 'If only I were unconscious instead of wearing this.' Jamie pressed her lips and took off her shirt.

The Beadle looked away even though her breasts were still covered. 'Well the Lord did tell me to watch her.' He looked back as she took off her shoes and pants.

Jamie sneezed and stepped into the dress. Although it was difficult to zip on her own, she managed to do so. 'At least it's not white. Or pink for that matter.' She smiled and spun in a circle.

The Beadle quickly looked down the hall, making sure that the judge wasn't anywhere in sight. He lightly knocked on the door and Jamie gulped. She was dreading to hear what Judge Turpin would say to her.

The door opened and she blushed.

"Hello Jamie." He walked in with his elegant cane. She backed up onto the bed. "Please don't come any closer."

The Beadle tilted his head. "He is not very happy about your actions."

Jamie huffed. "How dumb do you think I look to not know that?"

He narrowed his eyes and pulled her up from the bed.

"Stop it!" She cried as he wrestled her arms behind her back. "Ugh!" Jamie panted.

"Do realize that I have just as much tolerance for you as he does Jamie." He muttered.

"Let me go or I swear I'll.." She tried to free her wrists by forcing her hands apart, but it was no use.

"What would you possibly do Jamie?" He sneered. "Harm me in anyway and Judge Turpin will harness a noose around your pretty little neck." The Beadle slid his grimy fingers across her collar bones.

Jamie started to tear up. "Please..don't.."

"Judge Turpin had issued you to stay under my supervision." He blinked. "Without leaving this room and anything to eat until tomorrow. Unless.."

Jamie yanked her wrists free and fled down the stairs to Judge Turpin's office. The door was wide open and she looked up in distress.

The judge simply continued to fill out a stack of papers, ignoring her.

Jamie lightly knocked on his door and quickly looked down each hallway to make sure that she was alone.

"What is it?" He bitterly asked without looking up.

Jamie opened her mouth but nothing seemed to come out. She sighed and started to walk back upstairs.


She shivered and slowly walked back.

"Why are you out of your room?" He motioned her forward.

She stood frozen in the doorway with her hands behind her back.

"I am not going to ask you again." He stood up from his chair.

Jamie closed her eyes and walked away back to her room.

Judge Turpin sat back down with a groan. "What am I going to do with her?" He picked up his pen and continued writing.

She sighed and sprinted through the hallway.

The Beadle turned the corner and held her against the wall. "Making up lies is not a wise decision."

"I didn't say anything!" She sniffled. "Now let me go!"

"Oh that simply can not be done Jamie. You see.." He lifted her dress to expose her right thigh.

She kneed him in the leg and angrily huffed. "I said don't touch me."

The Beadle groaned and grabbed her by the throat.

Judge Turpin overheard their argument and went to settle it.

"If you hadn't come back here, I would be much more.."

The judge grabbed the Beadle away from her and pushed him against a door.

Jamie fell to the floor and tried to catch her breath.

"The sentence for this assault is death." Judge Turpin casually spoke.

The Beadle gulped. "My Lord. Please have mercy! It will not happen again."

"Such a pity." He issued two of his security over with a single nod. "You threw away a promising career."

The Beadle was led away and Jamie tried to stand up, but she felt as if the room was spinning. The judge helped her up and felt a light blue bruise on her neck. Jamie leaned her head against him as she now felt safe.

"I'm so sorry Jamie. He will no longer be a threat to you." He wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm not worthy of your kindness. I deserved that." She gulped.

"You most certainly did not!" He let his arms go. "Don't ever say that Jamie." Judge Turpin softly kissed her on the forehead. "You are not leaving my sight again." He brought her to his office and motioned to a chair next to him.

Jamie fixed her dress and looked at the papers he was filling out. They were legal death statements. "I don't see mine." She blinked.

"Nor do I."