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Chapter 1: Prologue

Death isn't the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live. – Norman Cousins

Darkness was the first thing my mind registered when I opened my eyes, or are my eyes still closed? Or am I blind? Looking at the darkness around me, I could not even tell if I was sitting or standing or lying down. So if I was not sure, why was vertigo not setting in?

"Hello is anybody there?"

'Is this hell? Because being trapped in eternal darkness after being killed by an idiot, without anybody to talk to sounds like hell to me.'

Somehow, the thought did not magically make the darkness disappear, and that was enough to raise my blood pressure. The one thing that really pissed me off was that somehow I knew I had been killed, and it was the stupidest way to die. The first part was that I was killed; so I did not die fighting for what I believed in, or to save someone. Or anything worth there being a statue built in my name, not even a park bench or something.

A worshipper of Allah climbed into the plane I was on and then decided to blow us all up for seventy-seven virgins, I mean seriously. I wish he gets a seventy-seven year old virgin. And his 'paradise' includes constant make out sessions with the virgin; while being dissected over and over again when he is not sleeping with his new prize. I mean if you believe that Allah or whatever is going to reward you for killing yourself then by all means commit suicide but leave me out of it.

'What kind of deranged fool kills another human being for 'god' then expect people to not consider you an animal that needs to be put down in the worst way possible? I know people who are Muslims and they are not daft ingrates. They are actually the funniest people I know.'

It was so sad. If these fools were all killing each other then I would understand their commitment; but their bosses never take their own lives. No they are smart enough to leave the whole suicide by bomb to the stupid ones who will gladly follow their direction. I know that I should be sad at the sheer loss of common sense, of potential that these-often children-people endure but I am too pissed to care.

I mean I had just finally mastered the lead guitar; which meant that I knew how to play every type of guitar ever made. I was my way to start my own pop band; so I could have millions of adoring fans and a model girlfriend every week. Is that too much for a guy to ask for? Of course not, but now I am stuck here because some fool wanted to stick it to America.

It of course has crossed my mind that there were hundreds of people that are also dead. This was very bad; I mean they did not get to witness my greatness. Life is a real bitch sometimes.


Forget what I said, life is a bitch all the time. I have no idea how long I have been here. It was mind-numbing hell. The only thing that helped me passed the time and maintain my sanity was thinking about all my favourite movies and anime. I have never been happier that I ignored my mom when she told me that T.V. would rot my brain; when actually it is keeping my sanity in check. Somehow recalling all the shows and films I have watched was so much easier: it was like watching them all over again.


You know how they tell you that imagination has power well they were right. You can only re-watch something before it starts to piss you off. So in other to keep myself from finding out how much effort it will take to snap my neck I used my imagination. I previously did not want to imagine changing any of my favourite shows, I did not want to mess with the purity of the show, but boredom makes you do crazy things. My favourite show to mess with was Naruto; there were so many applications and after a while I started to imagine that I was part of the show and the things I would do.

The first thing I would do is make sure to become a legendary shinobi that will be feared and respected throughout history. I will be stronger than the First, Madara, Sasuke and Naruto. I will be a standard that no one will ever surpass, not to mention I will have the hottest and strongest girl as a partner and we will be Konoha's power couple. Forget about being Hokage I will be the most powerful clan head ever.

Yes I always pictured myself as being part of a clan; the Uchiha were too drab as were the Hyuuga; the Aburame were creepy; the Nara and Akimichi were too lazy and predictable [shadows and body expansion puh-lease]; the Uzumaki were too loud and the Yamanaka was just wrong. The Sarutobi on the other hand was perfect: two members of the clan were powerful and loved by many, not to mention belonging to a clan that produced the Sandaime Hokage was granted to put me in the spotlight and when I bring the clan to greatness it will be even more epic.

Although if I was born before Naruto I always plan to make the squirts' life better: that way when he gets to the top he will always remember the one who helped him get there. So you see I am a wonderful person that cares about other people singing praises about my good deeds.


There I was minding my own business when all of a sudden I felt like the darkness started to compress into me from the place where my feet were and then by some bizarre magic trick 'it' began pushing me down towards a place I did not want to go. I just started to get used to where I was I had no desire to go to a lower part of hell. A part of my mind that had already gone crazy was telling me that maybe my former level was needed by someone who had just died.

'Well then they can get their own part of hell and if that is true then whose place am I going to?'

In the background of wherever I was going I could swear I could hear someone screaming which told me that I wanted nothing to do with wherever the hell I was being transferred to. Two seconds later the screaming increased and so did the pressure then the area started to increase in terms of temperature and humidity.

'Oh hell this must be where the fire and brimstone is'

Regardless of how hard I fought the pressure kept pushing me to the point where I will burn for all eternity. It was at this point that I started crying and screaming and kicking as push as I could. Anything to avoid being sent to that place so I can be forgiven when I noticed that I was the only one screaming a full minute later and as I opened my eyes I took one look at my tiny hands and the cord held in the giant nurse in front of me…and then I passed out with the knowledge that I was a baby…again


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