If Harry could say one word about Hogwarts, it would be amazing. From the boat ride, to standing in the great hall, it was amazing.

"This is the part where the first years get sorted." Yoko whispered in his ear as the hat finished singing. The hat was old and had many places in it the looked like it had been patched up. Professor McGonagall cleared her throat before calling out "Abbot, Hannah!"

Hannah looked nervous as she sat on the stool and put the hat on her head. Then the hat shouted "HUFFLEPUFF!"

The Puff's cheered as Hannah sat at the table. As the sorting continued, Harry watched as Yoko was sorted into RavenClaw, then Draco was sorted into Slytherin. Then his name was called and he walked up and placed the hat on his head.

"Hmm, Intresting, your soul mate has asked me to place you and your sister in her house, now I can see why." The hat said in his mind, this was an odd feeling and it was starting to make Harry's head spin.

"Get out of the gojirain's head, you piece of human trash!" Harry heard the monster in his head roar, shaking the hat visibly at all. The hat finally shouted "RAVENCLAW!"

Mosura only had to put the hat barely on her head before it shouted the same thing, Harry's sister was beaming from ear to ear as she sat next to her brother. The rest of the sorting was tuned out by the trio until Dumbledore stood, gaining everyone's attention. The old man said a few words before food appeared on the four long tables. Harry felt something try to probe his mind several times during the feast, his mental guardian took swift action to stop the probing from even getting to any memories. Harry looked up at the staff table and noticed that Dumbledore had a confused look on his face, but that was quickly forgotten when something tried to force itself into his head. It felt like a sledgehammer trying to break his mind, but the monster took care of it by blasting the force that tried to enter his mind with triple the amount of power.

"Some people just don't learn. The old man will probably be asking you questions later, if what I saw was any indicator." The monster paused before grunting "Two others tried to enter your mind, one has a childhood grudge against your father and the other...is being controlled willingly by an outside source. Should be easy to rip that intruders mind to shreds."

Harry kept eating and talking to his new housemates and speaking to Draco, who was sitting across from them. After the feast was over, the different houses went to their common rooms. The RavenClaws had a special knocker that asked a riddle and if you answered correctly you could enter, if not, you would be stuck until someone answered the same riddle. Books were everywhere, as well as paper, pencils, quills, ink bottles, and many other writing objects. Harry quickly found an art canvas and started grinning like a madman. His sister and Yoko both saw the art supplies and had their own grins, all three of them loved to paint, draw, and/or sketch and they were all very good at it.

Several hours passed without interruption, a few other artistic ravens joined them but that was it. Harry was finishing the detail on his painting when he heard a tiny cough. Harry looked and saw his head of house, Professor Flitwick, studying his painting with a critical eye.

"I'm impressed that you have a great, no professional eye for detail, Mr. Potter." The tiny professor squeaked in praise.

The painting itself showed a cityscape, but it had a massive monster standing in the center, its eyes glowing red as it seemed to stare into your soul. Harry then was given a double take, did his painted just blink? Watching, Harry let out a cry of surprise when his painting came to live. The creature moved closer and became visible, Harry had just drawn the king of the monsters and it was staring at him with...pride?

The tiny professor squeaked "Wonderful, just Marvelous! Mr. Potter, you are the first I've seen to bring a painting this realistic to life without using the spell. 5 points to RavenClaw."

Flitwick then pulled out his wand and cast a spell on the painting, making it float over to a wall and it stuck there.

"Now, I think its time to got to bed everyone!" The tiny Professor said and everyone went to their rooms. The RavenClaws' dorms were made so sibling could sleep in the same room together. Harry and Mosura gave Yoko a quick goodnight before entering their room and got ready for bed. They were both tired and fell asleep instantly when they hit the covers.

The next morning, everyone was staring at the new painting in the RavenClaw common room. The creature looked at the students before it did something to the city it was surrounded by, it would make sounds when a student did something as well. Harry could tell that this was not a normal animated painting, it was way too sentient to be a normal magical painting. Yoko was still surprised at the paintings' liveliness, something that made the other paintings in the common room were now bland.

The great hall was only partially filled, but the potter twins found their cousin sitting alone at the end of the Slytherin table.

"Hey, Draco, what's up?" Harry asked the blonde boy.

"Oh! Hey, uh nothing much." Draco replied.

"You seem down." Yoko looked at the Malfoy heir with a kind smile.

The Twins sat on either side of their cousin, which seemed to make Draco happier than he was. They pulled some food over towards them and started eating.

"Mr. Potter, Ms. Potter! Why are you not at the RavenClaw table?" A snide voice came from behind them, making the twins, Draco and Yoko jump. They turned and saw a tall, greasy haired man that wore black on black, with a side of black and lets not forget to mention that he was wearing black.

"Thats a lot of black." Mosura said.

Harry had to agree with his sister on that, but the man coughed.

"Sorry, Professor!" They all said at the same time.

The professor looked at them before giving Draco a paper, then he said "I'm Professor Snape, the potions teacher."

"I'm Harry Potter and this is my sister, Mosura." Harry introduced, the professor nodded his head before turning when a shadow made the entire great hall darken.

"What is that?!" A student yelped before a piercing screech ripped through the air.

Harry looked up and saw a black and orange bug staring down at them, this was not how he wanted to start his first day of school.

"So, you're the next gojirian. I hope that you have a better control over your anger than the last one." A deep resonating voice said.

"Who are you?!" Harry shuddered as he asked.

"I am Battra, Mothra's twin and Earth's defender." Than the massive creature lifted off from the roof and flew to who knows where. This was disconcerting...