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Chapter 8 – A Family Fest

"Donna," he whispers a couple of minutes later, the movie not catching his interest. He's either looking at the ceiling or her. "Yeah," she whispers in response, tearing her eyes from the blurry image of prince Eric she turns to face him, her arm sliding over his chest. Her eyes lock with his, they both stay quiet for a moment. Just smiling and looking at the other.

His hand moves over her side, holding her close. "Why do you like Halloween so much?" he whispers then, the questions of his niece making him realise that after all those years of her asking for the day off early, he never once asked why.

"Why I.." she mumbles, biting her lips for a second. She doesn't comment on how he's doing what his niece has been doing for the past few days, staying silent because his question makes her think for a second. It never was just a fun holiday, not for her. "Because," she whispers, a soft sigh escaping her lips when she's struggling to find the words.

Her fingers fidgeting with his collar. "Because it's," she starts again, "it's the one day in a year I can put on a costume and play a role," she whispers, briefly raising her left shoulder. "And I don't have to worry about getting through auditions or wonder if the audience will like my performance," she whispers, "if I'm good enough."

"Hey," he mumbles, his hand squeezing her shoulder. His lips pressing a kiss on her forehead. "You're more than good enough, Donna," he mutters. "You're amazing," he adds, his hand caressing her cheek, his index finger hooking under her chin, he lifts her head a little. "You are," he whispers, kissing her tenderly.

She smiles through their kiss, a soft chuckle escaping her lips when he gives her another peck afterwards. "You've only seen me in one play, mister," she counters, more to tease him than to dismiss his comment. Her fingers moving over his face, following some invisible line of her imagination. She opens her eyes again then, directly staring into his, he slowly shakes his head. "I've seen you in all your plays."

[October 30th 2016]

He slowly opens his eyes, blinking twice when he notices the auburn locks. That tiny hint of doubt, if it had all been just a dream fading away when he really takes in the woman that's sleeping next to him. Her head on his shoulder, her arm draped over his chest and his own arms wrapped around her. Still snug together under the knitted throw blanket on the couch, like the night before. Harvey grins then. Now absolutely sure that for once reality is better than his dreams. He moves his right hand to her face, brushing a strand of hair away. His index finger caressing her cheek in the process, he watches her lips twitch a little, her eyes opening slowly.

"Morning beautiful," he whispers, wrapping his arm around her a little tighter as she stretches in his embrace. Her foot running over his calf, her hand sliding over his chest and her nose brushing against his as she tilts her head to look at him. He gives her a quick kiss on her lips. Turning his upper body to face her a little, her arm sneaks around his neck when he deepens the kiss. "Hey," she whispers on his lips soon after, holding him close. She can't help but smile, maybe even giggle a little when he lets himself fall back on the baby blue couch. "What?" he mumbles, seeing a blush creep up her cheeks.

"Nothing," she whispers, placing a kiss on the corner of his mouth, letting her hand run back from his neck to his chest. "It's.. " she mumbles, closing her eyes, pressing her head against his chest again. "This isn't exactly how I imagined waking up next to you," she whispers, her fingers fidgeting with his dress shirt. "Isn't it," he teases, because he already knows what she means. "Shut up," she mumbles, her fingers tracing a button near his collar, "you know exactly what I mean." He flashes her his signature grin, bringing his right hand to cover hers that's resting on his chest. "So you thought about?"

"Yeah, I think about a lot of things," she whispers, grinning herself because they both remember the time they used these words before, but it's different now. It's better now. His fingers trace hers. "And you would," he uses the same words as all those years ago, his eyes locking with hers again. She smiles, pressing her lips against his. "I. Would," she mumbles in between kisses. Their eyes popping open when they hear a giggle coming from the other side of the room. She quickly turns her head, he merely lifts his chin, both of them staring at the four year old who climbs on top of the orange throw pillow, still giggling. Donna pushes herself up a little, leaning on her side, she mumbles a greeting in the girl's direction.

"You two are worse than mommy and daddy," Emily counters, cringing her face in the process. Donna's mouth slowly drops, looking back over her shoulder at the lawyer she sees him let out a sigh and drop his head back on the couch. "Are we?" Donna mumbles then, her words resulting in a grin from Harvey and a "Yeah, eww," from the four-year-old who lets herself slide from the couch again. "Oops," Donna mumbles, biting her lip, she lays herself down next to Harvey again. Trying to stop herself from grinning, she just looks at him. "Kids," he mumbles, a soft sigh escaping his lips and she shakes her head, softly chuckling at his faked annoyance.

"Ooh come on, Specter," she whispers, her hand tapping against his chest. "I know you," she continues in her 'I'm Donna I know' tone, "and under that best closer façade has always been a family man." He crooks his head to look at her, his right hand finding hers, his thumb caresses the back of her hand. "And you love it," she whispers slowly till their eyes lock again, their conversation suddenly serious, but his eyes mirror what she knew deep down. He nods then, his lips curling up into a little smile. She mimics his motion, gently squeezing his hand, she swallows in the words 'me too' because every fibre in her being and the sparkle in his eyes tells her that he knows.

"You do too," he whispers, pulling her into a hug, just holding her close. Both of them smiling when they watch the little girl skip around the living room again. A frown growing on his face when he notices his niece holding something in her hands. "Is that my wallet?" he wonders out loud, leaning on his elbows. She lifts herself up, her hand sliding over his chest and landing on his knee, when she pushes his legs aside to sit next to him on the couch. He follows her move, both of them sitting back up when the first credit card lands on the table.

"Harv.." she mumbles, freezing on the spot. "Ooh god," he answers calmly, both of them staring at what the little girl is holding when she runs out of the room. She quietly looks at him, he lets out a deep breath. His mouth still left agape when he meets the redhead's eye, neither of them sure on how to exactly handle this. She opens her mouth to speak, he slowly shakes his head. Knowing all too well that it's his niece and his wallet, but he isn't exactly in the position to run after the kid. His eyes wide he gives her another pleading look, nodding once he signals the limited space between them.

Her fingers teasingly flexing over his thigh, his jaw instantly clenches. "Donna.." he groans, swallowing. She pushes herself up, still leaning on his leg and she brings her head close to his. "I'll go," she whispers, her breath warm against his skin. Jumping off the couch, she drops the throw blanket towards him. Snatching his credit card from her coffee table she quickly makes her way down the hall, following the sounds the four-year-old is making. "Hey, sweetie," she mumbles, lifting the girl up in her arms. Holding her close and tickling her side, until they both fall on her bed from laughter. His wallet and the contents falling on the duvet next to them.

She crooks her head, smiling at his niece. "How about we give this back to your uncle?" she suggests, holding up the credit card in front of the little girl. "And put all of this," she signals the small pile, "back in there," she adds, tapping against the black leather wallet in Emily's hands. "I bet you're really good at placing this all back where it belongs."

"I am," Emily answers, crawling on her knees. "See," Donna encourages her, taking the wallet from the girl's hand, she quickly brings it towards her, snatching the condoms from between the bills and cards. "How about I hold this open," she shows Emily the empty wallet, "and you can place all the bills and cards back, okay?"

"Excellent," Donna chirps when Emily pushes his driver's license back. "Thank you," Donna smiles, sitting back up. "How about you put on your coat," she mumbles, opening the wallet again she places the condoms in the bill section. Her breath faltering for a moment, her fingers brushing against a folded piece of paper that reads her name in his hand writing. "Auntie Donna?" Emily mumbles, making Donna look up again. "Yeah. .uhm," she mumbles, closing the wallet. "Why don't you put on your coat and get Max' leash, I'm going to give this back and then you and me can take Max outside. How does that sound?" she suggest, pushing herself off of her bed again.

"Okay," Emily chirps, rolling around over the bed till she too lands on the floor. Skipping off to find her coat. Donna chuckles once, looking down at his wallet before she follows the four-year-old. Stopping in her tracks when she sees her own reflection in the mirror. Turning to face it, her mouth drops and a soft 'ooh god' leaves her lips when she takes in her messy hair, with one small braid she is sure she did not make herself and the smudged mascara under her eyes.

It takes a second of contemplating whether or not to run to her bathroom and fix her make up, but she wipes away the smudges and brings her hair together in a messy bun. Scooping up his sweater from the floor in the hallway she pulls it over her head, putting it on. She tiptoes back towards him, a smile forming on her face when he gives her a small frown. "I was looking for that," he mumbles, pulling on the edge of his sweater when she steps closer. "No," she shakes her head. "You weren't," she adds, handing him his wallet back. "You got it back," he states taking it from her hand and she laughs at his questioning tone, cause she's Donna. "Had to bribe her though," she whispers, looking up at him.

"How much did it cost me?" he asks, emphasising the last word. He slips his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. "Ten bucks," she smirks, letting her hands slide over his chest to his neck. "Donna," he whispers then, making her look up at him again, "I.. I didn't – " She presses her finger against his lips, stopping him. Briefly kissing him on the lips. "Only two?" she whispers in return, biting her lip she gives him a devilish grin because she knew what he was going to say. He lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding, because he didn't want her to think he was expecting something to happen.

He pulls her closer instead, hugging her tightly. "God woman," he mumbles, "You're amazing you know that, right?" he adds and he can feel her lips curl up against his cheek. "Something else thinks that too," she whispers in his ear, her breath warm against his skin. Leaving his skin burning from one kiss against his jaw, he brings her back to face him. "Don.." he mumbles, his hands slipping to her sides, not ready to let go completely just yet. She merely grins. "You're so on edge," she teases him and he sighs, shaking his head. Not capable of throwing a witty comment back in her direction, he settles on how it is. "It's been twelve years, Donna and I… I just want you."

It's her turn to swallow now, she can feel his heart beating under her finger tips. She fidgets with his shirt for a moment, letting her hands slide over his arms, to his hands. "Tonight," she whispers and he nearly groans, turning her around in his embrace, but he repeats the promise. "Emily? You ready?" she calls for his niece, letting her hands slide over his again. "We're going to walk Max," she explains looking over her shoulder at him. He smiles, nodding his head in the direction of the hall when the four year old appears with her coat on, Max by her side. "Almost," she answers, wrapping her scarf around her neck.


She steps outside, hopping of the three little steps in front of her apartment building. The autumn air fresh, on some days she would have said it was chilly but not today. Today her whole body is still radiating from waking up next to him. A little pull on both hands breaking her thoughts, she looks to her left at Max and then back at the four-year-old girl. "Come," she whispers at her, "lets quickly walk Max and see if uncle Harvey made us some breakfast," she adds pulling on the leash as she walks over to the one tree across the side walk. The little girl lingers behind her on the steps, fidgeting with her scarf.

"What is it?" Donna mumbles, wrapping his blue sweater further around her. She looks at Emily, curious to see what questions the girl will ask today. "When are you and uncle Harvey going to get married?" She should be used to it by now, but the question takes her by surprise. "What?" she repeats out of habit, clearing her mind she tries to make sure if she heard that correctly. But the young girl repeats the one word that got stuck in Donna's mind, married.

"Ems," she mumbles not entirely sure how to comment on it, she pulls Max back, taking two steps back to the entrance of her apartment building. She sits down on the steps next to Emily. "Your uncle and I have only been together for.." she pauses a near chuckle escaping her lips at the absurdity of the girl's question. "For a day."

"No you haven't," the girl counters in a beat as she swirls around on her spot. The redhead wants to protest. Because technically it hasn't even been a day yet, but somehow she's curious as to how Emily got the idea. "What do you mean, no?"

"You two have been together… since.. since forever," the girls answers sitting down next to Donna now. "You're always there on my birthday or Matt's," she reasons. "Even when uncle Harvey can't be there. And you bring us big presents and say they're from uncle Harvey." Donna swallows, nodding once at the girl, because that's all true. She's always been a part of the lawyer's family. "And daddy was telling me about grandpa," Emily continues, making Donna smile. "Gordon," she whispers and the girl nods. "Dad showed me pictures of him. And you were on them too."

"I was," Donna whispers with a soft smile. "And I saw you on the pictures of mommy's and daddy's wedding, but I never saw pictures of your and uncle Harvey's wedding," Emily states, playing with her scarf. She now looks at the redhead with a hopeful smile. "I..." Donna mumbles, but the girl isn't done with her explanation yet. "Mom and dad got married two years after they met," she tells and Donna swallows, nodding to the statement because once again that's true. "But there are pictures of you and uncle Harvey from before I was born and I'm four," Emily lifts her hand, holding up four fingers. "So why are you waiting?"

Donna swallows, not entirely sure how to comment on this. Reality being a bit more complex to explain to a four-year-old and if they wouldn't have been together now she might have joked about how the girl should tell this to her uncle, but right now she can't say that either. "I don't know," is all she whispers, more to herself than to his niece. She lifts herself up again, extending her hand to Emily, she decides to change the subject instead. "Shall we go and see if your uncle has made us some breakfast?"


Three plates in hand he makes his way back to the living room, smiling at the two women sitting at the dining room table. "Pancakes," Emily cheers and her grins, nodding. "Pancakes indeed," he agrees, walking around them, placing the first plate in front of the little girl. He takes another step to the left. Now standing in between Emily's and Donna's chair. He turns towards the redhead, placing the plate with a heart shaped pancake in front of her. She blushes, biting her tongue and softly shaking her head she looks back up to him. He flashes her a smile. "Ems," he speaks, his gaze still directed on the redhead. "I'm going to kiss aunt Donna now," he smirks, leaning in to her.

His lips brushing against hers in a quick kiss, Emily brings her arms to cover her eyes. "This is so embarrassing," she mutters. Harvey laughs, pulling back. "You can look again," he counters, moving his hand over the little girl's head. Handing her a bottle of syrup, he sits himself down next to Donna. With no words exchanged, but looks and touches the brunch this Sunday morning looking a lot like the dinner they had last night. Both of them smiling and listening to the girl tell stories again, while the redhead pours the three of them a glass of fresh orange juice. Harvey helps the little girl draw a spider web of syrup over her pancake, making a jack o' lantern of his own.

Donna finishes hers with strawberries, getting a challenging look from Harvey when she reaches for the bottle of whipped cream. He's faster, pulling it away. She crooks her head, studying his face. Her arms still stretched but she can't reach it. He just smirks, shaking 'no' with his head. Emily can only laugh at the little unspoken exchange between the two and Harvey grins when the redhead gives in after a moment, reaching for the powdered sugar instead. "Not fair," she whispers, giving him one look before she finally takes a bite from her pancake.

"Ooh, this is good," she mumbles, pointing at her plate she looks back at him. He smiles, letting his hand rest on her knee, squeezing once when he hums in agreement. The two of them quietly finish the rest of the stack, both helping Emily every now and then with some of the toppings. She covers his hand with hers, her thumb moving over his pulse point. He looks at her once more, nodding his head in Emily's direction. Donna chuckles, briefly gazing and the singing girl before her eyes lock with his again, his hand firmly holding onto hers. She can't help but think about the dream from a day before and the comments earlier this morning.

She steals the last bite of his plate then. Flashing him a triumphant smile, she demonstratively drops her fork, only to cover their hands with her other hand as well. "I could get used to this," she whispers and he grins. "Stealing food from my plate?" he teases her, knowing all too well she didn't mean that. "Cause you've been doing that for years," he adds, leaning towards her.

"But I could get used to this too," he whispers, placing a kiss on her forehead. "Emily," Donna mumbles then, turning to face the four-year-old, "do you know your costume yet?" Her question making the lawyer sigh, she frowns at him. "I asked about her costume, not yours," she mumbles. "I don't do costumes," he counters. "We'll see," she whispers looking at the girl again, who shakes her head. "Well, then let's go find you a costume."


He paces over the sidewalk, phone pressed against his ear. Leash in his other hand, his eyes drifting off to the second floor of her apartment building from time to time. "That's great," he answers his younger brother. "I'd have to get my car, but I could be there in an hour and a half," he adds then, looking down at the brown Labrador again. "Ok, great. Yeah, it's no problem, Marcus," he adds, turning on his heel. "See you soon." Putting his phone back in his pocket he lets his hand run over the dog's back. "Yeah you heard that," he mumbles, softy patting Max' head. "Let's get back upstairs," he pulls on the leash once, making the dog follow him as he climbs the three small steps. Opening the glass door, he lets Max go inside first.

His smile only increasing with every step he takes towards her floor. There was a time he dreaded coming here, not because of her, but because of what happened that one night all those years ago and she had told him to put it out of his mind. Not coming here at all seeming to be the easiest way to keep up with that promise, because being here would bring them back to that moment. That one night months ago only proof of how that moment was never forgotten and how the spark between them was still there.

He stares at the three brass numbers for a second, his fist soon falling against the wooden door. He knocks twice, his hand in the air for a third, but the door already opens. His eyes widening and his mouth drops when he takes her in. The leash slipping from his hand, Max runs back inside. Donna smirks, seeing him standing there completely in awe. "Hi," she whispers, looking down at half of the costume she put on over her tank top and jeans. She fidgets with the white skirt a little. Words of how Emily wanted to see the costume on her on the tip of her tongue, she doesn't get to say them as he's faster.

"I know it has taken us twelve years, but isn't this a little fast," he jokes smirking and signalling her zombie bride costume. She laughs, shaking her head. "I'll have you know we've been married for over seven years," she counters, side stepping him to close the door behind him. When she turns around again, he's closer than she expected him to be. His hand reaching for her waist "Without this," he speaks, his finger tapping against the fake bloody ribcage part. "I would," he admits, surprising both her and himself with his words, but he doesn't regret them one bit.

"I know it's been a day," she whispers, letting her hands run over his arms to his neck. "But isn't proposing a little fast," she teases him now, her eyes locking with his again. "I thought we'd been married for over seven years," he counters using her words, raising his eyebrows once before his face breaks out in a smile again.

"Shut up," she whispers, briefly shaking her head and biting her tongue. She pulls him closer, stealing one kiss as he holds her in his embrace. Her arm sneaks around his neck and his mouth opens a little, just like hers. Their kiss rapidly becoming more passionate, his hands slide from her waist, over her butt to her thighs and he lifts her up.

Wrapping her legs around him, she lets him carry her through the hallway for a few steps. " Harv.." she nearly moans against his mouth, stealing one more kiss before she pulls back. "Unless you want to seriously traumatise your nice, we got to stop." He nods in agreement, but reluctantly puts her down on the ground. Bringing his hand to her face, he looks at her for a moment before speaking. "It's great having Ems here and.. " he lets out a deep breath, Donna nods, a small smile on her lips, because she knows where he's going and she feels exactly the same.

"And I love my family, but it.. It's just so difficult right now," he whispers, bringing a strand of hair behind her ear. His thumb moving over her lips, he sighs softly and she nods once more. "Marcus called," he whispers then. "He's getting discharged," he announces. "Really?" she whispers, he nods confirming it again. "That's great," she adds and he smiles. "It is," he agrees. "I'm going to pick him up in an hour, thought it would be a nice surprise for Ems," he explains. "And Katie and Matt's plane will land in about.." he pauses, looking at his watch. "Three hours."

They both smile, breathing in sync. "I love you," he whispers. "I love you too," she mouths back, her hand reaching for his, she turns on her heels. Guiding him through the hallway, switching her hand that's holding his behind her back, she walks back to her bedroom. Pulling him inside for the first time in over a decade, she guides him towards her grandma's old lounge chair. She waits for him to sit down, seriously considering sitting down on his lap, she sits down on the edge of her bed instead. They both know that if they don't keep their distance now, they most likely end up ruining the little girl.

"Do you like her costume?" she asks, leaning down next to the four-year-old. Asking her to show it to her uncle. The young girl stands back up on the bed, turning around on her spot, she shows off her improvised costume. "I'm a princess," she chirps. "You sure are," Harvey comments leaning back in the chair. "But where's your tiara?" he asks, looking back at Donna who already reaches for one of the box with props. She pulls it on her legs, searching through the items, she first hands the girl a fairy wand. Digging through the rest of her stash, she pulls out two more objects.

"One tiara," she holds up the sparkling crown. Helping Emily place it on her head, who jumps in excitement and runs back to the mirror to admire her outfit. Donna looks at Harvey then, holding up the cat-ears that belonged to the costume she wore the one and only time they celebrated Halloween together, back in the D.A.'s office. He grins, shifting in his chair. He lets his elbows lean on his knees now. "I hope that isn't the only thing you still have of that costume," he smirks. Donna chuckles, throwing the headband aside. "You'll never find out, mister 'I don't do costumes'."


"Why are we going to Donna's?" Marcus asks then, making Harvey frown for a second. Not sure if his brother is playing dumb or if he genuinely wonders. "Because her place is only two flights of stairs and mine twenty," Harvey mumbles, helping his younger brother up. "Your place has a working elevator," Marcus counters looking at his brother. He already knew what must have happened, it was him telling his daughter to pretend she wanted to do something special for Halloween in the first place, but it's the way the older Specter man can't hide his grin anymore that he knows for sure.

"Finally," Marcus mumbles then, the words un-mistakenly about the lawyer and his secretary as both men are only halfway the stairs to the second floor. "Shut up," Harvey mumbles, pulling on his brother's arm more fiercely this time. "So you two?" Marcus mumbles again, not letting the subject go before he hears it in person. He considers it payback for the years of teasing the older one threw his way whenever he was in a relationship. "Yeah," Harvey answers with a bright smile, helping the younger man with the last couple of steps.

"I'm happy for you two, Harvey," Marcus answers, letting out a breath from climbing the stairs. "You two deserve happiness," he adds, "especially her for having to put up with a blind idiot like my brother for all those years."

"Okay, okay," Harvey raises his hands to stop his brother from talking. "I get it, I'm the lucky one here," he mumbles, knocking on the door again, like earlier that day. "You sure are," Marcus counters, his head turning towards the door when he hears the locks turn. "Hey Red," the younger Specter man greets Donna.

"Hi Marcus," Donna whispers, smiling at how the brown Labrador greets his owner. His tail wagging from left to right, barking twice loudly. She finally warps her arms around him. Her eyes briefly flickering up to Harvey, who frowns at her change of outfit once again before he walks past them to get Emily. "I'm glad you're okay," she adds and Marcus hums, giving her a small smile when the redhead looks at him again. "Thank you," Donna whispers then, knowing Marcus must have had a hand in Emily wanting to do something Halloween-like.

"No problem, sis," Marcus answers with a bigger smile, letting the redhead help him to her living room. His face lighting up when he sees his daughter again. "Hey princess," Marcus calls for her. The voice of her father making her head pop up in an instant, her eyes widening for a second. "Dad," she exclaims, jumping up and running over to him. Her small arms falling around his waist, Marcus swallows, balancing the crutch with his elbow he runs his hand over his daughter's head. "I've missed you," Marcus whispers, looking back up at his brother and the redhead. Mouthing a 'thank you' in both their direction. Harvey wraps his arm around the redhead's shoulder, pulling her towards him. Placing a kiss on top of her head, he smiles back at his brother. "Anytime Marcus."


Marcus laughs, hugging his daughter before he looks back at his brother again. "She said that," Marcus inquires, laughing again as he looks back and forth between his brother and the redhead. Both seated on another side of the table, unlike he expected them to be, but he doesn't comment on it. Harvey nods, swallowing once more. "She really did," he reminisces the way the four-year-old out smarted him the day before. Donna laughs, pushing herself up from her chair. "I'm going to get another cup of coffee," she lifts her mug. "You guys too?" she asks, signalling at both the brother's mugs.

"Yes please," Marcus answers, instinctively leaning forward to reach for his mug again, he comes to a rather abrupt halt. His arm still lingering in the air. Harvey jumps up. "I'll help," he offers, lifting both his own as his brother's cup, he follows the redhead to the kitchen.

"I'll help," she whispers looking over her shoulder, a teasing smile on her lips when she places her cup on the counter. "You never make coffee," she adds, reaching for the vanilla from one of her cabinets. "I.. do," he mumbles, placing the cups in front of her non the less. His chin hovering above her shoulder, she tenses up a little. "With vanilla," he whispers in her ear.

"Told you," she grins, but she doesn't give in to him. They can't give in now. "Harv," she whispers, feeling the warmth radiating from his body, his hand almost ghosting her side. "We.. " He lets out a soft sigh, taking a step back, he distances himself from her a bit. "I know," he whispers when she finally turns to face him.

His eyes locking with hers again. She smiles, biting her lip and closing her eyes. Slowly shaking her head at the thought of how ridiculous this situation is. How after twelve years of nothing, the suddenly can't even look at the other without wanting more.

He chuckles once, mirroring her with a small shake of his head. He pushes himself back on his feet then, two cups in hand, he crooks his head signalling the living room. She follows his lead, the two of them silently walking back to the other Specter's, both ending up on a different side of the coffee table again. Marcus frowns a little at how the usually always chatty pair was so silent now. Crooking his head, ready to comment his brother hands him his cup of coffee again. "Thanks," he mumbles, swallowing in his observation. He takes a sip instead, a small satisfied sigh leaving his lips he looks up again. "This is good."

"Vanilla," both Harvey and Donna comment at the same time. Marcus smiles, not missing how his brother just grins and the redhead almost blushes. He's pretty sure this must have been something special between the two of them, but he won't ask. He's learned that after one question too many on why the older Specter man gave up on whipped cream on apple pie years ago. There are just some things he'll never know about these too. "I'm glad I'm back," Marcus mumbles. "This," he signals the room around them, "is so much better than being in the hospital."

"It's good to have you back, Marcus," Donna answers with a small smile. Her comment on how she knows the little girl missed her father being left unspoken when the lawyer's phone rings. "Sorry," Harvey mumbles, pulling out his phone. His lips curling up a little when he reads the name on his screen. "It's Katie," he reads, looking at his brother. "Matt and her landed and they're on their way back home."

"Mom's here?" Emily's head pops up at the mention of her mother and brother. "Their plane just landed, honey," Marcus answers, brushing his hand over the four-year-old's head, he hands her his empty mug. Asking her to place it back on the coffee table. "We could call them," Donna starts, "invite them over and have a little Halloween and Marcus is okay party?" she suggests, shifting on her chair. Letting her gaze drift from Marcus to Harvey. "Uhm.. yeah," Harvey mumbles, her words taking her off guard and he doesn't want to say no, but no one would call his response enthusiastic either.

"Actually," Marcus interrupts his brother, "I'm pretty tired and if you all don't mind, I just really want to go home," he explains showing the others a small smile. "So if you could get me a cab that would be great. By the time Ems and I are there, Katie will be home to help me." Harvey nods. "Sure, if that's what you want," he mumbles. "Are you sure about going with a cab?" Donna asks carefully and the younger man shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, it's best to get over it straight away," Marcus answers looking down at his. "She didn't really see the other coming anyway," he whispers, letting his hand run over the girl's head. "We're going back to mommy and Matt."


"Ray's here," Harvey comments, placing his phone back on the cabinet, he helps his brother put on his coat. Donna kneels down, wrapping her arms around the little girl and hugs her tightly. "I had a great time with you here, honey," she whispers, kissing the girl's cheek. "We should go shopping with your mom sometime soon, okay?" The four-year-old nods. "Okay, auntie Donna." Donna smiles, squeezing the girls hand once before she lets go. Getting back up, she looks at Marcus. Giving him a small smile. "You take care," she whispers hugging him again, her hands patting his arms when she lets go again. "Tell Katie and Matt I said 'Hi' okay?"

"Of course, Aunt Donna," Marcus counters emphasising the last two words, shifting his weight on the crutches. "Okay, let's get you outside," Harvey bobs his head in the direction of the door, his hand falling on his brother's shoulder. "Ems can you take Max?" Harvey asks, looking back at the redhead for a second, a small smile on his lips when she stays behind. Lingering in the door frame and just looking at the three Specters.

He lifts the two bags from the trunk of his Mustang, bringing them over to the black Lexus. "Thank you Ray," Harvey shakes his driver's hand. "No problem, Mr. Specter," Ray answers, waiting for his boss to say goodbye to his family. Harvey lifts the girl in his arms, placing a kiss on her cheek. "Tell Mrs. Preston Harvey starts with H too, okay?" he tells her, placing the girl down on the ground. Letting Ray help her in the car.

"And you stay out of trouble for once okay, loser," he looks at his brother, sighing once. Now embracing Marcus too, both patting the other on the shoulder. "I will, dickhead," Marcus counters, nodding once after the older one helps him in the car.

"Hey Harv," Marcus calls after his brother by opening the window, making Harvey turn around on the sidewalk. "Don't screw this up," he tells him, looking up at the second floor of the apartment building for a moment. "I won't," Harvey promises, with a small smile. "I won't," he repeats, lifting his right hand in the air he waves when the car takes off.

Watching the tail lights getting smaller in the distance, he waits for the car to turn the corner before he turns on his heels again. Making his way back up the stairs to Donna's apartment. To her. Halfway the second flight of stairs, he slowly lifts his head. His gaze roaming over the steps to her door again and he laughs once when he sees her standing there.

Still lingering in the door opening, her shoulder pressed against the door frame and her hands behind her back. He pauses for a second, smiling when he looks at her before he rushes his way up to her. Stepping closer, a big grin plastered on his face. "Hey, you.." he whispers and she grins, biting her lip when his eyes lock with hers again. She brings her right hand forward in that moment, holding up the bottle of whipped cream they fought over that very morning. Playfully moving it around in her hand once.

"God woman," he groans and he takes another step towards her. His right hand sliding over her waist, he pushes her inside, turns her around and uses their bodies to close the door behind them. His fist clinging onto his blue sweater she's wearing again, he pulls her even closer. Leaning in, he cups her face before he kisses her long. She giggles through their kiss when he's fighting her hand for the bottle of whipped cream. "Not this time," he whispers, just letting it drop to the floor when he finally manages to secure it.

Donna smirks, tucking on his lips, wrapping her arms around his neck. They physically can't get any closer, but the more they touch the better it feels, the kiss soon becoming more passionate than the past few days combined. Stumbling through the hallway, his hands start to fidget with her shirt as he needs to feel her skin under his fingertips, they hit the cabinet on their way.

He pulls back, one look in her direction to make sure she's okay all she does is laugh and he lifts her up in one swift motion, placing her down on the cabinet again. He doesn't even get the change to throw her one of those over confident smirks, her hands on his face she kisses him again. He clings onto the blue sweater again, tugging the fabric up with his fingers till he reaches the hemline. Slowly pulling back from their kiss to lift the sweater over her head, both remaining quiet she just helps by lifting her arms.

While the sweater falls to the ground he looks at her again, her lips slightly parted and her red lipstick already smudged. Her hair is a mess, but in his eyes she's still the most beautiful person he's ever seen and the look on his face shows exactly that, making her break out in a smile not much later. Everything after that one heart-warming giggle goes ten times faster, her fingertips undoing the buttons of his shirt in record speed, she pushes the white fabric aside exposing his bare torso, pressing her hand against his sternum. Her touch setting his skin on fire.

His hands are all over her body, as if he's touching her for the very first time and maybe in a way he is. Cause albeit they've done this before, they've never been like this before. On the exact same page and their feelings towards the other out in the open. He removes her tank top, his hands on her sides soon after again. He admires the view in front of him for a second, not just her body he only really got to see once before, but mostly her face and he can't help but think how adorable she looks.

Biting her lip when she's struggling with his opening his belt buckle. The popping sound she makes with her lips when she manages to open it breaking him out of his thoughts again, he pulls her back in. Kissing her again, he moans against her lips when she slips her hand down in the limited space between them and in his pants, letting her fingers run over his length.

"Donn," he softly tucks on her lip, letting his hands move over her thighs to the waistband of her jeans. "Can't. Believe. You're. Actually. Wearing. Pants. Now," he mumbles in between kisses, the thumb of his left hand gracing over her skin just below her bra. Pulling the zipper of her jeans down with his other, his hand skimming over her lacy panties. She pants once, arching her back her breasts pressing against his torso, she holds him close.

"Harv… please…." she moans against his skin, placing a kiss on the mole on his neck and he nods. Kissing her again he lifts her up, but he can't even carry her to her bedroom anymore. Placing her back down a few feet further, both of them stumbling further down the hall, removing their trousers, he pushes the door to her bed room open with his right hand. His left hand sneaking behind her back bringing their bodies back together. She falls back on the bed with him hovering above her, the distance between them now too much, she parts her legs, letting him settle his body between her thighs.

It's fast, needy and they're not even fully undressed, but their kisses are passionate and his thrusts are met by her every single time their bodies mould together, always the perfect team. He kisses her neck and she moans his name in that one tone he's never truly been able to forget. "God Donna," his bottom lip starts to tremble and her nails dig into his shoulder, his name leaving her lips in stretched syllables when he pushes her over the edge. He follows her mere seconds later, his right hand moving over her arm to her hand, she lets his fingers slip between hers when his body collapses on top of hers.

Both speechless and out of breath, it takes a few seconds and a sloppy kiss in the crook of her neck before he rolls off her. Gasping for air again when his back hits the mattress, their fingers still entangled he can't help but smile when he looks at her again. "Ooh go.. god," she mutters nearly inaudible, her chest heaving with heavy breaths and then a giggle escapes her lips, and another one. Bringing her hand to cover her mouth, she now feels her eyes welling up.

He frowns for a moment, turning on his side and leaning on his elbow, he just looks at her. "Are .. Donna, you.. " he sentence loosing coherence when he sees a tear run down her face. "I'm okay," she tells him quickly when she notices the concerned look on his face. "More than okay," she adds smiling now she turns her head to look at him, another tear of happiness running over her cheek. He still frowns a little, but smiles at her words regardless. His left thumb moving over her cheek, he wipes away the tear.

"You sure," he whispers and she nods, smiling brightly now. She brings her right hand up, caressing his face. "Yeah…" she whispers, nodding again another laugh escaping her lips, she smiles. "I'm just.. I'm happy," she tells him, her eyes locking with his again. "You make me happy," she whispers, letting her hand trail down his neck and over his shoulder, slipping under the dress shirt she unbuttoned earlier but was never fully removed.

"No," he shakes his head slowly, still looking at her. Their linked hands finally untangling he brushes her auburn locks out of her face. "You make me happy," he reasons, smiling when she blushes. They're both half naked, holding onto the other and they just had sex for the first time in over twelve years, but only his words can make her blush. She slowly opens her eyes again, shaking her head when she looks at him again. Both of her hands moving over his collarbones, she pushes the white fabric over his shoulders. "Can we just settle on we make each other happy," she whispers, her fingers tracing the muscles of his bare arms now.

He laughs, shrugging the dress shirt off he hovers above her again. His lips brushing against hers once more, she lets her toes run over his calf, smiling through their kiss. "Did I just get closed by Donna Paulsen," he teases her, pulling back to look at her again. His index finger tracing the strap of her bra, he pulls it over her shoulder. She chuckles, shaking her head and biting her lip she lets her head fall to the left. Her body tensing for a moment when his hand moves over her ribcage to her back undoing her bra, he kisses her neck in the process.

"I'm not apologising for who I am," she whispers, turning her head in his direction again. He brings his lips to her again, kissing her again, she manages to flip both of them around. Sporting a devious grin when the movement takes him off guard and her hands trace s-shaped patterns down his torso until she sits back up. Removing her last piece of clothing she tosses it aside and he swallows just admiring her. "Nope, nothing to apologise for," he mutters, his hands running over her thighs to her hips, she bends forward again. Her hand cupping his face, she kisses him again. "I. Know."

[October 31st 2016]

A ray of sunlight slipping through the gap between the two curtains, he blinks twice. Adjusting to the light in the room, stirring a little he feels her body warm against his. Opening his eyes completely now he takes in how vibrant her hair looks in the morning and how perfect she fits in his embrace. Wrapping his right arm around her waist a little further, he pulls her closer trying not to wake her up in the process, but she stretches a little in his embrace regardless.

He smiles holding her close and he wonders why it took him so long to realise how much he loves the woman in his arms at this very moment and how risking everything they had seemed so scary to him just weeks maybe even days ago was absolutely worth it. Cause it's only been a little over a day, but it feels so natural to him. Just them, having everything and he's sure he never ever wants to go back to how things were before. He places a kiss on the top of her shoulder then, feeling her stir in his embrace again. He knows she's awake when her butt presses against his front for just a second longer than the rest of her body.

He continues leaving feather light kisses over her skin till her reaches her earlobe. Her eyes are still closed, but he sees her grin. "Morning beautiful," he whispers, placing a kiss just below her earlobe. She raises her shoulders a little as if she's ticklish, but it are his words, his words that make her stomach flutter. She slowly turns around in his embrace, her left hand moving over his muscled arms to his face, letting her fingers slip through his messy hair, she gives him a quick kiss. "Hey," she whispers when he opens his eyes again.

"Happy Halloween, Donna." His hand softly caressing her side, making their legs entangle again. He's pretty sure she knows exactly how happy he means in this moment, because he can see her bite her lip. He smiles, just looking at her and she does the same until she realises it's Monday morning. A soft sigh escaping her lips, he frowns a little. "What?" he whispers. "You have to go to work," she answers, emphasising the you, because in twelve years she has not once worked on Halloween. Flashing him a small smile, because even though she's the sensible one. The one reminding him of his schedule, she doesn't want him to go to work at all.

"No," he shakes his head, objecting to her statement. "My girlfriend took the day off, so I'm taking the day off too," he tells her proudly. "What?" she mutters, crooking her head a little she wonders if she actually heard him say what she thought she did. Him telling her he loves her something she deep down always knew and she also knew that everything that happened in the past few days would make her exactly that, eventually, she just never imagined him using the word. This soon or at all. "I'm taking the day off," he repeats in a beat.

"No before .. before that," she whispers, biting her lip to stop herself from nervously giggling again. The man has no clue what effect he's having on her now, he just smirks. "My girlfriend always takes the day off on Halloween," he speaks again, "that is.. if you want to be, I mean.. we've been married for over –" But his sentence is cut short by her lips on his. Not only stopping him from speaking, but herself from over thinking things. How the way they got together was completely different from what she'd have imagined if she'd allow herself to picture it, but it feels so natural. The way they slip from having fun, to seriousness and back to pure happiness. The way they slipped from just work to everything, yet they're still just them.

"So you're taking the day off," she states softly. "Boyfriend," she adds an extra sparkle visible in her eyes and her lips twitching a little, but both of them burst out in laughter. Falling back on their backs on the mattress. "I sure am, babe," he mumbles, turning his head to look to his left again. Both of them trying not to laugh. "That's great, honey," she whispers in return, but neither can hold their laugh this time. "God, this is weird," she mumbles, shaking her head. "Not us," she adds looking at him again. "That's," she pauses searching for the word, she settles on, "natural."

Her tone to anyone else considered to be just a statement, but he hears that tiny hint of a question. "Yeah," he agrees, grabbing her hand. Squeezing it once to show her he really means it. "Donna," he uses her name now and she smiles. "What do you want to do today? It's your day off after all," he asks, leaning on his left side. Switching the hand he's using to hold hers, the other used to rest his head on. "Uhm," she mumbles, "We could go trick or treating with my nieces," pronouncing the options as soon as they come to her mind, but she already sees him pout when he the thought that he has to leave that bed today crosses his mind.

"But we'd see them with Thanksgiving or Christmas," she whispers and he smiles, pulling her closer. "Would we?" he asks, leaning into her. "Yeah," she whispers, "We would." Her hand moving to his neck. Bringing him closer, she kisses him again. Her toes tracing his feet. "And," she pulls back a little, her breath warm against his skin. "I kind of want to spend the rest of the day in bed with you."

"Kind of?" he repeats between slow kisses. "Definitely," she smirks, throwing her head to the side when he kisses her neck. "Good," he mumbles, making his way down, switching from soft kisses to small tucks and bites on her skin. Kissing and caressing every inch of her body with precision, calmly and tenderly, the exact opposite of the night before. His name leaving her lips in a whimper when he kisses the side of her breast. "That's my boob," the words leaving her lips before she can register them, she's not even sure why she said it, but she feels her body jolt when he mumbles an 'I know' and his teeth scrape over the top of her breast.

Moving his hands down her body, feeling her body shiver every time his fingertips touch her. He knows by the way she whispers his name that she has her eyes closed and he realises once more this morning how lucky he is that she's giving herself to him completely. How perfect these moments are with someone you trust blindly and love completely. How perfect it is with her.

A shaky breath fleeing from her lips, his right hand now moving over her thigh and he squeezes her butt. "That's my butt," she whispers, letting her head fall to the right. He grins, his lips covering the freckled skin on her hip, tucking once he continues the soft pecks down her skin. His hands moving back over her thighs, she spreads her legs a little at the same moment. One slow kiss on the inside of her thigh, she knows what's coming and her hand clings onto the sheets when he covers her centre with his lips, her back arching due to the sensation.

"That.. .Ooh .. God." She exhales loudly, biting her lip. "That would be me, yes," he grins and in any other situation she would roll her eyes at him, throw a witty comment in his direction but right now she just can't. It barely even started, but she's too far gone. He kisses her again, moving his tongue in a way that takes her right back to over a decade ago and if she's got to be honest, she'd never been able to forget this. Her body flinches, her hips bucking towards him now that he's taking his time. Giving her his undivided attention.

Her head thrown back, her fingers sliding through his hair. She bites her lip, but the moans with his name escaping her lips becoming louder by the increasing intensity of the sensations that ripple through her. "H..Har.. rr.. veey," she whimpers his name in parts. He has her completely lost with one painfully slow stroke of his tongue, dragging her right heel over his spine, her entire body shuddering when she cries out his name once more.

He smiles, kissing the inside of her thigh before he makes his way back up. Letting his chin on her sternum, his head moves up and down with every deep breath she's taking. He just looks at her, almost grinning proudly at his achievement. She rolls her eyes now, turning her head away from him form a moment because that smug smile is just too much for her in this moment. Signalling him to come closer, his body draped over hers. She can feel every inch of his body aching for hers. "That… that was... " she mumbles, wrapping her arm around his neck, slowly shaking her head, almost in disbelief that everything was even better than the day before.

Harvey just kisses her, both of them rolling over and she somehow finds herself nodding through their kiss, positive he knows exactly how she was feeling. "Yeah," she mumbles, pulling back. Her hands pressing against his chest, her nose brushes against his, their eyes lock and he kisses her softly again. "I. Thought. You. Didn't. Want. That. Lady. From. 204. To. Give. Us. Weird. Looks," he mumbles in between kisses, bringing a strand of her auburn locks behind her ear when she pulls back again.

She laughs, sitting straight up this time, rolling her eyes at his remark she lets her hands move down over his chest. Slowly lifting her fingers, until it's just her index finger moving over his length. Grinning when she sees his jaw clench, his throbbing morning wood pressing against her. She lowers herself on him, leaning down to kiss him again, she whispers instead. "I'm still not apologising for who I am."


Harvey yawns, stretching his arm over the mattress. Slowly opening one eye when he realises that movement went undisturbed. "Donn.." he mumbles lifting his head from her pillow for a second, noticing the sheets are still warm but the spot besides him is empty. He rubs his hand over his face, turning over on his back. Mumbling her name once more in confusion, but he sees her standing then in the door opening. Wearing his dress shirt and two cups of coffee in her hand.

"Hey.." he mumbles, his voice still husky. He pushes himself up, sitting against the head board of her bed, his gaze following her movement as she walks over to her side of the bed. She smiles noticing once more by the pillows how he'd been sleeping well over 'her' half of the bed, holding her close. Cuddling her, just like he'd done all those years ago. Sitting down next to him, her shoulder brushing past his arm she hands him his cup of coffee. "I cleared your calendar," she whispers, taking a sip from her coffee. Looking down at the hot steam rising from her cup, her thumb moving over the rim.

He crooks his head to look at her. "It's your day off," he mumbles emphasising the 'your', "I could have done that myself," he adds taking a big sip of the vanilla flavoured coffee. She just laughs shaking her head. "It's after eleven am, mister. You fell asleep again," she counters, poking his chest. He mimics a look of pain, letting his left hand rub over his skin that was still burning from her touch. Wrapping his arm around her then, he holds her close. "I'm sorry," he answers regarding the falling asleep again, but she just smirks. "It's okay," she states with a smile. "It's not like you got a lot of sleep last night, anyway." He's the one to grin now, but he doesn't comment on it further, both of them finishing their cup of coffee in silence.

She leans against his shoulder and he lets his hand run over her arm. "Do you hear that?" she whispers, snuggling further up to him, he frowns for a second looking at her. His head slowly shaking. "It's so quiet," she whispers. "No giggles." He laughs, his right hand reaching for her left. Their palms flat against the other, he slowly lets his digits slip between hers. "No eewws, no questions," Harvey adds and she looks at him. "She really is something else," Donna comments in a whisper, now folding her fingers over the back of his hand too. "Yeah she is," he replies truthfully, both of them looking the other in the eye, they fall quiet for a moment while he still holds her close.

"You know what she asked me the other day?" she breaks the comfortable silence between them a few minutes later, he shakes his head. "Why it's taking us so long to get married," she whispers repeating the words from his niece. She swallows, looking down at their hands again when his eyes don't even show a split second of hesitation and just realising how ready he is still throws her off her game. She starts tracing patterns over his chest, more to calm herself again than him.

"So I told her we'd been together for only a day," she whispers and he hums waiting for her to continue. His gaze not having left her for a moment. "And she looks at me," she whispers, "you know that look," she adds finally meeting his gaze again and he mimics the four-year-old. "Yeah that one," she whispers, both of them smiling softly. "And she shakes her head and tells me no," she whispers and he chuckles, waiting for to explain further.

"She thinks we've been together forever," she clarifies, the last word leaving her lips in a singing voice and if she hadn't already been head over heels in love with him, the look he's giving her now would make her do exactly that. "We sort of have," he whispers, letting his left hand run over her shoulder down to her back. "We've been through pretty much everything together."

She smiles at him, nodding because they indeed have. Not as an actual couple, but as close as they could possibly be without being that. Letting the other in slowly, falling in love over the course of twelve years without even realising it and to anyone else it might seem the conversations they're having are too soon to be held, but they have twelve years of support, trust, friendship and most of all love behind them.

"She told me how Marcus has been telling her about your dad," she whispers, wanting to explain the girl's reasoning behind her assumption. She looks at him again, her index finger still drawing abstract patterns over his chest. He gives her a small smile in return. "And because there were pictures of us with him, she concluded we'd been together all those years."

"So she wants us to get married," he states with a smile, laying both of them down on her bed again. His hand holding her side for a moment, he leans on his elbow partially hovering above her. Letting his hand play with her hair. "I can't believe she said that," Donna mumbles letting out a somewhat nervous giggle. He pulls her even closer, kissing her temple because he recognises her tells giving away she was nervous.

"Well she asked me for a cousin to play with…" he states then and she looks at him now. "No she didn't," she shakes her head and he laughs, because she saw right through him. "Well she could have," he argues, making Donna laugh again. She wraps her arms around his neck, bringing him closer. "Just shut up," she giggles, shaking her head, he just grins at her. "What?" she mumbles.

"I love you."



[October 31st 2021]

Amanda pushes the door to her parent's bedroom open, sneaking her head around the corner. Giggling once when neither of them notice her presence, she tiptoes towards their bed. Her stuffed bunny in tow, she walks up to her dad. Using Miss Snuggles to poke her father's arm while she climbs on the bed next to him. Harvey lets out a yawn, lifting his arm from Donna's waist he tries to turn on his back without waking her.

His hand running over his face, he opens one eye to look at the little intruder, but all annoyance he might have felt fading away when he sees his little girl smile at him. "Hey sweetie," he whispers, pushing himself up a little. Sitting back against the headboard, stretching his arms he brings their daughter closer. His finger pressing against his own lips, he tells her how they should whisper and let mommy sleep.

The girl nods, pulling Miss Snuggles up to wrap her arms around her father's chest. He kisses the girl on top of her head, just holding her close. Amanda watches her mother sleep for a moment, frowning when she takes in the shirt she looks at Harvey again. "Dad," she whispers as softly as possible and he nods. "Why is mommy wearing your T-shirt?"

His mouth drops for a moment, his lips twitching into a little smile then but he can't tell their daughter the exact reason as to why Donna's wearing his shirt now. "Because," he whispers letting his head fall to the left, he looks at the shirt the four-year-old made him for father's day this year. The black and white family picture on the back just visible from under the sheets. "Because .. your mom is also part of Team Specter," he whispers looking at their daughter again.

"We all are," he adds, making the little girl smile. He hugs her again, smiling when he looks from the still sleeping redhead to the miniature version on his lap. He lets his hand run over his boxers, yawning again he stares at his daughter who's clearly wide awake. "Why don't you go play in the living room," he whispers handing her the stuffed animal again, "and daddy will be there soon, okay?"

"Okay," the girl chirps crawling out of his embrace again. Her little hand lingering above her mother's shoulder, but she doesn't touch her. Instead she looks at her dad one more time. "Soon, I promise," he whispers waiting for the girl to make her way back out of their room. He smiles, looking at the still sleeping redhead besides him.

It's been five years and still every morning he wakes up wondering how he got so lucky to have her in his life. Like this. Sliding back under the covers again, he moves a bit closer, his head hovering above hers, he kisses her cheek. "Morning beautiful," he whispers when she stirs in his embrace, smiling too. "She's up, so I'm going for a quick shower and then see if she wants to help me make breakfast," he whispers, smiling when he sees her grin. "You should stay here, get some more rest. It's early," he adds, softly kissing the corner of her mouth before he rolls out of bed.

Making his way over to their ensuite bathroom, he looks over his shoulder in her direction one more time, pulling down his boxers before he steps into the shower. Closing his eyes, he throws his head back. Letting the warm water hit his skin, he rubs his hand over his face, still slowly waking up. He freezes for a moment when he suddenly feels her arms wrap around his waist. Hugging him from behind while her lips place a kiss against his shoulder blade.

He turns, lifting his left arm to let it slip over her head. He looks at her, brushing her hair from her face and he just smiles for a moment. "I thought you were going to stay in bed," he mumbles and Donna smiles. "Gordon is going to wake up in fifteen minutes anyway," she counters, letting her hands slip to his chest. "And I'll have to feed him."

He crooks his head, he'll never really get used to her knowing everything. "I'm Donna.. I know.." she whispers as if she's reading his mind and he smiles brighter then. "You could have stayed in bed for fifteen more minutes," he counters in a whispers lifting her chin with his finger he keeps looking at her. "But I missed my husband," she whispers in return. Letting her hands slide over his chest to his neck, she brings him closer. "And we have fifteen minutes," she adds, biting her lip and one eyebrow raised when she looks at him.

He smirks, absolutely loving it when she calls him her husband. "God woman," he mumbles, cupping her face he finally kisses her. Stepping towards her, he presses her body against the cold tile wall with his. Letting her lips slip from his with a small plop, his hand moving over her cheek, making their eyes lock again. "Happy anniversary, babe."

She laughs now, blushing, even after five years. She can't believe how the man that always needed help in organising, her help in managing his calendar, now always knows any special date by heart. But deep down she also knows he never forgot their work anniversary either and maybe this was just him all along. "Happy anniversary, honey," she whispers back, using the same nicknames they jokingly gave each other that one morning five years ago.

She wraps her arm around his neck when he lifts her up, her legs circling around his waist. He reaches for her hand, letting his fingers play with the ring on her finger that matches his own. Intertwining their fingers when he kisses her again. The way they make love these days slow and passionate, filled with kisses and lingering touches. Giving the other their undivided attention in their now busy family life, these early morning or late night moments just for the two of them.

She kisses him again, breaking out of his embrace she steps out of the shower. One look over her shoulder in his direction, she grins and throws a towel in his direction. He catches it without a problem, moving it over his face and hair before he wraps it around his waist. "I love you," he whispers kissing her neck, hugging her towel clad body.

She lets her hands slide over his arms holding her close, her head resting against his chest she looks at him in the reflection of the mirror. "I love you too," she whispers, both of them smiling, they stay quiet for a moment. His gaze drifts of to the picture frames on the wall perpendicular to the mirror then. Taking in the pictures of them and their kids. "I can't believe he's eight months old already," he whispers, softly swaying her in his arms.

Donna chuckles. "Amanda is four," she whispers and he lets out a soft sigh, his grip on her tightening. "They're growing up too fast," he mumbles looking at his wife again. "They are," she whispers, turning her head in his direction, his lips meeting hers again. A small cry over the baby phone making him pull back, he groans a little. "I thought you said fifteen minutes," he teases her and she rolls her eyes. "It's been twenty, so you're lucky," she counters, making him nod. "I sure am," he whispers, placing another kiss on her cheek. "I'll go get Gordon, you take your time."


She looks down at the little boy in her arms, her heart fluttering when the little boy smiles at her. "You have your daddy's smile," she whispers, putting up a big smile as her hand moves over his tummy. The boy giggles. "Yeah you do," she mumbles, placing a kiss on the dark blonde locks of their son, smiling again when Gordon pulls on her hair. She hoists him up in her arms again, trying to remove her lock from his little fingers again without making too many weird faces. "Yep, you're definitely your father's son," she whispers more to herself then the boy when she carries him to the living room.

Pausing in the door opening, she places her finger against her lips. Handing the little boy his blue pacifier back. She holds him up, pointing at his sister and their dad. Kissing Gordon on top of his head again, she now lets her gaze roam through their living room. From the scattered toys on the floor, to the four carved pumpkins in front of the window and she smiles thinking back to how Harvey actually helped their daughter carve hers and how he insisted on making one for Gordon too.

She looks back at Harvey and their daughter again, who's sitting on the kitchen counter next to him. Sneakily eating pieces of strawberry while Harvey is flipping the pancakes. "Dad," she hears Amanda mumble and Harvey turns around kissing his daughter on the top of her head. "Princess," he whispers. "Why is the sky blue?" she crooks her head, staring at him waiting for the answer.

He smiles, telling her it's because sunlight is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow and that the blue part of the sun light is scattered the most. "That's why we see it as blue," he concludes, flipping another pancake. "Okay," Amanda chirps, her hands playing with her shirt. "Daddy," she whispers again, making him look at her once more. "Yes," he answers, placing the pancakes on the stack and filling the pan with new batter. "I love you."

His lips curl up in a bright smile, it's not the first time she's said this, but it still make his heart skip a beat when she does. "I love you too, Amanda," he smiles, wrapping his free arm around his daughter. Donna smiles watching the little moment between her husband and their daughter, she tries to quietly her way over to them, but another laugh from Gordon gives her away.

"Mommy," Amanda exclaims, raising her arms in the air when she sees her mother. Harvey looks over his shoulder in her direction, smiling at her when he effortlessly flips another pancake and turns off the gas. Turning towards her, he smiles at their son, taking him from her hands and holding him close. "Hey sweetheart," Donna hugs her little girl, placing a kiss on her auburn locks.

She steals a strawberry from the bowl on the kitchen counter, plopping it into her mouth. "Hey," Harvey frowns, shaking his head. Donna just smiles. "You don't say anything about it when she's eating the strawberries," she teases him and he bites his lip, shaking his head but smiles when their daughter giggles at the little exchange between her parents.

He brings his left hand to her waist then, pulling her a bit closer before he presses his lips against her in a quick kiss. "Eeeeew," Amanda giggles, holding her hands before her eyes. "No kissing!" she adds, making both Donna and Harvey pull back. They smile, but neither of them comment on how similar this moment is to one they shared before. One that set all this in motion.

"Hey Amanda," he mumbles then, looking at their daughter again. "What do you say about the four of us going to uncle Marcus today, so you can go trick or treating with Emily and Matt?"


hope you all liked it. Would love to read your thoughts. X -M