If you were to ask anyone what was the first thing that came to their mind when they heard the name Yang Xiao Long, you would get a myriad of answers. She was a brawler, a walking bombshell, a loving (and severely overprotective) older sister, a master of horrible puns, and a near endless list of other smaller and more similar responses.

However, one thing that did not come to the forefront of anyone's mind was the idea of her meditating. Beacon's most infamous berserker, who often decided it was a smart idea to hit the night clubs and get drunk on a school night half the time, doing something calming and quiet? That was almost on par with the idea of Nora Valkyrie developing a severe loathing of pancakes. It just did not happen, ever.

So imagine the surprise felt when Ren came across her one day during one of her sessions.

He had been in search of a spot to find solace from the maelstrom that was Beacon. Someone had decided to start another food fight in the cafeteria, which quickly escalated into an all-out, three-way war between RWBY, JNPR, and one of the first year teams. Yang had been strangely absent from the fight and Ren didn't want to go through a repeat of last time either way. Last he saw had been Nora taking a Melon-Hammer to one of the freshmen. How none of the food exploded from the sheer impact of the attacks brought to question just what was used, but that was something he'd seek answers for at a later time. Right now, he wanted to find somewhere to relax.

Their room was out, given that his teammates would most likely return there after the fight and he really did not want to have to deal with a hyped up Nora. He might have loved her like a little sister, but there were days even he wanted her to be silent. One could only take some much of Nora Valkyrie before breaking and Ren must have had the patience of a Saint to deal with her. That or he had quickly learned to tune her out for the most part. Little of column A, little of column B.

The library, strangely, was closed that day, apparently going through a new renovation or something. The courtyard was, unsurprisingly, full of all the students who had managed to escape the warzone and now forced to eat outside.

So, in light of all of that, Ren thought it might be best to hit the training room and get in a little practice. In a school such as Beacon, there was no such thing as over-training, especially with his track history in fights. It wasn't so much he was weak, more that he had a slightly less level of durability than most Hunters. Hell, Jaune had had a vast reserve of Aura, far surpassing most fully trained veteran Hunters, but he had lacked the skills in combat. He had improved greatly since Pyrrha begin training him, as well as Weiss, but he still had quite the distance to go.

As he had entered the room, he had come to find it wasn't as empty as he had thought it would have been. There, seated in the middle of the room, sat the unmistakable golden locks of Yang, her back to him. Finding her here wasn't overly surprising, given how she did take to training with nearly as intense a fervor as Pyrrha at times, but it was more so what she was doing that kept him silent for a few moments: Yang Xiao Long was meditating.

His mind had to take in the image before him a few times before finally rebooting. Somehow, given everything he knew about her, Ren didn't think the idea that Yang would ever meditate to be as farfetched as most would assume. Granted, her typical personality did not hint at this, but witnessing it occur before his very eyes began to make the pieces fall into place a little. As far as he knew, she was of the same heritage as him, albeit half-blood, so maybe there were aspects to it that she adopted into her lifestyle.

It didn't seem as though she had noticed his entrance, something he was mildly thankful for as he carefully approached her. Seeing her in such a state was, for lack of a better term, breathtaking. He knew that she was attractive, there was simply no denying that by anyone with a working pair of eyes, but Ren hadn't realized the extent of it. Her hair flowed gracefully down her back, colored similar to that of sunlight, an almost divine radiance to it. He began to understand her obsession with tending to its care so religiously and why she went berserk on anyone who dared to touch even a single strand of it. It was akin to defiling a sacred being.

Her body was well toned, slender yet athletic. She easily hid her true strength beneath her skin, something Ren himself was well acquainted with. Her stomach was flat yet toned, the ghost of muscles barely visable. As his eyes trailed along her form, he found himself glancing at the one area he knew everyone always looked at first. She was buxom, that much even he would admit, yet as he actually got a good look at them, he could tell that despite their overall size, they appeared firm. As for her eyes, he never knew how vivid a shade of lilac they were, nor...

"Like what you see?" He nearly jumped out of his skin as she suddenly asked that question, a tease in her voice as he realized she was looking at him.

"I, uh, I didn't mean to stare," he stammered, trying to regain his lost composure. Damn it, how long had he been staring, and more importantly, how long had she been watching him staring at her? "Didn't expect to find you here."

"Yeah, figured I'd find somewhere quiet to relax." She sighed gently as she went back to her previous state. "So, what brings you here?"

"Food fight." He sat down before her, adopting a similar form as he did so. She merely nodded in response to his answer, as though it wasn't surprising to her in the least. "So, my turn to ask: never expected you to take to meditating."

"That wasn't really a question," she smirked, "but I get what you mean. Not something I do in public, you know? I've got an image to maintain and what not." She laughed at her own little joke, the sound melodic to Ren's ears. "Still, though, it's something I've always done ever since I was little. Dad taught me it as a means to calm down, given how I kinda took after Mom a little in the anger department. Like mother, like daughter, they always say."

Ren was mildly surprised by that response, though it made a fair amount of sense. He knew she had more than her fair share of anger problems, predominantly in regards to whenever anyone dared to touch her hair.

"So whenever I can find the time, I come here and meditate," she continued. "Ruby's tried to join me before but she finds it boring. I swear, she can't sit still for a single second."

That evoked a chuckle from Ren. "Sounds a lot like Nora. She did try it once with me, though. You can guess how that went."

The two shared a laugh before falling into a comfortable silence, broken only by the gentle rhythms of their breathing. Ren always found meditating to be soothing and relaxing, yet this time it was different. Maybe it was the fact he had found someone else in the school who meditated as well, or maybe it was the knowledge that someone as boisterous and passionate as Yang took to it. Either way, it made this different in a way that Ren enjoyed. It just felt... pleasant, if he could find a word for it.

He didn't know how much time had passed between them, but eventually he found himself looking her way, taking in the sight before him. For a woman so vibrant and full of life, in stillness she presented an aura of serenity. It was like two sides of a coin, or the sun and moon, or even like Yin and Yang.

Oh Oum, that was a Yang level pun. The madness was spreading.

But more to the point, she held to her two polar opposites that seemed to blend together almost exquisitely. He had always seen her cracking puns and heads, sometimes at the same time, but he had never seen her in such a state of calm before. She fought with a ferocity that rivaled a raging beast, but this was like watching a pool of resting water. Ren couldn't help but find himself captivated by the moment. She was almost like a goddess in her beauty and radiance.

"Still enjoying the view?" She hadn't even opened her eyes yet the smirk she threw on her face said she knew he had been staring. Again. She opened her eyes and stretched slowly before grabbing her scroll. "Looks like lunch is almost over. Come on, lover boy, let's head back."

He followed her movements, standing back up and making for the door, opening it up for her as she passed by. "Why, such a gentleman," she teased, winking at him. "Thank you so very much, kind sir. However can I repay you?"

"By never doing that again?" he jested, sighing lightly as a smile donned upon his lips.

"Hmm... Nah, that won't do." She grinned in good humor before looking him in the eyes. "But in all seriousness, I did actually like that. Care to do that again some time?"

"If you want, sure." That was something Ren could agree to. It was hard to find anyone who took to meditating in the same manner as himself, so Yang was definitely his first choice for a meditation partner.

"Prefect. Now come on, we're gonna be late for class." She walked down the hall as Ren followed from behind, smiling. Yang Xiao Long was full of surprises.

"Enjoying the view again, are we?"

She never saw him smirk.


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