Chapter two : Young and free

On an almost dark and very empty road, where the fool moon shines on it from her position in the sky, she could have been the only light on this dark road guiding this tiny, minuscule vehicle, well, to the moon, it seems that this vehicle really is a tiny one, but as we come closer to it, we would realise that the vehicle is not that tiny and the other light that is guiding it through this very empty road is her car headlights !

The vehicle in question is a really, really old mini-van who could have been a dark-blue color back in her early days, but now the dark-blue is turning to be more grey then blue. The guys had bought it from one of their friend at school, who wanted to get rid of it, because he thought that now was a good time for him to buy a new and more sophisticated one. Very happy with the deal they had just made, on the day of the departure, the guys came to the boarding house of the girls really early in the morning to pick them up. When the girls saw in what kind of an old thing the guys had come, the girls started to give the guys really doubtful looks with their eyes. The guys only laughed at those doubtful looks, after all, they were still under the impression that all of this would impress their girls. At long last, to finally be able to persuade the girls to get inside the mini-van, one of the guy had to say to them ''As long as this old thing gets us where we want to go, we will all be happy in the end'' !

And this old thing really got them where they had wanted to go. They had all decided that after their second year at Redmond was over, they would go on a big road trip that would take them all around Canada, visit places that they had never been too, sleep under the stars, on the beach, in tents, in motels, sometimes even sleep in the mini-van, somewhere, because they had gotten themselves lost ! But they didn't really care if they got lost, or were on the road much too long, they were young and free after all, and as long as they live all of this together, these will be memories shared and cherished all of their lives !

In this vehicle, there was a groupe of eight people sitting inside of it. Four girls and four guys. Because the air conditionner wasn't working, and because it was so hot outside, they had to let all four windows that were on both side of the car, down, for the outside air to be able to come inside and send to all of them some fresh air. Well, the fresh air was getting to the two people that were seating in the front, the driver and the passenger, and as well as the two other people that were seated right after the two front seats. As for the four other people that were seated on the two small bench facing each other, I don't think that there was much fresh air that was coming for them, but they didn't mind at all, because there was such a good humour between all of these eight people, and some tiredness as well for some of them, that it was making this very late drive a very out of the ordinary kind of thing !

Because the radio of this old vehicle wasn't working as well, the silence in the car was sometimes broken by a few whispers from the four people on the back seats, by the clicketies of a camera and by the very soft melody coming out of a guitar ! The two people in the front seats were to busy looking at each other with adoring eyes and small tender gestures toward one another.

- Can someone remind me again why we decided to take the road back home at midnight, because it is already two in the morning and we haven't made it through half way yet ?

The person that had just asked this question was the one playing the soft guitar music, making the two ladies in the back seats, yell at him playfully.

- Oh, Walter, why did you had to talk and stop the music ? I was imagining myself in a grand theatre, performing the dance of my life ! It was Di who spoke first.

- Oh, Walter, thank you for stoping that music ! It was so slow that it was making me fall asleep on Gerry's shoulder ! It was Nan who spoke next.

Before anyone else could add anything about the way Walter's music was making them feel, they heard a very loud and worried female voice shout outside of her open window.

- Una Meredith, what do you think you are doing right now ? What with your head and almost all your torso outside of the window, taking pictures of God knows what ? Get back inside that car right this instant.

Faith Meredith had only just notice that her sister was doing the exact thing she had just described Una doing. One could feel that Una did get back into the car reluctantly, but she answered her sister with a small laugh in her voice.

- Oh, Faith, didn't you see the moon tonight ? So full, white, with this bright yellow allow all around it. I realised that I never took a picture of it in that way and form, so I figured I could do it right now, tonight.

Seeing that her sister was trying to get all of her hair out of the front of her face, but falling at every attempt, because of all the wind that was coming from her open window, Faith turned her head towards Walter and asked him very quietly by making the gesture of getting the window closed for Una. Because it was Faith who was asking him this, and because he was tired of seing Jem always taking the hand of Faith in his free hand, or like right now, still with his free hand, he was caressing Faith's arm and shoulder, to try and make her calm down, he did as she had asked him to do.

When all her hair as been arranged and settled in its normal position, Una looked at Walter with such a soft smile in her face, with her eyes already smiling and shining just like the moon was radiating tonight, when he had gotten back in his seat and had taken his guitar back in his arms, he could only nod with his head a little towards her, not really knowing if he was smiling or not.

But then she winked at him by showing him her camera and slowly gesturing towards his guitar, wanting to say but not saying something like, ''between us two passionates, we understand each other''. And without her really not saying a thing and with that small movement, Walter knew exactly what she was talking about. He didn't do one movement, or went to any places, without his guitar. He always slept with her besides him on his bed, sometimes even hugging it like it was a real girl sleeping besides him. And Una was like him, always going everywhere with her camera, taking pictures of anything and everything she saw. But, because she didn't want to break the camera by sleeping with it besides her on her bed, she slept with it, besides her, but on her night table.

Gerry who it seemed had fallen asleep without any trouble, seems to have woken up with a start, asking to anyone in particular :

- Are we there yet ?

Nan who was laughing at how cute he was with his tired eyes and mouth yawning, only bent to the level of his cheek, to give him a small but very loud peck on the cheek.

This only made Walter to ask the same question he had ask a little earlier.

- So, why have we decided to go back home at midnight ?

- It is because at eleven o'clock, I had realise that I had completely forgotten to bring the first May flowers to mom. This is why I had ask Faith and Carl to wake everyone up, get ready and be in the car and take the road at midnight !

It was now the turn of Faith to be gently stroking the arm of Jem, either to try and make him stop saying such nonsenses, or to make her try stopping the big laugh that wanted to come out of her mouth.

- Ah, and you thought of the first May flowers for mom at eleven o'clock, really far away from home and at about two months after the due date ? Did you forget that we have a big sister who never forgets a thing, and who I am positive had been the one to bring the first May flowers to mom this year ?

- Touché Walt ! It is true that before we left, Joy told me and assured me that if I didn't get back in time, she would be the one to bring the first May flowers to mom !

- Jem, stop teasing us, and give us the clear and true reason why we are on the road at two in the morning ? Walter ask once again, but this time, scratching a small note on his guitar.

- Ok, ok, the real reason why we are going back home right now is because I miss mom's cooking ! Just thinking of her lasagna, smashed potatoes, small and tender carrots, my mouth is melting right now. Oh, and my bed ! How I miss my bed right now.

At the same time Walter saw Faith giving Jem a small but firm fits on the shoulder, he heard behind his back Carl asking Gerry ''Did we ever fought like this'' ? Then, Walter saw Faith turn her head in his direction and say :

- The only true reason why we are going back home right now, is because we are running shot of money. We almost didn't find enough money to pay for the two small rooms at the little cottage we were staying at and we only have enough gas in this old thing to bring us back safely and in one peace at home.

Walter was about to say thank you to Faith, but once again, he saw Jem take Faith's hand in his free one, bring it to his mouth, and kissing it very softly and tenderly.

- Thank you my darling girl, my night in shining armour, coming to the rescue of your poor beloved who is always under the torturing hands of his brother !

Instead of replying to any of this, Walter muttered under his mouth ''You are wrong, brother of mine, it is I who is always under the torturing hands of my brother and having to always witness the affection and love that you and Faith share with each other, while I wanted to be the one to share this affection and love with her''.

For a while after this, everyone in the car fell in silence at the same time.

Walter didn't really know why he felt that way towards Jem and Faith. Seeing them touch all the time, caress each other, laughing together, looking at each other with such tender and love in their eyes. He was wondering because, Gerry and Nan with Carl and Di in the back seats of the van, they had better and much more proximity with each other, then Faith and Jem at the front of the van. Sometimes he would turn his head in their direction, only to witness many more affectionate, tender, sweet, loving moments between these two couples.

Right now, Gerry had Nan in his arms, with her head on his shoulder, if she was sleeping, he didn't know, but he could see Gerry's hand going up and down from Nan's big one tresses that she had all the way down on her back with Gerry sometimes kissing the top of her head.

Carl and Di were exactly in the same position, with Di all wrapped up in Carl's arms. He had even made the exploit of getting her to undo her tight chignon, having all of her beautiful long hair all the way down her back, with Carl caressing it up and down as well !

Was it because deep down in his head and in his heart, he thought that Faith was the ideal women for him ?

The only way that Walter knew for him to stop thinking about all of this, was to play some music or write in his little notebook. But he couldn't exactly write in a moving vehicle, this is why once again, he took his guitar in his hands and started to play whatever melody that came to him.

When he was sure that everyone had fallen asleep, except for Jem, seing that he was their driver, Walter for the first time during the night, rested his guitar right besides him on the seat, where he saw that Una had already posed her camera. Not knowing what to do else with his body, he crossed his arms on his chest, seated himself more comfortably in his seat and closed his eyes.

Una, who was not really sleeping and had realised that Walter had just gotten his guitar right next to her camera, had the reflex to advance her hand just like she had done earlier today, knowing that no one was watching her, with her fingers, she started to caresse Walter's guitar very softly, everywhere, only not on the cords, to not wake anyone or Walter up, slowly and mentally wishing that she was the one who was in Walter's arms, with him scratching little notes on her, making music coming out of her or caressing her on every part of her body, like she so often wishes he would do.


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