Chapter thirty-three : One family

The man had been carrying the woman up the stairs of their house of dreams, when he arrived in front of the door of their bedroom, before opening it, he stood there, with the woman in his arms, kissing her oh so very passionately, with the woman giving him back oh so very passionate kisses as well. She had already started to undo his tie and unbuttoned the top of his chemise. His vest was already down on the floor, along with their shoes. They simply couldn't stop kissing each other, to open the door. As if they had wanted to make love to each other, right then and there, on the floor, in front of their closed bedroom door. But, no, it wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. This is why the woman made an effort with herself, she got one of her hand away from the man's hair, long enough for her to find the doorknob, turn it and finally open the door.

Before entering for good inside of it, the man once again took the woman in his arms, carrying her toward the bed and softly lying her there, almost covering her whole body with his whole body, still kissing her oh so very passionately. She had made the exploit of finally unbuttoning his shirt entirely, while he was having a much harder time with the buttons of her dress. Not being able to control himself any longer, he made the fabric pass over her head and now, she only had on herself, her underwear. With him still having his pants on. Realising that they were not kissing each other anymore, they both started to kiss each other again, oh so very passionately. Starting to lay her back on the bed, the woman was waiting for the man to continue where they had left off, but was surprised when he turned his head toward the window, and she saw how his eyes got so big with surprise.

- Could you wait for me, just one moment, please, I will be back soon.

The man said while giving the woman another very oh so passionate kiss, before getting out of the bed then to the direction of the balcony.

Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed, fifteen minutes passed, almost twenty-five minutes passed, and the woman still didn't see the man come back inside of the bedroom. Taking his chemise on the floor, she put it on herself, and made her way in the direction of the balcony. She saw how the man was seated on the balancing chair, facing the sky, with his eyes closed. When she got closer to him, she saw how there were tears coming down from his eyes and on his face. Taking place directly on his legs, without saying anything, she started to silently take away the tears off of his cheeks with her sweet and small kisses. When she saw that he had opened his eyes and was now looking at her with sadness but at the same time with so much love in his eyes for her, she questions him.

- A moment ago, you were fine, and now you are crying and being sad, would you like to explain to me what made you have this sudden change of humour ?

Before answering her, realising what she had put on herself, the man exclaimed.

- We've been married for only a day, and you already borrow some of my clothes, wife of mine.

Resting her head on his neck, she replied back, sensing how he was putting his arms around her waist.

- Yes, I do already borrow your clothes and I already feel the bed being empty when you are not in it with me... You shouldn't change the subject Eric, I ask you a question first.

Knowing that he was going to answer her, even if his answer took time in coming out, Joyce patiently and comfortably waited for her husband answer, while being rocked by him, in his arms, on the rocking chair.

- It is the moon. Do you see how full she is tonight ? Well, when I was little, I had this maid, so very gentle and kind with me, that I had asked her if she could become my mother. And she had this most amazing answer to me, she said that no, she couldn't become my mother, because I already had one, even if she wasn't there with me anymore, in person and physically, I could still be talking to her and seeing her, whenever the moon would be on her full form. And I listen to her, ever sense then, whenever I saw a full moon, I stopped everything that I was doing, to be looking at her, speaking to her, sleeping under her watchful eyes...

When Eric had started to speak, Joyce had gotten back on a sitting position to be looking directly into Eric eyes. But, after hearing part of the story he had just revealed to her, she turned her head in the direction of the moon, and said with a wave of her hand.

- Oh, hi Erica, it is so nice to finally meet you. You must already know that my name is Joyce, that I became your son's wife today, that I love him so very much, in fact, he his the love of my life.

Because she was so funny and so cute and so sweet and so adorable, Eric turned her head back to face his own face, for him to be able to kiss her oh so very passionately, once more.

This was how, both Eric and Joyce, stayed there, together, into each other's arms, silently rocking each other on the balancing chair, sometimes softly speaking, sometimes staying silent, sometimes looking at the full moon.

The morning was silently and slowly rising, when they both realised that they had spent their wedding night, right there on the balcony, under the watchful eyes of the moon. This was how, while the sun was taking his place between the clouds on the sky, Eric and Joyce both made their way back to their very waiting bed, to continue exactly where they had left off the night before, starting to give each other, oh, so very passionate kisses, once more.


- Dr. Jones, it is time !

It was the receptionist at the Blythe's clinic that had just said this to Eric. It had only been the second time that he was using the office that Gilbert had offered him the night before his wedding to Joyce.

Getting up on his feet, Eric started to make his way out of the office, while at the same time, asking the young woman.

- Really, it is time already ? Who brought her in ? Who is with her ?

The receptionist was following his rapid steps.

- It was your brother in law, the famous guitar player, sir, that brought her in. And I believed that all three of the Blythe doctors are with her at the moment.

Arriving near the room that Joyce had been placed on, Eric saw how the receptionist forgot to mention that practically, all of the Blythe family members were already there, as well. Before entering the room, he was surprised to see Gilbert seating side by side with Anne, on the floor, facing Joyce's room.

- I wouldn't go inside if I was you, Eric.

It was Gilbert that had said this.

- Why, I thought that you would have been inside with her, sir, Gilbert.

Before saying anything, Gilbert made a motion for Eric to come take place between him and Anne on the floor.

- I was too nervous, Jem took me out of the room by force. Luckily, Jack arrived soon after.

- It is a wonder that we didn't have an accident, Jack was driving so fast, if fact, he had been on the run, right after he had received the call from Joyce.

It was Paul that was saying this. Eric was only now realising that he too was there.

- Joyce didn't call you, Eric, because she knew that you would already be at the clinic.

It was Anne that was saying this, because she had sense what would Eric's next question be.

Dominic was coming in their direction, with his arms full with little gifts for his mother.

- Hey, dad, I knew you wouldn't have time to buy mom anything, this is why I bought her chocolates, flowers, little bears...

Hearing the small cry of a baby coming from inside the room where Joyce was, Eric quickly got up on his feet, open the door that was facing him, and got inside, then got straight to Joyce's side.

- I would have come in sooner darling, but your father said that I shouldn't be coming in right away. How are you, are you alright ?

Eric was speaking quickly and nervously.

- Yes, Eric, honey, I am fine, I will be better, when I will be holding my babies in my arms.

Hearing and realising what Joyce just said, Eric eyes got big with surprise.

- Babies, Joyce, you said babies, in plural...

Eric must admit that he hadn't paid attention to anything else but Joyce, when he had gotten in the room. He now saw how Faith was still pushing Joyce's stomach by way of making the placenta to come out.

He saw how a nurse was cleaning the sweat off Joyce's forehead and arms.

he saw how both Jack and Jem had their backs at him, because they were occupied in doing something that he wasn't sure of what yet.

Then, he saw how Jem was the first one to turn himself face to face with them, carrying a small bundle on his arms.

- Yes Eric, you did heard Joyce right, she did say babies in plural. Would you like to meet your daughter.

Jem was carefully putting the baby inside of Eric's arms.

- A girl. Joyce, we have a girl !

Eric exclaimed after having looked in his daughter's eyes.

- Don't forget the other baby, now, Eric. Would you like to meet your son, Joyce.

It was Jack now that was speaking, carefully putting the baby inside of Joyce's arms.

- A boy, we have a boy, Joyce !

Anne, Gilbert and Dominic had all been watching the scene in front of them from the entrance door, they didn't dare take a step further inside, to disturb that moment.

- It's twins, do you hear that everyone, I have a new brother and a new sister, a twin brother and a twin sister !

It was Dominic that was shouting like that, while going to everyone of the family that had been waiting in the corridor of the clinic.

Anne and Gilbert both made their way toward the bed.

- Twins, Joyce, why didn't you never say anything to me, and how could you keep something like this from me ?

Gilbert was trying to be severe, but he couldn't very well hide the soft and emotional smile forming on his lips.

- And how does this new boy and girl will be named, Joyce, Eric ?

Eric who had positioned himself more comfortably on the bed, besides Joyce, with the two of them still carrying a child, each. Eric was the first one to speak.

- Oh, we had always decided that if we ever had a girl, she would be named, Erica-Anne !

It was now the turn of Joyce to speak.

- And, if we ever had a boy, we would name him, Jack-Gilbert !

This was how the newest addition of the Blythe-Ford-Meredith-Jones family had come into this world !


A.N. : Did you really think that I would end my story only after Joyce and Eric had gotten married ?

I had the idea for this chapter, just after we all convinced Catiegirl to be writing more chapters after her own wedding with Anne and Gilbert !