A Change in Circumstances

The Future Diary fanfic

Fem!Yuki Male!Yuno

Names: Yukihana Amano

Yuto Gasai

Notes: I have raised the ages of the characters to 16 to make things fit in my head.

Disclaimer: I don't own Mirai Nikki/Future Diary, that honor belongs to Sakae Esuno.

Episode 1:

It was a day like any other, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Yukihana Amano was typing away on her phone about what was happening around her. It was her way of keeping in touch with the world.

Shaking her head (her mid-back length black hair swishing from the movement), she ignored the idle chatter aimed at her from her classmates. She was wearing the school uniform for girls, which was a blue sailor shirt with a red ribbon at the neck along with a darker blue skirt. The only difference between her uniform and others being her preference to wear a burnt-orange overcoat on top of it and a beanie of the same color atop her head. Yuki made sure to deny every attempt to get her to join events. After all this time, perhaps they'd finally clue in that she wasn't interested in sports.

Standing up, she was making her way out of class when she bumped into someone, mumbling a quiet apology, she continued on her way, all the while unaware of the turmoil she had caused inside that person.

The person she had bumped into was a bizarrely pink-haired young man by the name of Yuto Gasai. He had, unknown to Yuki, been stalking her for quite a while now. In fact, he had even planned his walking into the room to coincide with her leaving just so he could brush her shoulder. So while she was apologizing and walking away, all he could think was, She touched and spoke to me!

Now, this is not something a normal person would be thinking, but then again, if any psychologist were to diagnose Yuto, they would label him a psychopath (if they were able to get him to be honest at any rate), so really in the end it isn't all that surprising.

Once Yukihana arrived at her house, she opened the door and said, "I'm home." Of course, she received no reply as her mother was working and, according to the note on the notice board, wouldn't be back until the next evening, and her father had divorced her mom, so he didn't even live there anymore.

As she curled up under her blanket on her bed, she said to herself, "It's not like I don't have friends, they're just... imaginary."

As she said this, the world around shifted, gaining a purple tint. She was still sitting on her bed, while above her was a massive being with a skull-like head with a garish robe with epaulets typing away on a strange machine with keys everywhere doing who knows what.

"Deus," she said simply.

A single eye angled down in her direction, "Yukihana, a moment please. I am amending a final point of causality."

Smiling softly, she lowered the blanket from her head, "Sounds like someone has a lot on their plate."

"Reality benefits from the occasional jolt," he answered mischievously.

"You're not going to spark a war or anything like that, are you?" she asked with amusement.

"You dislike violence?" His eye turned back to her, his mouth opening wider to reveal a row of razor-sharp teeth, "Wheels within wheels, child, just you wait and see."

Deus ex Machina, lord of space and time. That thing we call the universe? That's his baby.

Pulling her phone out, she opened it, typing a note about Deus being up to something before a voice piped up from the other side of the bed, "Again with the diary, how does a kid like you have so much to write about anyway?" The voice belonged to a pixie-like demon the size of a toddler with a forked tail sticking out of her rear who was holding an ear of corn and eating as she moved across the bed to Yuki's side.

"It's not that I have anything to say, I just like jotting down the when and where of things, like the fact your lousing up my bed."

"Then jot this down," the little demon groused as she started spitting corn at Yuki's face, much to her chagrin.

"Wow Murmur, way to be mature."

The now-named Murmur sat up, her white hair in a ponytail swaying slightly behind her, the thing keeping it tied a band with a heart on the side. "Way to keep your entries all random," she mocked as she started eating again.

"That's the whole point. If I organize it then there'd be too much of me in it and it wouldn't be objective anymore."

Blinking at her incredulously, Murmur shook her head, "Okayyy."

"Besides, it's not like I'd have much to say otherwise. My life isn't exactly exiting. My phone is my whole world. Well, that and this place."

Smiling impishly, the mini-demon shuffled over and hugged her, somehow finding a way to rub her face against Yuki's, laughing, the younger Amano pushed her off, "Stop it, you've still got corn on your face!"

They played around for a bit longer before her eyes opened up in the real world, deep blue eyes taking in her room once more.

"Are you lonely?" Deus' voice appearing still despite the scene-change.

"Not really," she answered, although she knew in her heart that wasn't entirely true.

Deus pressed on, despite this answer, "If you had the opportunity to reinvent yourself, what would you do?" His hand stretched out, long nails rising into the air, "Suppose I bestow upon you the ability to foresee the future?" It was a question and not.

Her phone vibrated. Yuki's eyebrows furrowed as she pulled it out, "Who's texting me?"

"Consider it my gift to you."

She looked at the sender, and was slightly surprised to see Deus ex Machina in the box. She smiled softly, "Come on, what are you up to this time?"

"A diversion of sorts," he answered vaguely.

Closing her phone and her eyes gently closing, she replied, "Whatever you say, Deus. I can always pinch myself. And besides, what good would knowing the future do me?"

While Deus was disappearing from her mind's eye, she could have sworn she saw him smirk.

The next day

When Yuki woke up the following morning, she opened her phone and was shocked to find her allotted page for the day already filled up. Her eyes went over the list, confused as it was written in her style, with the timestamp and short summary of the event.

She was troubled when she saw that it gave her the answers to an unknown quiz later in the day. She hoped it was just some kind of prank, because she didn't want to get expelled for cheating.

Looking over it again, it said at that top that she amazingly got a double-bulls eye. She scoffed while also bearing a worried expression. She was hesitant to try and prove this one right, but what other ways did she have to experiment? So, grabbing a dart from her pack that put on after waking up, she stood up, and, closing her eyes, drew back her arm and launched the dart forward. Cautiously opening one, she was shocked to see it was indeed a bulls-eye.

Both excited and disturbed by this revelation, she grabbed a second dart and repeated, getting a second bulls-eye. She gulped. She looked at her phone to see what came next.

It said 7:05 A.M., so she turned on the news, and sure enough when 7:05 A.M. passed the news was running another segment on the serial killer and how he had a new victim the other night. A shiver went down her spine. Considering all the victims were young women, it was no wonder why she'd be scared.

Noticing that the next event occurs in 40 minutes, she began getting ready for school, going through her morning routine in a daze as she kept wondering about the mystery diary.

As she was walking to school, she looked at her phone, and finally read the entry. Her eyebrows furrowed. Kousaka and Shiraishi?

She looked around her, and sure enough walking just a few feet from her were the aforementioned jocks. What are they doing here? Aren't they on the track team? Shouldn't they already be at school?

When 9:30 rolled around, she was definitely paranoid about the mystery diary entry. Especially seeing as everything else was true in the end, then wouldn't that also mean that the answers to the quiz were also right? Well, while she wasn't an airhead she wasn't quite good enough to warrant suddenly getting a perfect score on a test, so she resolved to miss some to lower her score.

And for some reason, during the quiz she was able to have her phone out and wasn't caught by anyone, she wondered if people really didn't notice her enough to care what she did, and she slumped her shoulders in depression.

When the test was over, Kousaka walked over, sitting on top of the desk next to her and resting his right foot on the side of hers. "So hey, did you ace the test or what?"

Shaking her head quickly, she grabbed her things and left the room. She had dealt with him before, she didn't want to hear his harsh words today as well.

The day rolled by. In Home Economics, Yuki remembered that it said Satonaka cut her hand and had to go to the nurse, so, right before it happened, she called over to her to be careful. The result was the knife digging into the wooden board that was covering her part of the counter. Slightly shaken, but uninjured, she was able to carry on with the lesson.

Of course, then they started to blame her for the near-accident, not that she reacted visibly to the harsh words, but her heart ached as once again she was pushed to the side.

After school was let out, she was walking home and was happened upon by a couple detectives. They were investigating the serial murders and she told them she only knew what the news told her. After being reassured that they would catch the killer after she confessed her fear they walked off, the pair asking another pedestrian and her to her home.

Soon enough she was back in Deus' domain. "This is insane." She clutched at her hat desperately. "C-can my phone see the future?" she asked hesitantly.

The deity turned his head to her, eyes softening as he said, "Quite so. I think you'll find prognostication very handy."

"B-but, you aren't real, how this is even possible? I mean you... I thought you up and I just... what's going on?"

Deus raised a hand regally, pointing upward, "Do you believe reality and imaginary to mutually exclusive habitats for an entity of my stature?"

Suddenly she felt a pressure on her shoulder, and turning her gaze to the right revealed Murmur standing on a metal barrel, "He's a god. He lives where he wants."

"And beware the boon of a god." She gasped at the sudden seriousness of Deus' tone. "Yours in particular comes at a price. A diary of this kind and and it's user are as one. " He created a black thing in the shape of a phone with red lettering floating around it, she thinks she saw 'dead' among them, in his hand, "Should the phone fall to ruin, so too will the march of days it's served as a privileged window upon. Your life will be forfeit."

Later on, she was lying on her bed with her arm over her eyes, wondering what she would do next. She didn't want die, especially not this young, but with how serious her once-thought figment of imagination was she couldn't help but be worried. Sure, knowing how her future days would go was great, but what if someone decided she knew too much? History was riddled with cases of people who claimed foreknowledge getting burned alive as witches, especially in America.

"A future diary, huh?"

The following day at school, she kept her head down as she walked down the halls to class. The grades from the impromptu test were posted and she had ranked 2nd. She gulped. She thought she had missed enough to get 3rd at best, not 2nd! And now everywhere she went people were talking openly about her supposedly-swollen head for getting such a good score. This was not good. She might want to stand out, but not like this. This would only cause her to be more isolated ,and her heart clenched at the thought.

When she was walking to another class, she took a different than usual path after reading her diary and discovering an ambush was waiting for her on her normal one. She didn't know what they had planned for her, but she had a good idea why, and while she might feel bad about abusing the diary normally, this was a special case as she had no inclination to be pummeled today, thank you very much!

Math class rolled around again, and there was another quiz, and as before there was another list of answers waiting for her on her phone. And also like before she purposefully missed answers to lower her score. Sure she liked getting good grades, but if she was going to get beaten up for it than it wasn't worth it.

As she was writing down the answers to some questions, she felt a chill go down her spine, and looked up to see Yuto Gasai staring at her. She gulped. That look in his eyes, it was like he knew what she was doing. She shook her head. That was ridiculous, after all, how likely was it that Deus gave other people a future diary too? She paused at the thought, her face going pale as it occurred to her that that would be just the kind of thing he would do.

She cautiously peeked over at Gasai again only to find he had turned back to his paper. Was that all her imagination? Anxiety over nearly beating his score? She nodded her head, yes that was it. Anxiety. After all, why would someone like him care about someone like her? She wasn't exactly special after all.

The teacher walked over to Yuto's desk, "Excuse me Mr Gasai but we are in the middle of a test."

Apparently he was doing something with his hands, "I can do two things at once, it helps keep my brain occupied."

Hiyama sighed, "Alright, but try not to distract your classmates."

Yuto Gasai. Straight A student. Handsome. Has the whole school at his feet regardless of his strangely pink-colored hair. There's no way he'd care about little ol' me. It must've been my imagination after all.

After class and subsequently school ended for the day, everyone else had left except for Yuki. But as she was walking down the rows toward the door, she was stopped in her tracks by a clay figure of Murmur.

At that moment her phone made a crackling noise. Gulping, she opened it to find a new entry, and it shocked her to her core. "Murdered? Dead end?" She started shaking. She remembered Deus talking about a price. Was this part of it?

"What happened to the future?"

Then a voice sounded from the rear door to the classroom, "Your future, don't get them confused."

She turned to face the person and was surprised to see Yuto Gasai walking into the room.

He walked in further before turning to face her fully with a smile, "Hey there, Amano."

Yuki's eyes widen, He knows my name? But why?

Yuto continued as if unaware of her inner turmoil, "You got a dead end, right?"

"H-how did you know that? Are you intercepting my texts?"

Yuto started walking toward her, "I saw it coming a mile away."

Yuki backed up with each step Yuto took. Eventually she was close enough to the door to make a run for it. Sure, she might have a crush on him, but that didn't change the fact that the situation she was in scared the hell out of all, who wants to be told they're going to die in an a matter of hours?

Soon enough she was on the streets, making her way through the crowded sidewalks in an attempt to get away from Yuto. It would't surprise her at this point if HE was the serial killer. How else could he have known about her phone? Was that how the other victims were killed too? Yuto stalking them, watching from the shadows until there was no one around to act as a witness and then kill them?

Her phone crackled again, showing a different time of death this time, but then Gasai appeared in front of her, "Will you just hear me out?"

Yuki was too high on adrenaline to listen though, "Just st-stop it! Leave me alone!"

Yuto frowned, but appeared to make no move to follow as she turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

With the way things were progressing, Yuki was pretty sure Yuto also had a future diary, and if that was the case...

She came upon a building still under construction and ran inside the unfinished lobby. Thankfully the elevator was set up so she ran inside and jammed the button to go to the 14th floor. She sighed as the door began to close. But right before it could go all the way, it stopped, and she looked over in fear as she saw a hand holding it open, and eventually it was pushed open as Yuto Gasai came into the elevator, the doors closing behind him.

"This-this isn't real."

"I'm afraid it is, Yuki."

Petrified by fear, she was unable to react as he kept coming closer, and stopped a couple feet away, before drawing out a small device and holding it up before him. It was a phone.

"So I was right, you do have one."

As the words left my mouth, I thought, Is he going to kill me too? Wait, I-I still have my darts.

As she was reaching toward her pouch, a voice stopped her, "Don't." And then Yuto surged forward, pushing her against the wall and kissing her hard. As he pulled away, he said, "We both know you're not going to hurt me." He smiled at her, stroking her cheek gently, "My diary says so. Tends not to be wrong."

"Your... diary?"

Yuto blushed, stepping back a bit as he said, "Besides, it's not what you think, you don't have any reason to hurt me."

Suddenly his eyes narrowed, as he looked at the ground outside, "He's here." He said darkly.

"Wh-who's here?"

"The local serial killer. Known to the other diary users as Third. A bad apple."


"He was slated to take you out of the running today with a machete. Good thing I've got the inside track." Gasai flipped his phone open and showed Yuki the screen, "This baby's specialty is keeping tabs on you. 6:20 P.M., you're scheduled to die on the 14th floor."

"But... I mean... You... All those entries are about stuff that I would you...?"

Yuto closed his phone and his eyes in the same movement, bring the phone closer to his chest, "Well it wouldn't be much use to me if it couldn't keep up. I get the relevant details on your future in 10-minute intervals. The diary of future love."

Yuki squirmed under Yuto's passionate gaze after he said this. Not only had he stolen her first kiss, but now he was saying he l-lo... lov... loved her? This was insane!

He held his phone to his lips, "In a way, your future kind of belongs to both of us," he said as he moved his left hand toward the floor buttons, pressing the one for the 17th calmly as he continued to gaze happily at Yuki.

But at that moment her fear kicked in and she said, "That's it, I want out!" Of course, she immediately retreated to the back of the elevator again when Yuto pressed up against her, holding his phone close to her face screen up.

"Silly. Don't be paranoid, I'm trying to help. You'll be the first person eliminated from the survival game if you get off here. See, it says you'll die on the 14th floor."

"But, what does it mean? What's going on!?"

"All future diary users are in a last-man standing kind of thing. He's coming for you."

She shook her head, trying to deny what she was coming to realize to be reality.

"If you want my advice, don't make your entries so topical, makes it too easy to track you. But don't worry, I'll protect you. I'll be your knight in shining armor."

Now, while this was something many girls want to hear from their crush, the current situation kind of smothered any sweet feelings that might have appeared.

They exited the elevator and went up the remaining steps to a door that opened up on the roof. Suddenly, she felt more vulnerable than she had been in the elevator. "So what now? We have nowhere to go, and it's not like I have any way to stop a serial killer!"

"You know the saying, "you can run but you can't hide"? Well, it kind of fits this situation to a T." He stretched, eliciting a blush from Yuki as his shirt rose up revealing a small portion of his chest for a brief moment. "At least up here we can catch the sunset."

Still distracted by the image of his chest, she was unprepared when Yuto appeared in front of her and held her softly. Her face turned red as he held a hand on the back of her head to push it toward his shoulder. "This is an ideal place to catch him. And you already have the tools necessary to take him down."

Confused, she felt her blush stretch down her neck as his right hand traveled down her side before stopping at her hip. With a small release, she was surprised when he pulled a dart from her pouch.

"My darts?"

Handing it to her and stepping away, he said, "That dart's going to make or break your future. Hope you're feeling lucky today."

With that he told her to hide in a small space near the edge of the roof that hadn't been filled in yet, her small form making it easier to hide as she clutched the dart to her chest while keeping a close eye on her phone as she had activated it's camera function. It was different from other phones as it caught images the side facing the screen.

Suddenly she heard the door to the roof open with a creak. Footsteps edged closer before stopping, the door slamming shut in the wind behind him.

"Where are they?" He asked himself. Yuki gasped softly before covering her mouth. She knew that voice! "Hide and seek, is it?"

She hoped he took out his phone soon.

Lying beside some beams was Yuto's phone. According to Yuto (and what she remembered of her conversation with Deus) if a diary-user's phone was destroyed, they die too, so it was in equal parts their greatest weapon and greatest weakness.

"Damn it, where the hell are they?" He reached into his jacket and pulled out his phone, presumably to look at his diary when Yuto made his move. Coming out from behind the stairs, he ran at their would-be killer who in shock brought his phone up to his face, perhaps to protect himself, which made it even easier for Yuki who stood up from her hiding place and launched her dart at the phone in Hiyama's hand. It hit it dead on, and the eyes behind the mask widened in horror as he realized what was about to happen.

He staggered backwards, gargling. He dropped his machete as a hole appeared in his chest. Soon after his body began to deform, His arms twisted unnaturally and soon his body began to twist, cracking noises filling the air as his bones bent and broke, his cries of agony ringing in Yuki's ears as she watched it happen.

His body kept on twisting, and it wasn't long before she realized he was getting sucked into the whole in his chest. Not long after the rest of him disappeared into the hole, and all that remained of their math teacher was his machete and his broken phone.

It took a moment for Yuki's head to realize it was over, but then it processed that she just basically killed a person, and a second later she was retching on the rooftop. As she was bent over, she felt a calming hand on her back, rubbing back and forth until she finished. When it stopped coming up, she was assisted to her feet and a strong arm secured itself around her waist.

"So, what do you say we grab a bite to eat? Your mom is out tonight, right?"

Resisting the urge to gulp, she nodded slightly, although she did wonder if she had it in her to hold anything down.

"And don't worry, you will be able to eat just fine."

Eyes widening, she looked up at him questioningly. He smiled, eyes manically wide as he looked at her, "Remember, my diary tells me what is going to happen to you every ten minutes, is it so surprising I'd know that?"

Deciding that she wasn't going to get anything out of this, she sighed and let him let her back to the elevator and outside to a local burger joint.

While Yuto was at the counter getting food, Yuki retreated to Deus' realm. "Wh-what's going on? You never said anything about me being involved in some... some murder game!"

"Relax, I have not been duplicitous. I told you this was merely a diversion. What's more, girl, is that you stand as its first victor."

Murmur floated behind her on a strange platform, smiling strangely at the poor girl.

It was then that the scenery changed once more. Color overtook her vision as she found herself standing on a metal circle which was connected to a circle on each side by a strip of gray all the way around to make an even large one. Strangely she found herself bereft of her jacket, her black shirt visible as she twisted and turned, her lime-green scarf flapping around as she moved. Each circle had an occupant save one, making for 10 other people than her, Deus and Murmur.

Then a voice to her side drew her attention, "Congratulations, First." Because all the other people were covered in darkness, all she could tell was that it was male.

"Yeah, nice work girlie. Takes some real guts to take out a practiced man-hunter."

Yuki gulped. If she was right, then these were the other Diary users. But then, if that was true... She turned her gaze to the right, and felt some relief at seeing Yuto. Even with the dark covering, his eyes were still visible, and she drew some strength from having someone nearby that hadn't been messing with her lately.

It was then that Deus stood up. "Now that you have all congregated under the auspices of my survival game, permit me to extrapolate on its rules and purpose. Let us first consider the diaries in your possession, known rather quaintly as Future Diaries."

Everyone took out their phones to look at them.

"Having begun as ordinary linear journals, their relationship to time has been distorted to afford you a window into the future, up to ninety days."

"If I may interject," another voice called out.

Deus didn't seem to mind, "Speak your mind, Tenth."

The form known as Tenth raised what she presumed to be his arm. "Given your explanation I'm curious as to how it is I've witnessed my own diary rewrite itself on multiple occasions."

"The future is subject to change in response to a user's actions." He raised a hand, and an arrow appeared above it, pointed in the direction of the hand, and as he spoke, the image of a person began to move along it, "Consider for example you gain foreknowledge of an imminent catastrophe is about to befall you down the road. When the appointed hour of the catastrophe arrives, the foreknowledge allows you to take steps to avoid it, thus curtailing one future and inaugurating another. In other words, the timeline in which the catastrophe was part has been left. A new future begins; your diary alters to reflect the change." The arrow changed direction as he said this, turning to go around the event and then continue forward.

Yuki hesitantly raised a hand, "Um, I have a question too."

When silence stretched, Deus chuckled before waving his hand, "By all means, First, ask."

She steeled her nerves, "My diary has rewritten itself several times without me doing anything. I mean, I didn't even know about the survival game until today."

"None of you is the sole determinant of your own future, hence these proceedings that render this a test of survival. Once there is confirmation that one user is poised to kill another," As he spoke the image of the reaper appeared to his right, the giant scythe doing nothing for her courage, "A death sentence will be entered and the words 'Dead End' sent to your diary as a warning."

A young voice rose up, "How are we supposed to know who to kill if we don't know who each other are?"

"The identities of your fellow competitors can be deduced from your diaries." Yuki blinked. Was it really that simple?

The child spoke up again, "So the first thing we do is figure out who everyone is and then take it from there?"

"Precisely. Unveiling your opponents will severely compromise their position. Whosoever receives a Dead End warning must marshal all their resources to undo it." His eyes turned to Yuki, and she could swear he looked at her fondly before looking back towards the others."Thus, discretion is invaluable."

Suddenly he loomed in front of her, "You, First. Your death at the hands of Third was written in stone." He disappeared abruptly, reappearing standing before his throne, "But miracle of miracles, you managed to survive, and reduced the death sentence to mere scribbles in the sand."

He sat back down, "Should we owe this to more cunning than luck; you may well be my champion. In any event, your beginnings bode propitiously."

She shook, But it wasn't me! She wanted to scream, I'm not smart enough or strong enough to do it on my own. Her eyes instinctively shifted back to Yuto, who smiled at her kindly.

"Lo!" Her shifted again, "He who weathers the vicious onslaught shall win a throne incomparable. Indeed, he will succeed me. Bearing the mantle of space-time as its reborn god! Look around you, eleven only remain. Therefore, consign mercy to the outlands of your warriors heart and vie for control of the universe!"

"First things first, you might say." Yuki's head turned so fast her neck ached as she looked upon a misshapen shadow with a large head. It appeared to be disappearing if the static around its form was any indication.

"Well put," the cultured voice of the man next to it said as he too disappeared shortly after the other.

"A pleasant day to you, o' favored one." Tenth said as he bowed before disappearing.

The one next to him spoke up next as she began to vanish as well, "You better stay alive long enough for me to kill you, brat."

"Bye-bye First. Best of luck to you." the next one said before disappearing into static.

"B-but I...!" but she was interrupted before she could finish.

"Fear leaves an aura about you, "A mysterious woman's voice said before disappearing.

"Sounds like this game should be interesting," the one after her said, presumably combing his hair as he left the stage, "Hunting a kid with your skills."

"But-but it wasn't me!"

"Easy kid," a calm voice spoke up near her, drawing her gaze to the figure of a tall man. "I'm going to be watching over you."

"You poor little monkey."

"Pl-please I...!"

But Deus cut her off, "I declare this meeting adjourned." And with that he, Murmur, and the brightly lit stage faded away, leaving Yuki in the purple realm that she once assumed imaginary.

She collapsed to her knees, wrapping her arms around her chest tightly in an attempt to comfort herself, "This is crazy! There's nothing else I can call it."

"Don't worry Yuki," a voice called out from behind her. Yukihana's head turned to face it, eyes widening at the manic look in Yuto's eyes as he spoke, "It'll be okay. Yuto's here to protect you. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. Cause that's how much I love you."

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